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Mar 23, 2016



Richard Wilson

Our comprehensive range of Farming & Dairy Hygiene supplies
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  • Our comprehensive range of farming & dairy hygiene supplies...


  • At Hygiene Warehouse we have a long history of developing paper towels and rolls for the Dairy industry. We pioneered the use of 3 ply Blue Large wiping rolls under the Triple Blue banner over 10 years ago. Subsequently we introduced farmers to our well established 3 ply Sand bonded papers, in large rolls and then in Centrefeed roll format. We have now added a 2 ply high wet strength green tissue to our range, offering top performance at an attractive price.

    Farming & Dairy Hygiene


    Paper Rolls Pages 2 - 7

    Disposable Gloves Pages 8 - 9

    Dairy Wet Wipes Pages 10 - 11


    Pages 12 - 13Handcare

    Pages 14 - 20

    PLEASE NOTE that some products may vary from the images and specifications shown throughout the brochure. Changes in product, are due to our commitment to offering you a balance between cost effectiveness and quality products.

    Contact us on 0117 9461960 or email if you have any queries or if you require pallet prices.

  • 321 1ply Green DairyStd CentrefeedBasic 1ply green centrefeed roll.

    350 1ply Green Drying RollThe original wiping roll, a thick, hard paper, popular in wet working conditions such as milking parlours. Non perforated.

    We supply a wide variety of wiping rolls, in different sizes, pulp, plies and colours, to suit the farmers specific requirements. Our range includes rolls with high wet strength and rolls glued and embossed for increased absorbency.

    Code 321Pulp RecycledFinish EmbossedNo sheets Not perforatedDimensions 23.5cm x 280mPer case 6 rollsPrice 20.17

    Code 350Pulp RecycledFinish FlatNo sheets Not perforatedDimensions 20cm x 76mPer case 16 rollsPrice 16.75

    1004 PRO Std Centrefeed DispenserKeep your Centrefeed rolls clean and dry in our PRO Centrefeed Dispenser, as well as providing easy dispensing.Price 15.93


  • 1 & 2 Ply Green Rolls


    Introducing Tufcel Dairy Green

    Heavyweight 56gsm 2 ply Easy tear perforationsHigh wet strength Quality embossing

    6 Rolls per caseSuitable for use in all standard centrefeed dispensersDimensions: 23cm x 140m per roll

    2ply 56gsm


    Exclusively from

  • 317 2 Ply Blue Std CentrefeedSatino 6 rolls per caseThis paper is 2 x 18.5gsm, larger format, yet offers a quality paper, that is liked by large numbers of farmers, perhaps because of its consistency, always being made on the same paper machine.

    365 2 Ply Blue Std Centrefeed Satino 6 rolls per caseThe same Satino brand paper as the roll below, but in a narrower shorter roll and a cheaper case price. Embossed for great wet strength.

    324 Bluetech 2 Ply Blue Std CentrefeedLucart 6 rolls per caseGlued and embossed, 100% recycled tetrapak carton paper, offers great absorbency and wet strength.

    Code 324Pulp RecycledFinish Glued & Embossed No sheets 429 Dimensions 20cm x 150mPer case 6 rollsPrice 15.98

    Code 365Pulp RecycledFinish Embossed No sheets 405 Dimensions 19.5cm x 150mPer case 6 rollsPrice 16.07

    Code 317Pulp RecycledFinish Embossed No sheets 486 Dimensions 23cm x 180mPer case 6 rollsPrice 21.17


    New Sky Blue Colour

  • 2 & 3 Ply Blue Wiping Rolls343 Bluetech 2 Ply Blue Lucart 2 rolls per caseSame great quality and absorbency as the Bluetech 6 roll case, but in larger and longer rolls packed in 2.

    353 Bluetech 3 Ply Blue Lucart 1 roll per caseLucart wiping rolls are a quality performance udder wipe. 3 plies glued for excellent wet strength and micro embossed for extra absorbency.

    358 Bluetech 3 Ply Blue Lucart 2 rolls per caseThe same superior quality as the Bluetech single roll (code 353), but packed in a smaller sheet with 2 rolls.

