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IGBC Green Cities - · PDF file IGBC formed by CII in 2001 Vision of IGBC Enable ‘sustainable built environment for all’ India to be one of the global leaders in sustainable built

Mar 12, 2020




  • © Confederation of Indian Industry

    IGBC Green Cities Municipalika 2018, Mumbai

  • © Confederation of Indian Industry India’s First Platinum Rated Green Building

    CII – Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre, Hyderabad, India

    A unique Public – Private Partnership

    ( CII, Govt of Andhra Pradesh, USAID and Pirojsha Godrej Foundation )

  • © Confederation of Indian Industry

    Inaugurated by Dr A P J Abdul Kalam

    Hon’ble President of India on 14 July 2004

    CII-Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre (IGBC HQ), Hyderabad, India

  •  IGBC formed by CII in 2001

     Vision of IGBC

     Enable ‘sustainable built

    environment for all’

     India to be one of the global

    leaders in sustainable built

    environment by 2025

     Founding Member of

    World Green Building Council

    (WGBC) since 2004

    Indian Green Building Council (IGBC)

  • © Confederation of Indian Industry

    Green Building Movement in India

    In 2001, 1 Green Building

    20,000 sq.ft. (4,790+ Green Projects)

    6.33 Billion sq.ft

    India stands 2nd in the World

  • © Confederation of Indian Industry


    Commercial Health & Wellbeing Built Environment

    Residential Education

    IGBC Green New


    IGBC Green

    Existing Buildings

    IGBC Green


    IGBC Green


    IGBC Green Data


    IGBC Green

    Healthcare Facilities


    IGBC Wellbeing


    IGBC Green Homes

    IGBC Green

    Residential Society

    IGBC Green

    Affordable Housing


    IGBC Green Metro


    IGBC Green

    Existing Metros

    IGBC Green Railway


    IGBC Green


    IGBC Green Cities

    IGBC Green Villages

    IGBC Green


    IGBC Green



    IGBC Green


    IGBC Green SEZ

    IGBC Green Rating Systems

    * Under Development Only Green Building Council in the World to have 22 Different Ratings

  • Measurable Benefits in 1450 IGBC Certified Green Projects across India

    Environmental Benefit


    Average Benefits

    /Million Sq.ft

    CO2 reduction 12,000 Tons

    Energy savings 15,000 MWh

    Water savings 45,000 KL

    Construction waste

    diverted from landfills

    450 Tons

    Renewable energy,

    (Installed capacity*)

    50 MW

    As on March 2018

  • IGBC Green Certified Transit Facilities in India

    Airports Bus Terminals





  • IGBC & Ministry of Railways Joint Initiative

    Green Railway Stations

    © Confederation of Indian Industry

    IGBC Green Railway Stations Rating (Pilot Version) - Launched by Mr Suresh Prabhu, Honble Minister of Railways, Government of India at Green Building Congress 2016

    15 Indian Railway Stations are adopting

    ‘Green Railway Stations’ rating

     New Delhi – NR

     Jaipur – NWR

     Varanasi – NR

     Tirupati – SCR

     Guntur – SCR

     Tiruchirappalli - SR

     Bokaro – SER

     Guntakal -SCR

     Secunderabad – SCR

     Kachiguda – SCR

     Vijayawada - SCR

     Chennai - SR

     Katra – NR

    Howrah – ER

    Nanded - SCR

    *Highlighted stations are Green Rated

  • © Confederation of Indian Industry

    World’s First Comprehensive Rating for

    Metro & LRT Systems

    IGBC Green Mass Rapid Transit System

    (MRTS) Rating

  • Green Metro Rail Movement in India

    393 Green Metro Station Projects

    40 Million sq. ft. 500 KM OF METRO NETWORK


  • Prime Minister Inaugurated Kochi Metro 16 IGBC Platinum Green Metro Stations

    © Confederation of Indian Industry

    “It is heartening to note that all stations have achieved platinum rating which is

    the highest certification level given by the Indian Green Building Council ” - Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi

    mentioned during the Inaugural of KMRL

  • WorldGBC’s Asia Pacific Leadership in Green Building Awards 2016


    World Green Building Council

    awarding WorldGBC’s Asia Pacific Leadership in Green Building Awards 2016 to

    Dr Mangu Singh, MD, DMRC (06 Sep, 2015)

