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- >i . *<irfl PHILADELPHIA INQUIHKK, THTIRBDAY MOfeNING, NOVEMBER 29, 1006 'I t "".'. " *• "' '»• i ><«<9 - OF THE SHIPS AND SHIPPING MEN Something About. Arrivals and Clearances at This Port, Movements on Delaware Bay and River, Notes of Interest to Mariners 4 v Fort Of Philadelphia. November 7.00 A M. Seta .... 4.:»5 P M Sun rises \ "High water - Tbilndelphla .. Reedy Inland Breakwater .. Low water- Philadelphia . Reedv Inland » Breakwater .. .12.35 A M . . . 3.50 A M . . . 7.15 A M... 8.0* A M... 4.27 A M... 12. 43 A M . . . . 12.65 P M .10.25 I'M . 7.45 P M 8.40 P M 5.It P M . 1.22 F M Arrived Yeaterday Sirs ARTEMISIAN (Gen, Ntss. Hamburg, merchandise. The Atlantic Transport Co; GRANE (Nor). Rekkevold. Hillsboro. plaster. Keystone Plaster Co (arrived (theater); AV- RKOLB <Bo, Waters, Shields, ballast. L Westergaard &. Co; WKKHAWKKN (Br). Harding. Barrow, ballast, Philip Ruprecht; GEORGETOWN. Smith. Portland, ballast. Atlantic Coast S S Co: ANTHONY GROVES. JR. MrNamee. Baltimore, merchandise, Erlcs- son Line. Bark FORMICA (Nor). Terge-sou. Buenos Ayrcs. bones, Weseuborg A Co. Sehrs DAVIS PALMER. MeKown. Boston, bal- last. Mitchell * Meaee; MILLIE) R ROHAN- NAN. Lawrence.'Jacksonville, via Wllmlugton, Del. lumber. 11nIdt A Cummins. Barges THOM ASTON, from Blddeford: POCOP- SON and MINGo. from Portland, In'tow tuff LENAPK. (> II Hagerman; llOLTON. from • Providence. Sterling Coal .. Co; ( H A S F PRKHARD aud HORACR A ALLYN. In tow tug BOXftR P ft Mun.i; DRAPER, from L.vuii: PHOENIX, from Plymouth, and PAX TAN'} from Chelsea. In tow tug GKTTY8- ! ,1!U( :J„,° IJ Hagerman: 8 Q CO NO 57, from Wilmington. N O. Jos C Gabriel, in tow tux ASTRAL: WM SAYLOR, from Norfolk, and ( HAS O MelLVAINB. from Norfolk. In tow tug DELAWARE. , , <'tr>itr«*d YeNterdny , Sirs TnpRSDAL (Nor), Melson. Ouantanamo. Karn Line Steamship jPo; KMlLIA lAust), Sfifflflffi™' Qalveston. L Kubolirs Sons; AD- MIRAL FARRAOUT. Mader. Port Antonio, l nited Fruit «'o : BELLA (RrL Durle. Kings i&'Vri? J!"i?L M JL ,ra,,t - Tn -* Atlantic Fruit Co; SAXOLKINK (Br). Crosby. Rouen. L Wester- gaard. A Co; WASHTENAW. Crowlev. New York. Charles PV'arwell; ROMA. Melvln.New York. Cbas P Farwell: PARTHIAN. HUlarv. Provi.lenc* boston A Philadelphia Steamship « 2 i i S S f P ^ H i i Brl ««. Boston. Boston* & MlnQVr%» Steamship Cot ANTHONY GROVES. JR. MeNamee. Baltimore. Ericsson 1.111.'. . Bark ORA Utah. Denmaurtsl. Buenos Avies, Wesenherg A Co Schrs ROBF.RT P .MIRI'HY. Dnntnn. Sagua yesterday. The vessel In addition to a large genera) cargo, brings 'JH5 cases of Christmas toys consigned to a number of Philadelphia LORD ORMONDE DAM-HI FJ>-London. Nov 28 —Cable from Havre states British steamer Lord Ormonde, from (ialvoston. struck dock entrance and received damage. WALTKR M YOL'NG SAILED- Reedy Island. Nov 28— Two-masted s.hooner Walter M Youni?. from Philadelphia for Lubec. coal laden, before reported nxround and floated, sailed during night. STEAMERS' SCHEDULE To Depart From Philadelphia Name,, Pola For. * Sailt. ' Lelth Nov. 20 •Noordland Liverpool ,.i)ec. i Montana London l>c. i Artemisia Hamburg Dec. 5 K.agle Point. 'Carthaginian... Peunmanor Boscla •Menominee Rods Pallanza Astoria Kast Point •Merlon Mehr. Comtneicc. •Siberian (anadla •Marquette North Point •• .Minnesota Barcelona Arkansas. • • • • Frumentln • • Mehr (iM-poi'itlon. •Haverford Crown Point • . •Corean Amienlii •Min'-'ii AellU Ixmdon ..Glasgow .. . .Rotterdam . .Stettin ... ::.A,!r p ..: .. Hamburg . ...Rotterdam ... I.ondnu . .Liverpool . . .Manchester ...Glasgow . ..Rotterdam ...Antwerp" .. .. London ... , .London ..Hai amburg . Copenhagen ...Rotterdam . .Manchester ..Liverpool . ..London '..Glasgow ., ..Hamburg . ..Antwerp ...Hamburg . ..Dec Dec. 4 .Dec. 4 :::M I Dec 8 Dec. 13 Dec. 18 Dec. 16 Dec 15 Dee. 15 Dec. 18 Dee. 20 Dec 21 Dec. 22 Dec. 23 Pec. 28 .... Dec. 25 Dec. 27 Dec. 20 Dee, 20 Dec. 31 Jan. a Jan. 3 Jan. 4 .... . Jan. IS •Cirry passengers. To Arrive at ~Phl ladefphia " Name Iflrom. Sailed. Kotonla.. I'enuruanor. DUE NOVEMBRR 20. Copenhagen Huelva ..Rotterdam . Barges BPHRKTA. for Boston- Rl'THKRlnltl. for New Bedford, and snkNANDOAii M i/.,mHf. 1,0 oiJ , , , ,-U m, - tUK ; , * A,{L ' s, ' K '- " H ii* \TTiVe"" «• for P R A M S .,n, ,..^r P .Tiluf': for North ^'arollna. In low tuj COLUMBIA. F \v Mm* Delaware B a y a n d Klver Vewn Delaware Hrpakwnter, Nov 28 I'asxp.l un— f£\$SI PI ? N ,>'^-VN<>R «Br). from Rotierd.m for PhlladelphlM Cifl \> JX lu barhor I ijtht- .ovV.Ji i V r , ri " n . 1!n r f,, n <•'•' Philadelphia (towed here h.y tug BOXKRi. Paaesd onl St.amers I A\KRKt>Rl> iBri. from Phlladel- \,,,',. I?KI, L rf r K? 0,: , Probably At.IIJA (Oer>, ft VvA3fl p Jlf„ f0 , r Hamburg; MANCHEXS-. TKR RXCHAN.QE (Brt. from Phi adelphla for Mnn.hosfoi; DANIA (I'M,,., from Phlladol Arrived—Soap vv^o! 1 * f." r S'/'-hns. N K. Wind. 2 P"M N \V 24 mile*; cloudv, Imr .to. * «T.i»)f MV ; N ?' v . 2h . ,,!,s •' <, ' ,, ln *"«' OBTTY8- I?'"• P M T barws from Fistern ports. Marcus Hook Nov 28- Passed IdOWO* Probably ink' IIOLION ((wing a 4-masted schooner, i,'!*'.I? fi°A *S\' 2fl . P»«^d down Str YILI.K 'ii'-'r. 1 ^ 1 ^ 1 ,,'^- for "mien: schooner \VAL TKR M YOUNG, for Lubee; tug CARLIS1.K KrtSMf'"? - % HK *JT^J f,,r Boston; RPT1I- !'; I';?, 111 ,- r V r N , <> , w "edford. and SHKNA.V i wiVi ,0 , r . Provldonee. Pawod up—Schooner roi Phlladrlphla. In tow tug IVANHOK. ,'1.35 M ^ r . f ; l A\. H k ,\. N V V Anchored off- Schooner THOMAS \\ LAWSGN. f„ r Sabine Pass. Passed down Shin MANGA RKVA for San Diego: sehr KSTWI.I.K PHINNFY. 1'rovl donee. Delaware Breakwater. Nov 28 5 P M N W 1,0 miles; cloudv; liar 30. Kew Caatle. Nov 28 Anchored U.cp Water Point-Shin MANGA I'KVA. for San Diego. Marcus Hook. Nov 28 Passed down Sol,,- \f.l- CIA B CROSBY for New Orleans: sioajn barge RKLLM MILLKR. for Maurice River. Becdy Island DoJ. Nov,,2H fussed urv-JStea«i- ;r T*K.VSMAI«»« fWrf. RottSrUam for Pl"la % lphla. Delaware Breakwater, 1VI. Nov tiX Paswxl UP / Steamer CRINZKSSIN VICT7)RIA LCISK (Ger). Hamburg for Philadelphia Pasted out Steamers BKLLA llln. Philadelphia for Kingston via Port Mnrant; VILLK I>K DOUAI (Pr). Philadelphia for Rouen. Ar- rived -Schooner GARDINER Q DKKRING Boston for Philadelphia (In low). Carthaginian Glasgow .. DPK DECfc^IBKJt 6. Mehr. Commerce Manchester DUB DKCKMBFR 7. Pallanfa. Hamburg . . . DTK DECEMBER 0. Merlon. ... Liverpool . DTK DECEMBER 11. East Point London ... . Nov, 0 . Nov. 0 .Nov. 11 .Nov. 15 , Nov. 15 Nov, 10 .Nov. 17 .Nov. 23 . Nov. 21 .Nov. 38 Nov. 27 To Depart From New~York •"" Name. Italia.. .... La Provence. Cedrlc Columbia Madonna Philadelphia. Patricia Ca rpnia. Prlnz OTHER PORtS Arrived Savannah. Nov 2-v,Sehr HILDA, from Phila- delphia. Brunswick. Nov 27 Str ANGLO-AFRICAN. fiom Philadelphia. Baltimore. Nov 28 Str ERICSSON, from Phil- adelphia, Stockholm. Nov 23 Str STANDARD, from Phil- adelphia. Stettin. Nov 25- Sir PAULA, from Philadel- phia. New York. Nov 2.S Strs MAOD/fLA and BENE FACTOR, from. Philadelphia. Rotterdam. Xov 27 Str FRUMENTIA. from Philadelphia. Boston, Nov 28 Sir MRNOMINpE. from Ant- werp for Philadelphia; str PERSIAN from Philadelphia. Nov 27 Str KENOSHA, from Philadelphia Port Arthur. Nov 20 Str WINIFRED, from Tamplco. Nov 22-Brig H.VVlI.AH. from Phil- adelphia. Vineyard Haven. Nov 27 Sehr HAROLD c BBBCH^R, from High island for Philadel- phia. Bulled Nov 28- Stc CHATHAM, for Phlla- Nov 28 Str ERICSSON, for Phila- Savannah delDhta, Baltimore delphla. Shields Nov 27 Str HELIOS, from Bremen for Philadelphia. Barrv. Nov 27 Str HKUMOINE. for Philadel- phia. New York. Nov 28—Str FLORA, for Philadel- Poi t Antonio. Nov 28- Str ADMIRAL SCHLEY. for Philadelphia. Tampa. Nov 27 Sir ALICE MAY DAVEN- PORT, for Philadelphia Liverpool. Nov 28 Str MERION. for Philadel- phia via Oueenstown. Wtrelea* Slasconset, Mass Nov 28- The str OCEANIC, from Liverpool and Qneenstown for New- York, was In communication by wireless tele- k-iaph with the station here when 148 miles east of the Nantucket South Shoals Lightship, at It o'clock last night: will dock about 8 A M Thursday. Brow Head. Nov 28 LA SAYOIE. New York for Havre. 