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225B 225Bx_s Rl s Operator's manual Read the operator's manual carefully and make sure that you understand the contents before using the blower. 114 O0 25-95
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225Bx_s Rl sOperator's manual

Read the operator's manual carefully andmake sure that you understand the contentsbefore using the blower.

114 O0 25-95

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Introduction ......................................... 3

Key to symbols .................................... 4

Safety instructions .............................. 5

Description .......................................... 7

Fuel handling ..................................... 12

Start and stop .................................... 14

Using the blower ............................... 16

Maintenance ...................................... 20

Technical data .................................... 25

WARNINGThe engine exhaust from this productcontains chemicals known to the State

of Califl_rnia to cause cancer, birth

defects or other reproductive harm.

Maintenance, replacement, or repair of the emission

control devices and systems may be performed by anynonroad engine repair establishment or individual.

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Husqvarna AB has a policy of continuous productdevelopment and therefore reserves the right tomodify the design and appearance of productswithout prior notice.

This operator's manual describes in detail how touse and service the blower and how to carry outregular maintenance. It also describes which meas-ures should be taken to achieve maximum safetywhile operating the blower, how the safety deviceswork and how they should be serviced.

NoteYThe section of the manual that deals with

safety, must be read and understood by all personswho come in contact with the blower.

This operator's manual has been written for thosewho need guidance when it comes to fault tracing,thorough servicing and carrying out correctivemaintenance of the blower.

There are warning symbols on the blower. Theseare illustrated on page 3. Should any of the warningsymbols on the blower become disfigured or worn,new ones should be ordered and fitted to the blower

as soon as possible. Note that some of the warningsymbols are molded in certain components of theblower.

The blower is used for blowing away leaves andother debris on the ground. When operating theblower, the operator must stand with both feet firmlyon the ground.

This decal certify that the product has beenapproved in accordance with Americanexhaust emission requirements EPA 1 andCARB 95.

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Checks and/ormainten-ance shall be

carried out after havingswitched off the

engine. The stopswitch must be set tothe STOP position.

Cleaning at regularintervals is required.

Approved protectgoggles or visor mustbe worn.

Approved protectgoggles or visor andear protection must beworn.

WARNING! The blowercan be dangerous!Careless or improperuse can cause serious,even fatal injury.

Read the operator'sman-ual carefully andmake sure that youunderstand thecontents before usingthe blower.

WARNING! Make sure

that the inspectioncover is locked in theclosed position or thatthe vacuum tube ismounted on the blower.Never touch the


WARNING! The blower

may throw objects athigh velocity that canricochet and hit the

operator. This maycause serious eyedamage.




_o o.m 0










#.• i

70d80 d&_175.2-1996

Description Location



_ e0 _m ©

The blower operatormust make sure that nobystanders or animalscome nearer than 10metres. Wheneverseveral operators areworking in the samework area, they shouldmaintain a safedistance of at least 10metres from oneanother.



Stop switch.

The manufacturer'swarrantee for thisproduct meets safetyrequirements accordingto:•The Machine Directive•The EMC Directive•The Low Voltage


instructions on how toopen the inspectioncover.

Noise pressure levelmeasured at 15 metresdistance according toANSi B175.2-1996.










Other symbols/decals on the machine refer

to special certification requirements for

certain markets.

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Personal safety equipmentPersons who use the blower shall wear the followingsafety equipment:

1. Approved ear protection.

2. Approved eye protection.

3. Face mask when operating the blower in dustyenvironments.

4. Boots or work shoes with a non-slip sole.

5. First-aid kit.



Personal safetyThe following instructions apply to personsoperating the blower:

1. The operator shall have read and understoodthe contents of this manual.

2. Do not wear loose clothing, scarves or neckchains or let long hair hang loose, since thesecan be drawn into rotating parts of the blowerand cause injury.

