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IEEE Code Of Ethics

IEEE Code Of Conduct/Ethics

Apr 14, 2017



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  • IEEE Code Of Ethics

  • Group MembersHafiz Muhammad AmjadRimsha RiazAhmed SaadIqra ParveenSafi Ullah Nasir

  • Ethics?Statements of what is right or wrong.

  • Code of EthicsWritten list of values & standards of conduct of a groupFramework for decision-makingAre normally general statementsDo not give specific answers to every problem.

  • What is IEEE?The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers An international non-profit, professional organization Advancement of technology related to electricity and to electronic applications.

  • IEEE Code of EthicsFormed in 1963 as a merger of AIEE (American Institute of Electrical Engineers) and IRA (Institute of Radio Engineers)

    Worlds largest professional/technical organization for advancement of technology

    IEEE membership requires follow IEEE code of ethics

  • 10 Key Principles

  • PublicSoftware engineers shall act consistently with the public interest.Accept responsibility for your own work.Interests should be public good.Only approve software based on well founded belief on its safety.Be fair and avoid dishonesty in all statements.Be encouraged to volunteer.

  • Client and EmployerSoftware engineers shall act in a manner that is in the best interests of their client and employer, consistent with the public interest.Provides service in area of competence.Dont use illegal and unethical software.Use property that is within owners knowledge and authorized.Update clients about the problems you are facing.Accept no outside work that is harmful for your employer.Promote no interest harmful to your employer or client, unless higher ethical concern exists.

  • ProductSoftware engineers shall ensure that things related to software development are following the respective standards.Strive for high quality, acceptable cost, and reasonable schedule.Use appropriate methods.Follow professional standards.Understand requirements properly.Ensure adequate testing.Ensure adequate documentation.

  • JudgmentSoftware engineers shall maintain integrity and independence in their professional judgmentDispleasure yourself for public interest.Review document before taking any judgment.Be fair in decision taking.Do not engage in misleading financial practices.Disclose conflicts of interest.

  • ManagementSoftware engineering managers and leaders should use ethical approach to the management of software development and maintenanceEnsure good management practices.Assign work by education and experience levels.Ensure realistic quantitative estimates of cost.Describe position accurately and fully when hiring.Stop others to violate Code of conduct.Dont punish for expressing ethical concerns about project.

  • ProfessionSoftware engineers shall maintain the reputation of the profession consistent with the public interestHelp develop favorable organizational environment.Participate in professional organizations, meetings, and publications.Support other SW engineers to follow this Code.Do not promote your own interests. Dont violate the code of conduct.Report violations.Take responsibility for errors.

  • BriberySoftware engineers shall reject bribery in all its forms.Reject bribery in all aspects.Financially.Favor.

  • TechnologySoftware engineers need to improve the understanding of technology.Understanding of technology.Improve applications.

  • ColleaguesSoftware engineers shall be fair and supportive of their colleaguesEncourage colleagues to follow Code.Guide them in professional development.Fully credit the work of others.Review others work honestly.Do not unfairly with someone career.

  • SelfSoftware engineers shall participate in lifelong learning regarding the practice of their professionFurther your SW development knowledge.Improve your SW development skills.Improve your documentation skills.Improve your knowledge of standards.Improve knowledge of this Code.Treat others fairly, not biased.

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