    Code 353Pulp RecycledFinish Glued & EmbossedNo sheets 1000 Dimensions 35.5cm x 360mPrice 21.23

    Code 358Pulp RecycledFinish Glued & EmbossedNo sheets 1000 Dimensions 22.5cm x 360mPrice 24.91

    Code 343Pulp RecycledFinish Glued & EmbossedNo sheets 1000 Dimensions 26cm x 350mPrice 18.33

    5** Coming Soon, all Blue Tech Wiping Rolls in the New Sky Blue colour **

  • 338 3 Ply Blue Katrin 2 rolls per caseA branded wiping roll. Micro embossed for extra absorbency and glued for excellent strength.

    333 3 Ply Blue Katrin 1 roll per caseThe largest sheet size of our Katrin, 3ply rolls. Great absorbency and wet strength.

    911 Katrin Wall StandH31 x W46 x D44cmAttach to wall. Suitable for all our wiping rolls. Price 20.00

    Code 338Pulp PureFinish EmbossedNo sheets 1000 Dimensions 22cm x 380mPrice 26.67

    Code 333Pulp PureFinish EmbossedNo sheets 1000 Dimensions 38cm x 380mPrice 23.43

    910 Katrin Floor StandH90 x W50 x D23cmFree standing. Suitable for all our wiping rolls. Price 21.67


  • 3 Ply Wiping Rolls329 3 Ply Sand Dairy WipeCeltex 6 rolls per caseBonded embossed tissue. Thick, cloth like wipes with exceptional wet strength, due to the mixture of recycled and pure cellulose.

    908 Maxi Centrefeed/ Wiping Roll DispenserH42 x W40 x D45cmA smoked plastic dispenser suitable for code 377 wiping rolls. Easy dispensing, whilst keeping the roll clean and dry. Price 40.37Call us for special deals on the Maxi Centrefeed/ Wiping Roll Dispenser when buying Code 377.

    377 Eco Natural 3 Ply Sand Lucart 2 rolls per caseMaxi Centrefeed. Premium quality, glued and embossed finish. High wet strength and 100% recycled tetrapak.

    Code 329Pulp MixedFinish EmbossedNo sheets 300 Dimensions 22cm x 114mPrice 19.92

    Code 377Pulp RecycledFinish EmbossedNo sheets 800 Dimensions 25cm x 288mPrice 17.83


  • Ultraflex Nitrile Blue10 x 100Finger textured. Body heat moulds polymer closely to the hand to ensure a comfortable fit. A general purpose glove. excellent value.

    Ultragrip Nitrile Blue10 x 100A superior quality, stronger glove suitable for heavier industrial applications and agriculture. A naturally grippy glove with micro textured fingers.

    Our Nitrile gloves are made of a highly elastic polymer, that is thermo sensitive - the heat of the hand softens the glove to release any pressure, ensuring a comfortable fit. Nitrile also offers the best puncture and chemical resistance. All PRO nitrile gloves are powder free.

    Thickness 4 milPer Case 10 x 100Size S M L XL Code 1161 1162 1163 1164 Price 31.90

    Thickness 4.5 milPer Case 10 x 100Size XS S M L XL Code 1120 1121 1122 1123 1124 Price 33.42


    Ultragrip Nitrile Black10 x 100Finger textured for excellent grip, a black alternative to the Ultragrip Blue.

    Thickness 4 milPer Case 10 x 100Size S M L XL Code 1191 1192 1193 1194 Price 43.18

  • Disposable Gloves

    Ultrasafe Nitrile Violet10 x 100Finger textured, with extra protection long cuffs. 50% thicker than a standard white glove.

