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How to avoid supplier disasters

Aug 03, 2015




1. 2015 blur Group PLC How to avoid supplier disasters. 2. 2015 blur Group PLC The Selection Process1. No matter where in terms of significance your suppliers fall be it in the big head of your expenses or your tail spend in-depth analysis, prior to selection, is vital. Choose from a number of suppliers - not just the first one that comes along. CHOICE UNDERSTANDING Implement a support system to understand your suppliers. 3. 2015 blur Group PLC Why is your supplier selection important? Any damage inflicted by your suppliers will reflect negatively on your company and brand. So choose wisely when seeking the right supplier for the job. 4. 2015 blur Group PLC Why select appropriately? NO wasted time. NO wasted money. NO frustration. 5. 2015 blur Group PLC Consistent evaluation and supplier catch-ups2. WHY? Allows you to keep report on progression. Nurtures your supplier relationships. Encourages better organisation. Feedback should be mutual and regular, in order to boost quality throughout the journey and determine any insufficiencies along the way. 6. 2015 blur Group PLC 3. Contractual agreements and disclaimers How to protect your company's privacy? Research your supplier before welcoming them on board. Put controls in place to ensure protection of personal data. Contractual agreements and disclaimers are crucial to protecting either party's data and intellectual property from being breached. 7. 2015 blur Group PLC 4. Risk assessment Risk Assessment Incident Management A robust system will make sure quick, corrective measures can take place on the off chance that something goes wrong. This will alert you to anything untoward that may need stricter intervention. Initial investments in comprehensive risk assessments will save your time in the long run. Incident Analysis 8. 2015 blur Group PLC 5. Get to know your markets Research each product or service you purchase - pertinent when entering new markets and territories. WHY? Saves Money. Alignment with territory regulations. Avoids unstable markets and PR disasters. 9. 2015 blur Group PLC 6. How to maintain business standards? Each supplier working on your business should reflect your business. How do you do that? Maintain governance and communication with each supplier. Use constant reviews, to establish a transparent relationship. Eliminate risks and ensure ethical guidelines are enforced to a high standard. 10. 2015 blur Group PLC Is your business still struggling to source efficient suppliers? BUY AT Leave supplier disaster behind and... 11. 2015 blur Group PLC You buy everything else online. Why not business services?