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Imama is Hidden Call to Prophethood

Feb 28, 2018



  • 7/25/2019 Imama is Hidden Call to Prophethood


    The Imamah of the Shia, a hidden call for the continuation of Prophet-hood.

    !"! #$%


    Prai'e (e to )llah and peace (e upon the me''en*er of )llah and hi' famil+ andcompanion',

    The one ho clo'el+ follo' the difference' (eteen the I'lamic *roup' certainl+ no'that the fundamental point that 'et' the Imami Shia 'ect apart from all other', i' their(elief in the need of the ei'tence of an infalli(le Imam/01 after the Prophet /S)2S1 untilthe comin* of the hour.

    /01 Imam& 3eader, the Shia (elie4e that the leader of the nation i' infalli(le and di4inel+appointed (+ )llah.

    Shia 'cholar and 5)llamah 6uhammad 7ida al-6u8affar 'a+' in hi' (oo 95):a;id al-Imami++ah9 p*0

  • 7/25/2019 Imama is Hidden Call to Prophethood


    Goe4er, the Shia 'cholar' too a 4er+ dan*erou' turn ith thi' (elief, far from thedi'cu''ion' tain* place (eteen the *roup' ithin the circle of I'lam. Thi' i' (ecau'ethe+ counted the matter of Imamah a' (ein* from the foundation' of faith lieTaheed/H1 and Du(uah/1 and 6i5ad/J1. The+ e4en con'ider it to (e hi*her than'ome of tho'e *reat foundation' 'uch a' the prophet-hood.

    /H1 Taheed& Knit+ or onene'' of Lod.

    /1 Du(uah& Prophet-hood.

    /J1 6i5ad& The da+ of re'urrection.

    Crom the contemporar+ Shia 'cholar' ho con'ider it from the foundation' of faith are&

    Shia *rand )+atullah and 6uha::i: and 5)llamah Ma5far al-Su(hani, ho 'a+' in hi'(oo 9al-6ilal al-Dihal9 0N=O, under the title 9I' Imamah from the foundation' or the


    ?)ll of the Shia ha4e a*reed that it i' a foundation from the foundation' of faith, and the+pro4ed it in their (oo', thi' i' h+ the+ con'ider that the (elief in the Imamah of theImam' i' nece''ar+ for correct faith, a' for )hlul-Sunnah the+ rote in their (oo' that iti'n;t a foundation.B

    Shia 'cholar al-5)llamah 6uhammad 7ida al-6u8affar 'a+' in 95):a;id al-Imami++ah9p*0

  • 7/25/2019 Imama is Hidden Call to Prophethood


    )+atullah al-Sa++ed 5)li al-Gu''eini and 6ilani 'a+' in 9al-Imamah fi )hamm al-utu(al-alami++ah9 p*H>&

    ?ither Imamah i' from the foundation' of reli*ion and faith or it i' from the (ranche'The truth i'& It i' from the foundation' lie prophet-hood.B

    Lrand )+atullah 5)(dul-Gu''ein Sharaf-ul-Eeen al-6u'ai 'a+' in [email protected]*=J

  • 7/25/2019 Imama is Hidden Call to Prophethood


    ?The Imami /'hia1 ha4e a*reed, that he ho denie' the Imamah of one of the Imam', [email protected]' their o(edience hich )llah ha' ordered, then he i' a afir, mi'*uided andde'er4in* to a(ide in hell-fire fore4er.B

    Shia 5)llamah Va+n al-Eeen al-5)mili 'a+' in 9Rihar al-)nar9 UN>JU that there i' a

    con'en'u' on thi' matter&

    ?)nd thi' i' h+ the+ /'hia 'cholar'1 ha4e reported that the+ ill enter the fire (+con'en'u'.B

    The leader of the Shia 'ect Da'eer al-Eeen al-Tu'i 'a+' in 9Door al-Raraheen9 0NJH (+Di5matullah al-Ma8a;iri&

    ?The Imami /Shia1 ha4e adopted the uni:ue opinion, that enterin* paradi'e and 'al4ationcannot (e o(tained ecept after (elie4in* in the 2ila+ah of the famil+ of the Prophet /a'1and (elie4in* in their Imamah. )' for the re't of the 6u'lim', the+ a*reed that the

