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History of english language

Jun 22, 2015



  • 1. Three EnglishPeriodsOld EnglishMiddle EnglishModern EnglishEarly Modern EnglishLate Modern English

2. Old EnglishDescendant of the German languageSpoken by Angles and SaxonsHISTORY5th Century AD: Angles and Saxons (Germanic tribes) invadedthe BritainReunited, became Anglo-SaxonsTheir language is Englisc, which was where the word EnglishoriginatedCirca 890 AD: Anglo-Saxons invaded a landCalled it Anglo-Land (now called England), meaning Land ofthe Angles 3. MIGRATIONIrish missionaries came to EnglandBrought the Latin alphabetROMAN INVASION597 AD: Roman invader Augustine attempted toChristianize EnglandEstablished kingdoms all over EnglandRESULTSThe Latin alphabet became the basis of EnglishalphabetRomans spread and popularized English throughoutEngland 4. Middle English(1100-1500)HISTORYThe Normans, who spoke French, invaded EnglandRoyalties and government officials began speaking FrenchEnglish became language of the poor (peasants, butchers,maids, servants)Also the language of poets and writers 5. RESULTSEnglish children became bilingualMaterials written in English became very scarceMany French words were borrowedtax, estate, trouble, duty, pay, table, boil, serve,roast, dine, religion, savior, pray, and trinityFrench was Englands official language up until thebeginning of 14th century 6. CHANGESThree different words with one meaningkingly (Old English), royal (French), and regal(Latin). meaning of relating to a kingMore French InfluenceMore borrowed wordsBorrowed words, cellar and place affected theway c was pronouncedCene, cyssan, and cneow (Old English)Lice and mice 7. Modern english(1500- PRESENT)TWO TYPESEarly Modern EnglishFrom 1500 to 1800sLate modern English1800s until today 8. Early ModernEnglishGreat Vowel ShiftHappened between 1400 and 1500Sudden and major change how vowels arepronounceda is pronounced as /ei/e as /ei/i as /ai/o as /ou/ 9. CHANGES AND DIFFICULTIESMany English words are not pronounced asthey used to beA person born in 1400 would have difficultyunderstanding a person from the 1500Very careful listening and analysis of writtendocuments were done for betterunderstandingExample: House and mouse used to rhyme withmoose 10. OTHER FACTORS THAT CHANGED EARLY MODERNENGLISHWilliam ShakespeareBegan writing his sonnets and novels Created words, such as critical, leapfrog, majestic, pedant, anddwindleCreated clichs, such as flesh and blood, and vanish into thin airWilliam CaxtonIntroduced the printing press to England in 1476Began printing English textbooksWere sold at cheap pricesEnglish grammar, spelling, and vocabulary were standardized 11. Late Modern EnglishBegan in the 1800s and is the English that we speak todaySame as Early Modern English, but has richer vocabularyBRITISH EMPIREColonized many nationsWords were borrowed (i.e. pajamas and shampoo from Hindi, tycoonfrom Japanese, and sauna from Finnish) and added to the EnglishvocabularyOther words have Latin or Greek roots (i.e. biology, oxygen)World War I and World War IIAmerican soldiers collaborated with British soldiersMilitary slang words were createdblockbuster, nosedive, camouflage, radar, roadblock, spearhead, andlanding strip 12. The Influence of thePrinting Press The last major factor inthe development ofModern English was theadvent of the printingpress.William Caxton brought theprinting press to England in1476. Books became cheaperand literacy more common.Publishing for the masses inEnglish became profitable. 13. WilliamShakespeare William Shakespeare was an Englishpoet, playwright and actor, widelyregarded as the greatest writer in theEnglish language and the world's pre-eminentdramatist. He is often calledEngland's national poet and the "Bard ofAvon".WRITINGS OFSHAKESPEARESeven AgesHamletJulius CaesarRomeo JulietThe Tempest 14. Charles John Huffam Dickens was anEnglish writer and social critic. Hecreated some of the world's mostmemorable fictional characters and isgenerally regarded as the greatestnovelist of the Victorian period. WRITINGS OF CHARLESDICKENS Tale Of Two CitiesThe Frozen DeepOliver TwistA Christmas Carol 15. William Wordsworth was a majorEnglish Romantic poet who helped tolaunch the Romantic Age in Englishliterature with the 1798.With thedeath in 1843 of Robert Southey,Wordsworth became the PoetLaureate Writings Of William WordsworthDaffodilsThe Solitary ReaperThe ComplaintA Night ThoughtA Farewell 16. Robert Lee Frost was an American poet.He is highly regarded for his realisticdepictions of rural life and his commandof American colloquial speech. A popularand often-quoted poet, Frost washonored frequently during his lifetime,receiving four Pulitzer Prizes forPoetry. Writings OF Robert FrostThe Road Not takenA Late WalkFire And IceA Brook In the City 17.

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