120 nitlos southwest at 7.05 A M todav. and will probably reach Havre about 0 A M Thursday. A Pansed Llzard/Nov 28- -Str Ll-ClLlN». from Philadel- phia/ for Rouen. Sandv Hook. Nov 28 Str FLORA, from New York tor Philadelphia. 10.40 A M. Fire Island, Nov 28 Str ARIES, from Provi- dence etc. for Philadelphia. I.IO P M; str CRETAN, from Boston for Philadelphia, HO BcVllv. Nov 28- Str NORTH POINT, from Phil- adclpbla for London. Cleared New York. Nov 28--Str VOLUND. for Phila- delphia. FREIGHTS AND CHARTERS HERM, Nor *tr. 2518 tons. Ixmdon to Phila- delphia, chalk.. MANTINEA. Br str. 1737 tons. West India trade, li option 12 months, Dec or Jan. MANOUNIA. lir »tr. 2287 ton's. Baltimore to Trtuipleo. coal. FRANKDALE. H r str, 3200 tons (new). New York to Australia, mdse. 31SY Feb. MONTROSK. Br str. 2884 tons. United King doui or Contluftii ( „ \ ew Y or k. mdse. 4s lV*d. Uec. HERMES. Nor str. >>w> tons. Savannah to I ulted Kingdom , o.ntlnent. cotton. 30c, Dee. LA NOOK. Br str 2im tons< Baltimore to Havre, mdse. 8s, Due. INVEBTAT. Br str .3703 ton* (new). Calais to New York, chalk. BEACON. Nor J*T| 1715 tons. Norfolk to Rot- t'tdam or Hamburg, mdse iw. CYNTIUANA. Br str. 20BI ions. United States ti United Kingdom or Continent, cotton, etc, NOimpOU Nor str. 2428 tons. Provincial coal trade. £1700. MlNfERVA. Nor str. 2413 tons. Oulf to Buenos Ayres. lumber. 115s, option, La l'lata I Ota 'lW R a n*oV t< Feb ,,, ' U ' -ed; ° r Buhia Mianca; GliOROB E WAIX'OTT. Amr sehr, Phlla.lel. phla to Portland. 2.SO0 tons. cool. ,n "*»a IHNA TUNNMLL. Amr sehr. Philadelphia to Charleston. 200(» tons coal. $120. lo STAR OF THE. SEA. Amr sehr. Philadelphia to Han Juan, 1300 tons coal. $2 %nd port WILLIAM II SUMNER. Amr sehr, Phltadol phla to Brunswick. 000 tons coal, thence to N'-w York, lumber. KIN'KO. Amr echr. 1807 tons. Baltimore to Oalveaton. steel rails. $2.80. zess Irene... . Mesaba Moltke Slavonla Vaderland Oceanic Algeria Statendam Ltgurlu Prliiz Oscar II. .'. Cltta dl Napoll . La Lorraine Trave C. P. Tletgeo St. Paul Mlnnetonka Koenlgln Lulse. .. Pretoria Campania Roma Furnessla Rheln Finland Celtic Sloterdyk Kalserln Aug Vic 1M Toiirnlne Pannonla For. .- ...Naples-Genoa .. .Havre .. .Naples-Genoa ...Glasgow ,. k .. . . Naples M'llt'x .. .Southampton ...Hamburg .... ...Liverpool .... ... Naples Genoa —London ...Naples-Genoa — Gibr'r-Napleg ...Antwerp .... ...Liverpool .... . ... Naples .... Rotterdam ,.. ...Naples-Geuoa .... Copenhagen .. ...Naples-Genoa . ..Havre . ..Bremen ...Copenhagen .. .. .Southampton . . . . London . ..Naples-Genoa — Hamburg ...Liverpool .... ...Naples. M'lles .. .Clasgow ...Bremen .. .Antwerp . ..Liverpool , .... Rotterdam .... ... Hamburg . ..Havre .. .Liverpool Sails. IN THE MARKETS ,. ••» »...*.., , w .»i M |.». M ». Conditions and.Quotations Re- ported in This City and Other Points •-••"•''i*» NMjlhi Wednesday, Nov. 28, 1906. There was llttlo trading ln flour, as local Jobbers and bakers were well stocked up, but offerings were moderate and prices ruled stoady. Whoat also ruled steady, but there was little doing. Corn was In small supply and quiet at former rates. Desirable grades of oats wero ln fair request and steady, with light offerings. Feed was In small supply aud firm. Hay was plentiful and dull, aside from strictly No. 1 stock, which was In fair demand. Provisions were In moderate jobbing request and steady. Butter was firm and solid-packed was a shade higher under stronger outside advices. Choice fresh eggs were acarco and wanted. Refined sugars were ln fair request and firm. Cotton sold slowly at former rates. CO i'TON -Demand from spinners was light, but prices were steadily held. We quote on a basis of 11.40c per lb for middling uplands, cash terms. PROVISIONS -The market ruled steady with a fair jobbing trade lu roost descriptions. We quote the following prices: City beef, In sets, smoked and air dried, 15al7c; West- ern beet, ln sets, smoked, 14al6c; city beef, knuckles and tenders, smoked and air dried, I7al0c; Westorn beef, knuckles and tenders, smoked. 17al0c; beef hams, $22a23.50; pork, family, $l». 25a 10.75; hams, S P cured. In tierces, 12V4al2%c; do skinned, ln tierces. 11% all%c: do do loose. ll^alPftc; hams, smoked, city cured, as to brand and average. 13a 14c; hams, smoked. Western cured. 13a 14c; bains, boiled, boneless. 23a21c; shoul- ders, pickle cured, in tierces, Oc; do do smoked 0%ic: picnic hams. S P cured. In tierces. 8%a Oc: picnic hams, smoked. OHalOc; bellies. In pickle, according to average, loose 11a 12Vac; breakfast bacon, as to^braud and'aver- age, city cured, 13alUc; breakfast bacon. West- io <-i,icd. Kiuliic; lard. Western, refined, tierces. 10V&c; do do do tuba. lOftnlOftc; lard, pure, city, kettle rendered, lu tierces, lOJfc-t lOUc; lard, pure city, kettle rendered, In tubs, loAialle. TALLOW was dull and unchanged. We quote: Prime, city. In tierces. 6V«c; prime, country. 6Hc; dark. 6M.c; cakes, 6W>a«Vic; grease. 4 a4Ue. BUTTER—The market developed Increased strength as a result of higher outside advices. Receipts of Western creamery were light, and all offerings were promptly cleaned up at 30'Ac with some holders asking higher prices for very fancy goods. Medium grades were moving out fairly at the Inside range of quotations and . l\OV. . Nov, .Nov . Dec. . Dec. . Dec. . Dee. .Dec. .Dec. . Dec. .Dee. .Dee. . Deo. pee. Dei-. . Dec. Dec. . Dec. . Dec. . Dec. .Dee. .Dec. . Dec. . Dec. 'Pec .Dec. pec. . Dee. . Dee. . Dec. . Dec. .Dee. . Dec. .I>ee. .Dec. .Dec. 29 20 20 1 I 1 1 1 1 2 4 4 5 D 5 5 5 fl « « 0 s 8 8 8 8 8 8 11 12 IS 12 13 13 14 To Arrive at New York Name. rroM. DUE NOVEMBER 20. Naples .... Gibraltar . London .,. Gibraltar . Havre ...Bremen Sailed. Italia... Slavonla Mesaba Algeria Hudson Chemnitz Kalserln Lulse Gibraltar Llgurla Gibraltar ... DPK NOVEMBER 30. Cltta dl Palermo Marseilles .. Moltke Naples Pretoria Plymouth DUE DECEMBER I St. Paul Southampton La Lorraine Havre Campania Liverpool ... For mall steamers see "Closing of foreign Mails." ..Nov. 8 .Nov. 16 Nov. 18 .Nov. 16 .Nov. 17 , Nov. 17 .Nov. 10 Nov. 10 ..Nov. 11 Nov. 18 .Nov. 10 .Nov. 24 .Nov. 24 .Nov. 24 there was also a fair jobbing movement In desirable June goods. Indies were scarce and firm. Prints were very firm, with supplies closely sold up. Wo quote: Solid packed Elgin and other separator creamery, extra, 81c; ex- ceptional lots higher; do extra firsts. S0a30VK; do firsts. 28a20>.,c; do seconds, 4i6V <l a2«^; held creamery, extra. 20c: fair to prime. 25a28e; ladle lo quality,20a22c; nearby cream- erv prints, extra. 33c; do extra firsts. 32c; do tkst.i 30a31e; do seconds. 28a20c; Western prints extra 31c: fair to choice, 2ta30c; Job- bing sales of prints. 