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Highly Secure Images Steganography Techniques Based on LSB, X-Box Mapping and Huffman Encoding

Jun 02, 2018



  • 8/10/2019 Highly Secure Images Steganography Techniques Based on LSB, X-Box Mapping and Huffman Encoding

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    1,3Assistant Professor, Department of Information Technology, C. U. Shah College of Engineering & Technology,

    Wadhwan City, India

    2Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science, C. U. Shah College of Engneering & Technology,

    Wadhwan City, India


    In advanced correspondence, everyone needs high insurance from unapproved client. For information security,

    numerous information concealing strategies are accessible that fundamental part is to secure our private/important data

    from unapproved client. Steganography is an information concealing procedure that conceals data in such a route, to the

    point that nobody can without much of a stretch discover that presence of the data stowed away. LSB is a spatial Domain

    method. This paper presents a novel image Steganography method using X-Box Mapping and Huffman Encoding. Here

    two 8 bit gray scale images used of different sizes are utilized as cover image and secret image separately. Basically secret

    image is not directly inserted into cover image; first to applied Huffman Encoding on the secret image to increase security.

    Here we have utilized a few remarkable X-boxes with sixteen separate values. In this calculation, we have utilized four

    exceptional X-boxes with sixteen separate values and each one worth is mapped to the four bits of Huffman code stream of

    secret image. At that point utilizing LSB replacement, mapped bits are reinstated with Cover Image. The trial consequence

    indicates that the calculation has a high installing limit and great imperceptibility. These techniques to provide improve

    PSNR of stego image compare to other existing Steganography approaches. Additionally, these methods provide high

    Security so, no one can easily extract secret message from stego image without knowing this method and Huffman Table.

    KEYWORDS:Steganography, LSB, X Box, Huffman Encoding


    In computerized communication, everybody can undoubtedly exchange advanced information starting with one

    side then onto the next. In any case numerous unapproved clients who are viewing you and them generally attempt to get to

    your private information to abuse [1] [2] [3]. So at whatever point you exchange your private information (messages) to

    your nearby companions, or business mysteries with your accomplices, you must take care about your secret data. Be that

    as it may we live in a frail world where unwanted gathering can get to your individual data (like messages or particular

    reports) and regularly utilize it. [1][2] So we oblige high security of private information. Today such a large number of dat a

    security procedures accessible like cryptography, Steganography and so on.

    The word Steganography is a Greek Word and consists of two words such as stego means covered (hidden) and

    graphy means writing or drawing. Consequently, Importance of Steganography is concealed (cover) written work. Secret

    data is implanted in such a path, to the point that the presence of the Secret data is hidden. Steganography technique hasrecently become significant in number of applications such as, Digital audio, video, and images [3][4][5][6].

    International Journal of Computer Science Engineering

    and Information Technology Research (IJCSEITR)

    ISSN(P): 2249-6831; ISSN(E): 2249-7943Vol. 4, Issue 6, Dec 2014, 23-34

    TJPRC Pvt. Ltd.
  • 8/10/2019 Highly Secure Images Steganography Techniques Based on LSB, X-Box Mapping and Huffman Encoding


    24 Kanzariya Nitin K, Nimavat Ashish V & Jadeja Vijaysinh K

    Impact Factor (JCC): 6.8785 Index Copernicus Value (ICV): 3.0

    Cryptography and Steganography both are information security methods that ensure Secret data from unapproved

    access. The fundamental reason for cryptography and Steganography is to give secret and covert communication [1][2][9].

    Anyhow, there is distinction between them. Cryptography gives Secret communication yet it is noticeable to other.

    Cryptography changes over the substance of a Secret message starting with one structure then onto the next structure whichis not effortlessly seen by any unapproved access. Steganography gives hidden communication that means it hides the

    presence of secret information from unapproved access. In cryptography, attacker can see the Secret data. While

    Steganography it requires attacker to locate that Steganography has been utilized and inserted message could be extracted.


    To increase the security of information, we can utilize mixture system that is combination of cryptography with

    Steganography. To begin with message might be encrypted and after that could be made hidden utilizing Steganography.

    Hybrid method increases the security of secret message. Even if an enemy extract the hidden message from the stego-

    object, he would still require the cryptographic decipher (key) to get original secret message [7] [13].

    Steganography have numerous diverse sorts that could be arranged relying on the cover medium utilized [1][2][4].

    Many advanced media could be utilized as a cover medium, for example such as text, image or sound or video. So

    Steganography may be defining three different areas:

    Text Steganography

    Image Steganography

    Audio/video Steganography

    Out of all image Steganography is most well known strategy on the grounds that images are the most famouscover items utilized as a part of advanced communication. Second important point is that numerous type of image format

    exist, for example, jpg, png, bmp, gif.

    In image processing, Image Steganography might be ordered into principle two area strategies. To start with is

    spatial domain Steganography and second is Transform domain Steganography.

    Spatial domain Steganography is an exceptionally prevalent and simple procedure. In this strategy we can

    straightforwardly insert the Secret data into cover image. LSB is spatial domain and is a straightforward technique to

    implanting data in cover image [1][2][6][10][14]. In LSB technique, the bits of the data straightforwardly reinstated with

    least significant bit plane of the cover image. In any case straightforward LSB technique measurement not gives muchsecurity compare to frequency domain.

    Second name of Transform methods is known as frequency domain. Transform domain can have numerous sorts,

    for example, the Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT), Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT), or Wavelet Transform

    [1][2][6][10][12]. Transform domain is superior to spatial domain strategy. In this procedure, first image is transformed

    that is known as transformed image and afterward the Secret data are implanted in the converted image. In this methods

    Secret data in more critical ranges of the cover image that is it more robust [4][15][17].

    This paper present a novel image Steganography method based LSB, X box mapping and Huffman Encoding. For

    testing of algorithm, here main two 8 bit gray scale images are used. First image used as cover image and second image issecret image. Firstly Huffman Encoding is performed over the secret image before embedding. Then generated compressed

  • 8/10/2019 Highly Secure Images Steganography Techniques Based on LSB, X-Box Mapping and Huffman Encoding


    Highly Secure Images Steganography Techniques Based on LSB, X-Box Mapping and Huffman Encoding 25 [email protected]

    secret information embedded into cover image using X box mapping concept.


    One of the earliest discussions on digital image Steganography by Charles Kurak and John McHugh explains

    image downgrading through contamination. They have replaced the low order bits of one image with high order bits of

    another image. Further they have shown that contaminant (hidden image) can be extracted from the contaminated (carrier)

    image [19].It has provided the base for image Steganography and such method is known as least significant bits


    The simplest form of LSB replacement method uses least significant bit of all pixels in carrier image to embed the

    secret information. It provides high embedding capacity but knowledge of such algorithms possible utilization let the

    person to extract hidden content using a simple image processing program [1][2][19]. To avoid this unusual behavior

    random and selective pixels, called potential locations, should be used for data embedding. The random distribution of

    secret information in LSB plane of carrier image can avoid blind steganalysis of stego image and thus increases security.

    Transform domain is also known as frequency domain, here image is first transformed using transformation such

    as the Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT) [1], [2],[10],[12] Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT) [1],[2],[10] or Discrete

    Wavelet Transform (DWT) [4],[7],[8],[15] and then the message is embedded in transformed image. These techniques hide

    secret message in more significant regions of the cover image, making it more robust but provides less embedding


    Image Steganography based on LSB using X-box mapping in which many several Xboxes used with unique

    data[4]. In embedding, Steg

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