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How Brands Can Ring the Register with Video Advertising

Nov 16, 2014



In this session, Keith Eadie, VP Marketing at TubeMogul, will review real case studies demonstrating how major brands are using video to ring the register. The focus of the session will be on practical takeaways advertisers can use to drive sales and brand awareness. Keith will outline which strategies, ad units and placements are working – and the metrics available to evaluate success of online video campaigns.

Keith Eadie, VP Marketing, TubeMogul

Keith Eadie leads the marketing team at TubeMogul and is responsible for evangelizing the benefits of online video advertising and analytics to brand advertisers. Keith joined TubeMogul from The Boston Consulting Group, where he specialized in developing marketing strategies for technology and digital media firms. Prior to BCG, Keith worked with TubeMogul in its infancy at UC Berkeley and collaborated with the founders to develop the initial business plan and marketing tactics. Keith received his Bachelor of Commerce from the University of British Columbia and his MBA from UC Berkeley.

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2010 TubeMogul Incorporated. All Rights Reserved.TubeMogul Video Advertising and Analytics

IAB Webinar: How Brands CanRing the Register with Video Advertising

Keith Eadie / @keadie / @tubemogul##1Welcome everyone. Im Keith Eadie and I lead marketing at TubeMogul. TubeMogul is a video advertising and analytics company and we help the largest brands in the world use video advertising to drive sales.

AgendaTubeMogul What We DoWhy Are Brands Using Video?What Video Formats Work Best?Facebook The Video JuggernautExecuting a Successful Video CampaignStrategy in Action: Symantec Case Study

2010 TubeMogul Incorporated. All Rights Reserved.#Today, Im going to share with you some of our most compelling research on video advertising and then discuss how to put the findings of that research into practice in a video campaign.

The best practices I will cover are meant for agencies and brand advertisers to get the optimal performance from their video advertising so not only getting people to watch your videos, but to remember your videos, share your videos, click-through your videos to your web pages, and most importantly to buy your products and services.

I also have a section on video advertising on Facebook that will go over the different video options available on the social networking site and which placements perform the best.

Ill finish with a case study of a campaign we ran for Symantec that used these strategies to generate great results.

Before I begin, let me briefly tell you about TubeMogul so that you understand where the data behind these best practices is coming from.2 2010 TubeMogul Incorporated. All Rights Reserved.What We DoWe Connect Brands with Targeted Audiences

Using All Forms of Video Ads##TubeMoguls main product is a video advertising and analytics platform that enables brands to take any type of video ad and put it in front of their target audience. Our analytics track the performance of video campaigns in real-time and measure every single ad served on a second-by-second basis.3 2010 TubeMogul Incorporated. All Rights Reserved.We Collect Billions of Video Streams Per Month(Second only to Google)What We Do

##One of our key technologies is a few lines of code that goes into a video player when we have that code in a player we can see how people got to a video, if they came from a search engine what search terms they typed, exactly how long they watched the video, where they rewound/fast-forwarded, the geographic location and demographic profile of the people that watched the video, even how many videos had buffering events and how many people left as a result. We power the analytics for many of the worlds top video sites like DailyMotion, MetaCafe, Blip, MSN Video, Brightcove and many more. Between our analytics business and ad platform we capture billions of streams every month and place nearly 1 billion cookies. Its from this data set that we put together the best practices Ill share with you today.4AgendaTubeMogul What We DoWhy Are Brands Using Video?What Video Formats Work Best?Facebook The Video JuggernautExecuting a Successful Video CampaignStrategy in Action: Symantec Case Study

2010 TubeMogul Incorporated. All Rights Reserved.#Before we dive into the research I want to briefly review the key drivers that are making brands use video to influence their customers.5Video Ad Growth is Exploding 2010 TubeMogul Incorporated. All Rights Reserved.41%Video is fastest growing segment of digital advertising($B)Source: eMarketer (May 2010)#As many of you are likely aware video advertising is growing rapidly. According to eMarketer, growth this year is expected to be approximately 50% to $1.5 billion and then annual growth of around 40% is projected over the next several years. It is the fastest growing form of digital advertising, though this is off of a much smaller base than search or display. The critical thing to consider is that TV advertising is a $60 billion dollar business, so online video still has lots of opportunity to divert those brand dollars from TV to online.6Video Ads: In-Stream or In-Banner 2010 TubeMogul Incorporated. All Rights Reserved.

