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CUUS -- Chinese Undergraduates in the United States by Demigod Barron 800 1 FOR CUUS SAT HIGH-FREQUENCY WORD LIST Word List 1 abate [əˈbeit] V.减轻,缓和 subside or moderate. aberrant [æˈberənt] ADJ.异常的,脱轨的 abnormal or deviant. abrasive [əˈbreisiv] ADJ.粗糙的,磨损的 rubbing away; tending to grind down. abridge [əˈbridʒ] V.删节,消减,精简 condense or shorten absolute [ˈæbsəlju:t] ADJ.完全的,无限制的,绝对的 complete; totally unlimited; certain. abstemious [æbˈsti:mjəs] ADJ.有节制的,适度的 sparing in eating and drinking; temperate. abstract [ˈæbstrækt] ADJ.抽象的,理论的 theoretical; not concrete; nonrepresentational. abstruse [æbˈstru:s] ADJ.难以理解的,深奥的 obscure; profound; difficult to understand. accessible [ækˈsesəbl] ADJ.易接近的,易得到的 easy to approach; obtainable. acclaim [əˈkleim] V.喝彩,称赞 applaud; announce with great approval. Word List 2 accolade [ˈækəleid] N.荣誉 award of merit. acknowledge [ˈækəleid] V.承认 recognize; admit. acquiesce [ˌækwiˈes] V.默许,默认 assent; agree without protesting. acrimonious [ˌækriˈməunjəs] ADJ.(言词、态度等)尖刻的 bitter in words and manners. acute [əˈkju:t] ADJ.敏锐的,急性的,剧烈的 quickly perceptive; keen; brief and severe. address [əˈdres] V.发表演说;处理 direct a speech to; deal with or discuss. adherent [ədˈhiərənt] N.追随者,拥护者 supporter; follower. adjacent [əˈdʒeisənt] ADJ.临近的,接近的 neighboring; adjoining. adroit [əˈdrɔit] ADJ.熟练地,机敏的 skillful; nimble. adulation [ˌædjuˈleiʃən] N.奉承,阿谀 flattery; admiration. Word List 3 adversary [ˈædvəsəri] N.敌手,对手 opponent. adverse [ˈædvə:s] ADJ.不利的,敌对的 unfavorable; hostile. advocate [ˈædvəkeit] V.提倡,鼓吹 urge; plead for.

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Jul 15, 2016



sat word list
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  • CUUS -- Chinese Undergraduates in the United States by Demigod Barron 800

    1 FOR CUUS


    Word List 1

    abate [beit] V. subside or moderate. aberrant [bernt] ADJ. abnormal or deviant. abrasive [breisiv] ADJ. rubbing away; tending

    to grind down.

    abridge [brid] V. condense or shorten absolute [bslju:t] ADJ. complete;

    totally unlimited; certain.

    abstemious [bsti:mjs] ADJ. sparing in eating and drinking; temperate.

    abstract [bstrkt] ADJ. theoretical; not concrete; nonrepresentational.

    abstruse [bstru:s] ADJ. obscure; profound; difficult to understand.

    accessible [ksesbl] ADJ. easy to approach; obtainable.

    acclaim [kleim] V. applaud; announce with great approval.

    Word List 2 accolade [kleid] N. award of merit. acknowledge [kleid] V. recognize; admit. acquiesce [kwies] V. assent; agree without


    acrimonious [krimunjs] ADJ.() bitter in words and manners.

    acute [kju:t] ADJ. quickly perceptive; keen; brief and severe.

    address [dres] V. direct a speech to; deal with or discuss.

    adherent [dhirnt] N. supporter; follower. adjacent [deisnt] ADJ. neighboring;


    adroit [drit] ADJ. skillful; nimble. adulation [djulein] N. flattery; admiration.

    Word List 3

    adversary [dvsri] N. opponent. adverse [dv:s] ADJ. unfavorable; hostile. advocate [dvkeit] V. urge; plead for.































  • CUUS -- Chinese Undergraduates in the United States by Demigod Barron 800

    2 FOR CUUS

    aesthetic [i:setik] ADJ. artistic; dealing with or capable of appreciation of the


    affable [fbl] ADJ. easily approachable; warmly friendly.

    affinity [finiti] N. natural liking; kinship; similarity.

    affirmation [f:mein] N. positive assertion; confirmation; solemn pledge be one who

    refuses to take an oath.

    aggressor [res] N. attacker. alienate [eiljneit] V. make hostile; separate. alleviate [li:vieit] V. relieve.

    Word List 4

    aloof [lu:f] ADJ. apart; reserved; standoffish.

    altruistic [ltruistik] ADJ. unselfishly generous; concerned of others.

    ambiguous [mbijus] ADJ. unclear or doubtful in meaning.

    ambivalence [mbivlns] N. the state of having contradictory or conflicting emotional


    ameliorate [mi:ljreit] V. improve, make more satisfactory.

    amend [mend] V. correct; change, generally for the better.

    amorphous [m:fs] ADJ. formless; lacking shape or definition.

    ample [mpl] ADJ. abundant. analogy [n ldi] N. similarity; parallelism. anarchist [nkist] N. person who seeks to

    overturn the established government;

    advocate of abolishing authority.

    Word List 5

    anecdote [nikdut] N. short account of an amusing or interesting event.

    animosity [nimsiti] N. active enmity. antagonistic [ntnistik] ADJ. hostile;opposed. antidote [ntidut] N. medicine to counteract a

    poison or disease.

    antiquated [ntikwitid] ADJ. old-fashioned; obsolete.

  • CUUS -- Chinese Undergraduates in the United States by Demigod Barron 800

    3 FOR CUUS

    antithesis [ntiisis] N. contrast; direct opposite of or to.

    apathy [pi] N. lack of caring; indifference.

    apocryphal [pkrifl] ADJ. untrue; made up. appease [pi:z] V. pacify or soothe; relieve. appreciate [pri:ieit] V. be thankful for;

    increase in worth; be thoroughly

    conscious of.

    Word List 6

    apprehension [prihenn] N. fear; discernment; capture.

    arable [rbl] ADJ. fit for growing crops. arbitrary [:bitrri] ADJ. unreasonable or

    capricious; randomly selected without

    any reason; based solely on ones

    unrestricted will or judgment.

    archaic [:keiik] ADJ. antiquated. ardor [:d] N. heat; passion; zeal. arid [rid] ADJ. dry; barren. arrogance [rns] N. pride; haughtiness. articulate [:tikjulit] ADJ. effective;


    artifact [:tif kt] N. object made by human beings, either hand-made or mass


    artisan [:tizn] N. manually skilled worker; craftsman, as opposed to artist.

    Word List 7

    ascendency [sendnsi] N. controlling influence. ascetic [setik] ADJ. practicing

    self-denial; austere.

    aspire [spai] V. seek to attain; long for. assuage [sweid] V.

    ease or lessen(pain); satisfy(hunger); soothe(anger).

    astute [stju:t] ADJ. wise; shrewd. atrophy [trfi] V. waste away. attentive [tentive] ADJ. considerate;

    thoughtful; paying attention.

    attribute [tribju:t] V. ascribe; explain. audacious [:deis] ADJ. daring; bold.

