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Feb 18, 2016




Heartiest welcome. Identification. TeacherIdentification Md. Rafiqul Islam Assistant Teacher Fatiamari Najgor Ali High School. Lesson Identification Class : Ten Subject : English First paper Unit: Twenty One Lesson: 6 Today’s topic :The Killing Water. Previous knowledge test. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Heartiest welcome

Heartiest welcome

IdentificationTeacherIdentificationMd. Rafiqul IslamAssistant TeacherFatiamari Najgor Ali High School

Lesson IdentificationClass : TenSubject : English First paperUnit: Twenty OneLesson: 6Todays topic :The Killing Water

Previous knowledge test

Industrial liquid waste materials are always mixing in water

Polluted water are always mixing in drainages system from towns and cities.

Cane, bottles, polythin and wastes materials are always mixing in water. Stole and urine of human are always mixing from empty latrine in slum arears.Todays Topic :The Killing WaterLearning OutcomeBy the end of this lesson you will have mentioned some water borne disease Answered questions on arsenicosis read a newspaper article and made a list asked suggestions from a partner planned a leaflet New vocabularyArsenic, Arsenicosis , contaminated, surface, contain , overnight,

Thousands of people in Bangladesh are suffering from arsenic poisonings and more are being affected every day.

Arsenic affected peopleNew affected people

Arsenicosis is caused by drinking tube well water containing arsenic.

People who drink uncontaminated water do not catch arsenic from affected people

The main recommendation for the people who are affected by arsenic is to drink water from a source that contains no arsenic.

The effects of arsenicosis are less severe among people who eat a healthy, balanced diet, ideally containg fish and vegetables. This is an initial treatment for arsenicosis and may be part of the reason why the number of arsenicosis patient in angladesh is till relatively low.

It is believed that vitamins A , C and E are effective for treatment of arsenicosis

The majority of the tube wells in Bangladesh are free from arsenic , but they need to be tested to separate the safe from the unsafe and in many areas , this has not yet been tested for arsenic, should be painted green if they are safe or red if they are unsafe. UnsafeSafe

Deep tube wells are free from arsenic and bacteria although they will need testing in the future to ensure that it still the case. Deep tube well water

Surface water in ponds and rivers is a potential source of arsenic free water.Pond waterRiver water

If a latrine empties into a pond, Empty latrine

if it is used for washing livestock, washing livestock in pond

if a pond is used for fish cultivation with the use of cow dung, Using cow dung for fish cultivation

If it receives run off water from nearby field, the water should not be used for drinking even after treatment.

Rain water can be collected. This water is free from arsenic and bacteria although must be taken to ensure that the container is clear.Rain water harvesting system

If there is no source of water other than a red tube well make sure you do the following:Leave the water to stand in a pitcher overnight and filter the upper portion through another pitcher containing sand which will remove the arsenic.Filtering System

Boiling tube well water will not remove the arsenic. Arsenic contaminated water is boiling Group work Write down the safe sources of water on your khata.Evalution How many people are suffering from arsenicosis ? What is the effective treatment of arsenicosis ? Which colour is the symbol of safe water ?Which colour is the symbol of unsafe water ?Home workImagine that your area has been hit by arsenicosis and you are planning to publish a leaflet to make people aware of the danger. Make a list of what should go in the leaflet. Thanks to all

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