3. Do not operate the blower while under theinfluence of alcohol, drugs or when you aretired.

4. Do not allow minors to operate the blower.

Fuel safety


The muffler is designed to give the lowest possiblenoise level and to direct the engine's exhaust fumesaway from the operator. Muffler fitted with catalyticconverter is also designed to reduce harmfulexhaust components.

Special safety instructions apply to the type of fuelused for the blower. These instructions are specifiedunder "Fuel handling" on pages 11 and 12.

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Safety equipmentThe blower is equipped with a number of safetydevices and guards for the prevention of accidents.These are described in the general description ofthe blower on page 8.

The safety devices and guards also require regularinspection and maintenance. These measures andthe interval at which they should be carried out arespecified under "Maintenance" on pages 23 and 24.

Safety while operating theblower

Other safety measures

1. Do not allow bystanders or animals to be in thework area, i.e. 10 metres from the operator.

2. The blower may throw objects at high velocitythat can ricochet and hit the operator. This maycause serious eye damage.

3. Never point the blower nozzle toward people oranimals.

4. Stop the engine before fitting or dismantlingaccessories or other components.

5. Never operate the blower if any of the guards ismissing.

6. Never operate the blower in poorly ventilatedspaces where exhause fumes might otherwisebe inhaled.

7. Stop the engine before refueling.

8. The catalytic muffler is extremely hot while theblower is running and after it has stopped. Thesame applies when the blower is running atidling speed. Be aware of the danger of fire,especially while operating the blower nearcombustible materials and/or where combustiblefumes are present.

9. Be careful, parficurlarly if left hand operation isapplied. Avoid any direct body contact with theexhaust outlet area.

10. Do not operate the blower while standing on aladder or a stand.










Operate the blower only at reasonable hours,i.e. not early in the morning or late at night whenpeople might be disturbed. Comply with timeslisted in local ordinances. Usual recommend-ations are 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Mondaythrough Saturday.

Operate the blower at the lowest possiblethrottle setting to do the job.

Check the condition of the blower before opera-tion, especially the muffler, air intake and airfilter.

Use a rake or a broom to loosen ground debrisbefore blowing.

Under dusty conditions, slightly spray the workarea with a hose or use a mister attachmentwhen water is available.

Conserve water by using blowers instead ofhoses for many lawn and garden applications,including areas such as roof gutters, screens,patios and gardens etc.

Watch out for children, pets, open windows orfreshly washed cars, and blow debris safelyaway.

Use the full nozzle extension so the air streamcan work close to the ground.

After using the blower, clean up and dispose ofdebris in trash receptacles

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The blower

1 2 3 4 5











7 13 12 11

225Bx.sERIE s


1. Shoulder strap2. Throttle trigger3. Stop switch4. Throttle lock5. Shoulder strap ring6. Anti-vibration system (inside the housing)7. Fan housing8. Fuel cap9. Air filter10. Choke

11. Inspection cover (225Bx_sER_ES)

12. Cutters (225Bx SER_ES)13. Fan impeller14. Nozzle15. Blower tube16. Muffler17. Start handle18. Starter device19. Carburetor adjustment screws20. Operator's manual21. High velocity nozzle.

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Page 8: Husqvarna 225B Leaf Blower


Accessories (225Bx.sER,ES)





21. Vacuum device with collection components consisting of items 22 - 24 below.22. Vacuum bag tube.23. Collection bag.24. Vacuum tube in two sections.

8 DEngEish

Page 9: Husqvarna 225B Leaf Blower


Safety equipmentThe following equipment on the blower is designedfor protecting personnel and materials. These com-ponents should receive special attention wheneveryou operate, inspect and service the blower.

Stop switch (3)

The stop switch is used to stop the engine.

Throttle lock (4)

The throttle lock prevents inadvertent activation ofthe throttle. When the throttle lock is pressed intothe handle (when gripping the handle) the throttletrigger (2) is disengaged. When the operator releaseshis/her grip on the handle, both the throttle triggerand the throttle lock are reset to their original settingsby means of two spring systems which work inde-pendently of one another.

