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Hillwood Middle School - · PDF file7th Grade Pre-AP Math Pre-AP 7th Grade Math 7th Grade Math 8th grade STAAR 7th grade STAAR 7 thAND 8 grade math in one year Only 7th grade math

Oct 27, 2019




  • Hillwood Middle School

    7th Grade Registration


  • •Principal, Kathleen Eckert

    •Assistant Principal A-G, Jeff Dickeson

    •Assistant Principal H-O, Bronwyn Sullenberger

    •Assistant Principal P-Z, Joel Thompson

    •Assistant Principal, Heather Sims

    •Counselor A-G, Stephanie Worrell

    •Counselor H-O, Tim Berube

    •Counselor P-Z, Suzanne Gibson

  • Proud to be an HMS Husky

    Athletics AVID Band Choir Theatre Cheer

    Art Spanish STEM PALS Clubs Etc…

  • Hillwood Middle School

    • 8:30am- 3:45pm • 7th grade Athletics: before school

    • 8 period schedule

    • 45 minute classes

    • 4 lunches

    • Lockers • Hallway

    • PE/Athletics

    • Secondary Campus

    • Mature young adults • Responsibility Level

    • Time Management

    • Self-Advocate

    • Pre-AP vs. Academic

    • Balance with outside activities

    • Opportunities for more diverse challenges

  • Realistic Expectations

    • 7th grade is an adjustment year for many students

    • May not always make A’s, but will be challenged academically with rigorous content and strategies!

  • Middle school registration

    • The pamphlet you received tonight lists the courses available to HMS 7th graders.

    • Course Guides outlining courses and their descriptions will be available online.

    • Parents and students should discuss options available and make decisions regarding course requests.

    • Registration will be completed through a google doc in Husky Huddle classes. Parents will receive an email with the courses selected by their student. A link to resubmit the google doc will be included if parents and students wish to make changes.

  • Pre-AP/GT Classes

    •Pre-AP/GT classes are offered at the middle school to help students gain the “Edge” in college preparation by: •Getting a head start on college level work •Improving writing skills and problem-solving techniques •Developing study habits necessary for handling rigorous course work

  • Pre-AP/GT vs. Academic Level

    Pre-AP/GT • More in-depth, application of grade level

    and extension-style homework.

    • Requires more effort, attention, and skill

    • Student must be able to work independently in & outside the classroom.

    • The student is highly self-motivated to learn and achieve.

    • Class discussions begin with the assumption that knowledge has been acquired independently and moves quickly to concepts.

    • Testing involves more indirect application and drawing conclusion-style questioning.

    Academic Level • More grade level, skills-based,

    comprehension-style homework.

    • The student may require more guidance from the teacher.

    • The student may need monitoring to ensure completion of assignments.

    • Class discussions begin with a review of knowledge and move carefully toward understanding concepts.

    • Testing involves more demonstration of skills and knowledge-style questioning.

  • What Factors to Consider when Deciding about Enrolling in Pre-AP Classes

    •Academic strengths

    •Commitment to academics

    •Extracurricular activities

    •Family support

  • What Happens if I change my mind once school starts?

  • *If a 7th or 8th Grade student is enrolled in Pre-AP Algebra I, he or she will take the Algebra I EOC exam

    Grade 7: Reading, Mathematics, Writing

    Grade 8: Reading, Mathematics*,

    Social Studies, Science

  • Middle School Course Guide

    Keller ISD Website

  • Go to the KISD Webpage and select the link

  • Fo u

    n d

    at io

    n P

    ro gr


    Subject Area Credits

    English Language Arts Four Credits • English I • English II • English III • Advanced English Course

    Math Four Credits • Algebra I • Geometry • Algebra 2 • Endorsement Advanced Math

    Science Four Credits • Biology • Advanced Science Course • Advanced Science Course • Endorsement Advanced Science

    Social Studies Four Credits • World Geography • World History • US History • Government/Economics

  • Fo u

    n d

    at io

    n P

    ro gr


    Course Credits

    World Languages 2 credits

    Physical Education 1 credit

    Fine Art 1 credit

    21st Century Skills .5 credit

    Electives 5.5 credits

  • Endorsements Which one would you choose?







  • EIC Local Rank and GPA (Grade Point Average)

  • A

  • 7th Grade Pre-AP Math

    Pre-AP 7th Grade Math 7th Grade Math

    8th grade STAAR 7th grade STAAR

    7th AND 8th grade math in one year Only 7th grade math content

    In 8th grade you will take HS Algebra 1 In 8th grade you can only take 8th grade math

    Have to put in work and be willing to come to tutorials when you need help

    Have to put in work and be willing to come to tutorials when you need help

    Homework every week Homework every week

  • Let’s Build your 7th Grade Courses


    Language Arts 7

    Double Blocked

    PRE-AP/GT Language Arts 7

    Double Blocked


    Math 7 Pre-AP/GT Math 7


    Science 7 PRE-AP/GT Science 7


    STUDIES Social Studies 7 Pre-AP/GT Social Studies 7

  • What’s next? PHYSICAL EDUCATION PE, Tennis or Athletics (Physical Required and

    online completion of application)

    Note- the state requires 2 full years of physical

    activity in grades 6 through 8. Having taken PE in

    6th grade now requires that they only have one

    more year- Recommended for 7th grade

    Full Year Electives-

    *Required applications will be sent

    once you have indicated interest by

    choosing the class on HAC.

    Choir, Band , Art, Theatre,

    Partner in Art and Avid will be offered. (Students

    must submit an application and be accepted into

    these programs.)

  • What’s next?



    Elective Options

    • College and Career Readiness

    • Conversational Spanish

    • Creative Writing

    • Introduction to Audio/Video


    • Project Lead the Way-Gateway to

    Technology 3

    • Speech Communication

    • Touch System Data Entry ONLINE

    (HS elective semester credit)

  • Elective Videos

    • Long elective Video (some are 8th grade only):

    • Short elective Video:


  • Required Intervention Courses

    Campus staff will identify and place students after the STAAR scores are returned in June

    • Full year courses that will replace electives • May participate in athletics before school if necessary

    Reading Styles • For students who did not meet minimum expectations on most

    recent STAAR reading test

    Math Quest • For students who did not meet minimum expectations on most

    recent STAAR math test.

    Advisory-mandatory full-year course required for each middle school student.

  • AVID

    If you are interested in AVID please attend the AVID

    meeting on February 12th @ 6:30pm.

    • Provides structure for binder and agenda organization

    • Teaches note taking skills, study skills, SAT/ACT prep, writing and reading strategies

    • Emphasizes critical and independent thinking

    • Is for….

    • Students who want to go to college and may need help with study skills or organization

    • Students who enjoy school

    • Pass previous year STAAR tests (recommended)

    • AVID is NOT a remedial program and it is NOT a “cure” for unmotivated students

  • Electives

    •Electives are subject to availability, staffing, and ability to fit into a student’s schedule. We will make every effort to get each student their elective choices but many times they are limited in what electives they can take based on their choices.

  • Registration Dates

    •Counselors will be in classes on Tuesday, February 13th to help students register for 7th grade.

    •Once your student submits their requests, you will receive an email with the courses selected by your student.

    •Parents can make changes to their child’s course request by following the link in the .pdf file and resubmitting the course request. We will take the last request that you submit. The registration link will close on February 23rd.

  • Counselors will be answering questions in the front. Thank you and have a great night!