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Historical Fiction Books

Feb 24, 2016




Historical Fiction Books. Created by: Viktoriya Malashiy & Shyniece D ozier. Historical Fiction. Historical fiction is “history set in the past”. Usually fifty or more years in the past. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Historical Fiction Books

Historical Fiction Books Created by: Viktoriya Malashiy & Shyniece Dozier Historical Fiction Historical fiction is history set in the past. Usually fifty or more years in the past. We are reading two books of historical fiction. The main topic is disease. The books that we are reading should help us better understand diseases in the past. Petals in the Ashes

Petals in the AshesWritten by Mary Hooper.In the time period of the plague in London in 1665. Another event is the Great Fire of 1666 but we are going to focus on the plague in this book. Book ReviewThe year is 1666 and Hannah is determined to get back to her little sweetmeat shop in London as soon as the plague is gone. She returns with her younger sister Anne because older sister Sarah wants to stay with their mother to help her and also to stay closer to a certain young man shes met. Hannah, on the other hand, is impatient to return to London and find out if any of their friends and neighbors survived the terrible plague, and to seek out her own sweetheart Tom. But omens and predictions are rife the year is 1666 and 666 is the number of the Beast. Many are afraid that the plague is just the beginning, something even worse is about to fall on London.CharactersHannah: Hannah tells the story of the plague in London. She is a sweet girl who must learn to fight the sickness in London and hold on to what she has left. She has a big family but does not live with her family in the country. She instead helps her sister in a shop selling sweetmeats in London. CharactersSarah: Sarah is Hannah's older sister. She and Hannah both own and run a small shop called The Sugared Plum. Sarah is a great sister to Hannah and is always there for her and tries to help Hannah in every way she can. Then about halfway through the book Sarah leaves Hannah and the shop and moves back in with the family so Anne comes to help Hannah instead. Characters.Anne: Anne is Hannah's younger sister who comes help run the shop after Sarah is gone. She is still maturing and therefore looks up to Hannah and learns from her. Anne is an eager worker and always ready to learn something new as long as she gets paid. Anne used to be very lazy when she lived with her family in the country but working in London changed her into a hard working young woman. Characters..Kitty: Kitty is Hannahs and Annes pet cat. Anne sneaked Kitty into a basket while on her way to London so Hannah had no choice but to let Anne keep the kitten. Kitty is a special cat the Hannah and Anne because they used to have a family cat long ago and it died so they took especially good care of this one. CharactersTom: Tom worked for the apothecary Doctor da Silva. He was also Hannahs sweetheart. Then Hannah left London until the plague passed and when she came back she was told that he had died. He didnt die and he started working for a magician. He also searched for Hannah but was told she had died also. Fate brought them together later on in the book. CharactersMr. Newbery: Mr. Newbery was Hannah and Anne's neighbor. He also owned a shop called the Paper and Quill where he sold parchments and fine writing paper. He was a good neighbor although he did have a relish for conversation of a morbid nature.Events.In the spring and summer of 1665 an outbreak of Bubonic Plague spread from parish to parish until thousands had died and the huge pits dug to receive the bodies were full.Sarah and Hannah live in London for a while but then as everybody starts dying, they move out to the country to save themselves and also a little baby that was left in their care. They had orders to take the child to relatives and the relatives happened to be living in the country. That is where they stay until the plague passes. Fever

FeverWritten by Laurie Halse Anderson.Time period is the summer of 1793.This book is about the Yellow fever disease. Book ReviewThis book is about a girl who escapes from home with her grandfather to escape the yellow fever which her mother has. She was unwilling to go but was urged by her mother. They go on a wagon and try to enter the next county where no one has the fever but they are kicked out because her grandfather coughed a lot which could be a sign of the fever. Her grandfather gets the fever and she gets it too. As she is trying to get water for her grandfather from a stream, she passes out. When she wakes up, she finds herself in a hospital specifically built for people with the fever. She finds out that her grandfather is well again and that he walked for miles trying to find a place for her. They go back home but nobody is there. So they decide to stay there for a little bit. But some robbers come and they kill her grandfather. Then, she is reunited with her mother who isn't sick anymore at a coffee shop.

