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History of Computers

May 16, 2015




  • 1. The Xbox is a sixth-generation video game console produced by Microsoft.

2. The Xbox was launched to compete with other gaming console giants like Sony and Nintendo. The Xbox initially showed small sales but the launch of Xbox 360 brought it back in the race for the best gaming console. 3. The Xbox faced initial roadblocks as many major game developers like EA and Activision refused to build games for the new console. It all turned around for Xbox in the years 2006-2007 as it started getting newer and better games built from these developers. 4. As Xbox joined the big league the game developers faced a problem as to whom to sell their games to. This was resolved by many developers deciding to make games that would run both on Xbox and the Play station series. 5. As the contention continued between the Japanese and the Americans, the retiring PC got lost behind the chaos. The Xbox 360 not only provides gaming but also net surfing, hd-dvd capabilities and even a keyboard makes it no less than a PC. 6. The Xbox was and still is considered a luxury for the rich. At 299, the price is still considered a bit too much for the casual gamer. On the other hand smaller but equally fun gaming consoles like Nintendo Wii and Gameboy thrived on their low rates costing only $59 - $129. 7. One of the major drawbacks of Xbox and perhaps the one due to which PS 3 extended its lead is the lack of soft, non-violent games for the younger and female audience. Most of the games available on Xbox are considered hardcore and are meant for active gamers. 8. It might have the best games accessible on the market today, but the Xbox really has gone astray when it comes to its designing. Its outsized adapter is the main unease of its owner. Also the Xbox tends to make loads of noise making movie watching less than a pleasure. 9. The beyond belief graphics and superior game play make Xbox a gamers delight but a mothers nightmare. Kids refuse get off their couches and are on the console for hours. On the other hand the Nintendo Wii is a new generation of console gaming as it makes you move while playing 10. With its own Pros and Cons the Xbox might be someone's haven or anguish. Overall, its still the best merge between economy and luxury gaming on hand today and will still be for years to come . Hopefully.