  • CUUS -- Chinese Undergraduates in the United States by Demigod Barron 800

    4 FOR CUUS

    augment [:ment] V. increase; add to.

    Word List 8

    austerity [steriti] N. sternness; severity; strict economy; lack of luxuries.

    authentic [:entik] ADJ. genuine. authoritarian [:ritrin] ADJ. favoring or

    exercising total control; nondemocratic.

    autonomous [:tnms] ADJ. self-governing. aversion [v:n] N. firm dislike. banal [bn:l] ADJ. hackneyed;

    commonplace; trite.

    bane [bein] N. cause of ruin. belie [bilai] V. contradict;

    give a false impression.

    belittle [bilitl] V. disparage; make fun of.

    belligerent [bilidrnt] ADJ. quarrelsome.

    Word List 9

    benevolent [binevlnt] ADJ. generous; charitable. benign [binain] ADJ. kindly; favorable;

    not malignant.

    bequeath [bikwi:] V. leave to someone by a will; hand down.

    biased [baist] ADJ. slanted; prejudiced. bland [bl nd] ADJ. soothing;

    mild; dull.

    blasphemy [blsfimi] N. irreverence; sacrilege; cursing.

    bolster [bulst] V. support; reinforce. braggart [brt] N boastful person. brawn [br:n] N. muscular strength; sturdiness. brevity [breviti] N. conciseness; briefness.

    Word List 10

    buttress [btris] V. support; prop up. cacophonous [k 'kfns] ADJ. discordant;


    cajole [kdul] V. coax; wheedle. calculated [klkjuleitid] ADJ. deliberately

    planned; likely.

    candor [knd] N. frankness. capricious [kpris] ADJ. fickle; incalculable.

  • CUUS -- Chinese Undergraduates in the United States by Demigod Barron 800

    5 FOR CUUS

    caricature [kriktju] N. distortion; burlesque. censorious [sens:ris] ADJ. critical. censure [sen] V. blame; criticize. certitude [s:titju:d] N. certainty.

    Word List 11

    charlatan [:ltn] N. quack; pretender to knowledge.

    chronicle [krnikl] V. report; record(in chronological order).

    civil [sivl] ADJ. having to do with citizens or the state; courteous and


    clamor [klm] N. noise. clemency [klemnsi] N. disposition to be lenient;

    mildness, as of the weather.

    coercion [ku:n] N. use of force to get someones compliance.

    commemorate [kmemreit] V. honor the memory of. compelling [kmpeli] ADJ. overpowering;

    irresistible in effect.

    compile [kmpail] V. assemble; gather; accumulate.

    compliance [kmplains] N. readiness to yield; conformity in fulfilling requirements.

    Word List 12

    composure [kmpu] N. mental calmness. comprehensive [kmprihensiv] ADJ. thorough; inclusive. concede [knsi:d] V. admit; yield. conciliatory [knsilitri] ADJ. reconciling; appeasing;


    concise [knsais] ADJ. brief and compact. conclusive [knklu:siv] ADJ. convincing;


    concur [knk:] V. agree in opinion. condone [kndun] V. overlook voluntarily;


    confirm [knf:m] V. corroborate; verify; support.

    conflagration [knflrein] N. great fire.

  • CUUS -- Chinese Undergraduates in the United States by Demigod Barron 800

    6 FOR CUUS

    Word List 13

    confound [knfaund] V. confuse; puzzle. confront [knfrnt] V. face; challenge. conscientious [kniens] ADJ. scrupulous; careful. consensus [knsenss] N. general agreement. consistency [knsistnsi] N. absence

    of contradictions; dependability;

    uniformity; degree of thickness.

    constraint [knstreint] N. compulsion; repression of feelings.

    contagion [knteidn] N. infection. contemporary [kntemprri] N. person belonging to the

    same period.

    contend [kntend] V. struggle; compete; assert earnestly.

    contentious [kntens] ADJ. quarrelsome.

    Word List 14

    contract [kntrkt] V. compress or shrink; make a pledge; catch a disease.

    converge [knv:d] V. approach; tend to meet; come together.

    conviction [knvikn] N. strongly held belief. cordial [k:djl] ADJ. gracious; heartfelt. corroborate [krbreit] V. confirm; support. corrosion [krun] N. destruction by chemical


    credibility [kredibiliti] N. believability. credulity [kridju:liti] N. belief on slight evidence;

    gullibility; naivete..

    criterion [kraitirin] N. standard used in judging. cryptic [kriptik] ADJ. mysterious;

    hidden; secret.

    Word List 15

    cursory [k:sri] ADJ. casual; hastily done. curtail [k:teil] V. shorten; reduce. cynic [sinik] N. one who is skeptical or

    distrustful of human motives.

    daunt [d:nt] V. intimidate; frighten. dawdle [d:dl] V. loiter; waste time. debilitate [dibiliteit] V. weaken; enfeeble.

  • CUUS -- Chinese Undergraduates in the United States by Demigod Barron 800

    7 FOR CUUS

    debunk [di:bk] V. expose something as nonsensical or false.

    decorum [dik:rm] N. propriety. defame [difeim] V. harm someones reputation;


    deference [defrns] N. courteous regard for anothers wish.

    Word List 16

    defiance [difains] N. refusal to yield; resistance. degenerate [didenreit] V. become worse;


    degrade [direid] V. lower in rank or dignity; debase.

    deliberate [dilibrit] V. consider; ponder. delineate [dilinieit] V. portray; depict;


    denounce [dinauns] V. condemn; criticize. deny [dinai] V. contradict; refuse. depict [dipikt] V. portray; describe. deplore [dipl:] V. regret strongly;

    express grief over.

    depravity [diprviti] N. corruption; wickedness.

    Word List 17

    deprecate [deprikeit] V. express disapproval of; protest against; belittle.

    deride [diraid] V. ridicule; make fun of. derivative [dirivtiv] ADJ. unoriginal; derived

    from another source.

    despondent [dispndnt] ADJ. depressed; gloomy.

    despot [despt] N. tyrant; harsh, authoritarian ruler.

    detached [dittt] ADJ. emotionally removed; calm and objective; indifferent.

    deterrent [diternt] N. something that discourages; hindrance.

    detrimental [detrimentl] ADJ. harmful; demaging. devious [di:vjs] ADJ.

    roundabout; erratic; not straightforward.

    devise [divaiz] V. think up; invent; plan.

  • CUUS -- Chinese Undergraduates in the United States by Demigod Barron 800

    8 FOR CUUS

    Word List 18 didactic [didktik] ADJ. teaching;


    diffuse [difju:s] ADJ. wordy; rambling; spread out.

    digression [dairen] N. wandering away from the subject.

    diligence [dilidns] N. steadiness of effort; persistent hard work.

    diminution [diminju:n] N. lessening; reduction in size. disband [disbnd] V. dissolve; disperse. discerning [dis:ni] ADJ. mentally

    quick and observant; having insight.

    disclose [diskluz] V. reveal. discordant [disk:dnt] ADJ. not harmonious;


    discount [diskaunt] V. disregard.

