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Hull kr talk 4 body composition changes

Jul 01, 2015



  • 1. Principle 1 recap to play great you must hydrate
    • How much water should you mix your protein shake with?

2. Principle 2 recap For a longer career,eat plenty ofveg

  • 5 ways you can include more veg in your diet?

3. Principle 3 Recap start the day like a champion

  • What 3 things should a decent breakfast contain?

4. Hull KR Principle 4You are paid to eat Rich M c Keating 5. Today's talk

  • Eating for size
  • Eating for fat loss without losing muscle
  • Eating for maintenance
  • The finer points of eating

6. Eating for size 7. The myth of Bulking

  • You cant force muscle to grow
    • A natural trainee with a good nutrition plan and sound training schedule could put on 7 to 10 lbs of muscle per year.
  • Becoming fat makes it harder to put on muscle due to decreased insulin resistance
  • To shed the excess fat you may lose your muscle mass
  • Bulking up makes improves your ability to gain fat and impairs your ability to lose it.

8. What you do outside of the gym counts

  • The Phases of Rest Never run when you can walk Never walk when you can get a ride Never stand when you can sit Never sit when you can lie down Never lie down when you can go to sleep

9. 5 things to do

  • Lose the hard gainers mindset
  • Post workout carbs 2g for every kg of bodyweight
  • Relax- take naps ( lower cortisol/ increase T)
  • Start with high quality shake first thing, then a big breakfast 1 hr later
    • Every 3 hours ( set your alarm )
    • Calorie splurge Mondays Over eat several times a day
    • Always have food- ( calorie jar)in car/ in bag/ everywhere you go
    • Tupperware dishes/ rice/ quinoa/tuna/ salmon/ chicken breast/

10. Eating for reduced body fat 11. Reasons to get lean

  • Fat is a metabolic organ- it produces oestrogen and aromatizes T ( the fatter you get the harder it is to get lean)
  • You are 2.5 times more likely to get injured if you are overweight
  • Being overweight makes you slower on the pitch

12. 5 things to do

  • Curtail alcohol
  • Eat protein regularly
  • Choose Quality over quantity
    • Calorie analogy
  • Hara Hachi Bu
  • Time carbohydrates
    • Post workout/game/ cheat night only
    • Increase insulin sensitivty
      • Fish oil
      • Cinamon

13. Maintaining

  • Still tweak your diet to maximize performance
  • If lose weight then eat more
  • If gain then eat less
  • Monitor

14. Rules of eating

  • Your stomach doesnt have teeth
  • Create the right atmos
  • Not at the table!
    • Stress talk
  • Rules of cheat meals
  • Enjoy food

15. Summary

  • To put size on
    • Do not eat crap
    • Eat regularly
    • rest
  • To drop fat and keep muscle
    • Eat quality
    • Eat until 80% full
    • Cheat in the right way
  • Maintenance
    • Eat for performance
  • When eating
    • enjoy
  • 5 things you learnt today?

16. Questions