34a37c. CHEESE The market ruled steady, under light offering*, but trade quiet.- We uuote: New York full cream, funcy, 13%al4c; di do fair to good. 13al3Mie; part skims, 0a lie; domestic Swiss. No 1. new. 16c: do do No 2. new 12al3c. EGGS Strictly fine slock was scarce and wanted. Receipts were mostly of medium and raw eggs, which were plentiful and dull ow- ing to the competition of refrigerator stock, most of local trad* 20th St. Elevator Truck .<., 8.800 8,800 1, «'»•*-.'*(• Total 20.151 8,800 55.057 NOTE -on all sales of corn and oats to local trade, except those on track, there Is a cuBfAQ of %e for storage and elovntlnc. which is paid by the buyer. Sales of grain, flour, etc, for tho jobbing trade arc at an advance over Un* wholesale quotations herelu recorded. OATS—Offerings of desirable slock were moderate and the market ruled steady with n fair demand. Wo quote: No 2 white Standard white .. No 3 white Rejected white Glrard Pt Stg Co , 20th St. Elevator 28d St. Stores . Track Bid. Asked. 8s% «o 87 32% ,...? , .... 84 85 Receipts. Shlpm'ts. S' 0 « k : .*.' 7,480 0,50i lOO'iTOl ' .*' 22,500 22,606 ' .. Total ^"0,080 ""82,001 115^270 GRAIN INSPECTIONS-Nov. 27. In— Cars. No 2 mixed corn s *J No 2 yellow corn * Steamer No 2 corn g No 8 corn * § No 4 corn ,. I No grade corn , J No 2 red winter wheat 4 Steamer No 2 red winter wheat Rejected winter wheat i No established grade winter wheat Manitoba No 2 N spring wheat 4 "Duluth" No 1 Durum spring wheat 8 "Duluth" No 2 Durum spring wheat 12 No 2 red Western wheat No 1 Western rye No 2 white clipped oats No established grade clipped oats .... No 2 white oats i No 8 white oats - Rejected oats No established grade oats Standard white oats Total 80 AFLOAT. New steamer No 2 yellow corn. .2,810 bush New No 8 yellow corn .... ° {,Kf> K " u '' New no grade yellow corn . Steamer No 2 red winter wheat Rejected red winter wheat . Out-Wheat .. . _,060 bush 2,100 bush 3.006 bush .. .1,770 bush ..151,311 bush GRAIN AUD PROVISIONS Leading; Futures and Casih Quota* tlon« I n t h e Different Markets CHICAGO. Nov. 28.—Fear of heavy deliveries on December contracts Saturday caused re- newed liquidation in the local wheat market todav and resulted iq decided weakness, the Anal quotations on December being off ^a^c. Corn wae up M»aV;c Oats were down ^aVic. Provisions were a shade to 5c lower. Tho leading futures ranged as follows: Opcuing. Highest. Lowest. Closing. wfih w as satisfying wants. We quote: penna and other nearby firsts, in original returnable crates, at mark, 32c; do do seconds. 28a31c: Western extras, 34a36<-: do firsts. 32c; do fair lo good. 28a 31c; Southwestern firsts, tu free cases, 3la32c; do fair to good. 20a30c; Southern fresh. In free eases. 20a3lc. as to duality: refrigerator stock tlrsts. 24c; exceptional lots higher: do fair to good 22a23c; Inferior lots. lO.vJlc; candled and recrated eggs were lobbing at 34a36e. the latter for very fancy stock. LIVE POULTRY was In moderate supply and firm, with a fair demand. We quote: Fowls, hens, an to quality, llM,al2Vie; old roosters.8%a Oc: spring chickens, as to uuallty, 11al2',ic; tur- keys, I6al7c; ducks. 12a1.V; geese. 12al3c; pigeons, old. per pair. 20a22c; do young, per pair. 15a 18c. DRESSED POULTRY-There was a good demand for all choke stock for the Thanks giving trade, and the market ruled firm, with supplies of this description well cleaned up. Many of tne turkeys were thin and coajrs» aud this class of stock had to be worked off at best rates obtainable, vlr.: Fresh killed poultry, fowls, dry-picked, choice, heavy, 18VJC; do me- dium sizes. 12al3c; old roosters, dry-picked, 8V4c; roasting chickens, nearby, Halflc; roast- lug chickens. Western, weighing 4a5 lbs apiece, i:t',«.aUc. as to duality; exceptional lots. 15c; roasting chickens. Western,- weighing 2'^a.l pounds apiece. I2al3c; broilers. Western, wcltfhltik' l'Aa2 pounds apiece. 15al7c, as to quality; broilers, nearby, weighing lWa2 pounds apiece. 20a23e: turkeys, nearby, choice and fancy. 21a23e: do Westeru choice, young. 10n20c; .do do fair to.good, young. 17eAsC; do do commou, young. 14aloe; do old. aa to quality, 14al8c; nearby spring ducks,I4at5c; Western do do,13al4e; old ducks, Western, loattc; squab*, per doxen. white, weighing 0 to 10 pounds per dozen. $4a4.60- white weighing 8 pounds per dozen, $3; do do 7 pounds per dozen, $2.50; do do IP*, pounds per dozen. $2; dark and No 2. $1.26. DRIED BEANS wero in small supply and Arm. with a fair inquiry. A\e quote, per bush Marrows, 11 P. 1000. choice, $2.56: me- diums, II P. 1006. choice. $1.65; nea beans, H P. 1000. choice. $l60al.65; red kidney. 11 P. 1000. choice. $2.60. GRKBN FRUITS Supplies were liberal and tho market was unlet with no important change In prices. We quote as follows: Apples, N \ . per bid. Guno, choice and fancy, $2.25a 2.60; Spitzenberg. choice and fauey. $2.60a8; King, choice aud fancy. $2.50a3.60; Holland pippins, choice to fancy. $2a2.60: fall pippin, choice to fancy. $2a2.50; Ben Davis, choice and Wheat- Dec May Corn- Dec Mav July Oats- Dee Mav Julv Mess Pork. Jan. .. Mav .. Lard, Nov. ., Dee. ., Jan. .. Mav .. Short Jan. .. smv :78$a>,2 .42tta43 Mr .33% .73% .78$ 48V4 ,44 .4414, per .33% .34 T *a35 .35 .32%a83 .33 per bbl— 14.65 14.66 ' 16.02% 16.02% 100 lbs- . 9.47% 0.50 . 8.75 8.75 .50 8.62% Ribs. 8.47% 8.60 r 100 lb .78% .78 .42% .48% .44% .33% .34% .32% 14.52% 14.87% 0.47% 8.67% 8.45 8.45 • 72%a% .78a% .43%a% .43% .44% .33%a% .34%a35 .32% 14.55 14.87% 9.50 8.67% 8.47% 8.45 i. Pel 7.75 7.00 7.77% 7.00 FOREIGN MAILS Closing at Philadelphia Poatofflce for Week Ending December THURSDAY. For Europe, per S S La Prov- ence, via Havre. 4 A M. For Cuba. Yucatan and Caiupeehe. per S S Seguranca (other parts of Mexico when siieelally addressed). 4 A M. For Jamaica. i*>r steamer from Philadelphia, SAM. For Azores Islands, per S S Cedrlc, 10 A M. For Newfoundland (except Parcels Post Malls), via North Sydney). 2 P M. For Argentine. Uruguay and Paraguay, per S S Miguel de Larrinaga, 11 P M. FRIDAY—For Bahama Islands, per S S Vlgl- lancla, via Nassau, 0 A M: for Azores Islands, per S S Republic from Boston. 6 P M: for Costa Rica, per steamer from Boston. 0 P M: for Ireland, per S S Coronia. via Queenstown (other parts of Europe when specially address- ed). !) P M. SATURDAY—For Europe, per S S Philadel- phia, via Plymouth aud Cherbourg, 1AM; for Curacao, Venezuela aud Santander Department of Colombia, per S S Maraealbo (other parts of Colombia via Curacao when specially address- ed). 4 A M: for Porto Rico, per S S Carolina, via San Juan, 4 AM; for Leeward and Wind- ward Islands, per S 8 Pretoria (Barbados aud Guiana when specially addressed). 6 AM: for Cuba, per 8 S Mexico, via Havana (when spe- cially addressed). 6 A M : for Fortune Island and Colombia, except Cauca. Magdaleua and Santander Departments, per S S Sarnia (Costa Itlea when specially addressed) 5 A M : for Barbados, per 8 8 Gunther (Brazil, via Pernam- bueo Rio Janeiro and Santos, wheu specially addressed), 0 A M; for Yucatan and Campcche, ^Parcels'.post' mails arc dispatched for Great Britain and Ireland by the American steamer on Saturday from Ne\y York: Germany by the North German Lloyd and Hamburg-American VAl&JSSS' for Cuba, by rail to, Port Tami a Florida. Monday. Wednesday aud Sat- iffi 9.M A M. Mexican Overland 3.30. 0S0 1180 A M, 3.30. 