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Habitat for Humanity China Annual Report FY11

Mar 09, 2016



Icarus Leung

What We Build? Habitat Background Habitat for Humanity is a worldwide, non-governmental organization dedicated to eliminating poverty housing and homelessness. Habitat builds simple, decent houses in partnership with low-income families in need through volunteer labor and donations. Since 2006, HFH China has built, repaired or renovated more than 3,700 houses, serving over 10,100 Chinese people in need of decent shelter.
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Page 1: Habitat for Humanity China Annual Report FY11
Page 2: Habitat for Humanity China Annual Report FY11


We Build More Than Houses – Honorary Chairman’s Review P.03我們建起的遠不止房屋– 榮譽主席回顧

We Build Momentum, We Build our Network P.05我們創造動力,我們构建网絡

Shanghai, Sichuan P.06上海、四川

Yunnan, Guangdong P.07雲南、廣東

Guangxi P.08廣西

We Build Hope P.09我們構築希望

Housing Improvement P.11房屋修繕

We Build Changes In Life P.13我們為生活帶來變化

What Did Our Builders Say? P.16我們的義工分享

We Build On Our Future Leaders, Global Village Volunteering – Introduction and Numbers P.17地球村義工活動–簡介與數據

Global Village Volunteer Sharing P.19地球村活動義工心得分享

ISB Sharing P.21北京順義國際學校分享

HFH China Financial Overview 2011 P.23中華仁人家園有限公司FY11年度財政概覽

Financial Overview P.24財務概覽

Our Board And Management Team P.25我們的董事會和管理團隊

We Build Partnership - Donor List P.27我們建立伙伴關係

Where to Find us P.30在哪裡找到我們

What We Build?我們構建了什麼?

Habitat Background Habitat for Humanity is a worldwide, non-governmental organization dedicated to eliminating poverty housing and homelessness. Habitat builds simple, decent houses in partnership with low-income families in need through volunteer labor and donations. Since 2006, HFH China has built, repaired or renovated more than 3,700 houses, serving over 10,100 Chinese people in need of decent shelter.


Vision - A world where everyone has a decent place to live. 理念–世上人人得以安居Mission - Seeking to put God’s love into action, Habitat for Humanity brings people together to build homes, communities and hope.使命–仁人家園貫徹神愛於生活中, 以行動凝聚眾人,攜手建設家園、社區及希望。

Page 3: Habitat for Humanity China Annual Report FY11


We Build More Than Houses – Honorary Chairman’s Review我們建起的遠不止房屋– 榮譽主席回顧

With the devastating earthquake in Japan and the condolence of the third year for Sichuan earthquake victims, 2011 was indeed a challenging year. Habitat for Humanity China organized several large-scale housing projects in 6 regions in China, including Hong Kong, Yunnan, Shanghai, Guangdong and Sichuan, as well as extensive fundraising for survivors of the Japanese earthquake. We have also made great strides in developing HFH China’s partnerships with volunteers, donors, supporters and families in need of decent housing.

見證了日本毀滅性的大地震以及對中國汶川地震三周年的悼念,2011年(對於中華仁人家園)註定是不平凡的 一年。在這一年中,中華仁人家園在包括香港、雲南、上海、廣東、四川等在內的中國六大省區組織了各種 大規模的房屋建造工程,並且為日本大地震的倖存者進行了廣泛的籌資活動。這使得中華仁人家園與志願者、 捐款者、支持者以及對安穩住房有需求的家庭之間的夥伴關係日益緊密並迅速發展。

HFH China has marked its 3-year milestone for the disaster recovery project in Sichuan province since the earthquake in 2008. Working in partnership with the local government, HFH China has successfully accomplished 9 projects, utilizing a total fund of RMB 24 million and sending over 1,000 volunteers to help build 1,139 houses and one kindergarten in the cities of Pengzhou, Zhongjiang and Qingchuan. The 3-year-long project culminated with the “512 New Hope Build” from 13 August 2011, which mobilized nearly 100 volunteers from Hong Kong to build homes for 150 families.

