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Hopper posintegration

May 22, 2015




Hopper Development POS integration services are described. We have helped our customers by integrating different POS and also provide POS Cloud Hosting and 24x7 support.

  • 1. HopperPOS Integration POSPOS IntegrationIntegration

2. What do we do? End-to-End Product Software Consulting Company -Custom Software/Packaged Software -Concept to Delivery to Hosting and Maintenance Product Augmentation Services -Design, Software, Product, QA, Data, DBA, IT, Cloud Onshore and Offshore Development Services -Design, Software, Product, QA, Data, DBA, IT, Cloud CustomSoftware Development -Web, iPhone, iPad, Desktop, and Enterprise Package Software Solution -SAP Implementation Services ERP, HANA, BI 3. POS Challenges Every POS vendor is different Technologies, languages, and APIs changes No common data model every POS represents data differently Payment Gateways are different Connectivity Management 4. POS Solution Abstract/Normalize API to integrate with all the POS API Canonical data model to capture complex variant data models of different POS REST API write once and integrate with any POS API testing toolkit to test the REST API 5. POS Solution Learning algorithm to map data from POS Menu Creation Module for Restaurants to ease restaurant ordering Connectivity Monitoring to proactively monitor POS connections Scaling the POS 6. POS Solution Online and Offline Data Analytics Big Data Analytics and Predictive Analytics using Machine Learning Manual and Automated Test suite to test Canonical REST API Test Infrastructure with Test Stores 7. POS Solution PCI Compliance API Design and Implementation Performance and Load Testing Test Infrastructure with Test Stores POS and Webs Services Hosting 24x7 IT and Application Support 8. How can we help? Rest API Web Modules SDK Users POS Service Interface Domain Model POS 1 POS 2 POS 3 POS 4 POS 1 DataMapper POS2 DataMapper POS3 DataMapper Pos4 DataMapper CustomerImplementation 9. POS Hosting Services 10. POS Cloud Hosting Why Cloud? CapEx becomes Opex better financial planning Computing Capacity as and when needed (onTap) Global Infrastructure 24x7 Basis, Functional, and Technical Support 11. HopperPOS Cloud Services Deploy POS on Cloud Automated Deployment QA Backup and Recovery URL Monitoring Performance Scaling Cloud Security 12. HopperSAPCloud Services Maintain POS on Cloud Change Management Operational Support Backup and Recovery Security Management 13. Contact Email: [email protected] Phone: +1 408 884 0325

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