0.30 P !d. Foreign registered mall 0 P Si. Malls for China, Japan Hawaii and Australia via Vancouver, 9 80 A M and 0.30 P M. Malls via Mobile. Ala andVw Orleans. La. 5 30 1 I P M. Malls for the Philippine Islands. 0.30 A M. 9 ^ 0 J T L Malls via San Francisco. 9.80 A M. 9.30 P M. TRANSPACIFIC MAILS. ETC. For Hawaii. Japan. Korea. China and Phil- ippine Islands, per S S Amerikn Maru. from. San Francisco, cloao at Philadelphia Novem- °For Vladivostok and Dalny, per S S Hyades. from Seattle, close at Philadelphia Novem- For Hawaii. Guam aud Philippine Islands, per U 8 transport from San Francisco, close at Philadelphia November 3L , . For Australia (except West). Fiji Islands and New Caledonia, per S 8 Mlowera. from Van- couver. B C. clow at Philadelphia December 2. For Japan. Korea and China (especially ad- dressed only), per 8 8 Shawmut, from Seattle. AVash close at Philadelphia December 2. For Hawaii, Japan. Korea and Philippine Islauds. per 8 S Siberia, from San Francisco, close at Philadelphia December 2. For Japan, per S S Ceylon Maru. from Soat- tle. Wash, close at Philadelphia December 6. For Hawaii, per 8 8 Alameda, from 8au Francisco, close at Philadelphia December 10. For Japan (except parcels post malls). Korea. China and Philippine Islands, per 8 8 Bmpross of India, from Vancouver. B C. close ut Phil- adelphia December 19. For Japan, Korea and China (specially ad- dressed only), per 8 8 Antlloehus. from, 'fa- coma, close at Philadelphia December 20. For New Zealand, Australia (except West). New Caledonia, Samoa. Hawaii and specially addressed mall for Fill Islands, per 8 S Son- oma, from San Francisco, close at Philadelphia December 22. For Tahiti and Marquesas Islands, per S 8 Mariposa, from San Francisco, close at Phila- delphia December 23. Manchuria (except Mukden. Newchang. Dalny and Port Arthur), mall Is at present forwarded Unless otherwise addressed West Australia is forwarded via Europe Parcels Post Malls for New Zealand and Aus- tralia (Including West Australia), are forward- ed via San Francisco. Cal. exclusively. CO* fancv. $1.60a2.50; Greening, choice and fancy. $1.76a2.50; Baldwin, choice and fancy. $1.6oa 2.50: Spy. choice and funcy, ll.oveJi common Baldwin, choice and fancy, $1 holce and funcy, $1.50a2- com to fair. $ la 1.50; handiiicked. In bulk, as to quality, per bush. 40a75e; pears, Keifer, pet bbl. $ln2; do do per basket. 10a25c; cranber- ries fancy late varieties, per bbl. $8.60a9.60: do Cape Cod. Early Black, per bbl. $7,60a8; do Cape Cod, per crate. $_2.26a3: do Jcrsc - MARITIME NOTES COM!NO HERB FOR INSPKCTION-The Ham- uurg-Amorlean Line cruising yacht Prlnzessln Victoria Lulse. which left Hamburg Nov 15 for Philadelphia, passed in the Delaware Cape* last night and will arrive at Philadel- phia tola afternoon. It will be the flrat visit this flue cruising steamship has made to 4hia Port and she #111 be placed on exM- bujno to give all Interested an opportunity to go on board. pXc^iTOrVCLOSES AT NOON TODAY- The Philadelphia MeritImu Wxchange will close ART1§fffiu!l {&OUGHT TOYS- The Hamburg- •AmerTc^nvfoa steamer Artemisia, which left aUatlMi* N»r 18 for Philadelphia, arrived London Closing Stocks LONDON. Nov. 2S-4 P. M.-Coiieola for money. 80%; consols for account. 88 0-16: Ana- conda, 14%: Atchison, l<»6%: do preferred, 105%; Baltfinor and Ohio, 122%: Canadian Pa- cltlc. 188^4; ChsaiMMke and Ohio. 60%> Chicago GiKst AVestem. 10; Chicago. Mil and St Paul. 1K<>%; De Beers, 21%: Denver and Rio Grande. 44%; do preferred, 80; Wrlo. 46%: do 1st pre- ferred. 78%: do 2d preferred. 70: Illinois Cen- tral. 181%; Louisville aud Nashville. 160%: Mis- souri. Kan and Texas, 48%: New York Central l»: Norfolk and Western, 97%: do preferred, 08; Ontario and Westorn. 50: Pennsylvania. 71%; Rand Mines. 5%; Reading. 76%: Southern Rallwuy, 86: do preferred. 08; fioiithern Pacific. 07%: Union Pacific. 193%; do preferred, 00: United States Steel. 49%; do proferred. 107%; Wabash. 20: do preferred, 44; Spanish 4s. 05%. Bar sliver firm. 32%d ix»r ounce. Mouoy. 4%u5 per cent. The rate of discount in tho open msrket for short bllla Is 3%a6 per cent. The rata of discount In the open market for three Glrard Pt. Stf. CO .... months bills Is 6%a% per ce«»a- MCort Richmond cratoTnteaOvf oranges'. "Jamaica, per bb f; ft. 6: do Florida, jwr crate, $1.60a2.60: do Cal. per box $2.50a3.75: lemons, per box, $2.76a4.25; grape fruit. Florida per crate. *2a,i, VEGETABLES^-Buyers showed little lute*'*! In potatoes, onions or cabbage, aud prices fa- vored buyers under free offerings. Other vege- tables were quiet and unchanged. Wo quote the following prices: WMte potat«*e«. per hush -Penna. choice. 65a68e: N Y and Western, choice. 50a63c; bulk, fair to good. 46a48c. sweet potatoes. Jersey, red prime per basket, 30u35c: do yellow prime, per bskt. 30a85c; do culls, per basket. 15u20c: onions, per bushel - choice Yellow Globe. 50a56c; common to good, 20a35c. Cabbage, per ton, Danish, choice. $8all; domestic. choice, 98a9; dp fair to good. $6a7: peas. Florida, per 1-8 bbl bskt, $2.60a3.00; beans. Charleston, per bush has got. $1.60a3; do Florida, per bush basket, $L50a 3.25; egg plant. Florida, per bdx $l.50a8: cu- cumbers. Florida, poo- bushel .basket. $2a8; spinach. Southern, per bbl, tl.60al.75: cauli- flower. Western New York, per bush basket, Sl.00af.25; squash. Florida, per bush basket, il.6()a2: do do. per bush box. tl.60a2: lettuce. Florida, per basket, $2a3.50; do. North Caro- lina per basket, lt.25al.75. „ t«j. REFINED SUGARS ruled firm with a bet- ter inquiry. Wo quote refiners' wholosalo prices for Eastern Pennsylvania, Now Jersey and Dela- ware, subject to a rebate of 16a20, points and 1 per cent discount for cash. Cut loaf. 6.00c; Crown A. 6.26c; cubes. 6.l0a6.16c; ^powdered, 4.95a6c; standard and ttno granulated, In bole, 4.85a4.90c; do do lo 100-lb bags, 4.85a4.90e; do do ln 2-lb bags. 6.15u5.20c: do do lu 6-lb puckages, 6.06a5.10c: crystal A, 4.90c: extra flue granulated. 6c; confectioners* A, 4.66a4.70c; soft grades, as lo quality. 8.95a4.60c. FEED.-Demand was good aud prices ruled Arm under light offerings. We. quote: Winter bran. In bulk, per ton, $22.50a23; spring bran, lu sacks, as to size, per ton, $22.60a23. BALE!) HAY AND STRAW-Hay was. plen- tiful and much of the supply was of me- dium aud poor stock, which was dull and weak, but strictly N o l hay was ln fair de- mand and steady. Straw was in moderate sup- ply and sold slowly at former rates. We quoto the following range, of .prices: Tim- othy hay. No 1 lanre bale?. tl9-Ma20: No 1, small bales, |10.60a2O; No 2, fct-SQalS.riQ; bs :2% 7.85 .5 7.95 (•ash quotations were as follows: Flour steady; No 2 spring wheat. 78a84c; No 3. 78a83c: No 2 red. 72%u73%e: No 2 corn. 45a45%c; No 2 yellow. 48%c: No 2 oate. 33%c; No 2 white, 85Vic; No 3 white. 32%a34%e; No 2 rye. 64%a65c; fair to choice malting. 48 a53c; No 1 flax seed. $1-11%: No 1 Northwest- ern. $1.10%; prime timothy seed, $4.25; clover, contract grades. $13.40; short ribs sides (loose), $8a8.02%: mess pork, per bbl. floOard, per 100 lbs $9.50; short clear sides (boxed), $8.37% a8.50; whisky, basis of high wines, $1.20. Minneapolis MINNEAPOLIS. Nov 28- Close-Wheat. De- cember. 77%ai*c; May. 70%c; July. 80%a %c- No 1 hard. 82>y ; No 1 Northern. 71%e; No 2 Northern. 79%c; No 3 Northern. 7«%a 77%c Flour- First patents, t4.80a4.40: sec- ond patents. $4.16a4.26; first clears. 