In-StreamIn-BannerOften just called pre-roll (but also mid-roll / post-roll)Ad video comes before content videoIdeal for 0:15 or 0:30 lengthsOften repurposed TV spotsVideo ad served in 300x250 display bannerAd video stands alone (non-interruptive)Ideal for >0:30 lengthsUsually made-for-web content#Very briefly, there are two main types of video ads in-stream ads are ads that are served during the playing of another piece of actual content the most common form is pre-roll. In-banner ads are served into display units and are usually used for video ads that exceed 30 seconds in length. 7How Brands Use Video 2010 TubeMogul Incorporated. All Rights Reserved.Owned MediaCompany SiteYouTube ChannelPaid MediaPre-RollIn-BannerEarned MediaViral Sharing and EmbedsYouTube Rankings#We work closely with brand advertisers and agencies and always encourage them to have an overarching video strategy. This means thinking about how a clients paid media efforts can amplify the performance of a brands owned and earned media.

What I mean by this is that its important to link a companys owned media such as video on their site or YouTube channel with their paid media placements and then enable those paid media placements to be shared and embedded so a great video can go on to be viewed by millions of people.8Video Has HUGE SEO Benefits 2010 TubeMogul Incorporated. All Rights Reserved.Put keywords in your video title

Include relevant metadata with videos

Embed videos on your own siteVideo is 50 times more likely thantext to be on the 1st page of Google1Owned Media1. Forrester, January 2009

#I want to provide a couple of examples that show why brands should be using all three types of media. First, for Owned Media, video is huge for search engine optimization. In fact, according to Forrester video is 50 times more likely than text to appear on the 1st page of Google.9Video Drives On-Site Conversions 2010 TubeMogul Incorporated. All Rights Reserved.Longer time spent on site

Fewer abandoned shopping carts

Lower return rates

Video improves conversions for web retailers by 64%1Owned Media1. comScore, August 2010#Also, because video is such a great tool for story telling and demonstrations, retailers that put video on their own site see shopping cart conversions increase by over 60%. Product returns go down dramatically as well. This makes sense, people are far more likely to watch a video about your products than they are to read a long page of text. And retailers are starting to realize this works - the number of online shoppers who watched a video before buying a product in-store grew 40% last year.10Video Outperforms Other Creative Formats for Brand MetricsPercent ImpactedOverall Video: Last 3 Years, Q4/2009, N=307 n=362,098; Rich Media: Last 3 Years, Q4/2009, N=1,203 n=1,511,268Simple Flash: Last 3 Years, Q4/2009, N=1,183 n=1,507,596Online Creative Formats: Frequency of 1In particular, ad awareness and Brand Favorability were impacted more effectivelyVideo delivers more brand impactthan other digital ad formatsPaid Media#For Paid Media, we did a study that evaluated different types of creative formats, and the results clearly showed online video was better than simple flash and rich media at building brand awareness and favorability with viewers.Successful video campaignsincrease brand metricsVideo Delivers Brand LiftEarned MediaOver 60 million views84% increase in audience reach160% increase in online GRPsImprovements in brand favorability and purchase consideration

#Finally, as we all know if you have great creative in a video, you can generate outstanding brand impact. Evian achieved this with their roller skating babies videos which got over 60 millions views and drove major improvements in brand favorability and purchase consideration.12AgendaTubeMogul What We DoWhy Are Brands Using Video?What Video Formats Work Best?Facebook The Video JuggernautExecuting a Successful Video CampaignStrategy in Action: Symantec Case Study 2010 TubeMogul Incorporated. All Rights Reserved.#Now I want to get into the results of a major study we conducted that examined what video formats work best for different types of advertising objectives.13Measuring Video Ad Performance 2010 TubeMogul Incorporated. All Rights Reserved.Video AnalyticsAttitudinal MetricsTotal viewsAverage viewing timeTotal viewing timeClick-through-rate (CTR)Completion rateMeasured byMeasured by

#We collaborated with Dynamic Logic on this study. TubeMogul contributed the data on how videos actually performed as measured by our InPlay analytics engine so we tracked metrics such as total views, average viewing time, completion rates, etc. The sample we measured contained over 20 million videos streams. And then Dynamic Logic handled the measurement of attitudinal metrics things like awareness and purchase intent - based on their survey data. The study specifically looked at how metrics differed if videos were repurposed TV spots or if they were custom made for the web. So lets dive into the findings.14Repurposed vs. Made-for-Web VideoPercentage of people who viewed the video However, Made-for-Web content loses a smaller percentage of viewers after the halfway point**Note: Data amongst Click-to-Play video content Source: TubeMogul: 20,302,612 Streams; 196,834 hours viewedRepurposed TV Videos Have Higher Completion Rates#Throughout this study we divided our results between repurposed TV spots that were 0:15 or 0:30 seconds in length and custom made for web videos that were longer than 0:30 seconds. In most cases, the 0:15 and 0:30 second videos were served in-stream, usually