自從2008年汶川地震以來的三年中,中華仁人家園在中國四川省的災後重建項目取得了里程碑式的成就。 中華仁人家園與當地政府合作,已經成功完成9個項目,利用總計人民幣2400萬元的資金為災區輸送了逾 千名志願者,他們在彭州市、中江市與青川市協助建造了1139座房屋以及一所幼稚園。此重建項目長達 三年,以2011年8月13日啟動的「512建家.圓夢之旅」作為終結,該工程動員了香港近100名志願者前往災區為150個受災家庭建造合適房屋。

Another highlight was the pilot project for the elderly in Shanghai. Launched last year, the project continues to address the needs of Shanghai’s growing senior citizen community. HFH China has been partnering with the Shanghai Municipal Government and the Shanghai Senior Citizens Foundation to renovate the homes of low-income elderly in Shanghai. Priorities have been put on urgent safety issues, including fire and accident prevention, and ensuring barrier-free access for the senior residents.

中華仁人家園在上海的試點項目無疑是另一大亮點。該項目於去年啟動,著重於解決上海日益擴大的老年人 群體的需求。中華仁人家園已與上海市政府以及上海市老年基金會合作,為上海低收入老年人家庭的房屋進行修葺工作。整建工作的優先著眼點為包括火災事故防範在內的緊急安全問題,以及對老年居民無障礙通行的 保證工作。

HFH China has also reached out to raise donations for the tragic disaster in Japan. The 9.0 magnitude earthquake struck Japan on the 11 March, 2011 triggering a massive tsunami that wrought widespread damage along the Pacific coastlines of Japan’s northern islands. With the generous support of global Standard Chartered Bank, HFH China has contributed more than USD$400,000 to HFH Japan for the earthquake and tsunami relief projects.

中華仁人家園更是進一步地通過積極募捐為遭到災難打擊的 日本伸出援手。3月11日,重創日本的9.0級大地震觸發了一系列大規模海嘯,為日本北部諸島太平洋沿岸帶來了深遠廣泛的破壞。在全球渣打銀行的慷慨支持下,中華仁人家園為日本仁人家園貢獻了超過40萬美元資金,用於地震與海嘯的救助項目。

It has been a fulfilling year for Habitat for Humanity China’s team. We are all totally committed to building both homes and hope. We are particularly thankful to our corporate supporters who continue to contribute valuable resources to our projects. Working in the world’s most populous regions, wrought with numerous natural disasters certainly has its challenges, but opportunities to help also abound. With your support, we will continue to help under-privileged families and disaster survivors to build their homes, providing safe and decent shelter.

對於中華仁人家園的領導團隊和工作人員來說,他們全身心致力於建造房屋、構築希望,過去的一年無疑是成果豐碩令人 滿意的一年。我們尤其感激我們的企業支持者,他們一如既往地貢獻寶貴資源來支持我們的項目。在這個世界上人口最多的國家工作,被無數自然災害環繞必定會帶來不小的挑戰,但是這裡依舊充滿了讓我們施以援手的機會。在您的支援下,我們將繼續幫助貧窮家庭和災害倖存者重建家園,為他們提供安全而舒適的容身之所。

Page 4: Habitat for Humanity China Annual Report FY11


Significant Numbers Total no. of houses completed in China and Hong Kong (built, rehabilitated and repaired) 3,700No. of volunteers joined in China and Hong Kong 3,053No. of volunteering hours 56,578Number of family served in China and Hong Kong 3,700 (since 2006)Total amount of money raised for HFH China projects $24,054,454

重要的數字國內及香港完成房屋總數(包括新建、改造、修葺的房屋)3,700國內及香港志願者參與總數 3,053志願服務總時長(小時) 56,578國內及香港受助家庭總數(自2006年)3,700中華仁人家園項目籌資總量 $24,054,454

We Build Momentum



We Build our Network 我們构建网絡

Hong Kong-Promoting our mission locally and across ChinaHong Kong office had been focused on numerous fundraising projects for the year. To name a few, our “Inter-school Tai O Stilt House Design Competition” which the participating students had to show deep understanding for Tai O environment with their innovative design and green thoughts. The response was overwhelming. The students can demonstrate their creativity which suits the needs of those elderly. In response to the devastating 8.0 magnitude earthquake in 2008, our 512 New Hope Build marked the 3rd anniversary of the Sichuan earthquake by mobilizing 100 volunteers from Hong Kong to build homes for 150 families in Zhuyan township. In sum, we’ve built and rehabilitated over 1,000 houses and assisted over 3,400 Chinese peoples met their shelter needs for the past three years, and we’re aiming to reach families in need of safe, decent shelter and help lift them out of poverty.