  • Launch of IGBC Green Existing Cities Rating at CII –IGBC’s Green Building Congress 2017 at Jaipur

    IGBC Green Cities Rating For Greenfield Cities & Existing Cities

  • © Confederation of Indian Industry


    Approach to Green Cities

    New cities to be designed as Green

    from day one

    Green Cities

    Convert existing cities to Green cities

  • IGBC Green Cities Rating

    India’s First Rating System for

    Green Cities

    (For Greenfield Cities)

  • © Confederation of Indian Industry

    Key features of IGBC Green Cities Rating

     Efficient Land Use

     Efficient Mobility

     Efficient Infrastructure

     Enhanced Quality of Life

     Applicable for Greenfield


    Assessment of Cities Master Plan!

  • © Confederation of Indian Industry

    Air Quality, Drinking Water Quality, Open Spaces, Health & Safety, Noise, Walkability, Biodiversity, Employment, Income

    Governance, Stakeholder Involvement, Finance, PPP, Institutional Capacity

    Vision, Policy, Plan,


    The Metabolism

    Monitoring, Reporting & Corrective


    Framework of Green Cities

    Inputs: Infrastructure: Outputs:

    Water, Energy, Materials

    Housing, Transportation, Education, Storm Water Collection, Treatment Systems, Early Warning Systems

    Waste, Water, Air Emissions, GHG Emissions


    of Life

    Zero Waste, Waste Water Recycling, Clean Fuels, Green Roofs, Solar Heating, Smart Interventions, Green Buildings

    Impact Management

    through Innovation

    Enabling Framework

  • IGBC Green Cities Rating Points for Individual Modules

    Modules Possible Points

    1 Eco-Vision of the city

    2 Land Use Planning & Built Environment 18

    3 Health & Well-being 16

    4 Sustainable Mobility 15

    5 Water, Energy & Infrastructure Management 38

    6 Information & Communication Technology 5

    7 Innovation in City Planning 8

    Total 100 Complying with 4 Prerequisites is mandatory for all IGBC Green Cities

    Eco Vision Preservation of Water Bodies,

    Eco Sensitive Zones

    Sustainable Mobility

    Barrier-free Accessibility

  • IGBC Green Cities Rating

    Certification Levels

    Underground Stations

    Rating Recognition

    40 – 49 Certified Good Practices

    50 – 59 Silver Best Practices

    60 – 75 Gold National Excellence

    76– 100 Platinum Global Leadership

  • City State Rating

    1 Dholera Gujarat IGBC Platinum

    2 Sri City Andhra Pradesh

    IGBC Gold

    3 Amaravati Andhra Pradesh

    IGBC Platinum

    4 New Town Kolkata

    West Bengal IGBC Gold

    5 GIFT City Gujarat

    Under Certification

    6 Mahindra Industrial Park

    Tamil Nadu

    7 Shendra-Bidkin Maharashtra

    Greenfield Cities Going Green in India with IGBC

    3 ,71 ,850 Acres o f Lar ge Deve lopment

    Dholera, Gujarat

    New Town Kolkata, West Bengal

    Amravati, Andhra Pradesh

  • Green City

    I G B C P l a t i n u m


    Industrial City

    Dholera City : Sustainable Approach towards Evolution of a Low Carbon City

  • N e ig

    h b

    o u

    rh o

    o d

    P a rk

    C o

    m m

    u n

    it y P

    a rk

    L in

    e a r

    P a rk

    Area – 1 to 1.5 HA

    with 400m radius

    (5 minute walking radius)


    Area – 3 to 4 HA with 800m

    radius (10-minute

    walking radius)

    Between residential

    clusters and industrial areas)

    Catchment area of 4


    (For entire Sector)

     Planned Urban Landscape: 5-10 min walking radius

     Green Infrastructure : plug and Play at each plot level Road

    Cycle tracks


    Trees & Plants

    100% domestic

    waste collection

    100% industrial

    effluent collection

    24X7 water

    Smart meters


    100% recycle and