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History of automobile

Aug 11, 2014



its all about the brief histoty of automobiles

  • The History The first car was built by Joseph Cugnot in 1769. It was powered by a steam engine and was very slow. Jean Joseph tienne Lenoir was the first to build the one cylinder engine, internalcombustion engine, was later patent. Nikolaus August Otto built the first four cylinder engine. In 1886 Gottlieb Daimler designed the first four wheeled automobile. They also created the first v-slanted engine.
  • First Car by Joseph Cugnot By: Jonah
  • First four wheeled automobile
  • The History Karl Benz, know as one of the founders of Mercedes-Benz, is the first to build an automobile powered by an internal combustion engine. Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach with Benzs manufacturing firm in 1926 to create Daimler-Benz. The joint company makes cars today under the Mercedes-Benz nameplate, and Daimler Chrysler Henry Ford, a famous car company founder, designed the worlds biggest car manufacturer, manufacturing over 15 million Model Ts by 1927
  • First Benz Car
  • First Ford car
  • The History Hybrid cars have also been around since the 1900s. In the 1900s Ford made more steam and electric cars than it did gasoline. The first hybrid commercial truck was built in 1910, and as the gasoline engine was refined interest in hybrids died down. As problems with environment and gas process continue, Hybrids are now a hot commodity in the market place and are now the new wave of future cars
  • 20th Century and Years upon In the 1920s they started to evolve and install synchromesh transmissions for easier gear shifting; four-wheel hydraulic brake systems; improved carburetors; shatterproof glass; balloon tires; heaters; and mechanically operated windshield wipers In the 1930s car engines and bodies became large and luxurious.
  • 20th Century and Years upon Two styles were created during the time of World War II, European and American. The European style was compact and small. They liked their cars to be lightweight and small unlike the American style. Their cars were made of mostly aluminum and the chassis and framework was made of steel. The American style was the opposite of what the European style. The cars were big and spacious inside, because Americans liked to be comfortable while driving. Their cars were made with more power, smooth riding and stability, power steering, and power brakes.
  • 20th Century and Years upon Between the 1950s and 1960s American manufacturers started making smaller cars, but their engine size and horsepower increased. By the 1980s Technology started to grow in America because of new Japanese innovations and imports. As the 21st century progressed, cars improve and computer technology began to be utilized in cars. Cars today are now mostly controlled by computer chips.
  • 20th Century and Years upon (cont.) The computer chip manages most of the car systems today. For instance, the anti-lock brake system is controlled by a computer chip telling, them when to work. They also have GPS systems in cars that help provide directions and guides drivers. Some cars now come equipped with GPS locator beacons, enabling a GPS system operator to locate the vehicle, map its location, and if necessary, direct repair or emergency workers to the scene. Cars are now made of lighter materials that are quite very strong.
  • World Luxury - World's TOP10 Cars: Rolls-Royce Bentley(England) Ferrari (Italy) Lamborghini (Italy) Benz(German ) BMW Bayerische Motoren Werke (German ) Bugatti (French car) Audi (German ) Volks Wagon (German )
  • 2012 top 10 brands 1. BMW ($24.6bn, +10 per cent) 2. Toyota ($21.7bn, -10 per cent) 3. Mercedes-Benz ($16.1bn, +5 per cent) 4. Honda ($12.6bn, -11 per cent) 5. Nissan ($9.8bn, -2 per cent) 6. Volkswagen ($8.5bn, +15 per cent) 7. Ford ($7.0bn, -5 per cent) 8. Audi ($4.7bn, +23 per cent) 9. Hyundai ($3.5bn, new entry) 10. Lexus ($3.3bn, -7 per cent)
  • Top 10 motor vehicle manufacturers in the world 10. Fiat (Italy) 9. Suzuki (Japan) 8. Hyundai-Kia (South Korea) 7. PSA Peugeot Citroen (France) 6. Nissan (Japan) 5.Honda (Japan) 4. Ford (USA) 3. Volkswagen group (Germany) 2. GM(US) 1. Toyota (Japan)
  • Top Indian Automobile companies Maruthi Tata motors Mahindra & Mahindra Bajaj Hero Ashok leyland TVS Hindusthan Kinetic Kirloskar