3 4

Anti-vibration system (6)

The anti-vibration system is designed to dampenvibrations transmitted from the engine to the handle.The anti-vibration system consists of spring-typemountings, from which the engine is suspended.


The muffler is designed to give the lowest possiblenoise level and to direct the engine's exhaust fumesaway from the operator. Muffler fitted with catalyticconverter is also designed to reduce harmfulexhaust components.

The engine exhaust fumes are hot and can containsparks, which may cause fire if they come in contactwith dry or combustible material.

Some blower models, esp. those sold in countrieswhere the climate is dry, are equipped with spark-arresting mesh (A). This mesh must be cleaned orreplaced at specific intervals. Check if your blowermuffler has mesh of this type.

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Other equipmentThrottle trigger (2)

The speed and the output of the engine are regul-ated by the throttle trigger. The throttle lock (4) mustbe pressed down before the trigger will actuate thethrottle.

Fan casing (7)

The blower fan casing (7) together with the impeller(13) provide high performance air discharge.

Inspection cover(225Bx.sE._Es) (11)

An inspection cover is located on the underside ofthe fan casing. Removal of this cover allows accessfor cleaning and inspecting the impeller. The inspec-tion cover can only be opened by means of tools.

If the vacuum tube is used, it must be fitted to theopening in the inspection cover as shown on page16.

Cutters (225Bx.sE.,Es) (12)

Two cutters are fastened to the impeller. The cuttersare there to mulch leaves and other debris, thathave been vacuumed, before they enter the faninlet.


7 13 12 11

Nozzle (14) and blower tube (15)

The nozzle and the blower tube have a bayonetmount for connection to the blower. Air is channeled

through the blower tube to the nozzle, where the airdischarge velocity increases and the air stream dis-charge pattern is formed to provide best perform-ance.

15 14

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Page 11: Husqvarna 225B Leaf Blower


Starter device (18)and starter handle (17)

The starter device is located at the top on theengine shrouding and engages in the crank shaftonly when the starter handle is pulled.


Fuel cap (8)

The fuel cap (14) is located at the top of the engineshrouding and has a gasket, which prevents fuelfrom leaking out.

Air filter (9)

The air filter consists of foam-rubber filter medium,integrated in a plastic casing. The air filter should becleaned at specific intervals. Otherwise, the powerblower wilt consume too much fuel, the performancewill be reduced and an oily deposit may form on thespark plug electrodes.




Choke (10)

The choke is located at the top of the engine shroud-ing and should be used every time the engine iscold-started. The choke is de-activated automatical-

ly when the throttle trigger is pressed.

Adjusting the carburetor (19)

There are three adjusting screws for adjusting thecarburetor:

Low speed jetHigh speed jetAdjustment screw for idling

Adjusting the carburetor involves adapting theengine to local operating conditions, e.g. climate,altitude, gasoline and type of two-stroke engine oilused.

For details about carburetor adjustment,see page 18.



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Page 12: Husqvarna 225B Leaf Blower


Fuel mixtureNOTEtThe machine is fitted with a two-stroke engine andmust always be run on a mixture of gasoline andtwo-stroke oil. It is important to measure the quantityof oil accurately, to ensure the correct mixture ratio.Small discrepancies in the amount of oil have agreat bearing on the proportions of the fuel mixturewhen mixing small amounts of fuel.


NOTE!Always use an oil-mixed quality gasoline (at least 87octane). If your machine is equipped with a catalyticconverter, (see "technical data") an unleaded, oilmixed quality gasoline should always be used. Aleaded gasoline will destroy the catalytic converter.

This engine is certified to operate onunleaded gasoline.

The lowest recommended octane rating is 87. Ifyou run the engine on lower octane rating than87 so-called "knocking" can occur. This leads toan increased engine temperature, which canresult in a serious engine breakdown.

When working at continuous high revs a higheroctane rating is recommended.

