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Ideas, drawings and idea justification

Jun 30, 2015



  • 1. Wildcats basketball kit Fairy lights and balloons on tables (for the New Years Eve scene to give a sense of realism) Kelsis bowler hat, suit and folders of sheet music (this would make the character believable because she is a pianist and would carry around folders of music because she is obsessed with music I get up at 5am before school) Ladder with tinsel (for Sharpay & Ryans Bop To The Top these are the props used in the film) Ms Darbus gong (she uses it in multiple scenes Ill eat my gong) Sharpays pink locker (she considers herself the height of popularity at school and loves the colour pink)

2. My specific prop was flats. These are what make the backdrop of the whole stage, which in High School Musicals case was a relatively simple high school interior look. The colour scheme for the whole production is mainly red, white and blue. This is because the Wildcats basketball kit is red and white and the basketball team itself is like a motif in the show. I wanted to recreate the scenery as close to the original High School Musical film as possible, so to do this I researched images of the school hallways in the film and they are red and white. It was very important to ensure continuity ran throughout the set to give a sense of realism. 3. This is my original idea for the flats to have a divide in the middle of each flat made out of a wood panel painted white, almost like a skirting board, with red paint on the top half and white paint on the bottom half. I decided against this idea because we experimented with a smaller version and it didnt look aesthetically pleasing. There are things that will be made and placed onto the flats to make it look like a realistic high school corridor/surroundings, such as Wildcats Big Game flags and posters for the Science Decathlon. These images are research of the films set, so we can get a realistic idea of what their designs looked like for us to recreate. The Wildcats logo is a motif in the show, therefore we wanted to incorporate it into as many things as we could including the posters. 4. 1.9m 1.22m This is my final drawing of what I want the flats to look like. Again, the colour theme is bright red and white to reflect the colours of the Wildcats basketball kit. In this drawing, there are three 1.9m x 1.22m wooden flats across the back of the staging, however since looking at the staging that has been set out for the show I will need more than three to stretch along the back because the staging is bigger than I anticipated. The white strips are for aesthetic reasons, making the set look sporty as one of the focuses in the show is the Wildcats basketball team. These will be made from white LX tape.