8825a 3 36: "econ.i clears. $3.40a2.0O. Bran. $17. Clover and Timothy 8eed TOLEDO. Nov 28 Cloverseed: Caah.N0; vemher and December. $8.26; March, $8.42%: alsike. $7.90; timothy. $2. NEW YORi^MARKETS General Review o"f Grain a n d P * o - <rlston«, CotYee. Frnlts, Kto. NEW YORK. Nov. 28,-jnonr Itccelpts. 16^- 062 barrels: exports. 20.226 barrels: sales. 2700 packages. Market dull and unchanged. Rye flour, firm. Buckwheat flour, steady. Buck- wheat, steady. Corn meal, steady. Ryf.f "'»• Barley, steady.' Wheat -Receipts. I6O.O0O; ex- ports. 116.001: sales. 8,800,000 futures and 192.000 siwt. Spot, easy; No 2 red. 70%c ele- vator: No 2 red. 81%c f o b afloat; No 1 Northern Duluth. 83%e c I f Buffalo; No 2 hard winter. 77%e c 1 f Buffalo. Although steady at first with corn, the wheat market weakened later under liquidation of December and a bearish Kansas State report, closing %g net lower. Mav. S4 - I IrtaM '7-lflo. closed. 84%e; Julv. 84%a^4 316c. closed. W%c: peceiuber. 80%a81c. closed. 80%c. .Corn- Receipts. 89.775; exports. 36.216; sales. 60,000 futures and 88,- CHXi spot. Simt, steady; No 2. 54c elevator ami 63c fob afloat: No 2 yellow, 54c; No 2 white. 64%e. Option market was stronger on a scare of December shorts, and with the .west closing %c to Vie net higher. January, closed. 5l%c: Mav. 51Ua61V,o. closed. 61%c; Decem- ber. 63a58*»i.e. closed. 63c. Oats—Receipts. 183.- 700. Spot, steady: mixed oats. 26A32 pounds. 80c: natural white. 30a33 pounds. S8a39c; clip- ped white. 38a40 pounds, 38a48%e. Feed, firm. Hav. steady. Hops, quiet. Hides, steady. I/ca'her. steady. Wool, steady. Beef, firm. Out meats, steady. I/ard, steady; prime Western. $0.20a9.30: refined, steady. Pork, stoady. Tallow, easy. Cottonseed oil. firm; prime, crude, f 0 b mills. 30c; do yellow. 42c. Petroleum, steady. Rosin, steady. Turpentine, steady. 69%a70e. Rice, quiet. Molasses, steady. Coffee, spot Rio. nominal; No 7 Invoice. 7%c; mild, steady. Sugar, raw, firm, fair refining, 3 5.16*8 ll-32c: centrifugal. 06 test. 3 27-82c; molasses sugar. 3 1-I6a3 3-82e; refined, quiet. Butter, very firm: receipts. 6786. Street price, extra creamery. 30a30%c. official prices, creamery common to extra. 21a30c; held seconds to extra. 23n28%e; State dairy, common to fan- cy, 20a28c: renovated common to extra, 17a28c; Western factory firsts. 20%a21c; Western Imi- tation creamery firsts. 21a23c. Cheese, quiet; unchanged: receipts. 6537. Eggs, firm; re- ceipts. 5210. State, Pennsylvania and nearby fancy selected white. 42e- do choice, 88a40e; do mixed fancy 38a40c; Westeru finest select- ed. 88a34c (official price* firsts, 32c); seconds, 27a30c Peanuts and freight*, quiet, unchang- ed. Potatoes, Irish, quiet, unchanged; sweets firm: Jersey, per bhl, $1.25a2. Southern. 50ca $1.00. Cabbages, steady, unchanged. \i It Is probable th't't suits growing out of thd wreck on Thoroughfare Bridge, Atlantic City, will hereafter bo /^entered against the West Jersey and Seashor* Railway Company. Instead of the Pennsylvania Railroad. If this Is done all of the suits wjjl undoubtedly then be re- moved to the UnltW States Courts. Attorney John R. K. Scott gays that he has determined that the liability la; properly chargeable against the West Jersey road, and a number of aulta resulting from tho- wreck Instituted by him yesterday named this corporation aa the de- fendant. .1 None of the.court* will be ln session today, Thanksgiving. 1 <} L U. 8. DISTRICT COURT .Judge Holland. ID an opinion handed down yestorday, sot aside tho sale of certain real estate in the case of the. Provident Investment Company. j U. 8. CIRCUIT COURT Judge Holland vesterdav granted an order to show cause why bill should not lie dismissed In the case of Williams vs. Fidelity,,Trust Com- pany. • 1 • •„. Judgq McPlterson handed down an opinion, in tho caso of MoDuffec, trustee, vs. Heston- vllle. Mantua and Fairmount Passenger Rail- way Company, granting leave to file supple- mental bill. An order affirming decision of Board of United States General Appraisers wae granted by Judge MePheraon. Argument was heard and decision was re- served by Judge McPhcrson In the following cases: Petition for a review In the case of Van- diver vs. Thomas, collector. Pleadings and pwjpfs ln the case of Frank- lin Sugar Refining Co. vs. United States. COMMON PLEA8 LI8T8 The new trial argument list occupied the at- tention of all five -courts yesterday. Court No. 1 also began the bearing of argument In the nuo warranto proceedings against the Broad Street Rapid Tranjlt Passenger Railway Com- pany, contesting Us right, to lay surface tracks on that thoroughfare. Tho hearing will be ro- sumed on Friday. Court No. » t,.„ .. ( 'URRKNT LIST DECISIONS. Haerther vs. Power & Milling Co., see entry. Morrison vs Morrison, rule discharged: Downea * Co. vs. Myer. rule absolute; Stern vs. Dwv- er. iiilo uhsolute; Shannon v». Shannon, rule absolute; City vs. Ogdeu & Murray, rule dis- charged with leave, etc.: Alines vs. Harvey et al.. rue discharged; Miller vs. HullRtrung, rue absolute; Henderson vs. Bohem et ul.. rule absolute: Whitney v». Scroven Countv Oil Mills, eutry made; Lunhard vs. Telegraph' Co.. pet I on granted; Pullo et al. vs. Railroad, petition granted; Jn re Louis Bordichevskv. net It ion granted. ARGUMENT LIST. mSee" 1 "*' 011 V *' PbrrV 0t a, •• petu,ou d » v Dlv u£i°i-'£ T r* N iV l.T^ n " un . H Blackwood from \\ illiam K IL Blackwood, and Minnie Jackson from David Jackson. SUITS IIKGUV DECHWBBR TERM. Court N o . 1 A, 4 .!!2.i I V <,or *»? ub l l- T "- Morrl " 3 - Ooodfriend. Appeal from Magistrate. L. Goodfrlend. 404 -James M. Copeland vs. American Pay- U) ^S n t CmiatrucMon Co. Damages. Rh^Und 1 : gffftgcW. 'hZi 0t °- " GC0W ..%-8c^S?t% T "- J - G Br,H Co - D,m - Rei^i^^iVifi* Mu U| 0 »«n'> »a Philadelphia and Reading Railway Company. Same. Same. Margaret A. Snyder vs., William II. Brlck- er. Mortgage. C«rnrt N o . 2 n »S: 1 WM l . ,r,Pl, ir B - •'•'' <"arl Xiessoner vs. Ken- ne i£a WH«on. Damages. A. Bauerle. t-ias' John"! ^ " f e ' 1 ^ W,U - MaMe? C «- rJSi 5 i££°\i n \-1*fo «i (•">»««« Martlno. Ap- ' A l l , r 'i u, ..M a ? u . ,ri .' 0 K - Raymond. Jr. cJfftrJi \* l iiir (0m * nV V " Wm *' 8h,Pf - 408 John C. I)el| A Son vs. William Hae)ane. APJieal from Magistrate. l\ Bleeh. "•" , " n "- Garlic -luiato vs. G. Mamorella. Same. tract Rvau J " 1> *. r * >na v *' RmlX Sch « of » r - Con- ha 5 iJ 8 'a5s. , ''n <M ?! W,!!" 1 vg - T^" 1 " A. Sbee- Hsu. fnmo. O. R. llelllgman. Court N o . ft AK'HV' Uv,n *•• s "«" "-»-«• ^^'. .' c "v ^ ^ < *f" r H,,< ' Machine Company inf^'K 1 } °« f «Kl- Contract. J. Relicr * 507 William IL Woodward vs. Solomon („venber K . Damages^ Devlne. »oiomon 401 I eqiiea B. and L. Association vs. Sam- U "L A - J'roeiiiee.-Aiitraet. Shupp. Jr. ...liVi " rah \.-- ^flUKeray vs. Unda II. Wilson "'j^'i 0 ,"'** ^ M««-rlson. S a m e W. Evan" u 4i ri' U V }Ty , 9J uutahlln. trustee. Vs. James K iKM V "*L ,or ' l ir M 0 *"^- M. 2. Paul. ~ .•. V K Ck % ?* r J 9f* >nr wl "' Maehlse Company *s, Jo^u Oxford., Contract. J. Be|A. ^JT Court N o . .11 C«mt < rHct a .T , Se n iieS' 0,<,n,a " W< Th0m " 8 Re,,,5r - 603- John Little et al.. trustee etc vs John FHtseh et al. Mortgage. Klrko^trtck. Jl^M#.*S'!fflteW TS - VMKet McGarvey. % i « P Ramsey. 510^-Warren Sanger vs. Reall & Coippany. Co'Jtiact. j . A. WlUlams. 512-A. Iss ve. John B. Boatty. Same. Grata. Court N o . 