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IGBC Annual Report 2019 New updated 17v-3 Annual Report 2019 _.pdf · PDF file Ajit Kumar Chordia Co-Chair Ar C N Raghavendran Chair Vidarbha Co-Chair Ashok Mokha Dr. S. Vijaya Kumar

Jul 03, 2020




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    Indian Green Building Council A N N UA L R E V I E W : 2 01 8 - 2 01 9

    IGBC spearheading the green building movement in India, since 2001

  • To enable a sustainable built environment for all and facilitate India to be one of the

    global leaders in the sustainable built environment by 2025.


  • Jamshyd N Godrej Chairman, CII- Godrej GBC

    Dear Friends,

    We often hear the impact of climate change as projections of the future. This may

    not be true. We are already facing the climate crisis. The Cape Town water crisis

    few years ago, forcing the Government to ‘Countdown to zero’ is a case in point.

    Many Indian cities would most likely go this way, if we don’t treat and reuse waste

    water. Paradoxically, we don’t have synthetic substitutes for water. Air quality in

    Indian cities is going from bad to worse. There has been a lot of news about New

    Delhi. It is not very different in other Indian cities. The loss of urban greenery,

    since the 1960s is something which all of us have to be concerned.

    Amidst the current and looming environmental challenges that are staring us,

    solutions have to come from the civil society and industry in particular. I am very

    pleased to witness how Indian industry is taking conscious and concerted efforts

    in addressing ecological issues and converting challenges into new growth

    opportunities. Indian building sector has been one of the early adopters of eco-

    friendly practices and approaches across various forms of built environment. This

    has been made possible largely due to the ‘Movement driven’ approach adopted

    by CII, since 2001. This holistic approach in turn has facilitated India emerge as

    one of the global leaders in green buildings.

    Today, concerns like air quality, urban transportation, waste management, health

    & wellbeing of occupants, livability in cities and other related issues are receiving

    increased attention and it is pleasing to learn how innovative & futuristic

    solutions are coming from industry. The need of the hour is to further accelerate

    this new wave of green transformation and facilitate a greener and healthier

    tomorrow. I heartily thank Mr V Suresh, Mr Gurmit Singh Arora, chairs and co-

    chairs of IGBC local chapters and technical committee members for their


    We look forward to your continued support and together, we shall make it


    With best regards

    from Chairman, CII - Godrej GBC


  • Indian Green Building Council (IGBC), over a span of about 20 years has evolved

    itself as an eminent Council to contribute to Country’s green growth. IGBC’s

    approaches is aligned with National priorities and complements various

    Government initiatives including the National Building Code (NBC); Energy

    Conservation Building Code (ECBC); Smart Cities Mission; Swachh Bharat

    Mission; AMRUT cities, PMAY. Further, in a small but significant way, IGBC is also

    playing a catalytic role in realizing UN’s SDG goals.

    We have today touched the 7 billion sq. ft of registered green building footprint.

    We are inching closer to our cherished vision of facilitating 10 billion sq. ft of

    green building footprint by 2022. As we see, with all your continued support, we

    would reach the vision well before 2022. As we march ahead in greening various

    forms of built environment, this target is well within our reach and we must take

    the movement to the next level and further galvanize our efforts in facilitating

    India emerge as one of the global leaders in green built environment by 2025.

    The year 2018-2019 has been inspiring and exciting. Our aspiration to green

    various forms of built environment received a major fillip, when we launched 3

    new rating systems- Green Resorts, Net Zero and Hill Habitat, taking the total to

    25. Our aspiration to facilitate in greening of various forms of built environment,

    would continue in the years to come.

    The support and guidance of various Government departments to our green

    building mission has always been excellent and is paving way for offering more

    incentives/ fast track approvals for IGBC projects. States of Haryana and Andhra

    Pradesh have started offering incentives for IGBC projects, since the last one year.

    Our partnership with Indian Railways has gained significant momentum and the

    second phase of MoU signed on 13 September 2019 will further strengthen our

    activities in greening of more railway stations, schools, homes, hospitals,

    administrative blocks of Indian Railways.

    Our IGBC local chapters have been in the forefront of percolating the green

    building movement to the hinterlands of the Country. The launch of IGBC local

    chapters in Nashik and Mangaluru will further catapult our movement in the

    respective regions. We aspire to have our local chapters spread across tier-II and

    tier-III cities. The target is to have 50 local chapters by 2025.

    IGBC Green League (IGL) has consolidated itself as one of India’s premier green

    quiz contest for young minds. It is growing in stature and reach. It is truly

    from Chairman, IGBC


  • Vasudevan Suresh Chairman, IGBC

    inspiring to witness how in our current 4th edition, we have reached over 400

    participants (212 teams) in 14 cities.

    The Green your School Contest for the past 12 years is as inspiring as it can be.

    This year we had the largest participation from 785 schools, across the Country. 8

    Schools have been selected for sponsorship support and implementation. The

    Architectural Design Contest 2019 had the participation of 61 colleges (159

    submissions) and theme was ‘Revitalizing Unorganized Settlements’. All these

    initiatives are aimed at reaching the young minds and inspire them to embrace


    Our MoU with CREDAI for further fostering and promoting green buildings will

    further galvanize our concerted efforts in greening various forms of built

    environment and reaching out to the real estate community. Green Building

    Congress, now into its 17th edition has become the springboard to advance the

    green building movement.

    The icing on the cake is the award of IGBC Net Zero Energy Platinum rating to CII-

    Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre- the headquarters of IGBC. In many ways,

    this unique distinction has ushered in a new wave of Net Zero Energy building

    movement in India. I am sure, in days to come, India will embrace Net Zero Energy


    As you flip through these pages, you will find many inspiring and delightful

    stories of a greener and healthier tomorrow. This was made possible only with all

    your support and involvement. I just wanted to say a big thank you for being part

    of this great green journey.

    My colleague Gurmit Singh and my chapter chairs & co-chairs and technical

    committee members are scripting new milestones and various success stories.

    My profound thanks and gratitude to all the members.

    I look forward to your continued support and involvement in building a greener

    and healthier India.

    With best regards



    +5,400 Registered

    Green Projects

    26 IGBC Chapters

    across India

    +3,900 IGBC Accredited


    +2,100 IGBC Member Organisations

    (Foundation Members 164)

    +800 GreenPro Certified Products

    25 IGBC GREEN Building

    Rating Systems

    7.0 Billion Sq.ft.

    of Registered foot print07







  • 5,400+ Green Building Projects

    7 Billion sq ft are adopting IGBC GREEN Ratings

    • Health & Wellbeing • Green Healthcare

    • Data Center with LBNL

    IGBC GREEN League (IGL) executed at 14 cities with 212 teams (424 participants) Green Waves - First B2C carbon neutral event in Bengaluru

    Promotion of new subjects

    through Awareness


    Launch of new IGBC GREEN rating Systems: • Green Resorts • Net Zero Energy Building • Green Hill Habitat


    14 Lakh Green Dwelling Units

    250+ Green Factories

    1,800+ Green Offices

    48+ Green Townships

    430+ Green Transit

    24+ Green Villages

    12+ Green Cities


    IGBC Green Rating Systems

    01 IGBC Green New Buildings

























    IGBC Green Existing Buildings

    IGBC Green Interiors

    IGBC Green Campus

    IGBC Green Data Centres

    IGBC Net Zero Energy Buildings

    IGBC Green Resorts

    IGBC Green Homes

    IGBC Green Residential Society

    IGBC Green Affordable Housing

    IGBC Green MRTS

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