香港- 在本地以及全中國推廣我們的理念

今年香港辦事處主要著眼於眾多的籌款項目。例如在我們的「校際大澳棚屋設計大賽」中,參與的學生將通過富有創意的設計以及環保的理念展示他們對大澳環境的深入理解。該比賽的引起的反應异常熱烈。學生們所展示出的創意恰恰是老年人所需要的。為了回應2008年毀滅性的8.0級地震,我們的512新希望工程動員了一百名香港志願者為竹園鎮的150個受災家庭建造 房屋,以此紀念汶川大地震三周年。總而言之,在過去的三年來,我們新建或改造了逾千所房屋並且幫助了超過3,400名中國災民,滿足他們的住房 需求。同時我們還在不斷的接觸一些需要安全、舒適住所的家庭,並努力救之於貧苦之中。

Shanghai-Focusing On Elderly Housing And Needs Partnering with Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau and Shanghai Senior Citizens Foundation, Habitat for Humanity China had an initial success in the Shanghai Age-Friendly Housing Project, completing 21 houses in Pilot Phase and Phase I. Phase II was then implemented to improve the living condition of 30 low-income senior citizens in 4 districts. Besides, we have successfully completed a rural housing project in Pinghu County, Zhejiang Province for 10 Habitat home partners in 2009-2010. In May 2011, 50 Delta Air Lines volunteers from 8 different countries together with local volunteers from SkyTeam partners China Southern and China Eastern had constructed a further 5 homes.

上海- 聚焦於老年人住房需求

在與上海市民政局以及上海市老年基金會的合作下,中華仁人家園在其「上海適老性住房計劃」的試驗階段和第一階段中完成了21所房屋的建造,取得初步成功。該計劃第二階段隨即付諸實施,旨在提升 4個區內30名低收入老年人的生活條件。此外,我們在2009-2010年還成功地完成了一個浙江平湖縣的農村住房計劃。在2011年5月,來自 8個不同國家的50名達美航空公司志願者攜手來自天合聯盟的本地志願者,和中國南航、中國東航共同又建造了五所房屋。

Sichuan-Rebuilding Changzhen CommunityPengzhou City, Xiayudong Township, Changzhen CommunityChangzhen Community is located in Xiaoyudong Township, hosting 285 families with a total population of 489 people. The 5.12 earthquake caused extensive damages, 7 deaths and 20 injuries in the local community. More than 80% of all the houses in Changzhen community collapsed during the earthquake. Habitat for Humanity China worked closely with the municipal government to rebuild homes for 84 families, consisting of 328 family members. HFH China provided a funding of RMB 2,525,600 for all the home partners in the project.

四川- 重建場鎮社區


場镇社區位於小魚洞鎮,居住著285個家庭,總人口489。512大地震對該社區帶來了嚴重破壞,致7死20傷。場镇社區超過80%的房屋在大地震中倒塌。中華仁人家園與當地市政府緊密合作, 為84個家庭(共計328名家庭成員)重建家園。中華仁人家園更為該項目涉及的伙伴家庭提供了共計 人民幣2,525,600元的款項資助。

Page 5: Habitat for Humanity China Annual Report FY11


Yunnan-Build In Lost HeavenYunnan Chahe village is situated in Mohei Township, 47km from Ning’er County. The majority of families make their living from subsistence farming, with an average annual income less than RMB 1,500. In this flood and earthquake prone area, many villagers are living in dangerous primitive houses made of mud-brick walls with ceramic tile roofs, lacking any sanitation or ventilation systems. HFH China works with local partners and government, including the Ning’er County Red Cross and local Civil Affairs Bureau, to implement its disaster mitigation and rural housing projects. This project will help 38 families with 149 people rebuild their homes.

雲南- 重建於彩雲之南

雲南岔河村隸屬于磨黑鎮,距寧洱縣47公里。該地大多數家庭通過自給農業維持生計,平均年收入低於人民幣1500元。在這片洪澇及地震的多發地,許多村民居住在由泥磚牆和瓷瓦房頂搭建成的危險的原始房屋中,衛生及通風設備嚴重匱乏。中華仁人家園與當地政府以及合作夥伴相合作 ( 包 括 宁 洱 縣 紅 十 字 会 及 當 地 民 政 局 等 ) , 共 同實 施 災 後 重 建 與 農 村 住 房 計 劃 。 此 計 劃 將 幫 助 38個家庭(共計149名家庭成員)重建家園。

Guangdong-Transforming Homes, Lives and Communities In Shaoguan Shangyang Village is located in Qujiang District of Shaoguan Municipality, about 210 km north of Guangzhou. Shangyang Village has 45 families with approximately 200 residents. It was devastated by landslide caused by severe rainstorm that struck most parts of northern Guangdong province. Many houses were made of mud and bricks, with dirt floors, tile roofs and walls constructed of compressed-earth bricks. Habitat for Humanity China had partnered with the local government to support at least 10 families to rebuild simple, decent, and affordable homes.

廣東- 韶關市的房屋社區改建工作

上楊村位於韶關市曲江區,在廣州市以北約210公里處。上楊村有45個家庭,共計約200名住戶。粵北大部分地區連遇大暴雨,由此引起的山泥傾瀉更是為這座小村落帶來重創。該地多數房屋系泥磚結構,泥地瓦頂, 牆壁由壓制土磚構成。中華仁人家園已與當地政府合作,扶持至少10個家庭建造起簡單、舒適、能負擔的屋舍。

Guangxi-Housing Project Post Flood & Helping Leprosy Villagers To Regain Decent LivesXincheng county, Laibin city, locates in the Guangxi Zhuang Minority Autonomous Region which is one among the 28 poverty-stricken counties in China. In June, 2010, a flood destroyed 12 villages and their water and electric facilities. Habitat for Humanity China supported 23 families to participate the “Save and Build” model to build new houses. Hancong village, a remote area by mountainsides built in 1959, was once affected by leprosy and turned into the leprosy hospital of Guiping. Only 6 residents remain there due to family abandonment and social discrimination. HFH China’s construction projects include constructing cement floor, building several kitchen ranges and water resources for the villagers.

廣西- 洪災建房和幫助麻風村民重獲新生



Page 6: Habitat for Humanity China Annual Report FY11


Official figures indicated that more than 400,000 people died and injured, and at least 15 million people were displaced from their homes at a devastating 8.0 magnitude earthquake in Sichuan on 12 May 2008. Habitat for Humanity China began a three-year post-disaster community reconstruction project in 2009, focusing on the rehabilitation of victims through the establishment of sustainable villages in Sichuan. It aimed to rebuild at least 1,000 permanent yet earthquake-resilient houses as well as nursery schools, health clinics, activity centers/libraries and outdoor exercise areas.


Starting off with a Sichuan post-disaster community reconstruction project in 2009, it had received many voluntary efforts including Hong Kong celebrities Mr. Daniel Wu, an actor/director and Ms. Karen Mok, a singer/actress. As the project continued in the affected communities throughout 2010, it ended with the “512 New Hope Build” in 2011, marking the 3rd anniversary of the Sichuan earthquake. During the project, HFH China had built and rehabilitated over 1,000 houses and had assisted over 3,400 people in Sichuan, reaching families in need of safe, decent shelters and helping lift them out of poverty.

自2009年四川災後社區重建計劃啟動以來,我們得到了來自四面八方的義工力量的支援,包括香港名演員 兼導演吳彥祖先生、歌手兼演員莫文蔚女士。該計劃於2010年繼續遍及各大受災社區,並以2011年的「512建家.圓夢之旅」作為收尾,同時也標誌著四川大地震三周年。在此計劃期間,中華仁人家園新建或改造了逾千所房屋並且幫助了超過3,400名四川災民,我們更是不斷接觸一些需要安全、舒適居所的家庭,並努力救之於貧苦之中。

Disaster Mitigation in Guangdong廣東減災工程

Location- Changliu Village 地點- 長流村Changliu village is located in the mountains of Liangkou township of Conghua district, about 110 km north of Guangzhou city. There are 300 families with a population of approximately 1,800. Most of them are subsistence farmers relying upon rice and various fruits for survival, with tangerines grown as a cash crop. Annual per capita income in the village is roughly US $370.


Most houses of Changliu are constructed of compressed-earth bricks with the outer walls not being plastered. They average 70 Square Meter in size, with tile roofs and few windows and no sanitary facilities. With leaky ceilings and cracking walls, the dwellers are living in dark, damp, dirty and crowded environment. Their living condition is deplorable, threatening their health and safety.