    'al4ation can (e o(tained after affirmin* the to te'timonie' of faith.B

    I a', hich of the to *roup' lean' more toard' unit+ and lo4e I' it the Tel4er Shiaho a*ree on the di'(elief of an+one ho di'a*ree' ith them and (ani'h their opponent'to hell-fire Xr the main'tream 6u'lim', )hlul-Sunnah, ho (elie4e that if an+one (ear'te'timon+ that there i' no *od (ut )llah and 6uhammad /S)2S1 i' hi' me''en*er, heill enter hea4en

    Lrand Shia )+atullah 5)(dul-Gu''ein Sharaf-ul-Eeen 'a+' in 9al-Cu'oul al-6uhimmah9p*>=&

    ?2e ha4e other authentic narration' that e on (+ mean' of our tel4e Imam' /A1 andhere are 'ome from the (oo 9K'ool al-afi9 and other', the+ *i4e *lad tidin*' to the(elie4er', tho'e ho (elie4e in )llah and hi' me''en*er and the final da+, (ut hat [email protected]'t heard i' onl+ eclu'i4e to tho'e ho follo the 2ila+ah of the famil+ of theme''en*er and hi' pure pro*en+ /A1 thi' i' not 'tran*e, a' their 2ila+ah i' from thefoundation' of the reli*ion.B

    Their top 'cholar al-6urtada ho carrie' the title of 5)lam al-Guda 'a+' concernin*tho'e ho do not (elie4e in Imamah, in hi' re'earch 9al-7i'alah al-Rahirah fi al-5Itrah al-Tahirah9 =N=0-==&

    ?2hat al'o pro4e' their 'uperiorit+ peace (e upon them, and their *reatne'' from amon*the human', i' that )llah mo't hi*h 'hoed u' that, noin* them i' lie noin* him,in that it 'i*nifie' I'lam and Iman, and Ge 'hoed that (ein* i*norant a(out them anddou(tin* them i' lie (ein* i*norant a(out him and dou(tin* him, in that it 'i*nifie' ufrand di'(elief. Thi' ran i' not *i4en to an+one ecept our Prophet /S)2S1 and after himthe chief of (elie4er' 5)li /a'1 and the Imam' from hi' pro*en+ /A1 hat pro4e' to u',that the leader'hip of tho'e hom e mentioned /a'1 i' from Iman, and not (elie4in* it i'ufr and di'(elief, i' the con'en'u' of the Imami Shia, the+ do not differ on thi'.B


  • 7/25/2019 Imama is Hidden Call to Prophethood


    Sheih of their 'ect al-Tu'i 'a+' in 9al-7a'a;il al-5)'hrah9 p*0&

    ?In the name of )llah the merciful, in him I tru't, if a :ue'tioner a'ed +ou& 2hat i' faiththen 'a+& It i' to (elie4e in )llah, and the me''en*er, and hat the me''en*er and the

    Imam' ha4e (rou*ht peace (e upon them. /A1 It i' (a'ed on fi4e pillar', the one hono' them i' a (elie4er, the one ho i' i*norant of them i' a afir, the+ are& Knit+ ofLod, Mu'tice of Lod, Prophet-hood, Imamah, re'urrection.B

    Shia 6uha::i: 5)li (in al-Gu''ein al-arai 'a+' in 97a'a;il al-arai9 0NQ&

    ?In the name of )llah the merciful, on him e rel+, prai'e (e to )llah and peace (e uponhi' me''en*er and hi' pure famil+. Ge ho i' reli*iou'l+ accounta(le hether free or a'la4e, a male or female, mu't no the fi4e foundation' that are pillar' of faith& Knit+ ofLod, Mu'tice of Lod, Prophet-hood, Imamah, re'urrection. /A1 and he ho i' i*norant ofan+ of the'e, he doe' not al the path of Iman, and de'er4e' eternal puni'hment ith the


    Indeed, the Shia 'cholar' ha4e applied tho'e (elief' on the *round of realit+, on all tho'eho di'a*ree ith them on Imamah, the+ made Tafeer on them and cur'ed them and(ani'hed them to the fire' of hell fore4er. The u*l+ Shia call of Tafeer had reached all6u'lim' no matter hat their ran and 4irtue i', 'o the+ made Tafeer on the companion'of the Prophet /S)2S1 and the (e't *eneration humanit+ e4er ne, and e4en the ri*htl+*uided caliph' of I'lam.

