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Ignite presentation heather jean uhl

May 10, 2015




The Faculty Association for Community and Technical Colleges held its Fall Quarter meeting on the campus of EvCC on October 17th and 18th. First of all, all the FACTC members were impressed with our campus and how well-kept it is and how modern looking it is. We held our meeting sin Liberty and Whitehorse, and all commented on how beautiful the spaces are.

As part of each meeting we set aside time for a discussion on Teaching and Learning. I was responsible for coordinating the T&L time at this meeting, and decided to coordinate an IGNITE session. Members of the EvCC community, including Dan Murphy, Katherine Schiffner, Heather Uhl, Fayla Schwartz, and Thom Lee wowed the crowd with their 5-minute presentations. The following are the slides I used during my presentation.
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