    Word List 19

    discredit [diskredit] V. defame; destroy confidence in; disbelieve.

    discrepancy [diskrepnsi] N. lack of consistency; differences.

    discriminating [diskrimineiti] ADJ. able to see differences; prejudiced.

    discursive [disk:siv] ADJ. digressing; rambling.

    disdain [disdein] V. view with scorn or contempt. disinclination [disinklinein] N. unwillingness. disinterested [disintristid] ADJ. unprejudiced. dismantle [dismntl] V. take apart. dismiss [dismis] V. put away from

    consideration; reject.

    disparage [disprid] V. belittle.

    Word List 20

    disparity [dispriti] N. difference. dispassionate [dispnt] ADJ. calm; impartial. dispel [dispel] V. drive away; scatter; cause

    to vanish.

    disperse [disp:s] V. cause to break up; scatter.

  • CUUS -- Chinese Undergraduates in the United States by Demigod Barron 800

    9 FOR CUUS

    disputatious [dispju:teis] ADJ. argumentative; fond of arguing.

    disseminate [disemineit] V. distribute; spread; scatter(like seeds).

    dissent [disent] V. disagree. dissipate [disipeit] V. squander;

    waste; scatter.

    dissonance [disnns] N. discord. dissuade [disweid] V. advise against.

    Word List 21

    distant [distnt] ADJ. reserved or aloof; cold in manner.

    divergent [daiv:dnt] ADJ. differing; deviating. diverse [daivs] ADJ. differing in

    some characteristics; various.

    divulge [daivld] V. reveal. doctrine [dktrin] N. teachings, in

    general; particular principle(religious,

    legal, and so on)taught.

    document [dkjumnt] V.() provide written evidence.

    dogmatic [dm tik] ADJ. opinionated; arbitrary; doctrinal

    dormant [d:mnt] ADJ. sleeping; lethargic; latent.

    dubious [dju:bjs] ADJ. doubtful; questionable.

    duplicity [dju:plisti] N. double-dealing; hypocrisy.

    Word List 22

    duration [djurein] N. length of time something lasts.

    dutiful [dju:tifl] ADJ. respectful; obedient. ebb [eb] V. recede; lessen. eccentric [iksentrik] ADJ. odd; whimsical;


    eclectic [eklektik] ADJ. selective in choosing from a variety of sources.

    eclipse [iklips] V. darken; extinguish; surpass.

    effervescent [efvesnt] ADJ. exuberant; bubbly and excited.

  • CUUS -- Chinese Undergraduates in the United States by Demigod Barron 800

    10 FOR CUUS

    egotistical [,egu'tistikl] ADJ. excessively self-centered; self-important; conceited.

    elated [ileitid] ADJ. overjoyed; in high spirits.

    eloquence [elkwns] N. expressiveness; persuasive speech.

    Word List 23

    elusive [ilu:siv] ADJ. evasive; baffling; hard to grasp.

    embellish [imbeli] V. adorn; ornament. emulate [emjuleit] V. imitate; rival. endorse [ind:s] V. approve; support. enduring [indjuri] ADJ. lasting; surviving. enervate [enveit] V. weaken. engender [indend] V. cause;


    enhance [inh:ns] V. advance; improve enigma [inim] N. puzzle; mystery. enmity [enmiti] N. ill will; hatred.

    Word List 24

    enumerate [inju:mreit] V. list; mention one by one. ephemeral [ifemrl] ADJ. short-lived. epic [epik] N.

    long heroic poem, or similar work of art.

    epicure [epikju] N. connoisseur of food and drink. episodic [epsdik] ADJ. loosely connected;

    divided into incidents; occurring at


    equanimity [ekwnimiti] N. calmness of temperament; composure.

    equivocal [ikwivkl] ADJ. ambiguous; intentionally misleading.

    erratic [irtik] ADJ. odd; unpredictable; wandering.

    erroneous [irunjs] ADJ. mistaken; wrong. erudite [eru:dait] ADJ. learned;


    Word List 25

    esoteric [esuterik] ADJ. hard to understand; known only to the chosen


  • CUUS -- Chinese Undergraduates in the United States by Demigod Barron 800

    11 FOR CUUS

    espouse [ispauz] V. adopt; support. esteem [isti:m] V. respect; value; judge. ethereal [iiril] ADJ. light;

    heavenly; unusually refined.

    eulogy [ju:ldi] N. expression of praise, often on the

    occasion of someones death.

    euphemism [ju:fmizm] N mild expression used in place of an unpleasant one.

    euphonious [ju:funis] ADJ. pleasing in sound. euphoria [ju:f:ri] N. feeling of great

    happiness and well-being(sometimes


    evanescent [i:vnesnt] ADJ. fleeting; vanishing.

    exacerbate [eks sbeit] V. worsen; embitter.

    Word List 26

    exacting [izkti] ADJ. extremely demanding. exalt [iz:lt] V. raise in rank or dignity;


    execute [eksikju:t] V. put into effect; carry out. exemplary [izemplri] ADJ. serving as a

    model; outstanding.

    exemplify [izemplifai] V. serve as an example of; embody.

    exhaustive [iz:stiv] ADJ. thorough; comprehensive.

    exhilarating [izilreiti] ADJ. invigorating and refreshing; cheering.

    exonerate [iznreit] V. acquit; exculpate. expedient [ikspi:djnt] ADJ. suitable

    to achieve a particular end; practical;


    expedite [ekspidait] V.() hasten.

    Word List 27

    expertise [ekspti:z] N. specialized knowledge; expert skill.

    explicit [iksplisit] ADJ. totally clear; definite; outspoken.

    exploit [iksplit] N. deed or actionparticularly a brave deed.

    exploit [iksplit] V. make use of, sometimes

  • CUUS -- Chinese Undergraduates in the United States by Demigod Barron 800

    12 FOR CUUS


    expository [ikspzitri] ADJ. explanatory; intended to explain.

    extant [ekstnt] ADJ. still in existence. extol [ikstl] V. praise; glorify. extraneous [ikstreinis] ADJ.; ,

    not essential; superfluous. extricate [ekstrikeit] V. free; disentangle. exuberance [izju:brns] N.

    overflowing abundance; joyful

    enthusiasm; flamboyance; lavishness.

    Word List 28

    facile [fsail] ADJ. easily accomplished; ready or fluent;


    facilitate [fsiliteit] V. help bring about; make less difficult.

    fallacious [fleis] ADJ. false; misleading. fanaticism [fn tisizm] N. excessive

    zeal; extreme devotion to a brief or


    fastidious [f stidis] ADJ. difficult to please; squeamish.

    feasible [fi:zbl] ADJ. practical. fervor [f:v] N. glowing ardor;

    intensity of feeling.

    fickle [fikl] ADJ. changeable; faithless.

    figurative [fijurtiv] ADJ. not literal, but metaphorical; using a figure of speech.

    flagrant [fleirnt] ADJ. conspicuously wicked; blatant;


    Word List 29

    flippant [flipnt] ADJ. lacking proper seriousness.

    florid [flrid] ADJ. ruddy; reddish; flowery.

    fluctuate [flktjueit] V. waver; shift. foolhardy [fu:lh:di] ADJ. rash; heedless. foresight [f:-sait] N. ability to foresee

    future happenings; prudence.