    Ultratuff Nitrile Black 10 x 50Long cuff black gloves, designed with the dairy industry in mind to check at a quick glance for mastitis. Very thick, yet still comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

    79 Orange Co-polymer Veterinary AI Gloves10 x 100Long length AI gloves, in a strong co-polymer (30mu).

    Thickness 6 milPer Case 10 x 100Size S M L XL Code 1116 1117 1118 1119 Price 85.83

    Thickness 10 milPer Case 10 x 50Size S M L XL XXL Code 1151 1152 1153 1154 1155 Price 68.33

    Per Case 10 x 100Size 29cm x 83cm Code 79 Price 39.58


  • Our PRO Sanitising Teat Wipes are impregnated with a high specification disinfectant bactericide and contain a conditioner to replace moisture and keep teats supple and healthy. Ideal for pre and post milking hygiene.

    Benefits of use:

    Impregnated with a high specification bactericide which is active against bacteria and micro organisms. Contains a conditioner to replace moisture, keeping the teats supple, ensuring teats will not dry out. Allows cows to be milked immediately after wiping, giving better milking-out results. Disinfects hands and gloves, as well as teats. Enhances the speed of milking. Optimises milk production levels.

    893 Standard Teat Wipes2 buckets per case

    893R Standard Teat Wipes Refill3 refills per case

    A standard 24gsm thickness of fabric, that offers great value for money.

    Code 893 / 893RMaterial Thermo bondedNo sheets 600 Dimensions 20cm x 23.5cmPrice 22.87 / 28.63


  • 891 Premium Teat Wipes2 buckets per case

    891R Premium Teat Wipes Refill3 refills per case

    Thicker fabric, 40gsm and more wipes per bucket than our standard teat wipes.

    939 Wall Mounted Teat Wipe Dispenser 940 Dispenser Wall Bracket

    Wall dispenser for ease of use.

    Dairy Wet Wipes

    Active Ingredients:Alkyl Dimethyl Benzyl Ammonium Compound

  • Gojo is a leading brand in hand care, trusted around the globe. Products contain conditioners to replace moisture, keeping hands supple and prevents them from drying out. Dispensers include a window to see when the product is running low.

    are the worlds leading supplier of professional skincare products. Avoid compromising the condition of your hands with our range of products developed for their care and hygiene.

    935 Gojo TFX Foam Soap Dispenser16.67The TFX dispenser is touch free, so avoids cross contamination. 30,000 uses from standard C size alakaline batteries. 750 Gojo TFX Antibacterial Foam Soap2 x 1200ml30.08749 Gojo TFX PremiumFoam Soap2 x 1200ml28.22

    Our Antibacterial, Premium and Luxury Foam Soaps contain conditioners to help protect hands from drying, together with the antibac refill that targets germs.

    999 Gojo FMX Foam Soap DispenserFMX dispenser is a manual dispenser. 12.50729 Gojo FMX Antibacterial Foam Soap3 x 1250ml28.70726 Gojo FMX LuxuryFoam Soap3 x 1250ml26.40


  • Handcare

    All orders over 75 receive FREE standard

    DELIVERYA 5 delivery charge is applicable to all orders under 75. Standard

    delivery is within 2-3 working days.

    Market leader Gojo has formulated Orange Hand Cleaner to get rid of the dirt that normal hand cleaners cannot, such as oil and grease. Contains natural orange pumice to remove stubborn grime, at the same time as caring for your hands.

    721 Gojo Orange Hand Cleaner 3.78L bottle1 x 3.78L17.62720 Gojo Orange Hand Cleaner4 x 1.89L33.72

    Gojo Hand Medic is a combined barrier cream and skin conditioner, for use before and after work to reduce the risk of skin dryness and cracking. Absorbs quickly, with no greasy after feel.

    989 Gojo Hand Medic Cartridge Dispenser15.83739 Gojo Hand Medic Cartridge6 x 500ml31.22


  • As well as our farming specific hygiene products, we also supply a wide variety of other household products and cleaning chemicals. If you dont see what you are looking for give us a call or visit our website.

    247 Softy 260 sheet luxury 2ply Toilet Rolls4 x 1016.33Substantial and soft, luxury toilet roll. Suitable for use in septic tanks, portable toilets etc, as well as conventional use. A full width 11.2cm sheet, making it fantastic value for a higher quality toilet roll.

    253 SoSoft Cube Tissues 2ply White Pop-up1 x 2414.50A soft and attractively packaged 2ply tissue. 100 sheets per box 20 x 19cm. Also available Professional Tissues Pop-up in a standard shape box, code 254.