Two-stroke oil

For the best performance, use HUSQVARNAtwo-stroke oit, which has been speciallydeveloped for Husqvama two-stroke engines.Mixing ratio: 1:50 (2%).

If HUSQVARNA two-stroke oil is not available,you may use another two-stroke oil of goodquality that is intended for air-cooled engines.Contact your dealer when selecting an oil.

Never use two-stroke oil intended for water-cooled marine outboard motors, so-calledoutboard oil.

Never use oil intended for four-stroke engines.



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Page 13: Husqvarna 225B Leaf Blower



• Always mix gasoline and oil in a clean containerintended for fuel.

• Always start by filling half the quantity of gasolinerequired. Then add the entire oil quantity. Mix(shake) the fuel mixture. Fill the remaining quantityof gasoline.

• Mix (shake) the fuel mixture carefully before fillingin the machine's fuel tank.

• Do not mix more than max. one month's supply offuel.

• If the machine is not used for a long period oftime, the fuel tank should be emptied and cleaned.

• This engine is certified to operate on unleadedgasoline.

Gasoline OilLit. -_

Lit. 2%(1:50'5 0,1010 0,2015 0,3020 0,40


) )))_ini _0f) )) )

S_;t hat an _ t p ressu_ei

; ;; f del!!_g; p a_b before sta _i _

• Clean around the fuel cap. Contamination in thetank can disrupt operations.

• Ensure that the fuel is well mixed by shaking thecontainer before filling the tank.

Min. 3 m (10 ft)

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Start and stopStart

Cold engine

IGNITION:Set the stop switch to the start position.

CHOKE:Set the choke control in the choke position(A).The choke position is also the automaticstart throttle position.

AIR PURGE:Press the air purge diaphragm repeatedlyuntil fuel begins to fill the diaphragm. Thediaphragm need not be completely filled.





Warm engine

IGNITION:Set the stop switch to the start position.

CHOKE:Set the choke control in the choke positionand then back again to its original position (B)In this way only the start throttle is applied withno choke.


Press the air purge diaphragm repeatedly untilfuel begins to fill the diaphragm. Thediaphragm need not be completely filled. I÷1

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Page 15: Husqvarna 225B Leaf Blower


Press the machine body against the ground usingyour left hand (NOTE! Do not use your foot). Gripthe starter handle with your right hand and slowlypull the starter cord out until you feel someresistance, (the starter hooks grip) now quickly andpowerfully pull the cord.Immediately press the choke control in when theengine fires and repeat until the engine starts. Whenthe engine starts, quickly apply full throttle and thestart throttle will automatically disengage.

NOTE! Do not pull the starter cord out completelyand do not release the starter cord from the fullyextended position. This can damage the machine.

StopThe engine is stopped by switching the ignition offusing the stop switch.


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Page 16: Husqvarna 225B Leaf Blower


To blow away debris on theground

Fitting the blower tube and nozzleon the blower

The blower tube and nozzle have a bayonet mount.Fit them in the following manner:

1. Press the blower tube (15) against the blower airoutlet and turn it 90 degrees until a snap isheard.

2. Fit the nozzle (14) onto the tube (15), and turn it90 degrees until a snap is heard.

BlowingBefore you begin blowing, put on the required safetyequipment.




When operating the blower, the blower must besecured to the shoulder strap. The strap should beworn over the shoulder as shown in the adjacentfigure.

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Start the blower as described on page 13. Work ac-cording to the following instructions:

1. Never blow air toward fixed objects such aswalls, large rocks, automobiles and fences.

2. When working inside corners, blow from thecorner and inward toward the centre of thework area. Otherwise, debris can fly up in yourface and cause eye injury.

3. Never point the blower nozzle at delicate plants.

High-velocity nozzle (21)

The high-velocity nozzle is an accessory of theblower and is not included in the standard supply.

When blowing with greater accuracy and high airstream concentration is necessary, substitute thestandard nozzle (14) with the high-velocity nozzle(21).

