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How to Prepare a General University Research (GUR) to Prepare a GUR Proposal...How to Prepare a General University Research (GUR) Proposal Presented by Leigh Botner, Director Research

Apr 03, 2018




  • How to Prepare a

    General University Research (GUR)


    Presented by

    Leigh Botner, Director

    Research Development Office

    October 17, 2013

  • Learning Objectives


    We will review

    How to prepare a successful GUR

    Campus staff available to assist

    Available web and educational resources

  • Passionate Ideas

    Before you start to write

    Clarify your ideas and develop a clear, concise hypothesis

    Develop your objectives and aims

    Determine what question(s) you will address

    Define the specific experiments/scholarly processes that will test your hypothesis or expand an important idea

    Define measurable and realistic outcomes

    Identify methods most likely to achieve those outcomes

    Be able to articulate credibility and capacity to conduct the project 2

  • Application Instructions/Guidelines

    Different sponsors call them different names

    Use the most current program announcement

    Guidelines are the best source of information about the program, the application expectations, and the review criterion.

    Read them before you start the application, read them again in process and read them again as you prepare to submit

    Keep a copy of the guidelines for your files

    Some large programs also offer webinars 3

  • GUR Eligibility

    General University Research (GUR) grants support full-time faculty for individual

    research and professional development

    1. First priority is given to untenured, tenure-track, early career faculty members

    with research scholarly or creative projects

    2. Special consideration is given to projects which:

    Are not sufficiently developed to justify external support

    Promises to expand scholarly endeavors & increase future productivity

    Due to small budget or nature of project would have difficulty in obtaining

    external support

    Require additional support to complete an ongoing project

    3. Requests for funds to cover fees to attend research institutes or other formal

    research study programs will also be considered


  • GUR Restrictions

    No restriction on the number of GUR awards received by an

    individual faculty member

    Applicants are NOT eligible to submit if he/she has received an

    award between June 2011 and June 2013

    Applicants who received a GUR award prior to June 2011 must

    submit all delinquent final progress reports prior to applying 5

  • GUR Due Dates and Submission Process 6

    Requires two online submissions

    Date Tasks Details

    Full proposal November 8

    Must be emailed to Dept. Admin. for entry into the UD Grants System (PeopleSoft) and proposal approval summary (PAS) webform routed to appropriate individuals

    Routing is to include PI, Department Chair, College Dean and OSP) Chairs recommendation Due (November 22) to Applicable Dean

    December 6

    Full proposal due to RO Sponsored Programs Office via PeopleSoft and Approved PAS Webform

    College Overview of Submissions from Applicable Dean Due via email to

    December 13 Email Acknowledgement from the RO of Receipt of Proposal & Admin Review

    Full proposal December 20

    Full proposal must be uploaded by the faculty member into the GUR reviewer database by December 20 (faculty member will receive link and uploading instructions from once Attachment 2 has been received from Dean)

  • Who is my Dept. Admin? 7

  • Resources for Dept. Admins.


    Sponsor ID: 0921

    Purpose: RSCH6- University Sponsored Research


    Requested amount entered as direct costs

    Applicable cost share entered from department and/or college

    F&A Pricing Setup

    Choose Industrial Research On Campus for the rate type and overwrite the

    F&A rate to zero

    No 1% effort required as cost share for PIs.

    Routing of PAS is to include PI, Department Chair, College Dean and Office of

    Sponsored Programs. 8

  • GUR Formatting Requirements

    Use the 2013/2014 GUR Grant Application format found at

    Single spaced with 1 inch margins

    Use 11 point font- Times New Roman

    Application page limit= 5 (cover page & project description)

    Reference citations should immediately following the project description

    Appendices: REQUIRED

    Attachment 1: Budget and justification (2 page limit)

    Attachment 2: Past GUR progress reports and/or copy

    of closely related external proposals

    **Letters of support and/or collaboration/commitment- Not allowed

    Pay particular attention to section page limits for:

    Significance of the Proposed Work- page max

    Description of Proposed Research/Scholarly Activity- 1 page max

    Additional Information in Support of Proposal- 1 page max 9

  • Side-by-Side Comparison of Major GUR Writing Components and Review Criteria 10

    Side-by-Side Comparison of Major GUR Writing Components and

    Review Criteria

    Application Components Five Faculty Senate Review Criteria Dean's Overall Summary

    Educational Background RO will assign default eligibility rankings

    Relevant Publications -Untenured tenure track Asst. Professors =10

    Professional and/or Research Experience -Senior faculty projects= 6

    Significance of Proposed Work Significance of the Problem/Quality of the Idea Relevance to Field

    Description of Proposed Research or Scholarly Activities Adequacy of the Research Plan Overall Quality

    - Specific Aims/Goals & Objectives

    - Methodology: Study Design/Work Plan/Argument for Scholarly Activity

    -Target population for Empirical Research/Target Publications

    -Data Analysis Plan/Evaluation

    -Timeline of Activities (Should align with Budget and Justification) Justification of Resources/Appropriateness of Timeline

    Benefits Expected Promise of Development/Potential for Outside Funding

    Plans for Submission of the Project to other Funding Sources

    Current and Pending Research Support

    Previous GUR Grants

    Results Obtained on Previous GUR Grants

    Additional Information in Support of Proposal

    Attachment 1: Budget and justification Justification of Resources/Appropriateness of Timeline

  • Project Budget and Period

    Typical maximum- $6,000 but exceptionally well justified proposals could be

    considered at higher amounts based on individual merit

    Supports such costs as:

    Technical assistance




    Graduate student research assistant stipends plus fringe benefits

    Faculty summer stipends (fellowships- no fringe benefits)

    Maximum budget allocation for salaries is $5,000

    Cost sharing is not required

    Project duration= 24 months (June 1, 2014- May 31, 2016)


  • GUR Specific Budget Advice

    Use Attachment 1 as template

    PIs may request summary salary stipends (max. $5K or 1/9 of AY

    salary, whichever is less)- No fringe benefits

    Fringe Benefits (other than PI)

    Fringe Benefit Rates for 7/1/13 until amended may be found

    under UD Proposal Guide on the RO website 12

  • Who are the GUR reviewers? 13

  • How is GUR



    VPR, Chair of Faculty Senate Research

    Committee and I just met in October to

    discuss the process and the number of

    new members

    Research Committee will be convened in

    November to discuss the review


    RO will review all proposals for administrative compliance

    Applicants failing to follow total page limits, section limits and failing to include required attachments will be returned

    Applicants will have one week to correct the applications and resubmit into the Reviewer Database

    RO will create default rankings for

    eligibility in the reviewers access

    database and upload College Overview 14

  • How is Review Conducted?

    January 2014: Reviewers will asked to conduct online reviews by end of Jan

    February 2014: