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Health Benefits Marketplace

Dec 31, 2015



Health Benefits Marketplace. Perceptions of Consumers in Iowa Pete Damiano Suzanne Bentler Dan Shane Iowa Safety Net Network Leadership Group Meeting August 6, 2013. In this presentation. Consumer survey Methods Demographics Insurance coverage and factors affecting choice - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Health Benefits MarketplacePerceptions of Consumers in Iowa

Pete DamianoSuzanne BentlerDan Shane

Iowa Safety Net Network Leadership Group MeetingAugust 6, 2013

In this presentationConsumer surveyMethodsDemographicsInsurance coverage and factors affecting choiceKnowledge and Attitudes toward the ACAMarketplace preferences and assistanceMethods-ConsumersMixed mode (On-line and written in person)Convenience sample:IA Caregivers Assoc. (both)one Iowa FQHC (written)Iowa State Extension (written)IA Public Health Association (online)AARP (online)IDPH partners and local agencies85 questions maximum43 questions with some tables of multiple subquestions498 responses so far367 On-line131 Written

Insurance Coverage TypesEmployer-based (HBMP)-20% (n=102)Uninsured now or in last 12 months (5%; n=24)Self insured (5%; n=25) Public (10%; n=53)MedicaidIowaCareCHAMPUSVAMilitary

*Medicare was excludedType of AssistanceWho helped choose coverage:Myself-39%Work/HR-37%Friends/family-10%

Age & Marital StatusAgeHealth StatusCurrent coverage related questionsHow well meets needsImportance of costsNon-covered servicesDelay careWorryImportance of having coverageSelfFamily

Current coverage meets needsPublic Insurance rated higher for kids than private: IA Household Health SurveyCurrent cost: Non-covered servicesPublic Insurance rated higher for kids than private: IA Household Health SurveyCurrent cost: Delayed careCurrent cost: Worry about pay for selfCurrent cost: Worry about pay familyImportance of coverage: self/familyACA related questionsAwareSourceKnowledge overallSpecificsSupport

How much HEARD about ACAHow much KNOW about ACASupport/Knowledge of ACASupport=Strongly and support; Know=strongly and knowKnowledge less, support similar, : For those most likely to use MarketplaceKnowledge less for all areasAge 26 coverage (77% vs 59%)Denial of coverage (64% vs 38%)Individual mandate (56% vs 34%)Medicaid expansion (49% vs 26%)Preventive coverage (47% vs 29%)Marketplace existence (46% vs 21%)Large business mandate (44% vs 24%)Business tax credits (40% vs 20%)Marketplace tax credits (32% vs 16%)SupportAge 26 coverage less (83% vs 69%)Marketplace credits more (65% vs 57%)

How learned about ACATelevision: 54%Employer 58%Non employer 46%Newspaper: 41%Employer 47%Non employer 23%Family/friends: 35%Employer 36%Non employer 30%Internet: 33%Employer 36%Non employer 28%Public health agencies: 29%Employer 34%Non employer 16%

Radio 27%; All others less than 20%: HI agents, Direct Mail, informational meetings at Hosp, Brochures at MD, Public forums, social mediaHealth Benefits MarketplaceFactors affecting choice (current & future)Comfort with online systemAmount of help with online systemPreference for how to get helpAmount of help for particular plan infoPost-purchase need for helpConfidence in possible sources of helpPlan preferencesMarketplace naming and source of informationFactors affecting choice of plan**Percentage Responding Very ImportantQ8 & Q2022Plan factors similar for those most likely to use MarketplaceCurrent plan choiceMonthly cost more (80% vs 70%)Marketplace plan choiceProviders less (67% vs 54%)Preference for number of plansQ2624Choice guidance preferenceQ2725Comfort w/online system choosing planQ2126Need for help with online systemQ2227Preference for how to get help: MarketplaceQ2328How much help with plan info: Marketplace**Percentage Responding A lot of helpQ2429Confidence in sources for help**Percentage Responding Confident or Very ConfidentQ2530Plan information post-purchase helpQ3131Trusted sources for post-purchase help with previous servicesQ3232NamingNot EmployerIowa Health Insurance Marketplace (40%)Iowa Health Choices (18%)Iowa Health Benefit Marketplace (9%)

EmployerIowa Health Insurance Marketplace (43%)Iowa Health Choices (15%)Iowa Health Insurance Exchange (14%)Q2833How would you learn about MarketplaceEmployer: 57%Employer (67%)Non employer (45%)Television: 51%Employer (57%)Non employer (50%)Newspaper: 37%Employer (42%)Non employer (35%)

Internet: 36%Employer (38%)Non employer (45%)Radio: 32%Employer (36%)Non employer (30%)

Other: Friends/family, HI Agent, Direct mail, Local Hosp meetings, Brochures at MD, Public events, Social media, PH Agencies, Non profitsQ2934Top 5 most trustworthy sources of Marketplace informationQ3035Conclusions:For those most likely to use MarketplaceNon-employer are sickernot as sick as IowaCareCurrent coverage doesnt meet needs as wellCost for non-covered services more importantMore likely to delay care for costsMuch more likely to worry about costs for self and familyHaving coverage less important for selfAs important for familyMuch less knowledgeable about the MarketplaceHeard less, know lessSimilarly supportive of componentsConclusions:For those most likely to use MarketplacePrefer more plans to choose fromNeed more help with selecting plansLess comfortable with online selection systemWould need more helpPrefer one-on-one type assistancePhone, in personNeed more help post selectionTrust providers most following purchaseConclusions: GeneralCost is more important than quality when choosing a planEven more for choosing plan in the marketplaceLearned about ACA from:Television, Newspaper Family/friends, Internet, Public health agenciesPreferred moderate to many plans to choose from on MPPrefer at least some guidance in online system when choosing plan Want help with cost and services coveredConclusions: GeneralMost likely to learn about Marketplace from:Employer, TVTrusted sources for marketplace informationWork HR, Public Health AgenciesTrusted sources for marketplace purchase helpWork HR, Print, Community resourcesTrusted sources for post-purchase helpWork HR, Marketplace website, Community resources, providersPreferred Marketplace name over Exchange