  • CUUS -- Chinese Undergraduates in the United States by Demigod Barron 800

    13 FOR CUUS

    forestall [f:st:l] V. prevent by taking action in advance.

    forsake [fseik] V. desert; abandon; renounce.

    forthright [f:rait] ADJ. outspoken; frank. fortuitous [f:tju:ts] ADJ. accidental; by


    foster [fst] V. rear; encourage; nurture.

    Word List 30

    founder [faund] V. fail completely; sink. founder [faund] N. person who

    establishes(an organization, business).

    frail [freil] ADJ. weak. frivolous [frivls] ADJ. lacking

    in seriousness; self-indulgently carefree;

    relatively unimportant.

    frugality [fru(:) liti] N. thrift; economy. fundamental [fndmentl] V. basic; primary;


    furtive [f:tiv] ADJ. stealthy; sneaky.

    futile [fju:tail] ADJ. ineffective; fruitless.

    galvanize [ lvnaiz] V. stimulate by shock; stir up; revitalize.

    garbled [:bld] ADJ. mixed up; jumbled; distorted.

    Word List 31 garrulous [ rls] ADJ. loquacious; wordy;


    genre [:r] N. particular variety of art or literature.

    germane [d:mein] ADJ. pertinent; bearing upon the case at hand.

    glacial [leisjl] ADJ. like a glacier; extremely cold.

    glib [lib] ADJ. fluent; facile; slick.

    glutton [ltn] N. someone who eats to much; greedy person.

    gorge [:d] N. small, stell-walled canyon.

  • CUUS -- Chinese Undergraduates in the United States by Demigod Barron 800

    14 FOR CUUS

    grandiose [r ndius] ADJ. pretentious; high-flown; ridiculously exaggerated;


    gratify [r tifai] V. please. gratuitous [rtjuits] ADJ. given freely;

    unwarranted; unprovoked.

    Word List 32

    gravity [r viti] N. seriousness. gregarious [riris] ADJ. sociable. grievance [ri:vns] N. cause of complaint. grudging [grdi] ADJ. unwilling;

    reluctant; stingy.

    guile [ail] N. deceit; duplicity; wiliness; cunning.

    gullible [lbl] ADJ. easily deceived. hackneyed [hknid] ADJ. commonplace; trite. hallowed [hlud] ADJ. blessed;


    hamper [hmp] V. obstruct. harass [hrs] V. annoy by repeated

    attack; torment.

    Word List 33

    hardy [h:di] ADJ. sturdy; robust; able to stand inclement weather.

    haughtiness ['htns] N. pride; arrogance. hedonist ['hidnst] N. one who believes that

    pleasure is the sole aim in life.

    heed [hi:d] V. pat attention to; consider. heresy [hersi] N. opinion contrary to

    popular belief; opinion contrary to

    accepted religion.

    heterodox [hetrdks] ADJ. unorthodox; unconventional.

    heterogeneous [hetrudi:nis] ADJ., dissimilar; mixed.

    heyday [heidei] N. time of greatest success; prime.

    hiatus [haieits] N. gap; interruption in duration or continuity.

  • CUUS -- Chinese Undergraduates in the United States by Demigod Barron 800

    15 FOR CUUS

    hierarchy [hair:ki] N. arrangement by rank or standing;

    authoritarian body divided into ranks.

    Word List 34

    hindrance [hindrns] N. block; obstacle. hoard [h:d] V. stockpile; accumulate for

    future use.

    homogeneous [hmdi:njs] ADJ. of the same kind.

    hone [hun] V. sharpen. hostility [hstiliti] N. unfriendliness; hatred. humane [hjumein] ADJ. marked by kindness

    or consideration.

    husband [hzbnd] V. use sparingly; conserve; save.

    hyperbole [haip:bli] N.[] exaggeration; over-statement.

    hypocritical [hipkritikl] ADJ., pretending to be virtuous; deceiving.

    hypothetical [haipuetikl] ADJ. based on assumptions or hypotheses; supposed.

    Word List 35

    iconoclast [aiknkl st] N. one who attacks cherished traditions.

    idiosyncrasy [diusikrsi] N. individual trait, usually odd in nature; eccentricity.

    ignominy [inmini] N. deep disgrace; shame or dishonor.

    illicit [ilisit] ADJ., illegal. illuminate [ilju:mineit] V. brighten; clear up or

    make understandable; enlighten.

    illusory [ilu:sri] ADJ. deceptive; not real.

    imbalance [imblns] N., lack of balance or symmetry; disproportion.

    immaculate [imkjulit] ADJ. spotless; flawless; absolutely clean.

    immune [imju:n] ADJ., resistant to; free or exempt from.

    immutable [imju:tbl] ADJ. unchangeable.

  • CUUS -- Chinese Undergraduates in the United States by Demigod Barron 800

    16 FOR CUUS

    Word List 36

    impair [imp] V. injure; hurt. impartial [imp:l] ADJ. not biased; fair. impassive [impsiv] ADJ. without

    feeling; imperturbable; stoical.

    impeccable [impekbl] ADJ. faultless. impecunious [mpikju:nis] ADJ., without

    money impede [impi:d] V. hinder; block; delay. impel [impel] V. drive or force onward. imperceptible [mpseptibl] ADJ. unnoticeable;


    imperious [impiris] ADJ. domineering; haughty.

    impervious [imp:vis] ADJ.;, impenetrable; incapable of being

    damaged or distressed.

    Word List 37

    impetuous [impetjus] ADJ. violent; hasty; rash. implausible [impl:zibl] ADJ.

    unlikely; unbelievable.

    implement [implimnt] V. put into effect; supply with tools.

    implication [implimnt] N. something hinted at or suggested.

    implicit [implisit] ADJ. understood but not stated.

    impoverished [impvrit] ADJ. poor. impromptu [imprm p tju:] ADJ. without

    previous preparation; off the cuff; on the

    spur of the moment.

    imprudence [impru:dns] N. impertinence; insolence

    inadvertently [,ind'v:tntli] ADV. by oversight; carelessly or unintentionally.

    inane [inein] ADJ. silly; senseless.

    Word List 38

    inaugurate [in:jureit] V. start; initiate; install in office.

    incense [insens] V., enrage; infuriate. incentive [insentiv] N. spur; motive.

  • CUUS -- Chinese Undergraduates in the United States by Demigod Barron 800

    17 FOR CUUS

    incessant [insesnt] ADJ. uninterrupted; unceasing.

    incidental [nsidentl] ADJ. not essential; minor.

    incisive [insaisiv] ADJ. cutting; sharp. incite [insait] V. arouse to action;

    goad; motivate; induce to exist.

    incline [inklain] N. slope; slant. inclined [inklaind] ADJ. tending or learning

    toward; bent.

    inclusive [inklu:siv] ADJ. tending to include all.

    Word List 39

    incoherent [nkuhirnt] ADJ. unintelligible; muddled; illogical.

    incongruous [inkrus] ADJ. not fitting; absurd.

    inconsequential [inknsikwenl] ADJ. insignificant; unimportant.

    incontrovertible [nkntrv:tibl] ADJ. indisputable; not open to question.

    incorrigible [inkridbl] ADJ. uncorrectable.

    indefatigable [ndiftibl] ADJ. tireless. indict [indait] V. charge. indifferent [indifrnt] ADJ. unmoved;

    lacking concern.

    indigenous [indidins] ADJ. native. indigent [indidnt] ADJ. poor; destitute.