    261 Premium Kitchen Rolls White (Twin Pack)12 x 212.75Premium quality, kitchen roll. Absorbent and strong when wet. 2 Ply tissue with 48 sheets per roll. 11.7m in length. Packed as 12 packs of 2 rolls.


  • House Keeping

    Speedwrap Dispensers, Clingfilm & Foil RefillsOnce you use Speedwrap, youll never go back to cutterboxes. No need to struggle with the end of the clingfilm roll or waste the screwed up part of your roll of foil. Speedwrap dispenses clean and flat every time. A must in a busy kitchen. Can be used with either cling film or foil, Speedwrap dispensers are interchangeable and available in either a 30cm (Speedwrap 3000) or 45cm width (Speedwrap 4500). Both dispensers are compatible with clingfilm and foil.

    5245 Speedwrap 3000 Dispenser 15.835246 Speedwrap 4500 Dispenser 18.33

    5248 Speedwrap 4500 Clingfilm refills1 x 3 22.275250 Speedwrap 4500 Foil refills1 x 3 27.67

    5247 Speedwrap 3000 Clingfilm refills1 x 3 16.755249 Speedwrap 3000 Foil refills1 x 3 20.68

    411 Lucart Z-Fold 2ply White Hand Towels3000 towels 20.97Lucart branded hand towel, great quality, Z-fold. One towel dispenses at a time to avoid wastage.

    984 Lucart Z-Fold Dispenser15.05Lucart branded dispenser can be filled with two sleeves of towels at a time.

    We stock a wide range of hand towels to suit different needs, from economy to premium. Contact us for our full list of hand towels and dispensers on 0117 9461960 or visit our website


  • 7544 & 7571 PREM Heavy Duty Black Refuse Sacks1 x 200 sacks12.93 / 13.17A strong black sack, approximately 18 x 29 x 37 in size. Also available on a roll, code 7571. The same great sack yet in a handy roll for ease of storage. 10 rolls of 20 sacks.

    7052 Jetclean Traffic Film Remover1 x 25L21.67Heavy duty traffic film remover for commercial paintwork and heavy duty degreaser.

    Directions for use: Apply with pressure washer at 1%-4% as required. Professional use only. Warning contains sodium hydroxide, which causes burns. Suitable protection must be worn.

    6101 - 6104 PRO Catercloths 36cm x 51cm 2 x 258.44Launderable disposable cloths, thicker than J-Cloths. Ideal as dishcloths, for general cleaning and sometimes also used as udder wipes. Available in Red, Green, Yellow and Blue. We also sell a range of multicloths, folded and on a roll.


  • House Keeping

    7208 PRO Fabric Softener & Conditioner2 x 5L10.03A pleasantly fragranced fabric softener for use in automatic clothes washing machines. Contains an effective anti static agent.

    Directions for use: Apply the product via the machines automatic dosing system. Recommended dosage per dry KG of laundry.2-5kg use 90ml6-10kg use 135ml11-18kg use 180ml19-24kg use 225ml

    7209 Vital Fresh Non-Bio Laundry Powder10 kg pail14.28A powerful detergent with extract of aloe vera for sensitive skin. Also available Vital Fresh Biological Laundry Powder, lemon fresh, code 7215.

    Directions for use: Pour the recommended amount of powder either directly into the dispenser drawer or into a dosing devise. If using a dosing device place it in position on top of the laundry in the machine. Do not select pre-wash when using a dosing device or put a dosing device into tumble cycles of washer driers. Hand care: Avoid contact with eyes. After use, wash hands and dry thoroughly. People with sensitive or damaged skin should avoid prolonged contact with the product. The use of protective gloves is recommended.

