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HONEST - Overview

Jan 20, 2017



  • Its hard not to be enthusiastic about Honest Frozen Yoghurt!Consumers are increasingly health-conscious, increasingly value-conscious, increasingly sceptical of whats in their food - they want freshness, purity, great value and top quality. Thats one reason Honest Frozen Yoghurt has so muchmore-ish market appeal. The other reason is that Honest tastes fantastic!Honest. Its all good.

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    Its completely Honest - deliciously creamy, low in fat, low in calories, gluten-free, and with no added sugar its everything your customers want from a frozen yoghurt. How does it taste so good, yet remain so Honest? Honest is sweetened using Stevia, an all-natural alternative to sugar which adds zero calories to the product thats right... no calories at all!

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    I cant get over how good Honest tastes. Not only that, being low in fat and gluten free its a healthy option too.

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    Quick and easy to dispense, our soft-serve machines are not only simple to operate, but

    can cope with almost limitless requirements.Its easy to sell, popular all year round and complimented

    with a full menu of tried, trusted and family friendly recipes, or be creative and make the creamy frozen

    yoghurt unique with our range of toppings and sauces.

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    I much prefer the taste of Honest to any ice cream Ive ever eaten and its great knowing its a healthier option as well.

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    One tree planted for every 1000 cups sold means that Honest is a better-than-ever consumer of forestry products. Even the cup it comes in is fully recyclable.Thats why we are honestly so sustainable.

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    We offer a huge range of bespoke and personal toppings, sauces, and sprinkles to compliment the amazing, unique taste of Honest.

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    Not only are we extremely proud of the taste and look of Honest, weve gone one step further and offer bespoke toppings so you can make the taste of Honest FrozenYoghurt your own.Why not try some of our tried and trusted recipes? We know you will love them. Everyone will.

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    It could hardly be simpler to sell Honest. We offer a complete, fully branded solution with comprehensive retailer support.It all comes down to this. Will your customers be tempted to try Honest? And will they love it enough to keep coming back for more? They will, and they will. The product has impeccable shelf-appeal. It looks fantastic, it tastes fantastic and there are no turn-offs - nothing artificial to worry health-conscious consumers. Its guilt-free too, less than 100kcals per 100g serving. Even the cup it comes in is fully recyclable and we plant one tree for every 1000 cups used! Were fully behind Honest Frozen Yoghurt. Weve packaged it beautifully, were supporting it completely from a branding and promotion point of view, and weve done everything possible to make it totally hassle free for you to stock and serve. Its a win, win, and its all good.

  • Telephone +44 (0) 23 8026 9926

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