    Word List 40

    indiscriminate [ndiskriminit] ADJ. choosing at random; confused.

    indolent [indlnt] ADJ. lazy. indomitable [indmitbl] ADJ.,

    unconquerable; unyielding.

    indubitable [indju:bitbl] ADJ. persuade; bring about.

    induce [indju:s] V. persuade; bring about. indulge [indld] V. humor; treat leniently. industrious [indstris] ADJ. diligent;


    ineffectual [nifektjul] ADJ. not effective; weak.

  • CUUS -- Chinese Undergraduates in the United States by Demigod Barron 800

    18 FOR CUUS

    inept [inept] ADJ. unsuited; absurd; incompetent.

    inequity [inekwiti] N. unfairness.

    Word List 41

    inert [in:t] ADJ. inactive; lacking power to move.

    inexorable [inesksrbl] ADJ. relentless; unyielding; implacable.

    infamous [infms] ADJ. notoriously bad. infer [inf:] V. deduce; conclude. infiltrate [infiltreit] V. pass into or through;

    penetrate(an organization)sneakily.

    infinitesimal [nfinitesiml] ADJ. exceedingly small; so small as to be almost


    infraction [infrkn] N. violation(of a rule or regulation); breach.

    ingenious [indi:njs] ADJ. clever; resourceful.

    ingrate [inreit] N. ungrateful person. inherent [inhirnt] ADJ. firmly

    established by nature or habit; intrinsic.

    Word List 42

    inimical [inimikl] ADJ. unfriendly; hostile; harmful; detrimental.

    initiate [iniieit] V. begin; originate; receive into a group.

    injurious [induris] ADJ. harmful. innate [ineit] ADJ. inborn. innocuous [inkjus] ADJ. harmless. innovation [nuvein] N. change; introduction of

    something new.

    inopportune [inptju:n] ADJ. untimely; poorly chosen.

    insatiable [inseiibl] ADJ. not easily satisfied; greedy.

    insightful [insaitful] ADJ., discerning; perspective.

    insinuate [insinjueit] V. hint; imply; creep in.

  • CUUS -- Chinese Undergraduates in the United States by Demigod Barron 800

    19 FOR CUUS

    Word List 43

    insipid [insipid] ADJ. lacking in favor; dull.

    insolvent [inslvnt] ADJ. bankrupt; unable to repay ones debts.

    instigate [instieit] V. urge; start; provoke. insularity [insjulrti ] N.

    narrow-mindedness; isolation.

    insuperable [insu:prbl] ADJ. insurmountable; unbeatable.

    insurgent [ins:dnt] ADJ. rebellious. intangible [intndbl] ADJ. not

    material; not able to be perceived by


    integral [intirl] ADJ. complete; necessary for completeness.

    integrity [interiti] N. uprightness; wholeness.

    intermittent [ntmitnt] ADJ. periodic; on and off.

    Word List 44

    intervene [ntvi:n] V. come between. intimidate [intimideit] V. frighten. intractable [intrktbl] ADJ. unruly; stubborn;


    intransigence [intrnsidns] N. refusal of any compromise; stubbornness.

    intrepid [intrepid] ADJ. fearless. intricate [intrikit] ADJ. complex;

    knotty; tangled.

    intrinsic [intrinsik] ADJ. essential; inherent; built-in; natural.

    introspective [intruspektiv] ADJ. looking within oneself.

    intuition [ntjuin] N. immediate insight; power of knowing without reasoning.

    inundate [inndeit] V. oberwhelm; flood; submerge.

    Word List 45

    invert [inv:t] V. turn upside down or inside out.

  • CUUS -- Chinese Undergraduates in the United States by Demigod Barron 800

    20 FOR CUUS

    irascible [irsibl] ADJ. irritable; easily angered.

    ironic [airnik] ADJ. relating to a contradiction between an events

    expected result and its actually outcome.

    irrational [irnl] ADJ. illogical; lacking reason; insane.

    irrelevant [irelivnt] ADJ. not applicable; unrelated.

    irreproachable [riprutbl] ADJ. blameless; impeccable.

    irresolute [irezlu:t] ADJ. uncertain how to act; weak.

    irreverence [irevrns] N. lack of proper respect. jargon [d:n] N. language used by a

    special group; technical terminology;


    jocular [dkjul] ADJ. said or done in jest; joking.

    Word List 46

    judicious [dudis] ADJ. sound in judgment; wise.

    justification [dstifikein] N. good or just reason; defense; excuse.

    kindle [kindl] V. start a fire; inspire. Labyrinth [lbrin] N. maze. laconic [lknik] ADJ. brief and to the point. lament [lment] V. grieve; express sorrow. lassitude [lsitju:d] N. languor; weariness. laud [l:d] V. praise. lavish [lvi] ADJ. liberal;


    legacy [lesi] N. a gift made by a will.

    Word List 47

    lethargic [le:dik] ADJ. drowsy; dull. levity [leviti] N. lack of seriousness;


    linger [li] V. loiter or dawdle; continue or persist.

    list [list] V. tilt; lean over. listlessness ['lstlsns] N. lack in spirit or energy. loathe [lu] V. detest.

  • CUUS -- Chinese Undergraduates in the United States by Demigod Barron 800

    21 FOR CUUS

    lofty [lfti] ADJ. very high. loquacious [lkweis] ADJ. talkative. lucid [lju:sid] ADJ. easily

    understood; intelligible.

    lurid [ljurid] ADJ. wild; sensational; graphic; gruesome.

    Word List 48

    magnanimous [m nnims] ADJ. generous. magnate [mneit] N. person of

    prominence or influence.

    maladroit [mldrit] ADJ. clumsy; bungling. malevolent [mlevlnt] ADJ. wishing evil. malice [mlis] N. hatred; spite. malign [mlain] V. speak evil of; bad-mouth;


    marred [m: d] ADJ. damaged disfigured. martinet [m:tinet] N. rigid

    disciplinarian; strict military officer.

    materialism [mtirilizm] N. preoccupation with physical comforts and things.

    meager [mi:] ADJ. scanty; inadequate.

    Word List 49

    meander [mind] V. wind or turn in a course.

    medley [medli] N. mixture. meek [mi:k] ADJ. quiet and obedient. melancholy [melnkli] ADJ. gloomy; morose;


    mercenary [m:sinri] ADJ. interested in money or gain.

    mercurial [m:kjuril] ADJ. capricious; changing; fickle.

    merger [m:d] N.() combination(of two business corporations).

    methodical [midikl] ADJ. systematic. meticulous [mitikjuls] ADJ. excessively careful;

    painstaking; scrupulous.

    minute [minit] ADJ. extremely small.

    Word List 50

    misanthrope [misnrup] N. one who hates mankind.

  • CUUS -- Chinese Undergraduates in the United States by Demigod Barron 800

    22 FOR CUUS

    miserly [maizli] ADJ. stingy; mean. misnomer [misnum] N. wrong name; incorrect


    mitigate [mitieit] V. appease; moderate. mock [mk] V. ridicule;

    imitate, often in derision.

    mollify [mlifai] V. soothe. momentous [muments] ADJ. very important. monotony [mntni] N. sameness leading to


    morbid [m:bid] ADJ. given to unwholesome thought; moody;

    characteristic of disease.

    morose [mrus] ADJ. ill-humored; sullen; melancholy.

