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Mar 26, 2015



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HOW REALITY TV WORKS Slide 2 TIP OF THE ICEBERG Slide 3 BIG BROTHER Slide 4 THE BIG BROTHER HOUSE The original Big Brother House was based in Three Mills Studio in Bow, East London. Since 2003, Big Brother has been based in a compound in Elstree Studios, just north of London Slide 5 SHOW ME THE MONEY Slide 6 MILITARY OPERATION Slide 7 CAMERAS Slide 8 CAMERAS IN THE BIG BROTHER HOUSE On Series One, BB had 13 x Robotic Cameras (the ones that move and are dome shaped) and 10 Fixed Cameras. The last few series increased the cameras and are now 22 x Robotic Cameras and 14 x Fixed. There is also a camera run that is situated around the house areas and there are five cameras that are studio cameras on pedestals and point through the two way mirrors. Slide 9 CAMERA OPERATORS Slide 10 THE IMPORTANCE OF TECHNOLOGY Slide 11 PRODUCTION STAFF HIERARCHY Senior Team Creative Director 2 x Exec Producers 2 x Series Editor The current creative director of Big Brother is Philip Edgar Jones, also Creative Director of Brighter Pictures Slide 12 REALITY TEAM 4 x Senior Producers 10 x Reality/Story Producers Reality producers do both day producing and story producing, depending on what shift they're on Slide 13 WHAT DO STORY PRODUCERS DO? Slide 14 CONSTRUCTING THE REALITY Slide 15 DAY PRODUCERS Slide 16 TASK TEAM Slide 17 THE TASKS Two main kind of tasks: Shopping Tasks and Saturday Tasks Shopping Tasks go towards food contestants are given a basic budget of 1 a day for food. This increases to 4 each if they win a task Saturday Tasks used to bring out a particular dynamic in the group more conceptual Slide 18 CLASSIC TV MOMENTS Slide 19 THE TASK TEAM Senior Task Producer x 1 Task Producers x 3 Task Assistant Producers x 3 Task Researchers x 3 Task Runners x 3 Task Art Directors x 2 Art Assistants x 2 Chippies, painters, prop makers etc x 4 Slide 20 ETHICS Slide 21 AUDITIONS Slide 22 PSYCH TESTS Slide 23 THE CARE TEAM This team looks after the well being of the Housemates, and liaise with their families and friends during evictions. They deal with any problems with Housemates in association with the Psychologist and the Series Eds and Execs Slide 24 STRUCTURE OF THE CARE TEAM Senior Care Producer x 1 Care Producer x 1 Care AP x 1 Care Researcher x 1 Slide 25 EVICTION NIGHT Slide 26 SCANDALS Slide 27 FIGHT NIGHT Slide 28 SHILPAGATE Slide 29 RACISM Ofcom's severe criticism of Channel 4 singled out three occasions the broadcaster failed to "handle the situation appropriately and contextualise". The first was when Goody referred to Shetty as "Shilpa Poppadom"; the second was Lloyd saying she wished the Indian actress would "f*** off home"; the third was derogatory comments about Indian eating habits, poverty, starvation, illness and being stick-thin during an argument over Shetty producing a dish of under-cooked chicken for housemates to eat. Slide 30 BADLY HANDLED BY CHANNEL 4? Slide 31 BIG BROTHER SCREWS YOU UP? Slide 32 LOST HER CAREER Slide 33 TWO SUICIDE ATTEMPTS Slide 34 EVICTION NIGHT TRAUMA Slide 35 LAST BIG BROTHER Slide 36 SUMMARY Big Brother has run on British TV since 2000 It has generated vast amounts of money for both Channel 4 (the broadcaster) and Endemol (who own the format) It relies on state of the art cameras and hundreds of staff It has been a talking point for nearly 10 years At its peak, over a 100,000 people a year auditioned to go on the show Viewing figures peaked at around 10 million and now have slumped to around 2m 2010 sees the end of Big Brother on Channel 4 but there is always a possibility it could reappear on another channel Slide 37 BRITAINS GOT TALENT Slide 38 PRODUCTION TEAM 4x Exec Producers 1x Series Producer 2x Producers 8 x P/Ds 2x A/Ps 4x Researcher 1x Production Manager 1x Production Coordinator 2x Production Secretary 10x runners - this changes during different stages of the auditions Slide 39 ON LOCATION Slide 40 AUDITIONS Slide 41 CAMERAS Slide 42 SIMON COWELL Slide 43 CONTROVERSY