4 ••1? T 7; lB8 t\ c Bloomfleld,«. Millard Conatruc- tlou Co. Damages. Holdings. ORPHANS' COURT > neerees Issued BY PRESIDENT JUDGH! ASHMAN: Appointing Sarah Jennings guardlau of Jen- nings Minors. > BY JUDGE PENROSE: Appointing Continental Trust Co.. of Har- rlsburg. aub-trueteo, under will of John E. Fox, deceased. A rule on Catlrlno Romano, administratrix of the estate of Vinccnzo Tllll, deeeaaed. to show cauao why she should not aell or mort- gage certain real estate. BY JUDGE I-AMORELLE: Vacating sale of real estate In the estato of Mary E. Brauford, deceased. . QUARTER 8E88ION3 Friday's Trial List COURT NO. 2: Ball cases-Judge Wlllsou, Leonard Murphy, Theresa Lotarlo. et al.. Co- lotta Monco. Harris Hunter. Giovanni Toglla, Georgo McEr.tee, et al.. Sllae Cannon. Jamea J. Ryan, Max Rosenberg, Michael McCaffrey, et al., Annie Rosenthal, Matthew S. Wilson. Joseph Cant well, Joseph Randolph, William Condon, ct al., John McCuen, assault and bat- tery; Joseph McTague. conspiracy: Julius Co- hen, perjury: Hugh Jrtenry, et al., Margaret McDowell, Philip C. Goodwin, la lliibbs. bawdy house. jreeny; Howard 300.00 2600.00 200.00 JUDGMENTS ENTERED In the following list the judgments are entered against the first named in each case: Brown. Charles H.. ct nl.- Berean B. and L. Association: mortgage 618.01 Busslnger. D. W.. Jr.-~Oeorge Pea- body Lodge. No.. 21. K. of P.; note.. 80.00 Foster. Robert J.—William A. Zumpfc; note 66.00 Gillen. Edward C.. et al.—Ixrster Sup- ply Company; for want of a defense 528.59 Gllckinan, Morris J. -Miller &- Jacobs; for want of a defense 3150.00 Hartman. Thomas IL. et al.-Pennsyl- vania Company for Insurances on Lives, etc.; for want of an appearance 3260.25 Holt. James—F. X. Qulnn: note ...... 108.66 Kahen. Jacob and Sarah-Julius Green- berg; note Kelly. Mary K. The Triumph Build- ing Association; note Lasonlsyo. Joseph—Samuel Simpson; noto , Llberly Chemical Company—D. O. Haynes & Co.; for want of a defense 103.76 Malamadson, Jacob and Eva—Philip Flahman; note, execution 128.80 Moore. Hugh R.—Carrie B. Kilbore: transcript from Magistrate Borle's docket 70.00 Natt. FannloV—G. Pereey Fox; note t200.00 Rcddln. Catharine, administratrix, et HI Amelia M. Ryan: mortgage 1655.86 Schmits. Albert- George Peabody I-odge No. 21. K. of P.: note Sheldrake. Jacob—Margaret R. Shel- drake ; note Slonlmsky. Dr. George and Pauline-— New Commonwealth B. and L. Asso- ciation : note The Syndicate Oil and Gas Company— Louis 0. Wallace: note, execution.. 737.20 Trebln. Margaretha- John Schmmik: note Wohr, Ohrlstlsn and Anna M.—John .Schmunk; note Zalesnlck. Joseph-Julius Oreenberg; note 80.00 600.00 60.00 700.00 300.00 -J~!>. ' STRAWBRIDGE & CLOTHIER " • • "• ; . ——— ——— - . '••• Will Remain Closed All Day ThanksQivino Day 1 1 . . . . • Mm i mtmtmm* mm < Now Get Ready for Christmas This Store is Heady There's No Time to Lose ' ' •" Mi . - ' STRAWBRIDGE & CLOTHIER .j - 800.00 Bankruptey Arteraus W. Deane, trading as the Scotch Hop Ale Manufacturing Company, of this city, was discharged yesterday as an Involuntary bankrupt. The Pblladophla Boat and Engine Company, of thise cltv. was adjudged an involuntary bankrupt. Referee Alfred Driver. George O. Smith, this city, was discharged as a voluntary bankrupt yesterday. A creditors' netltlon in bankruptcy was yes- terday filed against West Side Paper Company, of this city. The names of the creditors ap- pearing in the petition are Robert MeAlplne, 1030.96; C. W. MeAlplne. $768,78: Walter J. Smith. $288.76. Referee Joseph Mellow. Manuel Fernandez. Individually and as a partner In the late firm of Reiser A Fernando*. of this cltv. was adjudged a voluntary bank- nipt. Liabilities. $059.13: assets. $126. Referee, Richard 8. Hunter. Judge Holland yesterday handed down a de- cree setting aside sale of certain real eetste in the matter of the Provident Investment Com- pany. In bankruptcy. IN THE LEGAL WORLD Owlne to the fact that Judge von Moschslsker Is to sit lu the license court on Friday, the hearing of the rule on Lawyer Joshua R. Ser- fass to show cause why he should not be dis- barred from practice, fixed for that day, has been postponed until next Wednesday. Wilfred La Roeho pleaded guilty before Judge von Mosehxlsker In Quarter Sessions Court No. 1 yesterday to the Chargp of larceny of clothes from numerous boarding houses In the neighbor- hood of Nineteenth and Vine streets. He was not represented t«v counsel and he pleaded his own cause, saying that it was bis first offense. Judge von Moschxisker sentenced him to serve one year In the County Prison. Frank P. Brown. Esq.. a member of the Chi- cago bar. was a visitor in the United' States Courts yesterday. Montgomery. Robert Smith. William J^ Sprang. Emily E. Robinson. Laura A. Kelly. John K .... , Ulant. Mamie R Kessler. George W. Geealer, Frederick W Reynolds. Frank E.. Baehr. Christian. .,. Storks Dr James 0,. Thaiaii. Gustav Sheppard, Albert..., Wood. ElkaiiBte A,. Crlstlno. Pletro ..... Dauulla. Gulseppe, Miller. Sarah A. Sehyvaiifor. Annie K. McQuade. Margaret .Downing. Sybil B. Ivlns. rauaheth W. Crowley. Elisabeth. Koih, Anna. ..Barney. Emma M. ...Plscopin. Mlchellna l^l'^vy^W''••• •dwagtlata. Louisa rfe r ' *< n f 0,bert W M - Antoinette L sclo. rietro Dl Mapoll. Virgin !fcl«£' te?.w-~ • •> ««U«K^. Mary.. Fisher. William. Virginia. dary. McQuald. Sarah S. No H. $15.60818.50: no wade, lI8.60ai4.K). Clover mixed hay---No 1. $17al7.60; No X $16 al850 Clover hay—No 1, tl6.60al8: No 2. $14 Straw-No 1 strnlght rye. tl2.50al8; a 14.50. No_2 dp. $11.6081.12 tangled rye No 1, tlla |9.60a 11.50; do No 2.^$10al0.50; oat. No 1, |9.60i 10; oat. No 2, |8.60a9; wheat. No I, |9.60al0 wheat. No 2. 10. FLOUR—Receipts, 4635 barrels, 1,725/710 pounds, ln sacks. Trade was quiet, but offer- ings wero moderate and prices ruled steady. We quote as follows: Winter extras. $2.80a3; Penna. roller, clear. $3.05a3.20; do do atralght, $8.25a3.40; Western winter, clear, tt.10a8.26; do do straight, $3.80a3.60; do do patent. |8.60a 8.86; Kansas, straight, sack*. $3.40a3.60; do pntent. sacks. $3.65a8.80: spring, clear. t?-40a 8.70; do straight, $3.S0a4.l0; do patent, |4.20 a4.40; do do favorite brands, $4.60a4.75: Cltj Mills, cholco and- fancy patent, t4.40s4.66; Cltj Mills, regular grades, wluter, clear. $3.lOa8.25; do atralght. $3.30a8.60: do patent. t8.00a3.85 RYE FLOUR was quiet but firm, we quote he following^. Choice Pennsylvania at to.76a 1.85 per bbl ln wood; Western. $8.76u4. the atter for fancy patent In sacks. BUCKWHEAT FI/OUR continued dull, but steady. We quote at $i{.30a2.40 per 100 lbs, as to quality, for new. WHEAT.—There was llttlo demand from exporters or mUlers, but offerings were mode- rate and prices ruled steady, No 2 rod closed: Bld.Asked November 76 75% .Spot car lota, in export elevator: No 2 red .,, No 2 red Western N R grade red No 2 Southern red Steamer No 2 red No 8 red Rejected A Rejected B ...,., No 1 Northern Duluth No 2 Northern Duluth Receipt Glrard Pt. Stg. Co.. 63,413 .. 608,80 Port Richmond 10,644 40,681 154,61 Track 22.000 22,000 87 Shl'pm'te. Stooli 1 , 608,808 m Total CORN.-The 85,037 62,621 762,919 market ruled steady under moderate offerings, but thef© was little de- mand from any source. We quote old No & ii -.1 high mixed at 66a56%c; old No 2 yelbpw at 55%a to 10- vellow for local trado at 54%c; old steamer yellow do at 56c; old No 2 mixed and mixed at 66a56%e; old No 2 yellow at 66c;- new steamer yellow at 48a40c. as to lo- cation; No 8 shelled yellow at 47a48o; new No 4 yellow at 46a47e, and new cob at 44a45c. as to quality In bag lots, on dock, and at 45a47c per 70 lbs. In car lots, on track. No 2 mixed , " , "" ,,: ftld.A* m 1? % Novoraber .. ....... ,,.., December January ........................ Soot car lots In export elevator: 8 Id No. z. In export elevator 49 Id steamer. In export olovator . . . 47% New xtoamer, in export elevator.,.^ ., Old No. 8. in export elevator 46 4JM .New No 8. |p export elevator ...-, . .45 Receipts. Shlpm ts. Stock. r 5,241 42, tO(j 11,687 Coffee From The Inquirer Bureau. NEW YORK. Nov. 28.-The coffee market opened steady at unchanged prices to a de- cline of live points. The close was weak ot a net decline of 5alo points. Sales wero re- ported of about (56,000 bags. The maket for spot coffee was quiet, with quotation, on the basis of 7 ^ ' for Rio No. 7. The range of contract prices In tho local market todav was aa follows: Months. Open. High.Low. Close. Tuesday. Novembe. r 6.66a6.70 5.76a5.80 December 580 5.80 5.75 6 65a6.70 5.76a5.80 January.. 5.85 5.85 5.80 6.76a6.80 6.86a6.00 ... .. ... 6.85a5.00 6.90a8.00 0.10 0.10 6.00 5.05afl.00 0.08 tt $.10 6.16 0.15 6.10 6.56a0.10 6.16a6.20 0.25 6. So 6.15 fl.10a6.16 6.20a6.26 6.20a6.25 6.30n6.S5 6.45 0.45 0.35 6.80«8.8r February, Ma 1 eh .... Anrll Mav June July August. .. September October.. ol.Zu ' iv'iiri "';/ w • " Ir vuaia. waran t>. M'i\i UU ? I V K;0 K»w»n«. Margaret K. Mann. Albert J Mooncy, Catharine A. Loos, Hoarce I I ...... Hoffman. Bertha A. Koponhaven. Charlie H.Rhonda. Nellie. Shirt. George 0. Bobbing. Emma. Scheok. Alfred A Fames, Harry T Brulg. Frank J ....... Fantacone. Antonio.. S hompson. John J .... ryan. Philip ........ Haines. Walter C... Brenutheejsel. Cleon N Harford. Robert I.,.. Potts. Georgo, Jr Ouenther. Frank A. .Justice. Catharine. .Miller. Minnie E. .McAnally. Mary A. .Davauelrl. Maria G, .Hackney. Rebecca G. Brandaechaln, Alice, .('utler, IJOUISR R. .Young. Mary L. .Mailman. Kate L. .Hlukle, Clara E. .Brown. Mary. McMenamin. James F. ..Gaul. Elizabeth M. Gaul. James J, Collins. Gertrudo. Hopkins. Roy Young, Jane L. Watson, William Bosnian. Portia^ I)eck. William 8 Johnson. Ellen W 6.60 6.50 0.40 8.00 6.60 6.45 6.05 6.65 6.65 .80A6.35 6.36afl.4d .35a6.40 6.45a6.80 ; .40a6.45 0.6Oa6.55 ).60a8.55 6.56a6.60 Cotton Seod Oil NEW YORK. Nov. 28.-Cotton seed oil waa Arm and generally higher on better outside buying. Prlmo crude f. o. b. mills, 80c; prime sunimer yellow. 42c; prime white, nominal; prime winter yellow, nominal. The Oil Market OIL CITY, Nov. 28.-Credlt balances. 1.58. Runs, 121,488: average. 08.905: shipments, 149,048; average. 156\52>. City Wholesale Live and Dressed Stock Markets Philadelphia.—For three daya cudiug Wed- nesday evening. November 28. Beef cattle— Southern and Western cattle dominated the market, there being 47 carloads arriving. Values ruled steady to firm with a good de- mand for all prlmo ateers. There were 7 car- loads of calves among tho holdings and all desirable selections were firmly hold. The bet- ter grades of cows ruled steady under a sea- sonable Inquiry, but thin and common stock was dull and easy. Quotations: Steers, average best. 5%a6c: choice, 5%a8%c: good, 6%a5%c; medium. 4%a6c; common, 4%a4%c; Blockers and feeders, 4a5c; bulls, 8%a4%c; fat cows. 3a4c; thin cows, l%a2e; much cows, $36a60 for common to good: veal calves flrm; good to choice, 7a8c; exceptional stock, SaOc; medium, 5a6c; common, 4a6c; grassers and West- erns, 8n4%c. Sheep and Lambs-Of the 27 carloads of stock on sale there wore Fow left overs, except among the -culle. which were not much sought after, Buyers were.after cholco stock and that ruled steady to firm, extra lambs gelng a shade higher. Quotations: Sheo] 5%c; 2a( ia8c; >P—Wcthore. extra. 5%a8c; choice, 6%a ,1 good, 5a5V4c; medium, 4%a4%c; common, c; ewea. heavy, fat, 4%a6c; lambs, extra, ___c; ewes, heavy,fat.4%a6c; lambs, extra, 7%a 8c; good to choice, 7%a7%c; medium, 6%a7%e: common, 5a6c. Ilpge—Values were well cleaned up. Quotations: Western, as to also and quali- ty 9a0%c. City Dressed Stock—The flneat se- lections of meats were selling satisfactorily at firm prices. Quotations: Steers, 7a0%c; cows. 8a6c: sheep, OalOe; extra wethers, lie; lambs, llal2e; extra lambs, 18c; veal calves, 10al2c; extra calves. 12%c; hogs, 9%c; coun- try dressed calves, Pal2c; grassers and West- erns, 6a8c. Pittsburg Quotations PlTTSbURG. Nov. 28.~We&tlnghouse Air Brake. 161%: Marsden. offered. 2%: Crucible Steel, 12%; do preferred, 80%; Pittsburg Coal, 17% asked: do preferred, 69 asked. S • • ' • ,• «<l»" —— 1 _ • I•• ^ v MARRIAGE LICEN8E8 ISSUED Pettlnto, Gonnaro. Moore. Goorge R Faact, Joseph R. GoetB. Arpmnd M ..... Fredericks, Utobralm.. Smyth. Joseph Elsaeseer, Ernst Wanssor. Isaac Stolpe. August Nadasan, Victor Sembollo, Enrico ..... Dudley. Ilerbert ...... Duckctt. Charles C... Geary, Edgar^., u ,.. Craword, Henry 11 .... Campbell, John J .... * Wilson, Jamcf 11 Donley, Joseph I' .... Owens, Jn«-»b.., .... , Walnwrlght. John W. Lynn, Robert P Woodill, JohnB ...Coaentlno, ^Franc'caAD. ..Berretta. Jeannotte G. . Walton. Mary Y. . .Goldsmith, Florence J. ..Williams, Blanche. . Riley. Anna. ..Nownk. Frederlcka. ...Ionian, Jennie. .Deltre. Mamie B. less. Mary. 'iiHcaie. Debbery, anlels. Ida. /altou. Cflrrla C. lanti. 1 .ill Ian. -lolly. Carrie R. Bnglesbe. Loretto fl. .,.Sharp. Kmma R. ., Bllea, Frances J, "fe B. .ennedy. ... Jackson. Minnie «. . ..Tlghe,^ Mapgaret .M^ Nugeat. Margaret Wlleon. Talbott lLildeman. Walter 8. Ran. Charles G ...... Regendnna, Charles F Simmons, Peter A,,. Blunt. Harry L.. j... Torhuue. Charles B.. Cannon. Daniel J .... K riser. Meloher.. w.. Graham. William J.. Simpson. Charles G.. Fell, William M . . , . . Cxenctak, J 1.. Flletis. George..,.,.. Ilogue. Georgo H.,.. Petersen. William T. Nagell. William Unriih, Tiowls-R. .Hopper. Anna L. Blehl. Helen D. .Galbralth. Mary V. .Thompson. Emma L. .Dakers. Mary A. Hill. Alice. Seymour, Elisabeth L. .Moore, Mary II, Stefan. Katharine, .McGovern. Mary E. .Kins, Katherlno E. .Fehrle. Viola M. Prelsuer. Ludwlka. Menra. Hannah. Ross. Ida J. .Dugan. Sarah P. , Freudenthal. Emma. Clvmor. Edith J. .Zimmerman, Clara M. Ble.vler, Clarence.. Forenuugh, Henry, Simons, Emma. Smith. Roy W Heft. Jennie M. Kclly\ Alfred I I ........ Brechtel. Roae E% Bailey. DrOharlea P.. .Murphy. Elisabeth M. phS..r Helnizelman. Josonl Gallagher. Joseph .C Guckert. Henry.. Groenberg. Albert .Barnes. Elsie. ...Cull. M^ary A. .. Krete, Jennie. „ ...Sundhelm. Reua. Wlfltor. AlexanderW. Jr.Stoffel. Eva. .. Kennody. Peter P Mahoney.' Anna V. Algeo. Preston L. y Whiteside, Reba N. Ryan. Frederick J, Rossltor. jAlice. Ferrall, Thomas J, 1 Walker. Eva J. "arrlty. Patrick J Duff. Katherine. twood, Charles Hewitt. Ellxabeth. cCourt, William, Conway, Mary son of Thomas and Kate Boon, son-in-law of Frederick, 8r. and Annie Simon, aged 44 years. Relatives and friends, also Ingomar Castle, No 4. K G E; Southern Cross Castle. No 97. A O K M C and postofflrs- Protective Asso- ciation, are Invited to attend the fuperal, ou Sunday. December 2. at 11.80 A M. from late residence. 1410 Mooro at. Services and Inter- ment at Trinity Lutheran Church at 1 P M. BOYLE.-Novembcr 28. ANNA B BOYLK, wife of late Robert Boyle. Relatives ana friends Invited to attend funeral. Friday. 8 A M. from late residence. 1420 S 15th st. Sol- emn requiem mass St Thomas' Church 9.30 A M. Interment Holy Cross. , BRENZ.-Ou November 26. 