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#PORM Personal Online Reputation Management

How To Be A #PORM Star by Alexia Leachman

May 19, 2015



Presentation delivered at the Digital Marketing Show 2013 (
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  • 1. #PORMPersonal Online Reputation Management

2. @AlexiaL #PORM 3. Why do we need to rock at being #PORM stars? 4. We speak work shop date LIVE online 5. Why might someone check you out online? 6. Theyve met you Theyre going to meet you Theyve heard about you Theyve read about you Theyve seen your Tweet / FB / LinkedIn status Theyre thinking of hiring you Theyre thinking of investing in your business Theyre thinking of doing business with you Youre going on a date with them Theyre your peers keeping tabs on you 7. 82% of employers look up candidates on social media 88%25%8%64% reject a job application after viewing a candidates social media 8. What does Google say about you? 9. Your online presence needs to reect, support and enhance your worldly presence #PORM @AlexiaL 10. Tru 11. What is reputation anyway? 12. Character is like a tree and reputation like its shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing. " Abraham Lincoln 13. rand nal b erso PCharacter is like a tree and reputation like its shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing. " Abraham Lincoln 14. Its what this lot think of you 15. What you SAY & what you DO 16. How is ONLINE Reputation different? 17. You create the content! 18. Its all up to you! 19. Youre in total control of your online reputation because YOU create the content #PORM @AlexiaL 20. 10 ways to rock at being a #PORM star 21. 1Get a #PORM name 22. iD 23. Make it easy for people to FIND you, CONNECT with you and REMEMBER you #PORM @AlexiaL 24. 2Make the most of your assets 25. Useyour talents& your strengths 26. 3 Get sticky 27. Its all about the conversation 28. Are you engaging or watching from the sidelines? 29. 4 Go where the action is 30. Where & how should you spend your time? 31. Know WHO youwant to engage with and WHERE theyhang out online#PORM @AlexiaL 32. 5 Stay on top 33. Use Google alerts to stay on top of when new mentions appear online 34. but go deep 35. Use pipl to search the deep web to see the harder to nd content about you 36. 6Know what you want 37. Being strategic about your online presence will save you heaps time and trouble #PORM @AlexiaL 38. 7 Keep it up 39. Be consistent 40. 8Get your story straight 41. Your bio is the hook that makes people want to nd out more about you. Get it right! #PORM @AlexiaL 42. 9Dont be a d*ck 43. Youre argumentative rudewhingingangry Youre always venting frustrations You need to have the last word 44. Clearing your head trash allows the real, nicer, calmer, stressfree you to show up #PORM @AlexiaL 45. 10Dont fake it 46. Be real.Be you.Be nice.#PORM @AlexiaL 47. You cant build a reputation on what you're going to do. HENRY FORD 48. @AlexiaL #PORM 49. Any Questions?