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  • Technology in its many forms has made the world a much smaller place. Nothing and nobody is out of reach and

    knowledge itself is endlessly available.

  • The global village is a theory that states that time and space is a factor that is no longer an issue in communica-tion as technology grows the more this factor is reduced even more. When the postal service was the only option to communicate with people too far away to meet, time and space were a major problem, the amount of time to travel or the amount of space, could cause a message to become irrel-evant and render it useless, as technology grew the problems slowly reduced, such as when the automobile was invented this reduced the time it would take to travel other the cer-tain amount of space. When telegraphy was publicized this reduced the problem of space, as message would be able to travel much faster other great distance almost instantly, how-ever time was still a factor because the message would still have to be interpreted, decoded, and delivered, also messages would have to be brief as there was a limit to the amount of letters that could be sent. These options of communication were rendered obsolete when the telephone was created and consequently the problem of time and space was inevitably erased form humans life and communication. It became pos-sible to communicate to the other side of the world instantly. As if the participants where next to each other. This phenom-enons power and reach only grew as satellites were made and technology itself became more advance, the creation of the mobile phone allowed anyone in the world to be reachable at any point in the world , making all of society in permanent possible contact with each other.

  • The internet also had its part to play in the creation of the Global Village. To the left is a image representing the users or facebook with light, the denser areas of light is where a lot of the population use facebook and the opposite in the dark areas. The light covers almost all of the world. With over 800 million active users it is easy to understand the scale of how big facebook. All these members can be connected if they choose. Nobody is to far away for a relationship of some sought. Facebook isnt the only form of social networking; with many other options

    such as myspace and twitter. However communica-tion on the internet still doesnt end there, there are endless amount of forums on the internet with people discussing every subject under the sun. Now somebody can, listen,

    discuss and share opinions with hundreds of other people from all around the world, with out leaving their home, or thanks to mobile technology during a lunch break or on the train. It is this type of instant messaging that is changing the way humans communicate.

    It is now a world where it is practically impossible to get lost or be alone.

  • The internet is a worldwide community so it is hard to elect who is it govern what is allowed on the inter-net. In the UK restrictions might only be as limited as to blocking a website in a singular home, or a type of website in schools and hospitals. However in China the situation is very different with many websites not being available to a mass proportion of the popula-tion. This is not only taking away freedom of speech from their society but is keeping information away from the public which they are entitled to. Recently in America congress has been debating over a bill which could have similar consequences of that of china.

    Also on the internet, fraud and be-ing followed scares a lot of people. Millions of people online save their bank account details and have pass-words to important personal files available on the internet. There is a loss of security on the internet as it cant be touched or nor does it have any physical protections. This can often leave somebody feeling anx-ious or unsafe on the internet as everything they do is recorded.

  • Just because your paranoid,

    doesnt mean theyre not watching you

  • In the UK we are caught on CCTV around 70

    times a day.CCTV is a type of camera equipment used for surveillance and security pur-poses. They are used as evidence in court and as a deterrent in everyday life. However with over 1.8 million CCTV cameras within the UK, the heavy monitoring scheme and come under controversy with arguments stating they go against individual hu-man rights and are moving towards a Big Brother culture. It seems that no where is private, everything that happens on the internet is recorded and now it looks like soon, everything we do will be recorded.

  • When bacteria grows in a petri dish it will never take over the full surface area, this is because the bacteria will have some form of excretion and the bacteria will not be able to survive in that area. This is a good metaphor to what the human species is doing to planet Earth. However rather than literal excretion, it can be taken that its not negative effect that some technology has on the planet, this could be anything from burning fossil fuels to pow-er our homes and vehicles or the weapons of mass destruction we use during war which makes areas of our planet inhabitable.

    As our understanding for the world has grown the human race is now beginning to take mea-sures against our own destruction using tech-nology with a more beneficial effect.

  • One of the ways humans are combatting earth pollution and the mass use of fossil fuels is with the technology of renewable energy. Instead of harvesting coal and oil, which only have a limited supply, the concept of renewable en-ergy is now coming into place, the use of wind turbines, solar power and hydroelectric dams to create electricity has a much less damaging effect on the environment and the recourses these structures use are limitless. However even with the amount of equipment, these will only count for a small percentage of the worlds

    energy usage

    The sun, wind and water.

  • Renewable Energy

  • What humans have accomplished with the re-sources that are available has only just began. Peo-ple have walked on the moon using a space shut-tle with a less powerful computer than the ones in

    some mobile phones.

    As the human race becomes more intelligent and efficient, the possibilities and the potential be-

    come endless.

    There are predictions stating that one day a per-son will be able to have a chip in their head that permanently connects them to the internet.

    This in turn will have the said person also per-manently connected and available to every oth-

    er person in the world with a chip in their head.

    This will create a sense of telepathy within the hu-man race. Also if everybody is connected to the

    internet will a persons intelligence be identifiable when all the answers and information are avail-

    able in their own mind.