1906. CHARLES BRENZ, aged 70 years. Relatives and friends art' Invited to attend the funeral, on Friday, November 80. at I P M. from the residence of his son. William P Brens. 19 E Stewart ave, I/ansdowne. Pa. Services at the Lensdowiio Bap- tist Church, at 2 P M. Interment at Mt Mo- rlah Cemetery. BROGAN.-On November 20. 1908, JAMEfl.son of James and Annie Brogan. aged 2 years. Fu- neral 011 Thursday, at 1 P M. from the residence of his parents, 4667 Olive st. Interment at St Denis's Cemetery. Relatives aud frlenda are Invited to attend. BROWN.. Nov 28. MARY BROWN, aged 76 years. Relatives and. friends, also represen- tatives and Board of Lady Managers of Rebe- kah Home. I OOF. Invited to attend funeral service Friday. 2 P M. at Home. 3201 N 17th at. Interment private. nPv i *4 i A I 4 I A N -~ < i ,| .S onMnbe - l LrT« W- J OHN CALLAHAN, aged 58 years. The relatives and frlonds of the family are respectfully Invited i°o/? ttel V' IK. fu»««0. on Friday morning, at 8.30 o clock, from his late residence, 1288 N Carlisle st. High requiem mass at St Jdalachy's at 10 o'clock. Interment at New Cathedral. «PA$»in9. K , l ' L -T9 n No * 2 6\ 1908. CATHARINE CAMPBELL, sister of the lato Daniel McAnal- ly. Relatives and friends, also the Sacred Heart, Confraternity of Church of the Immacu- late Conception, are Invited to attend funeral, Saturday, 8.80 A M, . from son-ln-law'a resi- dence, Thomas Donnelly, S E cor Richmond and Norrls sts. Solemn requiem mass Church of Holy Name. Interment Cathedral. OARMODY.—On November 27, 1906, CATH- ARINC wffe of the late^ Michael^ Carmody. of Limerick. Ireland, aged 68 years. Rela- tives and friends are Invited to attend the funeral, on Friday, at 880 A M. from the residence of her son-in-law. Thomas G Fla- g vln. 1422 jouth 28d at. High mass at St abrlel'a Church. Interment at Holy Cross »metery. OASSIDY.-Oii November 26. 1900. ANNIE M. daughter of the late Etlwaid and Sarsh Oaa- VM:, ^Relatives and frlonds are Invited to attend the funeral, on Friday, at 8.80 A M. from the residence of her brother-in-law. Mr Thomas Harley. 246 Wanamaker at (6Sth and urt, v „. cGlll. Michael .Roberts. D a v i d ....... Morris. Abo L . ^ . . / . . . Boohar, Elmer T ..... CUrke, Raymond If... ^oobber. Richard PUryenr, Lewis H,*... Rutter, Robert .IT... Herm, Frederick L... Meyer, BInkemau Q... Carter. Alfred... Curran, Mary, "well. Katherine. ramer. Katie. old. Elizabeth. hler, Mary T D . /ackenhut. Amelia. ..Smith. Daisy M. . Parker. Lavlnla. ..Rodman. Martha, .gooke. May B. ields. Clara. Holden. Thomas P Calnft, Marlon 0. Tllaner, Guatav olfanyder, Joseph . Sears, Lena. . Funk, Sarah B. """unt. Bertha. ose. Thomas ........... {». . . . . , , w anl. William A, Jr... ,Helros._ Phoebe H if .... Daj lser. Harry... Uf.... Day. C jhnson. James P w '^'. R .< 'Buo. Reno ..... ', Myrlek. # n1ckJam Y e^. A ...9.a.ber v obert.. • .lanman .Itcnendof, Lnight. Erneat. ft jr. rlorst, John XI ...... Heaco^k, Harry Ii,. Tvson, William If,. Wlnbush. Wllllum.. Miller'. H a r r y ...... Werner, Paul .... *. Bevan, Harry .... , Clcmmer. Joseph F Carrie. Annie K. Julia A. Rosa, roth, .Anna M. . Horger. Frieda. . Couch, Mary. . .Sehuck. Ellaabeth. .Bell. Mabel K. Arbuckle. Louisa M. .Mitchell. Mary. .Kelflen. Mabel. .Talke. Pauline. .Sclywlnt. Annie. * .Kolly. Elisabeth M. M ARRIED GREGORY-BRNZON.-On the 24th lnat. at lton. N J. b* the Rev J D Fox. I) D. Miss NAH R BBNZON to Prof BENJAMIN C ...njORY. of Chelnea. Mass. TURNBULD-BJBOBST.-At New York, on the 24th Inst, bv the Rev John Lewis Clark, D D, FREDERICK TURNBULL to BESSIE, eldeii daughter of the late Frank Brobst. DIED . ARNOLD. -On November 25. 1906. EUGENE ARNOLD. agod„ 41 , years. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully Invited to attend tho funeral services, on Thursday af- ternoon, at 2 o'clock precljdly. at his late res]- donee. 2146 N Franklin st. Interment private. ASHBRIDGE.--On Novcmbor 27, 1006, MARY PECHIN. eldost daughter of the late Joshua and Rebecca E Aahbrldgo. Relatives and frlenda are Invited to attend the funeral services, on Friday, at 8 P M, at her late, reeidence. Mont- gomery ave. Rosemont, Pa. Intormct private. Please omit flowers. < '' BILBROUGH.-~pn. Noyember 27. 1906. AL- BERT BILllROUGH. aged 42 year£ Rela* Uvea and friends, also Loynl Faith Lodge, No 0*716, I O 0 F M U; t Mjjakoka Tflbo, &o 205,, I d ft M and St Matthias Yearly .Ben*- ficlal Aasoclatlon. aro Invited to attend the Tu- netaU ou Satoraiy. at 2 PM., from h{« late resldonce. 8487 0«(»»on street. Falls of Schuyl- kill, Iuterment, at Mount, Paace Cemetery. BOON.-On Novcmbor tSfilOOa. EDWARD 0. Vine st»V. West phlia ... ... the Ohureh of Our Lady of tha Ros M. Solemn mass of ro- )ur Mdy of tha Ros- Interment at Holy Cross ary at 10 A Cemetery. CHBSTNUT.-pn Nov 27. 1906. WILLIAM. beloved husband of Kato Chestnut, aged 62 years. The relatives and friends of the fam- ily, alao Police Department, Slat district, are Invited to attend the funeral services, on Fri- day afternoon, vat 2 o'clock, at his late resi- dence, 8272 Chancellor place. Interment at Montrose Cemetery. CLBGGv-On November 27. MARIA CLMGG. wlfo of Thomas B Clegg. of Ridge ave, iibove Terrace at, Wissahlekon. Relatives sod friends ln'ritoa to attond ftineraj. rrom,,wTsaahtckon Baptist Church Friday. 2.80 P M. interment private, westmlnater. COUGHLAN.-On the 27th inatant. JOHN. son of Catharine and the lato Patrick Cough- Ion, aged 28, years. Relatives and friends, also Oathodral T A. B Society and Court Mu- tual, No 283, V of A, are Invited to attend the funeral, 011 Friday, at fi A M. from 2388 Cross street. Solemn requiem mass at the Cathedral, at 10 A M. Interment at Holy Cross Cemetery. DALY.-On Nov 27, 1908. JOSEPH C, young- est, beloved son of Jane and the late James Daly. Relatives and frlenda are Invited to at- tend funeral, Friday, 8.80 A hi. from real- deuce of brother, Edward Daly. 244 Mayfleld st. High mass St Veronica's Church 10 A M. Intermont private Holy Cross, DALY.—On November 27. 1906. JAMES, son of the late Matthew and Ellen Daly, aged 43 friends are Invited to at- Chatham street. Reoulem mass at 10 o'clock, at the Church of Our Lady Help of Christiana. Interment at St Peter's Cemetery. KLLIOTT.-Suddenly. on November 26. 1906. WALTKR. beloved husband of Mary A Elliott, aged 37 years. The relatives and friends, alao employes of Armstrong A Latta. are invited to attend the funeral services, on Friday after- noon, at 1 o'clock, at his late residence. 48 Mercy st (Front and Snyder ave). Interment private at Fernwood Cemetery. FNGLISH.-On Nov 26, 1906, JOHN, aon of the late Patrick and Ann English. Rela- tives and friends arc invited to attend funeral, Thursday, at 8.80 A M, from bis brother's residence. Mr Joseph English, >154o N Bodine at. Solemn requiem mass at St Michael's Church at 10 A M. Interment Holy Cross Cemetery. FELKBR.-On November 28. 1906. IVAN O, son of George C and Ella C Felker. In the 19th year of his age. Relatives and friends are In- vited to attend the funeral services, at his late residence. 1648 N 20th st. on Saturday, at 2.80 P M precisely. Intermeut strictly private at Mt Peace Cemetery. FERRIS. -On November 24. 1906. MARTHA J. wife of Samuel Ferris and daughter of Isabella and the late Joseph Flaber. Relatives and friends are Invited to attend the funeral, on Friday, s t 2 P M. from her late residence, 1220 Wilder st. Interment at Fernwood Cem- etery. FISHER.-On Nov 25, 1906, MARGARET, daughter of the late