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Page 18: Husqvarna 225B Leaf Blower


To vacuum debris from theground (225Bx.sER,ES)

The vacuuming device is an accessory and is notincluded in the standard supply.

Fitting the collection bag with thevarious vacuum tubes






Open the collection bag. Insert the collectionbag tube from inside the bag to fit in thevacuum inlet opening of the bag as illustrated inthe adjacent figure. Close the zipper on the bag.

Press the collection bag tube on the blower, turnit 1/4 of a turn until a snap is heard. The sectionof the tube that is covered by the collection bagmust arranged with its outlet pointingdownwards. Attach the carrying strap to theharness ring.

Open the cover at the underside of the blower,using a screw driver to disengage the lockingpiece in the square opening.

Press the vacuum tube in the large opening atthe underside of the blower and turn it 45 degreesuntil the bayonet mount locks.

Push the lower vacuum tube onto the upper tubeas shown in the adjacent figure.

VacuumingBefore vacuuming, put on the required safety equip-ment.




18 £_English

Page 19: Husqvarna 225B Leaf Blower


When operating the blower, the blower andcollection bag must be secured in the shoulderstrap. The strap should be worn over the shoulderas shown in the adjacent figure.

i0=bwr •w II


Start the blower as described on page 13. Work ac-cording to the following instructions:

1. Do not vacuum large solid objects that candamage the fan, such as wood, cans (tins) orlengths of string or ribbon.

2. Do not let the vacuum tube strike the ground.

3. The bag can be emptied after having openedthe zipper on the side.

English - 19

Page 20: Husqvarna 225B Leaf Blower



The carburetor has been carefully preset at the fac-tory. However, additional adjustment may be requireddue to climate, altitude, gasoline and type of two-stroke engine oil used. The instructions belowdescribe how carburetor adjustment should becarried out.

The carburetor governs the engine speed via thethrottle. Air and fuel are mixed in the carburetor. Theair/fuel mixture is adjustable. To utilize the blower'smaximum output, the settings must be correct.

The carburetor has three means of adjustment:

H = High speed jetL = Low speed jetT = Adjustment screw for idling

Basic (factory) settings

The carburetor is preset to the basic settings whenthe blower is tested at the factory. These basicsettings are the following:

The H screw has been turned counterclockwise

to its end position against the stop.The L screw has been turned counterclockwise

to its end position against the stop.

The recommended idling speed is 3000 rpm.




The fuel quantity required in relation to the air flow,provided by the opening in the throttle, is adjustedby the L and H jets. if they are screwed clockwise,the air/fuel mixture becomes leaner (less fuel) and ifthey are screwed counterclockwise, the mixturebecomes richer (more fuel). A leaner mixture givesrise to a higher engine speed and a richer mixturegives rise to a lower engine speed.

The T screw regulates the idling speed. Turning theT screw clockwise will increase the idling speed;turning it counterclockwise will lower the idlingspeed.

Low speed jet, L







Check that the blower tube (15) and the nozzle(14) are mounted on the blower.

Turn the H and L adjustment screws fully counter-clockwise so that they rest against the stop.

Start the blower engine, see page 13, andalternate letting it run at idling speed and at halfthrottle for 1-2 minutes to warm up. If the enginewill not run at idling speed, turn the T screwclockwise until it does.

Set the T screw to the setting, at which the engineruns precisely at idlingspeed, but not faster.

Make a fine adjustment, turning the L screw sothat the engine will run at max. idling speed. Thenturn the L screw max 1/4 of a turncounterclockwise.

Then turn the T screw to increase the enginespeed, if necessary.

High speed jet, H




Start the blower as described on page 13 andalternate letting it run at idling speed and at halfthrottle for 1-2 minutes to warm up.

Give the engine full throttle and adjust the Hscrew until the engine runs at maximum speed.

