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Imagine - Christmas Eve Service

Aug 21, 2015




  1. 1. INCARNATIONJesus mission was to demonstrate that Heunderstood and interacted with our world before Hetalked about His call to us all to move towardsanother, better world.
  2. 2. The Word became a human being. He made his home with us. We have seen his glory.It is the glory of the one and only Son.John 1:14John 1:14John 1:14
  3. 3. IMAGINE
  4. 4. Have You Ever Wondered? ...what the conversation among the Three-in-One Godmight have been like, just before Jesus entered Maryswomb? ...or what it might have been like for those nine longmonths as the egg that God fertilized morphed into thehoped-for human baby Savior of the world?
  5. 5. Wonder No More D: Its time for you to go, Son. J: You think I dont know that, Dad? Ever since they chose not totrust Us, Ive known that I would have to deliver them from themess they made of Our Paradise. D: Yes, Son, but in My Spirit, I detect just the slightest tick of, well,hesitation in You. But I know its not possible for You to be havingsecond thoughts. J: Not about going to earth to be their Savior. Not in the least. Itsjust that...
  6. 6. D: See, whats that? We Three love our lost sheep immensely, sothis cant have anything to do with You wavering in Your unboundedlove for them. J: Exactly. Ok, this is really going to sound like nothing. Because itreally isnt a huge deal for Me. Its just that... D: Cmon, Son, spit it out. Times a wastin here. As You know,Angel Gabriel months ago told Mary that shell be pregnant withYou. Its time for You to go.
  7. 7. J: Ok, ok, so like, Im Your only Son, right? An essential member ofthe Holy Trinity. So I had a huge part in creating the universe andeverything in it. Including every human being that ever was or everwill be. D: You dont need to remind Me, Son. Spirit and I were there. Soplease get to Your point. Tick tock, tick tock. J: My point is that Ive always been everywhere and in everything. IfI had a need for pants--and I dont--I could put the entire universein my hip pocket. And now Im about to let go of all that infiniteawesomeness and reduce myself to a single, virtually invisible humanegg. Different doesnt even BEGIN to describe what Im about tobecome.
  8. 8. J: But Im not having second thoughts. Just, well, certain thoughts. J: We all know that I have to demonstrate something, that I reallyget what it means to be human. Vulnerable. Fragile. Tragic at times.That I understand their fallen world before I start calling them torepent and start moving towards Our restored, better world. J: Ive made countless humans, of course; Ive just never beenhuman before. (exhale) Ok, lets do this. D: I love You, Son. Ok, world, Im sending you your Savior!
  9. 9. But even after that, a pent up world still had to wait before it knewfor sure that it had gotten what God had promised. Though it still boggles every mind, God the Father miraculouslyfertilized one of young Marys eggs with Jesus and then nestled Himdeep within the wall of her uterus. Even though it makes your brain hurt to imagine this, the Divine-Jesus went to work within that dark, cramped space inside of Mary,creating the Human-Jesus exactly the way He creates every humanbeing. One cell becomes two. Then two becomes four. Those fourdivide again into eight.
  10. 10. What a painstaking process Jesus chose to experience, especiallysince the world was in such dire need of Savior. But He knew thatHe would never be able to die for their sins one day if He skippedany part of what it means to be human. Stem cells gradually began to diversify into liver cells, brain cells, andblood cells. Bones, big and little. Ten tiny toes. Eight fragile fingersand two thumbs for sucking. A nose. Two eyes, squeezed shut. Aperfect little mouth with pursed lips. A beating heart.
  11. 11. Each day brought more diversity, more complexity, greaterunification. Until at last, He was fully formed. Entirely human. Oneof us.
  12. 12. D: My precious Son, theyve waited long enough. Its time to beborn into their world of happiness and hurt. The first contraction came unexpectedly, but the ones that followedover the next five hours were indescribable in their intensity. Hebecame vaguely aware of Marys cries as she labored to deliver Himinto Josephs waiting arms. It seemed to take forever. And then, with one final push, Jesus wasfinally in the world, just not of it.
  13. 13. J: What was that? Did someone just swat My bottom?
  14. 14. There were shepherds living out in the fields nearby. It was night, andthey were looking after their sheep.An angel of the Lord appeared tothem. And the glory of the Lordshone around them. They were terrified.
  15. 15. But the angel said to them, Do notbe afraid. I bring you good news ofgreat joy. It is for all the people. Today in the town of David aSavior has been born to you. He isChrist the Lord. Here is how youwill know I am telling you the truth.You will find a baby wrapped instrips of cloth and lying in a manger.
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