    The rea'on the+ made Tafeer on the companion' /ra1 i' 'impl+ (ecau'e the+ did mutualcon'ultation hen appointin* their leader and the+ accepted to *i4e authorit+ to otherthan 5)li /ra1.

    Shia 'cholar 5)li (in al-Gu''ein (in 5)(dul-5)al al-arai 'aid in 97a'a;il al-arai90NJ=&

    ?)n+ 'ane man ho (elie4e' in *i4in* precedence to i(n a(i Fuhafa and i(n al-hatta(and i(n 5)ffan, ho are lol+ in linea*e and 'tu((orn, it i' not non that the+ had4irtue' in noled*e or Mihad /A1 on them and on tho'e ho lo4e them i' the cur'e of)llah and the an*el' and all humanit+.B

    The 'eal of the 6uhadditheen of the Shia al-5)llamah 6uhammad Ra:ir [email protected]'i 'a+'in 9Rihar al-)nar9 >QQ&

    ?I 'a+& The narration' pro4in* the ufr of a(i Rar and 5Kmar and their lie', and thereard' offered to tho'e ho cur'e them and di'on them, and their inno4ation', aremore numerou' than e can count in thi' 4olume or man+ other 4olume'. Rut hat epre'ented i' 'ufficient for tho'e hom )llah i'he' to *uide.B

  • 7/25/2019 Imama is Hidden Call to Prophethood


    Cinall+, their 'cholar al-6ufid 'a+' re*ardin* tho'e caliph' ho preceded 5)li /ra1 in hi'(oo 9)a;il al-6a:alat9 p*H0-H=, under the title& 9The 'a+in* a(out tho'e ho preceded)meer al-6u;mineen - 5)li (in a(i Tali( /a'1-9

    ?The Imami /'hia1 and man+ of the Va+di++ah /'hia1 ha4e a*reed that tho'e ho

    preceded the chief of (elie4er' /5)li1, are mi'*uided tran'*re''or', and (+ eepin* thechief of (elie4er' /a'1 from the po'ition of the me''en*er of )llah /S)2S1, the+ aredi'o(edient oppre''or', a(idin* in the fire for eternit+.B

    Thu', the Shia 'cholar' ha4e cur'ed the fir't three caliph' ma+ )llah (e plea'ed iththem, and the+ cur'ed the re't of the companion' /ra1 ho a*reed on appointin* them a'leader' and 'er4ed under them, then the+ cur'ed all the 6u'lim' ho are plea'ed iththem and ho lo4ed them.

    )' a re'ult, the 'cholar' of I'lam and the 6u'lim' ha4e (e*un to loo at thi' Shia (eliefof Imamah in an o(@ecti4e a+, a' a 'eriou' threat to the unit+ of the I'lamic nation. It i'

    a *reat call to mae Tafeer on all the 6u'lim' @u't lie the call of the [email protected] (eforethem.

    In thi' (oo I ha4e decided to adopt one of the mo't important method' of refutin* theShia theor+ of Imamah. Thi' cho'en method i', to pro4e that the (elief in Imamah illlead to *reat corruption, that the [email protected]+ of 6u'lim' ill [email protected] Imamah if the+ reali8edthat it i' [email protected] (+ di4ine la' and human intellect, ithout di4in* into the tet' u'ed (+Shia to pro4e Imamah and di'cu''in* their meanin*' or authenticit+.


    The ori*in of thi' (elief and the ori*in of thi' di'ea'e called 9Imamah9, i' that the Shia'cholar' decided to place their on intellect /5):l1 (efore the di4ine tet' /Da:l1. The+formulated 'e4eral intellectual introduction' and made them the (a'i' of decidin* andadoptin* reli*iou' (elief'. )lthou*h e no the error' of thi' Shia methodolo*+ +et echo'e to adopt it, 'impl+ to 'ho the reader' that the'e 'o called intellectual introduction'u'ed to pro4e the theor+ of Imamah, at the 'ame time al'o carr+ the de'truction of thetheor+ of Im

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