Turn the H screw 1/8 of a turn counterclockwise(less than 1/8 of a turn if the stop restricts thisadjustment).

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Page 21: Husqvarna 225B Leaf Blower



NOTEtSome mufflers are fitted with a catalytic converter.See "Technical data" to see whether you clearingsaw is fitted with a catalytic converter.The muffler is designed to dampen the noise leveland to direct the exhaust fumes away from the user.The exhaust fumes are hot and can contain sparks,which can result in fire if the exhaust fumes are

directed towards a dry and inflammable material.Some mufflers are equipped with a special sparkarrest screen. If your machine is fitted with this typeof screen it should be cleaned regularly. This is doneusing a wire brush. On mufflers without a catalyticconverter the screen should be cleaned weekly, orreplaced if necessary. On mufflers fitted with acatalytic converter the screen should be checkedand cleaned monthly. If the screen is damaged itshould be replaced. If the screen is frequentlyblocked, this can be a sign that the function of thecatalytic converter is impaired. Contact your dealerto inspect the muffler. A blocked screen will causethe engine to overheat resulting in damage to thecylinder and piston. Also see under "Maintenance"

NOTEtNever use a machine with a defective muffler.

Cooling system

The engine is equipped with a cooling system formaintaining the right operating temperature.

The cooling system consists of the followingcomponents:

1. Air intake on the starter device.

2. Fan blades on the flywheel.3. Cooling fins on the cylinder.4. Cylinder cowling (guides cooling air flow against

cylinder surfaces).

Clean the cooling system by brushing once a week,or more often, if necessary.A dirty or blocked cooling system wilt cause theblower to overheat and this will damage the cylinderand piston. -_ / f



Page 22: Husqvarna 225B Leaf Blower


Air filter

The air filter (A) must be cleaned regularly toremove dust and dirt. This will prevent:

Carburetor malfunctionsStarting problemsReduced performanceUnnecessary wear on engine partsAbnormal fuel consumptionElevated content of harmful exhaust fumes

Clean the filter after 25 hours of operation or moreoften if the air is exceptionally dusty in the workarea.

To clean the air filter

Dismantle the air filter cover (B) and remove thefilter medium. Wash it clean in a solution of soapand warm water. Make sure that the filter is drybefore reassembling.An air filter, which has been used for some time, can-not be cleaned completely. Therefore,the filter mustbe replaced by a new one at regular intervals. Afaulty filter must always be replaced.


Spark plug

The condition of the spark plug is influenced by:

An incorrectly adjusted carburetor.Wrong fuel mixture (too much oil in thegasoline).Poor quality gasoline and/or oil.A dirty air filter.

These factors cause deposits on the spark plugelectrodes, which may result in malfunction anddifficulty starting the blower.

If the engine is low on power, difficult to start orruns poorly at idling speed, always check thespark plug first.

The spark plug is accessible under the cylindershrouding, which can be removed by unscrewingfour screws.

If the spark plug is clogged, clean it and check theelectrode gap. Re-adjust if necessary. The correctgap is 0.5 mm (0.020"). The spark plug should bereplaced after about one month of operation orearlier if the electrodes are badly eroded.

NOTE! Always use the recommended type of sparkplug! See under "Technical data". An incorrect sparkplug can severely damage the piston/cylinder.

_0,5 mm

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Page 23: Husqvarna 225B Leaf Blower


Maintenance scheduleA number of general maintenance instructions aregiven below. If more detailed instructions arerequired, get in touch with your local servicingdealer.

Daily maintenance

1. Clean the exterior surfaces of the blower.

2. Check that the throttle lock and the throttle trig-ger function in a safe manner. Replacedamaged parts.

3. Check that the stop switch works properly.Replace if necessary.

4. Clean the filter. Replace it, if required.

5. 225Bx.sER=Es:Checkthat the inspection cover canbe locked in the closed position. Carefullycheck that the fan impeller is clean,especially if the blower has beenused for collecting debris (vacuuming).