    Word List 51

    mundane [mndein] ADJ. worldly as opposed to spiritual.

    munificent [mju:nifisnt] ADJ. very generous. mutability [mju:tbiliti] N. ability to change in

    form; fickleness.

    muted [mju:tid] ADJ. silent; muffled; toned down.

    naivete [n'ivte] N. quality of being unsophisticated; simplicity; artlessness;


    nefarious [nifris] ADJ. very wicked. negate [nieit] V. cancel out; nullify; deny. nonchalance [nnlns] N. indifference; lack

    of concern; composure.

    nonentity [nnentiti] N. person of no importance; nonexistence.

    nostalgia [nstldi] N. homesickness; longing for the past.

    Word List 52

    notoriety [nutraiti] N. disrepute; ill fame.

    novelty [nvlti] N. something new; newness.

    novice [nvis] N. beginner. nuance [nju:ns] N. shade of difference in

    meaning or color.

  • CUUS -- Chinese Undergraduates in the United States by Demigod Barron 800

    23 FOR CUUS

    nullify [nlifai] V. to make invalid; void; abolish.

    nurture [n:t] V. nourish; educate; foster.

    obdurate [bdjurt] ADJ. stubborn. objective [bdektiv] ADJ. not

    influenced by emotions; fair.

    objective [bdektiv] N. goal; aim. obliterate [blitreit] V. destroy completely.

    Word List 53

    oblivion [blivin] N. obscurity; forgetfulness. oblivious [blivis] ADJ. inattentive or

    unmindful; wholly absorbed.

    obscure [bskju] ADJ. dark; vague; unclear.

    obscure [bskju] V. darken; make unclear. obsequious [bsi:kwis] ADJ. slavishly attentive;

    servile; fawning; sycophantic.

    obsessive [bsesiv] ADJ. related to thinking about something constantly;


    obstinate [bstinit] ADJ. stubborn; hard to control or treat.

    obtuse [btju:s] ADJ. blunt; stupid. officious [fis] ADJ. meddlesome;

    excessively pushy in offering ones


    ominous [mins] ADJ. threatening.

    Word List 54

    opaque [upeik] ADJ. dark; not transparent. opportunist [ptju:nist] N. individual who sacrifices

    principles for expediency by taking

    advantage of circumstances.

    optimist [ptimist] N. person who looks on the good side.

    optional [pnl] ADJ. not compulsory; left to ones choice.

    opulence [pjulns] N. extreme wealth; luxuriousness; abundance.

    orator [rt] N. public speaker.. ornate [:neit] ADJ.

    excessively or elaborately decorated.

  • CUUS -- Chinese Undergraduates in the United States by Demigod Barron 800

    24 FOR CUUS

    ostentatious [stenteis] ADJ. showy; pretentious; trying to attract attention.

    pacifist [psifist] N. one opposed to force; antimilitarist.

    painstaking [peinzteiki] ADJ. showing hard work; taking great care.

    Word List 55

    paltry [p:ltri] ADJ. insignificant; petty; trifling.

    paradigm [prdaim] N. model; example; pattern.

    paradox [prdks] N. something apparently contradictory in nature;

    statement that looks false but actually


    paragon [prn] N. model of perfection. parochial [prukjl] ADJ. narrow in

    outlook; provincial; related to parishes.

    parody [prdi] N. humorous imitation; spoof; takeoff; travesty.

    parry [p ri] V. ward off a blow; deflect. parsimony [p:simni] N. stinginess; excessive


    partial [p:l] ADJ. incomplete having a liking for something.

    partisan [p:tizn] ADJ. one-sided; prejudiced; committed to a party.

    Word List 56

    passive [psiv] ADJ. not active; acted upon.

    paucity [p:siti] N. scarcity; lack. pedantic [pidntik] ADJ. showing off

    learning; bookish.

    penchant [pentnt] N. strong inclination; liking. pensive [pensiv] ADJ.

    dreamily; thoughtful; thoughtful with a

    hint of sadness; contemplative.

    perceptive [pseptiv] ADJ. insightful; aware; wise.

    perfunctory [pfktri] ADJ. superficial; not thorough; lacking interest, care, or


  • CUUS -- Chinese Undergraduates in the United States by Demigod Barron 800

    25 FOR CUUS

    peripheral [prifrl] ADJ. marginal; outer. perjury [p:dri] N. false testimony while

    under oath.

    pernicious [pnis] ADJ. very destructive.

    Word List 57

    perpetuate [ppetueit] V. make something last; preserve from extinction.

    perturb [pt:b] V. disturb greatly. pervasive [pveisiv] ADJ. pervading;

    spread throughout every part.

    pessimism [pesimizm] N. belief that life is basically bad or evil; gloominess.

    petty [peti] ADJ. trivial; unimportant; very small.

    petulant [petjulnt] ADJ. touchy; peevish. phenomena [finmin] N. PL. observable facts; subjects of

    scientific investigation.

    philanthropist [filnrpist] N. lover of mankind; doer of good.

    pious [pais] ADJ. devout; religious. pitfall [pitf:l] N. hidden danger; concealed


    Word List 58

    pithy [pii] ADJ. concise; meaningful; substantial; meaty.

    pivotal [pivtl] ADJ. crucial; key; vital. placate [plkeit] V. pacify; conciliate. plagiarize [pleidraiz] V. steal anothers ideas and

    pass them off as ones own.

    platitude [pltitju:d] N. trite remark; commonplace statement.

    plausible [pl:zbl] ADJ., having a show of truth but open to doubt;


    pliant [plaint] ADJ. flexible; easily influenced.

    plight [plait] N. condition, state(especially a bad state or condition); predicament.

    poignancy [pinnsi] N. quality of being deeply moving; keenness of


  • CUUS -- Chinese Undergraduates in the United States by Demigod Barron 800

    26 FOR CUUS

    polemical [plemikl] ADJ. aggressive in verbal attack; disputatious.

    Word List 59

    pomposity [pm'pst] N. self-important behavior; acting like a stuffed shirt.

    ponderous [pndrs] ADJ. weighty; unwieldy. porous [p:rs] ADJ. full of pores; like a


    potent [putnt] ADJ. powerful; persuasive; greatly influential.

    pragmatic [pr mtik] ADJ. practical(as opposed to idealistic); concerned with the

    practical worth or impact of something.

    prattle [prtl] V. babble. precarious [prikris] ADJ. uncertain; risky. precedent [presidnt] N. something preceding in

    time that may be used as an authority or

    guide for future action.

    precipitate [prisipiteit] ADJ. rash; premature; hasty; sudden.

    precipitous [prisipits] ADJ. steep; overhasty.

