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Helping you make lives better in Scotland - BT Business · PDF file 2020-07-19 · the Scottish Borders and Caithness. All our energy is 100 per cent renewable. And buying from...

Jul 31, 2020




  • Helping you make lives better in Scotland We believe in Scotland, and we’re investing in a big way

  • We’re building a better connected Scotland

    Making lives better starts with the right communications, and we’re leading the way Scotland is famous for its beautiful, rugged terrain. But it poses a challenge for us. Getting everyone the best connection is tough when we can’t move mountains. So, we’ve been investing in new technology.

    We provide Scotland’s only national communications network. It stretches from the most remote islands to the rural lowlands. And we’re working hard to make it the best it can be. More than two million Scots can connect to our fibre broadband network. And businesses can get speeds of up to 10 Gigabits per second.

    We’re helping to connect more people The right technology can help you meet the challenges you’re facing, deliver better services and save money. And we want to help you every step of the way.

    We’ve partnered with the Scottish government to build an unrivalled digital infrastructure across the country. It’s the highest value network of its kind in Europe. And it’s connecting more people than ever – from Shetland to Stranraer, and everywhere in between.

    The programme is split into two projects. One in the highlands and islands. The other bringing fibre broadband to the rest of Scotland. We’ve invested more than £400 million in the projects. Together, they’ve brought faster broadband to 900,000 Scottish homes and businesses.

  • Helping businesses reach their digital potential

    Creating a Scotland for tomorrow We’re always looking for new ways to make the country smarter It’s not just broadband we’re boosting. EE built its 90th new site in Scotland in April 2018. Now more than 75 per cent of the country’s landmass is covered by 4G. Including remote ‘not spots’, like Glencoe, CairnGorm, and the Isle of Skye. Edinburgh and Glasgow will be two of the first cities to get 5G from EE in 2019, too.

    We’ve also launched our new InLink units to replace traditional phone boxes in Glasgow. And we’ve got more on the way for Aberdeen.

    Elsewhere, we’ve been working with the Scottish Council for Development and Industry, ScotlandIS and the Royal Society of Edinburgh. Together, building a world-leading AI and data strategy for an inclusive nation, which will make Scotland and its people better off.

    We’re giving businesses the tools they need to reach higher and go further We employ 7,700 people in Scotland. And we spend £178 million with local suppliers. So we understand Scottish businesses and the challenges you’re facing. And we’ll use our experience to help you get what you need.

    We’re investing in Scotland’s success. As part of our efforts to upgrade infrastructure, we’re pioneering a blueprint for smarter cities around the world. Powered by big data, these cities will make businesses more efficient, give employees easier access to the services they need, and keep everyone better connected. And we’re starting in Edinburgh.

    We’ve also launched InLink in Glasgow, which offers free public wi-fi at over 15 sites. InLink is also coming to Aberdeen soon.

    Looking to the future, working in the present We’re always looking ahead to see what might come next. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t focused on what matters today. We work with every health service in Scotland to make sure they have the tech they need – from voice and phone lines, to mobile.

    We also manage the UK’s 999 service. Between the lead site in Glasgow and the sister contact centre in Dundee, the service answers seven million calls a year. We also underpin the emergency services network and blue light services in Scotland.

  • It’s not just about communications We don’t just invest in infrastructure. We invest in organisations and people, too. And we’re proud to put more than £1.2 million into Scottish community and charity programmes each year.

    Improving the nation’s digital skills We’re a founding signatory of the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations’ (SCVO) Digital Participation Charter. It’s a national movement that encourages people to learn basic digital skills and get involved in new digital projects.

    Finding the next generation of experts Last year we recruited more than 145 apprentices and graduates to our centres in Glasgow, Dundee, Alness and Greenock.

    Supporting young people in Scotland We’re a founding member of the UK’s Movement to Work initiative, which helps young people struggling with long term unemployment. It kicked off in three pilot locations across Scotland. So far, 74 young people have participated in our Work Ready programme.

    And our Tech Literacy programme is giving young pupils the skills they need to succeed. We’re aiming to reach 5 million children across the UK by 2020.

    We’re committed to 100 per cent renewable energy We buy our energy from wind farms based in the Scottish Borders and Caithness. All our energy is 100 per cent renewable. And buying from Scotland means we put even more back into the local economy.

    We’re investing in Scotland’s economy We contribute £1 in every £110 generated in Scotland, and our total GVA contribution is around £1.2bn. That’s up from £1.08bn in 2016. We also spend around £178m with local Scottish suppliers every year.

    Filling the tech skills gap Our Barefoot Programme delivers free resources and workshops to help teachers bringing computer science to life. So far, we’ve reached two million pupils, with many of them based in Scotland. And we’re part of the new Institute of Coding, which aims to train the next generation of digital specialists.

    Empowering people through play Since 2014, we’ve invested in Scottish rugby with the BT Sport Scottish Rugby Academy and BT League. We’re the primary sponsor of Scottish Rugby and helping everyone, from young generations to the full national side, to develop and achieve success. We’ve also been supporting the Club Sustainability Fund, which invests in grassroot clubs.

  • We work with charities, too

    • Last year, over 3,000 of our employees in Scotland supported a range of community and charity activities across the country. 1,662 of them volunteered days at an estimated value of £448,800.

    • Through MyDonate, we’ve helped raise more than £7.7 million for charities.

    • Along with local staff champions, volunteers and the Lord’s Taverners, we helped fund a sensory room in a special needs school in the region.

    • We’ve helped smaller charities and community groups across Scotland set up 1,486 websites using our free Web Kit.

  • We can help prepare your organisation for the future

    We’ll help you and your teams work smarter The public sector is changing. And it’s down to you to make lives in Scotland better. You need to do more with less, adapt as things change, and make it easier for citizens to access online services. It’s a lot to ask. Especially when you have to do it all on a budget. But that’s where we come in. Here’s how we can help:

    Our flexible cloud networks can help your teams communicate and collaborate, no matter where they are.

    Our cloud based systems can make on-site voice, data storage and hosting more flexible. So you can get the features you need without paying for ones you don’t.

    Our mobile solutions give your people access to the information they need, wherever they are. So they can spend more time with the people they’re working for.

    Our presence on national and local government procurement frameworks can make it quicker, easier and cheaper to get what you need.

    Our digital infrastructure can change the way you work – from your IT, to your operations.

  • More agile patient care at one of Scotland’s leading hospitals NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde is the largest health board in the UK, providing healthcare to over 1.2 million people. It works with more than 700 general practitioners, 35 hospitals and more than 50 Health Centres and Clinics across the region.

    Understanding the challenge To provide the best possible care, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde wanted to introduce a new solution that would still work with legacy systems. And it needed to be flexible enough that they could add or remove users, depending on their needs.

    Keeping people connected The board wanted cost effective mobile services on the fastest mobile network in the region. Ours. With remote workers across the area, helping people on the ground collaborate was key. So they needed a system that let teams work together using apps and devices. No matter where they were.

    Finding the right solution Building the new Queen Elizabeth University Hospital and the Royal Hospital for Children was set to transform health services in the region. It was built to be sustainable. But finding a state-of-the-art solution that would still work with their legacy systems was a challenge.

    And implementing it We knew that we had to tailor our solution to the organisation. So we built a platform that would help them prepare for the future and work smarter, while still using their older systems. With the project completed on time and on budget, the teams got the tools they needed. So they could provide the very best health and social care to their citizens.

    “ BT they were our current provider, and we wanted ensure le

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