Characters..Matilda Cook-Main character of the book. She is a fourteen year old girl who is nicknamed "Mattie". She has a crush on Nathaniel Benson, a painter's assistant, and once watched the first hot air balloon (Blanchard's balloon) in America rise with him. She matures throughout the course of the book which forces her to control her own life instead of her mother. Matilda got yellow fever, but survived, being taken care of at a hospital in Bush Hill. She then finds and takes care of a small orphan girl, Nell, whose mother died of yellow fever. Both of them survived at Eliza's home.

Characters..Lucille Cook-Lucille is Matilda's mother. Matilda's mother is the current owner of the coffeehouse she is very strict with Matilda. She catches Yellow Fever and throughout the book she tries to be reunited with her daughter. It is really hard for her to locate her but after the epidemic is over she returns to her beloved Matilda.

Characters..William Cook-William is Matilda's grandfather. He was once a captain in the Revolutionary War under General Washington's command. After his son dies, Grandfather began helping Lucille, Eliza, and Matilda run the coffeehouse. Grandfather dies along the journey he and Matilda embark upon to get away from the disease.

Characters..King George-A parrot named after the British King George III. Grandfather won him in a card game and he is often disliked by Matilda. Matilda realizes she has lost King George after she gets back to her grandfather under the tree.

CharactersEliza-The coffeehouse cook. Eliza is a free African American and is part of the Free African Society. Mattie also claims Eliza to be her best friend. Eliza is about 30. She helps Mattie live through the fever and they both survive. Then she is offered a partnership with Mattie and the coffeehouse which she accepts.

Characters.Joseph-Eliza's brother. He works as a cooper and has twin sons: William and Robert. His wife, Betty had recently died from the fever and when Mattie first met him he was still recovering. When ill, he is taken care of by Mother Smith and Eliza.

Characters..Mother Smith-A member of the Free African Society. Sent to help take care of Joseph due to his tragic loss, she tries all that she can to help him recover. Mother Smith is very wise and tells Mattie if she's doing wrong. At first Mattie doesn't appreciate her then grows to love her.

Characters.William and Robert-Joseph's young twin sons. They become friends with Nell, who is about their age, when Mattie stays at Eliza's as the yellow fever dies down. They become ill with yellow fever but recover.

Characters.Edward Ogilvie-Edward's family are the wealthy family of Philadelphia. Lucille (Matilda's Mother) knows about Matilda's crush on Nathaniel and doesn't believe he is worthy of being Matilda's husband, although William is a well behaved, mannered and a well dressed (wealthy) gentlemen Matilda does not like him. Matilda and Lucille are invited over to the Ogilvies for tea by Mrs. Ogilvie, as a response to Lucille's letter. Lucille had very high hopes of Matilda and William being wed, of course this did not happen. It was not what Matilda had in mind because her heart was set on Nathaniel. When they arrived at the Ogilvies only the women of the house seemed to attend, Mrs. Ogilvie and Edwards two sisters.

Characters..Nathaniel Benson-Matilda's crush and friend. He is a teenage boy who works for Mr. Peale the painter; as an apprentice who survived the epidemic. Nathaniel snatches apples from Matties basket when he sees her at the market because he has a crush on her too. In the beginning of the book Matties mother does not like him because she thinks he does not behave like a gentleman. He works for Mr. Peale and stays with the Peales through the epidemic. He shows his love toward Matilda by throwing flowers to her and painting a picture. Matilda often daydreamed of him, wondering what he was thinking, thinking of him, and praying he was safe and not taken by the fever.

Characters..Polly Logan-Polly Logan was one of the workers in the coffee shop. Mattie and her mother were wondering why Polly was late for work and a few hours later they heard that she had died of the yellow fever.

Characters..Mrs. Bridget Flagg-A nurse at the mansion at Bush Hill who takes care of Matilda. Grandfather charms her, sweet talking to her, and constantly telling her "real" stories of his braveness. After a while she reveals her given name: Bridget. She soon restores Matilda to black people full health, overcoming yellow fever.

Characters..Nell-A small blonde girl whose mother died of yellow fever. Matilda finds a broken doll on the sidewalk and looks up, a house is in front of her and the door is open. She finds Nell in the house curled up beside her dead mother. Matilda takes Nell thinking it would be better for her to take care of her. Eliza says sh

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