    Word List 60

    preclude [priklu:d] V. make impossible; eliminate.

    precocious [prikus] ADJ. advanced in development. predator [predt] N. creature that seizes

    and devours another animal; person

    who robs or exploits others.

    predecessor [pri:dises] N. former occupant of a post. predilection [pri:dilekn] N. partiality; preference. preposterous [pripstrs] ADJ. absurd; ridiculous. prestige [presti:] N. impression produced by

    achievements or reputation.

    presumptuous [prizmptus] ADJ. overconfident; impertinently bold; taking


    pretentious [pritens] ADJ. ostentatious; pompous; making unjustified claims;


    prevalent [prevlnt] ADJ. widespread; generally accepted.

  • CUUS -- Chinese Undergraduates in the United States by Demigod Barron 800

    27 FOR CUUS

    Word List 61

    problematic [prblm tik] ADJ. doubtful; unsettled.

    proclivity [prkliviti] N. inclination; natural tendency.

    procrastinate [prukrstineit] V. postpone; delay or put off. prodigal [prdil] ADJ. wasteful; reckless

    with money.

    prodigious [prdids] ADJ. marvelous, enormous.

    prodigy [prdidi] N. marvel; highly gifted child. profane [prfein] V. violate; desecrate; treat


    profligate [prflit] ADJ. dissipated; wasteful; wildly immoral.

    profound [prfaund] ADJ. deep; not superficial; complete.

    Profusion [prfju:n] N. overabundance; lavish expenditure; excess.

    Word List 62

    proliferation [prulifrein] N. rapid growth; spread; multiplication.

    prolific [prlifik] ADJ. abundantly fruitful. prologue [prlifik] N. introduction (to a poem or play). prophetic [prfetik] ADJ. foretelling the future. propitious [prpis] ADJ. favorable; fortunate,


    propriety [prpraiti] N. fitness; correct conduct. prosaic [przeiik] ADJ. dull and

    unimaginative; matter of fact; factual.

    protract [prtr kt] V. prolong. provincial [prvinl] ADJ. pertaining to

    a province; limited in outlook;


    provisional [prvinl] ADJ. tentative.

    Word List 63

    provocative [prvktiv] ADJ. arousing anger or interest; annoying.

    proximity [prksimiti] N. nearness. prudent [pru:dnt] ADJ. cautious; careful.

  • CUUS -- Chinese Undergraduates in the United States by Demigod Barron 800

    28 FOR CUUS

    pugnacity [pn sti] N. combativeness; disposition to fight.

    pungent [pndnt] ADJ.() stinging; sharp in taste or smell.

    purse [p:s] V. pucker; contract into wrinkles.

    qualified [kwlifaid] ADJ. limited; restricted.

    quandary [kwndri] N. dilemma. quell [kwel] V. extinguish; put

    down; quiet.

    querulous [kweruls] ADJ. fretful; whining.

    Word List 64

    quiescent [kwiesnt] ADJ. at test; dormant; temporarily inactive.

    ramble [rmbl] V. wander aimlessly(physically or mentally).

    rancor [rk] N. bitterness; hatred. rant [r nt] V.

    rave; talk excitedly; scold; make a grandiloquent speech.

    ratify [rtifai] V. approve formally; verify. raucous [r:ks] ADJ. harsh and shrill;

    disorderly and boisterous.

    raze [reiz] V. destroy completely. rebuttal [ribtl] N. refutation; response with

    contrary evidence.

    recalcitrant [riklsitrnt] ADJ. obstinately stubborn; determined to resist authority;


    recant [riknt] V. disclaim or disavow; retract a previous

    statement; openly confess error.

    Word List 65

    receptive [riseptiv] ADJ. quick or willing to receive ideas, suggestions, etc.

    recluse [riklu:s] N. hermit; loner. recount [rikaunt] V. narrate or tell; count over


    rectify [rektifai] V. set right; correct. redundant [ridndnt] ADJ. superfluous;

    repetitious; excessively wordy.

  • CUUS -- Chinese Undergraduates in the United States by Demigod Barron 800

    29 FOR CUUS

    refute [rifju:t] V. disprove. relegate [relieit] V. banish to an

    inferior position; delegate; assign.

    relevant [relvnt] ADJ. pertinent; referring to the case in hand.

    relinquish [rilikwi] V. give up something with reluctance; yield.

    relish [reli] V. savor; enjoy.

    Word List 66

    remorse [rim:s] N. guilt; self-reproach. renegade [renieid] N. deserter; traitor. renounce [rinauns] V. forswear; repudiate;

    abandon; discontinue.

    repel [ripel] V. drive away; disgust. replete [ripli:t] ADJ. filled to the brim

    or to the point of being stuffed;

    abundantly supplied.

    reprehensible [reprihensibl] ADJ. deserving blame. repress [ripres] V. restrain; hold back;

    crush; suppress.

    reprimand [reprim:nd] V. reprove severely; rebuke. reproach [riprut] V. express disapproval. reprove [ripru:v] V. censure; rebuke.

    Word List 67

    repudiate [ripju:dieit] V. disown; disavow. rescind [risind] V. cancel. reserve [riz:v] N. self-control; formal but

    distant manner.

    resigned [rizaind] ADJ. unresisting; patiently submissive.

    resolution [rezlu:n] N. determination; resolve. resolve [rizlv] N. determination; firmness of


    resolve [rizlv] V. decide; settle; solve. respite [respait] N. interval of relief; time

    for rest; delay in punishment.

    resplendent [risplendnt] ADJ. dazzling; glorious; brilliant.

    restraint [ristreint] N. controlling force; control over one's emotions.

  • CUUS -- Chinese Undergraduates in the United States by Demigod Barron 800

    30 FOR CUUS

    Word List 68

    reticent [retisnt] ADJ. reserved; uncommunicative; inclined to be silent.

    retiring ADJ. modest; shy. retract [ritrkt] V. withdraw; take back. reverent [revrnt] ADJ. respectful. rhetorical [ritrikl] ADJ. pertaining

    to effective communication; insincere in


    rigorous [rirs] ADJ. severe; harsh; demanding; exact.

    robust [rubst] ADJ. vigorous; strong.

    rudimentary [ru:dimentri] ADJ. not developed; elementary; crude.

    ruthless [ru:lis] ADJ. pitiless; cruel. sagacious [seis] ADJ.

    perspective; shrewd; having insight.

    Word List 69

    sage [seid] N. person celebrated for wisdom. sanction [skn] V. approve; ratify. sanctuary [skturi] N. refuge; shelter;

    shrine; holy place.

    sarcasm [s:k zm] N. scornful remarks; stinging rebuke.

    satirical ADJ. mocking. saturate [streit] V. soak thoroughly. savory [seivri] ADJ.

    tasty; pleasing, attractive, or agreeable.

    scanty [sknti] ADJ. meager; insufficient. scrupulous [skru:pjuls] ADJ.

    conscientious; extremely thorough.

    scrutinize [skru:tinaiz] V. examine closely and critically.

    Word List 70

    seclusion [siklu:n] N. isolation; solitude. sectarian [sektrin] ADJ. relating

    to a religious faction or subgroup;

    narrow-minded; limited.

    sedentary [sedntri] ADJ. requiring sitting.

