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How to Avoid Inspection Fines

Dec 05, 2014



How to Avoid Inspection Fines

  • 1. How to Avoid Inspection Fines
  • 2. Moderator Becky Ross Marketing Manager (303) 228-8753 [email protected]
  • 3. Presented By Trevor Stage Channel Partner Manager [email protected] 303-228-2382
  • 4. How To Avoid Inspection Fines Current trends of regulatory activity Top violations and why they show up Ways to Be Prepared Inspector Visit protocols
  • 5. Trends in Regulatory Activity
  • 6. Trends in Regulatory Activity
  • 7. Top Violations OSHA Hazard Communication Electrical Safety General Duty Clause Personal Protective Equipment Spray Finishing Using Flammables
  • 8. Top Violations EPA Emergency / Spill Response Storage Tank Management A/C Certifications Hazardous Waste Management Recordkeeping and Reporting
  • 9. Top Violations DOT Incorrectly Filled Out Shipping Papers Shipments by Air Training Requirements 24 Hour Emergency Number Labeling and Packaging Requirements
  • 10. What causes them to show up? OSHA & EPA Routine (Bad) Complaint (Worse) Incident (Awful) DOT Air Shipment Ground Shipment On Road Incident
  • 11. Are you covered?
  • 12. Safety Culture drives behavior reduces risk
  • 13. Safety Culture EXAMPLES Management Walk-arounds Workplace hazards Unsafe behaviors In-house Inspections Training New hire orientation
  • 14. Be prepared with existing Safety Culture Safety Committee Meetings Accident Investigation Employee Suggestions
  • 15. Safety Culture
  • 16. During an Inspection 1. Greet and Identify the Inspector 2. Conduct an Opening Conference 3. Accompany the inspector during the visit 4. Hold a closing conference
  • 17. Greet and Identify the Inspector Employee Training Direct inspector to a manager Verify Identity Name of Individual Agency Represented Obtain a business Card Contact KPA or your EHS Consultant
  • 18. Conduct an Opening Conference Remain Friendly and Professional Determine Purpose and Scope Notify Inspector of Company Safety Policies and Restricted Areas
  • 19. Accompany the Inspector Guide inspector to areas identified in the opening conference Answer questions Do not guess Limit contact with mis-informed or disgruntled employees Any employee may be asked for an interview An employee may request representation
  • 20. During the Inspection (cont.) Take notes and observe sampling procedures Note any issues of high concern Take photographs Ask questions Answer when asked but do not volunteer information Limit documents to those requested
  • 21. Hold a Closing Conference Ask inspector to identify what was found Formal report Split samples and photographs Timeline of next steps
  • 22. Report and Follow Up Write your own summary Include recommendation for remediation Maintain Communication Respond to the formal report
  • 23. Important Takeaways Be Prepared Communication Accurate paperwork Take Complaints Seriously Respond quickly Prove your due diligence Follow Inspection Protocols Identify Inspector Opening Conference Guided Inspection Closing Conference
  • 24. KPA arrives unannounced Thorough Facility Inspection Interviews 3 facility employees 1 Manager 2 Employees Coaching opportunities revealed on the spot Extensive report generated within Protect Your Operations from EPA/OSHA Inspections KPA Introduces: The 5th Visit
  • 25. Find out how your facility might fare if visited by a regulator Reveal how well prepared your employees are to respond to an inspector Uncover management training opportunities Decrease likelihood of potential fines.