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Jul 23, 2020




  • 6/15/2020 Mail - tree at 716 School St.… 1/3

    Veronica Vorva - 7PZA

    tree at 716 School St. Hannah Wood Fri, Jun 12, 2020 at 10:59 AM To: "[email protected]" Cc: Marlin Eckhoff , Bill Leonard

    Hi Veronica,

    Here are some pictures! After some more digging, I found out that this tree has been an issue with the city since May 2019. The code enforcement officer that was dealing with this left our department late 2019, and this was a case of hers that I didn’t know about. She sent a second citation to the Rural Housing Service in September 2019 (see attached). There are two case numbers associated with this tree, 19P00762 and 20P00861. If you want copies of these cases, please contact our Records managers, Dixie or Terrianne at 970-826-2360.

    I CC’ed Marlin Eckhoff, our city Building Inspector, his number is 970-826-2013. And Captain Bill Leonard, my supervisor here at the Police Department. I’ll be discussing this case with our city attorney, Heather Cannon, on Monday June 15th.

    Thank you,

    Hannah Wood

    Community Service Officer

    Craig Police Department

    Office: 972-826-2386

    Cell: 970-439-8179

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