  • CUUS -- Chinese Undergraduates in the United States by Demigod Barron 800

    31 FOR CUUS

    sequester [sikwest] V. isolate; retire from public life; segregate; seclude.

    serenity [sireniti] N. calmness; placidity. servile [s:vail] ADJ. slavishly

    submissive; fawning; cringing.

    sever [sev] V. cut; separate. severity [siveriti] N. harshness; intensity;

    austerity; rigidity.

    shrewd [ru:d] ADJ. clever; astute: singular [sijul] ADJ. unique;


    Word List 71

    skeptical [skeptikl] ADJ. doubting; suspending judgment until one has examined the

    evidence supporting a point of view.

    slacken [slkn] V. slow up; loosen. slander [sl:nd] N. defamation; utterance of false

    and malicious statements.

    slothful [slufl] ADJ. lazy. sluggish [sli] ADJ. slow; lazy;


    solemnity [slemniti] N. seriousness; gravity. solicit [slisit] V. request earnestly; seek. solitude [slitju:d] N. state of being alone;


    soluble [sljubl] ADJ. able to be dissolved; able to be explained.

    somber [smb] ADJ. gloomy; depressing; dark; drab.

    Word List 72

    sparse [sp:s] ADJ. not thick; thinly scattered; scanty.

    spendthrift [spendrift] N. someone who wastes money. spontaneity [spntni:ti] N. lack of

    premeditation; naturalness.

    sporadic [spr dik] ADJ. occurring irregularly. spurious [spjuris] ADJ. false; counterfeit. spurn V. reject; scorn. squalor [skwl] N. filth; degradation;

    dirty, neglected state.

    squander [skwnd] V. waste. stagnant [stnnt] ADJ. motionless; stale;

  • CUUS -- Chinese Undergraduates in the United States by Demigod Barron 800

    32 FOR CUUS


    stanza [stnz] N. division of a poem.

    Word List 73

    static [sttik] ADJ. unchanging; lacking development.

    steadfast [stedf:st] ADJ. loyal; unswerving.

    stoic [stuik] ADJ. impassive; unmoved by joy or grief.

    strident [straidnt] ADJ. loud and harsh; insistent.

    strut [strt] N. pompous walk; swagger.

    stupefy [stju:pifai] V. make numb; stun; amaze.

    subdued [sbdju:d] ADJ. less intense; quieter.

    submissive [sbmisiv] ADJ. yielding; timid. subordinate [sb:dinit] ADJ. occupying a

    lower rank; inferior; submissive.

    subside [sbsaid] V. sttle down; descend; grow quiet.

    Word List 74

    substantial [sbstnl] ADJ. ample; solid.

    substantiate [sbstnieit] V. establish by evidence; verify; support.

    subtlety [stlti] N. perceptiveness; ingenuity; delicacy.

    succinct [sksikt] ADJ. brief; terse; compact.

    supercilious [sju:psilis] ADJ. arrogant; condescending; patronizing.

    superficial [sju:pfil] ADJ. trivial; shallow. superfluous [sju:p:flus] ADJ.

    excessive; overabundant; unnecessary.

    supplant [spl:nt] V. replace; usurp. suppress [spres] V. crush; subdue; inhibit. surmount [smaunt] V. overcome.

    Word List 75

    surpass [sp:s] V. exceed.

  • CUUS -- Chinese Undergraduates in the United States by Demigod Barron 800

    33 FOR CUUS

    surreptitious [srptis] ADJ. secret; furtive; sneaky; hidden.

    susceptible [sseptbl] ADJ., impressionable; easily influenced; having

    little resistance, as to a disease;

    receptive to.

    sustain [sstein] V. experience; support; nourish.

    swindler [swindl] N. cheat. sycophant [sikf nt] N. servile

    flatterer; bootlicker; yes man.

    symmetry [simitri] N. arrangement of parts so that balance is obtained; congruity.

    taciturn [tsit:n] ADJ. habitually silent; talking little.

    taint [teint] V. contaminate; cause to lose purity; modify with a trace of

    something bad.

    tangential [tndenl] ADJ. peripheral; only slightly connected; digressing.

    Word List 76

    tangible [tndbl] ADJ. able to be touched.

    tantamount [tntmaunt] ADJ. equivalent in effect or value.

    tedious [ti:dis] ADJ. boring; tiring.

    temper [temp] V. moderate; tone down or restrain; toughen


    tenacity [tinsiti] N. firmness, persistence. tentative [tenttiv] ADJ.

    provisional; experimental; doubtful.

    termination [t:mnein] N. end. terse [t:s] ADJ. concise; abrupt;


    threadbare [redb] ADJ. worn through till the threads show; shabby and poor.

    thrive [raiv] V. prosper; flourish.

  • CUUS -- Chinese Undergraduates in the United States by Demigod Barron 800

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    Word List 77

    tirade [taireid,tir:d] N. extended scolding; denunciation;


    torpor [t:p] N. lethargy; sluggishness; dormancy.

    tractable [trktbl] ADJ. docile; easily managed.

    tranquility [trkwiliti] N. calmness; peace. transcendent [t:p] ADJ. surpassing;

    exceeding ordinary limits; superior.

    transient [trnzint] ADJ. momentary; temporary; staying for a short time.

    transparent [trnsprnt] ADJ. easily detected; permitting light to pass through


    trepidation [trepidein] N. fear; nervous apprehension.

    trifling [traifli] ADJ. trivial; unimportant.

    trite [trait] ADJ. hackneyed; commonplace.

    Word List 78

    trivial [trivil] ADJ. unimportant; trifling.

    turbulence [t:bjulns] N. state of violent agitation. turmoil [t:mil] N. great commotion and


    tyranny [tirni] N. oppression; cruel government.

    undermine [ndmain] V. weaken; sap.

    uniformity [ju:nif:mti] N. sameness; monotony. universal [ju:niv:sl] ADJ. characterizing or

    affecting all.

    unkempt [nkempt] ADJ. disheveled, uncared for in appearance.

    unprecedented [npresidntid] ADJ. novel; unparalleled.

    unwarranted [nwrntid] ADJ. unjustified; groundless; undeserved.

  • CUUS -- Chinese Undergraduates in the United States by Demigod Barron 800

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    Word List 79

    usurp [juz:p] V. seize another's power or rank.

    vacillate [vsileit] V. waver; fluctuate. venerate [venreit] V. revere. veracity [vr siti] N. truthfulness. verbose [v:bus] ADJ. wordy. viable [vaibl] ADJ.

    practical or workable; capable of

    maintaining life.

    vigor [vi] N. active strength. vilify [vilifai] V. slander. vindicate [vindikeit] V. clear from

    blame; exonerate; justify or support.

    vindictive [vindiktiv] ADJ. out for revenge; malicious.

    Word List 80

    virtuoso [v:tjuuzu] N. highly skilled artist.

    virulent [virjulnt] ADJ., extremely poisonous; hostile; bitter.

    volatile [vltail] ADJ. changeable; explosive; evaporating


    voluble [vljubl] ADJ. fluent; glib; talkative. voluminous [vlju:mins] ADJ. bulky; large. vulnerable [vlnrbl] ADJ. susceptible to


    whimsical [hwimzikl] ADJ. capricious; fanciful.

    willful [wilful] ADJ. intentional; headstrong; stubbornly set on going

    ones way.

    withhold [wihud] V. refuse to give; hold back. zealot [zelt] N. fanatic; person who shows

    excessive zeal.