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How ITT Implemented Checkmate 6-4-08 Will Kropp MCAD/PDM Application Engineer ITT Corporation Space Systems Division

How ITT Implemented Checkmate 6-4-08 Will Kropp MCAD/PDM Application Engineer ITT Corporation Space Systems Division.

Dec 30, 2015



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  • How ITT Implemented Checkmate

    6-4-08Will Kropp MCAD/PDM Application Engineer ITT Corporation Space Systems Division

  • ITT Space Systems*

  • *AgendaPurpose: This presentation will provide an overview of how ITT implemented the Checkmate digital product validation tool. TopicsDefining the motivation for file checkingProject implementationCheckmate module testing and evaluationChecker and profile selection and configurationsUser trainingResults reporting

  • *Determining the need for file checkingMCAD Community DemographicsMCAD Standards Updates Implemented, timed with Check-Mate rollout, management backing

  • *Mapping out Managements DesiresMeet with management to make some decisions regarding logistics;Standards Compliance & EnforcementUser/Supervisor TrainingManagements Reporting needsDetermining things to be checkedPrioritizing things to be checkedWho checks what when

  • *Creating a Project PlanDetermining what steps and resources would be required to implement Check-Mate

  • CM Module Testing & EvaluationAcquired 30 day trial licenses to evaluate toolsDetermine what the expense would be to purchase and maintain the necessary modules to accomplish our goalSet Up & Evaluate;User GUI experienceKF Check-Mate Author ToolUGS supplied results viewing & reporting toolsCKViewer

    QDASH-Quality Dashboard


  • *Module System ConfigurationMaking Decisions & Setting The Environment Variables AccordinglyUGII_CHECKMATE_LOG_DIR= X:\checkmateUGII_CHECKMATE_OUTPUT_MQCLOG= 1UGCHECKMATE_USER_DIR=%UGII_CUSTOM_DIR%\checkmateUGII_KF_USER_CLASS_DIR=%UGII_CUSTOM_DIR%\checkmate

  • CK ViewerEvaluate The CK Viewer Reporting Tool


  • QDASH-Quality DashboardThe Quality Dashboard Reporting Tool


  • Check-Mate KF AuthorTestingUnderstand the behavior of OOTB checksUnderstand the ability to modify OOTB checksWhats required to create custom checks


  • OOTB Checker selectionOOTB Checker review per CAD standardsWhat can we use?*

  • Custom Checks NeededAfter selecting the OOTB checks we want to use, determine what custom checks need to be created to fill the gaps in checking the things we want to checkCreate the custom checksSome Examples;*

  • Profile CreationCreate profiles for modeling and drafting files with the combination of OOTB and custom coded checks*

  • User/Supervisor TrainingDevelop & Deliver end user training resourcesA picture is worth a thousand words the Russian writer Ivan Turgenev wrote (in Fathers and Sons in 1862), "A picture shows me at a glance what it takes dozens of pages of a book to expound."Link to How-to guide from MCAD standardsCreate Camtasia How-to-use video based training Create Checker Reference Guide Create Correcting Problems video based training*

  • User Training-How To UseHow to run Check-Mate from the GUI example*

  • User Training- A Checker GuideWhat do you mean my part failed? What does that error message mean? DFA?


  • User Training-How To Correct FailuresExample of correcting the feature positioning error*

  • *Retrieving the dataUsers are directed to check and fix their WIPWe run batch result checks weekly on Teamcenter Engineering released partsCommand Line Utility (ug_check_part)ug_check_part [-read_result | -save_result ] [options] []

  • Reporting the resultsReporting the results. Now that I have all this information what do I do with it?GUI for users for WIPResults roll-up summaries for managementHow do we get there from here?Determine managements desiresEvaluate CKViewer & QDASHCreate custom report tool if needed based on the way management wants results reported*

  • OOTB Reporting OptionsCK Viewer & Quality Dashboard*

  • *Custom Reporting ToolBased on managements input it was required to create a custom reporting tool.TCeng PDM information desiredTop 10 checks for supervisorsExpandable to multi-CAD

  • *How ITT Implemented Checkmate

    Q & A

    Will Kroppwill.kropp@itt.comMCAD/PDM Application Engineer ITT CorporationSpace Systems Division