6. Check that all nuts and screws are properlytightened.

7. Check that all the housings are free of cracks.Damaged parts shall be replaced.

8. Check that the collection bag is intact and thatthe zipper works. Replace it, if required.

Weekly maintenance

1. Check the condition of the starter device, thestarter cord and the tensioning spring. Damagedparts shall be replaced.

2. Check that none of the anti-vibration mountingsare damaged. Replace damaged parts.

3. Check the condition of the air intake at thestarter device. Remove debris if it is clogged.

4. Clean the outside of the spark plug. Unscrew itand check the electrode gap. Re-adjust the gapto 0.5 mm (0.020"), if necessary, or replace thespark plug.

5. Clean the fan blades on the flywheel.

6. Clean or replace the muffler's spark arrestscreen (not on mufflers with a catalyticconverter).

7. Clean the carburetor space.

8. Clean the air filter.





Page 24: Husqvarna 225B Leaf Blower


Monthly maintenance

1. Flush the fuel tank with clean gasoline, whichafterward should be disposed of in an environ-mentally correct manner.

2. Clean the outside of the carburetor and thespace around it. Replace damaged parts.

3. Clean the fan blades on the flywheel and thespace around it.

4. Check the fuel filter and the fuel line. Replacethem, if necessary.

5. Check all the cables and the connections.Replace damaged parts.

6. Change the spark plug.

7. Check and clean the muffler's spark arrestscreen if necessary (only mufflers with acatalytic converter).


6 0,5 mm


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Page 25: Husqvarna 225B Leaf Blower


EngineCylinder volume, cm3:Cylinder bore, mm:Stroke, mm:Idling speed, rpm:Max. speed - blowing, rpm:Max. speed - vacuuming, rpm:Max. engine output to ISO 8893:Catalytic converter muffler

Ignition systemManufacturer/type of ignition system:Spark plug:Electrode gap, mm:

Fuel and lubrication systemManufacturer/type of carburetor:Fuel tank volume, liters:

WeightWeight, without fuel but with blower tubeand standard nozzle fitted, kg:

Noise levelsEquivalent noise pressure level atoperator's ear. Weighted value for 50%idling and 50% full throttle to ISO 7917,dB(A):Equivalent sound power level. Weightedvalue for 50% idling and 50% full throttleto ISO 10884, dB(A):

Vibration levelsVibration levels at the handle, measuredaccording to ISO 7916, m/s 2Idling speed, front/rear handle:Max. speed, front/rear handle:

FanType:Max. air velocity, m/s (km/h):Air volume using a standard nozzle, mS/h:

225B 225Bx.sERIES

26,9 26,935 3528 283.000 3.0008.200 8.2007.400 7.4000.9 kW/9000 rpm 0.9 kW/9000 rpmNo Yes

Walbro CD Walbro CDChampion RCJ 7Y Champion RCJ 7Y0.5 0.5

Walbro/WT Walbro/WT0.4 0.4

5.1 5.3

89 91

105 100

2.6 3,64,3 3,5

Radial fan

83 (300)6OO

Radial fan

83 (3O0)6OO


Page 26: Husqvarna 225B Leaf Blower




The EPA (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency), CARB(California Air Resources Board) and Husqvarna Forest &Garden are pleased to explain the emissions controlsystem warranty on your 2001 and later small off-roadengine. In U.S., new small off-road engines must bedesigned, built and equipped to meet the federal andCalifornia stringent anti-smog standards. HusqvarnaForest & Garden must warrant the emission controlsystem on your small off-road engine for the periods oftime listed below provided there has been no abuse,neglect or improper maintenance of your unit.Your emission control system includes Parts such as thecarburetor and the ignition system.Where a warrantable condition exists, Husqvarna Forest& Garden will repair your small off-road engine at no costto you. Expenses covered under warranty include diagno-sis. parts and labor.

MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTYCOVERAGEThe 2001 and later small off-road engines are warrantedfor two years. If any emission related part on your engine(as listed above) is defective, the part will be repaired orreplaced by Husqvarna Forest & Garden.

OWNER'S WARRANTYRESPONSIBILITIESAs the small off-road engine owner, you are responsiblefor the performance of the required maintenance listed inyour Owner's Manual. Husqvarna Forest & Gardenrecommends that you retain all receipts coveringmaintenance on your small off-road engine, butHusqvarna Forest & Garden cannot deny warranty solelyfor the lack of receipts or for your failure to ensure theperformance of all scheduled maintenance.As the small off-road engine owner, you should, however,be aware that Husqvama Forest & Garden may deny youwarranty coverage if your small off-road engine or a partof it has failed due to abuse, neglect, impropermaintenance, unapproved modifications or the use ofparts not made or approved by the original equipmentmanufacturer.

You are responsible for presenting your small off-roadengine to a Husqvarna Forest & Garden authorizedservicing dealer as soon as a problem exists. Thewarranty repairs should be completed in a reasonableamount of time, not to exceed 30 days.If you have any questions regarding your warranty rightsand responsibilities, you should contact your nearestauthorized servicing dealer or call Husqvarna Forest &Garden at 1-800-487-5963.

WARRANTY COMMENCEMENT DATEThe warranty period begins on the date small off-roadengine is delivered.

LENGTH OF COVERAGEHusqvarna Forest & Garden warrants to the initial ownerand each subsequent purchaser that the engine is freefrom defects in materials and workmanship which cause

the failure of a warranted part for a period of two years.




Repair or replacement of any warranted part will be performedat no charge to the owner at an approved Husqvama Forest &Garden servicing dealer.If you have any questions regarding your warranty rights andresponsibilities, you should contact your nearest authorizedservicing dealer or call Husqvama Forest & Garden at1-800-487-5963.WARRANTY PERIODAny warranted part which is not scheduled for replacement asrequired maintenance, or which is scheduled only for regularinspection to the effect of "repair or replace as necessary" shallbe warranted for 2 years. Any warranted part which is scheduledfor replacement as required maintenance shall be warranted forthe period of time up to the first scheduled replacement point forthat part.DIAGNOSIS

The owner shall not be charged for diagnostic labor which leadsto the determination that a warranted part is defective, if thediagnostic work is performed at an approved Husqvarna Forest& Garden servicing dealer.CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES

Husqvama Forest & Garden may be liable for damages to otherengine components caused by the failure of a warranted part stillunder warranty.

WHAT IS NOT COVEREDAll failures caused by abuse, neglect or impropermaintenance are not covered.ADD =ON OR MODIFIED PARTS

The useof add-on or modified parts can be grounds for disallowinga warranty claim. Husqvama Forest & Garden is not liable tocover failures of warranted parts caused bythe useofadd-on ormodified parts.

HOW TO FILE A CLAIMIf you have any questions regarding your warranty rights andresponsibilities, you should contact your nearest authorizedservicing dealer or call Husqvama Forest & Garden at1-800-487-5963.

WHERE TO GET WARRANTY SERVICEWarranty services or repairs shall be provided at allHusqvarna Forest & Garden authorized servicing dealers.

MAINTENANCE, REPLACEMENT ANDREPAIR OF EMISSION-RELATED PARTSAny Husqvarna Forest & Garden approved replacement partused in the performance of any warranty maintenance orrepairs on emission-related parts, will be provided withoutcharge to the owner if the part is under warranty.

EMISSION CONTROL WARRANTY PARTSLIST1.Carburetor and internal parts2.intake pipe, airfilter holder and carburetor bolts.3.Airfilter and fuelfilter covered up to maintainance


4. ignition Systema) Spark Plug, covered up to maintenance scheduleb) Ignition Module

5. Muffler with catalytic converter

MAINTENANCE STATEMENTThe owner is responsible for the performance of all requiredmaintenance, as defined in the operator's manual.

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