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Health & Wellbeing South Tyneside Manufacturing Forum

Apr 01, 2015



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Slide 2 Health & Wellbeing South Tyneside Manufacturing Forum Slide 3 Who is responsible for workforce wellbeing? Individual? Healthy Lifestyle Choices Employer? Occupational Health External agencies? Government/NHS Slide 4 Who is Amacus? Specialist training provider of innovative training solutions Established company with successful track record 3 core product services Slide 5 Amacus Product Portfolio L&M Bespoke training solutions Formal management qualifications, ILM & CMI Business & Personal Leapfrog Jump Start Your Business Workplace Health & Wellbeing Workplace Health Contract for SoTW Slide 6 Workplace Health Contract Core Offer: Better Health at Work Award Service Provision Support Re-invigorating the South Tyneside Workplace Health Alliance Additional Support: Well-being insight tool (Wbi) Ageing Workforce Diagnostic Slide 7 Wbi tool Return on Investment - ROI Calculates the annual cost of employee ill-health and staff turnover Builds bespoke business cases for workplace health and well-being initiatives Estimate the return on investment of a health and well-being programme Slide 8 Ageing Workforce Diagnostic Business benefits: Plan better for the future Improve morale and culture Improve recruitment & retention practices Better understand the needs of the workforce Employee benefits: Remain healthier and more productive for longer as they age Reduce financial anxiety More committed to learning new skills Better prepared to plan for retirement Slide 9 27 million lost working days in Britain during 2011/12 i.e. 17 days per case Source: HSE The Business Case Slide 10 UK Statistics - 2012 11 million people take sick leave ever year 100 billion annual cost to the economy 13.8 billion cost to tax payers 9 billion cost to employers 15 billion lost in economic output 41% MSD and 26% Mental Health conditions most commonly reported illness Source: Frost/Dame Carole Black Independent report 2011 & Review of the Health of Britain's working-age population 2008 Slide 11 NHS SOTWAmacusGatesheadSouth Tyneside Gateshead High Flying Business South Tyneside Workplace Health Alliance South Tyneside Manufacturing Forum Sunderland Working collaboratively with South Tyneside Workplace Health Alliance Slide 12 Workplace Health Offer Service Provision Support North East Better Health at Work Award Slide 13 Workplace Health and North East Better Health at Work Award South Tyneside Health Alliance 13 employers 1,370 employees * * Not exhaustive data from supplied Baseline information only Employer Engagement South of Tyne and Wear 13 Employers - Bronze 2013 11 Employers Silver 2013 13 Employers - Gold /CE 2013 43 Employers Service Provision 53,245 employees Slide 14 Companies Engaged with Workplace Health - BHAWA Numbers of employees per geographical area Slide 15 Statistics Routine and Manual Workers 57 companies engaged, 56,816 Employees - SOTW 30 employ R & M Representing 53% of the total workforce engaged. South Tyneside 1367 employees from 7 companies 5 of which employ 222 R & M workers = 16% SOTW -8241 employees from 5 companies 1 of which employs 2116 R & M workers = 265 Gateshead - 18044 from 25 companies 11 of which employ 5066 R & M workers = 28% Sunderland 29164 employees from 20 companies 13 of which employ 10027 R & M workers = 34% Slide 16 FREE support available to businesses Access to NHS service provision for: Workplace health checks Smoking cessation Physical exercise Healthy eating Access to Better Health at Work Award Dedicated website: Business support tools Workplace Health Offer Slide 17 NHS Health and Lifestyle advisorsMindPrimary Care Mental Health ServicesGroundwork South TynesideSmoking Cessation Service Provision NHS Stop Smoking Service North East Council on Addiction (NECA) NHS Health Checks Breast and Bowel Cancer Screening Public Health Information Resources Team Wellbeing Information Directory (Washington Mind) Services available in South Tyneside Service available in SoTW and North East Slide 18 Benefits of joining the Alliance Practical help and support for employees Improved morale & motivation Improved productivity & performance Exchange of good practice/ experiences Networking opportunities Healthy workforce can boost local economy Slide 19 What you get from us: Telephone & E-mail support Site visits from Amacus Online health needs analysisMentoring /Networking daysPeer group supportWorkshops/trainingInductions at each level of awardAssessment of AwardWebsite Slide 20 Contact Us Julie Robinson Health Co-ordinator Telephone: 0191 490 2419/01429 890071 Email: [email protected] Slide 21 Ford Aerospace Case Study Don't just take our word for it!! Slide 22

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