    7210 PRO Bio Laundry Liquid1 x 10L16.35A pleasant perfumed premium grade clothes washing liquid detergent for use in automatic washing machines. Also available in Non-Bio Laundry Liquid, code 7995

    Directions for use: For normal soiling use 120ml or for heavy soiling use 150ml (both for nominal 5kg load). For hand washing, dissolve 120-150ml in ten litres of water. Ensure liquid is fully dissolved. The use of protective gloves is recommended when hand washing


  • 7039 Kitchen Cleaner Sanitiser Food Safe2 x 5L11.50A concentrated cleaner suitable for use on most surfaces. It will kill most commonly found bacteria, including MRSA. Ideal for use in kitchens, food prep areas and hospitals. Can also be used as a degreaser when used in higher concentrations. Meets BS EN 1276.

    Directions for use: Dilute 1 to 30 parts water and apply to surface with a mop. Alternatively the product may be applied by a cloth or spray.

    7040 Spray & Wipe Cleaner Sanitiser Food Safe6 x 750ml11.73Kills most commonly found bacteria, ideal for use in kitchens, food prep areas and hospitals. Meets BS EN 1276.

    Directions for use: Spray onto surfaces, leave in contact for approximately 30 seconds, then wipe with a clean damp cloth or paper towel

    Degreasing action

    7029 Washing Up liquid with Bactericide2 x 5L10.17Versatile washing up liquid and general purpose detergent. Includes a bactericidal detergent. For sink washing of crockery, glasses and kitchen utensils.

    Directions for use: To disinfect plates, crockery and cutlery, first rinse in water to remove items of food. Then immerse in a solution of 85ml (or four large cap fulls) in every 10 litres of water. Clean the items with a sponge then leave for 5 minutes. After rinse thoroughly with clean water.


  • House Keeping

    7600 PRO Orange Multipurpose Cleaner2 x 5L13.17This blend of environmentally friendly surfactants and citrus solvent will safely remove oil, grease and grime from most types of surface including worktops, walls and floors.

    Directions for use: Dilute 1 part with 100 parts water. For severe soiling use neat.

    7033 All Purpose Cleaner with Orange Trigger Spray6 x 750ml12.18Ideal for cleaning a wide application of hard surfaces, including ceramic tiles, chrome, stainless steel, laminates, paintwork, floors and most plastics. Contains orange oils for extra power.

    Directions for use: Spray onto a damp sponge or clean cloth and apply to surface, rinse cloth and surface, wipe surface dry with a clean cloth.

    7022 Window Glass & Stainless Steel Cleaner2 x 5L11.80Effectively cleans and shines glass surfaces such as windows, mirrors and stainless steel etc.

    Directions for use: Decant into a spray bottle/ trigger spray and spray polish onto a clean, soft cloth and apply to surface. Wipe with a clean cloth.


  • us for more information!

    7222 ACT Original Bathroom & Toilet Cleaner Descaler10 x 1L22.62A viscous, sulphamic formula clings longer for more thorough action. A concentrated lavatory cleaner which removes lime scale, organic deposits and has excellent descaling properties. Cleans and descales washroom areas. For use on all ceramic and stainless steel urinals and toilets.

    Directions for use: For toilets and urinals apply evenly under the toilet rim. Give up to 15 minutes contact time before brushing and finally flushing the toilet. For hard surfaces dilute 1 part to 40 parts cold or hand hot water. Wash the surface with this solution. Rinse thoroughly with clean water. N.B. Do not use on acid sensitive surfaces such as marble, terrazzo, chrome or enamel. Do not leave neat material in prolonged contact; always rinse off.

    7111 Bleachclean Tablets 3.25g1 x 2008.13One 3.25gm tablet makes 5 litres of bleach. Economical and safer way of storing large volumes of bleach.

    Directions for use: 1 tablet to 5 litres of water.

    We also supply an extensive range of other hygiene products...

  • We supply COSHH information for all our chemical products. If you require a copy please contact us via any of the options above.

    PLEASE NOTE that some products may vary from the images and specifications shown throughout the brochure. Changes in product, are due to our commitment to offering you a balance between cost effectiveness and quality products.

    Contact us on 0117 9461960 or email if you have any queries or if you require pallet prices

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    All orders over 75 receive FREE standard DELIVERYA 5 delivery charge is applicable to all orders under 75.

    Standard delivery is within 2-3 working days

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