長流村多數房屋由壓制土磚構成,外層牆壁未經過石灰漿批蕩處理。這些房屋平均為70平方米,窗戶較少, 衛生設施匱乏。瓦片屋頂時常滲漏,土磚牆壁老化開裂,居民生活環境陰暗潮濕、骯髒擁擠。

Location- Zhuyuan Township, Qingchuan County, Sichuan 地點- 四川青川縣竹園鎮

Page 7: Habitat for Humanity China Annual Report FY11


Tai O Stilt House Restoration and Community Development Project 2010-20122010-2012 大澳棚屋復修及社區發展計劃

Tai O is the only remaining intact fishing village in Hong Kong with a history of over 200 years. Many villagers are low-income families and retired senior citizens living in historical stilt houses. Launched in 2010, the two-year “Tai O Stilt House Restoration and Community Development Project” aims at improving the living standards of low-income families and revitalizing local communities through restoring nearly 100 stilt houses and 10 neighborhood pathways.

大澳有超過200年的悠久歷史,乃香港境內唯一現存的完整漁村。村內低收入家庭眾多,許多退休長者住在 古舊的棚屋裡。啟動于2010年,歷時兩年的「大澳棚屋複修及社區發展計劃」旨在通過複修近100所棚屋 以及10條棚屋走道,提升大澳低收入家庭生活品質、重振當地社區活力。

Young Students Restored Old Stilt Houses and Brought Heartwarming Christmas to Tai O 青年學生複修古舊棚屋,為大澳帶來溫馨聖誕

A week before 2010 Christmas 20 students from St. Stephen’s College spent a full day to restore homes for the low-income elderly residents in Tai O, just in time for Christmas as a special and extraordinary gift to some of our home partners. The mere wish of some low-income elderly families in Tai O was to have their doors or windows fixed so that the winter chills could be shut out. Habitat for Humanity China’s project in Tai O has hosted a volunteer build event where 20 students from the F.4 classes with 4 parents and teachers had helped to prepare construction materials by painting water-resistance coating onto the logs of wood that will be used as the stilt houses’ frame and structure. At day end of the build, the students visited home partners Ms. Lai and Ms. Kwok families. They sang Christmas carol and presented gifts to the home partners to celebrate the seasons.

2010年聖誕節一周前,20名來自聖士提反學院的學生利用 一整天的時間為大澳村低收入長者複修房屋,恰巧作為一項特殊的聖誕禮物獻給我們的夥伴家庭。一些低收入長者家庭的願望只不過是能把門窗修好,以便在冬天禦寒。中華仁人家園的大澳項目也舉辦了一個義工建設活動,20名中學四年級的學生以及4位家長、老師為棚屋框架所需原木塗上防水漆層,協助準備建設材料。在此次活動結尾,學生們拜訪了賴女士和郭婆婆兩個夥伴家庭,他們一起歡唱聖誕頌歌,互贈禮物以慶賀佳節。

Special “Women Build” project on International Women’s Day to restore the stilt houses on low-income elderly in Tai O 國際婦女節特殊「婦女家園建設」計劃,複修大澳低收入長者棚屋

On 4-6 March 2011, Habitat for Humanity China hosted a special “Women Build” in Tai O with the support from around 70 volunteers, including celebrities, corporation volunteers and other individuals.  This special build project, which had continued the unprecedented effort to help the low-income families in Tai O, restored their substandard stilt houses and celebrated the centenary of International Women's Day and the 10th anniversary of International Year of Volunteers. During the 3-day build, volunteers had helped to remove clutter, repaint walls and doors and replace roof-boards for 5 stilt houses.  Female volunteers had also participated in heavy construction works, including delivering construction materials, nailing on wooden boards, replacing doors, coating roof board and concreting walls.  As a result, safety, sanitation and public hygienic condition were significantly improved.

2011年3月4-6日,中華仁人家園在包括名人、企業志願者等七十餘義工的支持下,舉辦了一次「婦女家園 建設」活動。作為對大澳村低收入家庭幫助的延續,本次特殊活動更是一如既往的複修了村民們不合規格的 棚屋,同時慶祝了國際婦女節百周年以及國際志願者年的十周年。在這次歷時三天的活動中,志願者們幫助掃除雜物、重塗牆壁門窗,並為5所棚屋重置了天花板。女性義工們也積極參與了施工的粗重活,包括遞送建築材料、釘制木板、更換門窗、漆塗天花板以及為牆壁批蕩等。這項工程的結果是成功的:大澳村的安全、公共衛生條件都得到了極大的提升。

Page 8: Habitat for Humanity China Annual Report FY11


We Build Changes In Life

Pictured above left: Liang Qi Ming and family in front of the temporary shelter he built 上左圖:梁啓明的家庭站在他所建造的臨時房屋前

Rebuilding Home And Hope Post Earthquake In Sichuan四川災後重建家園構築希望

Liang Qi Ming’s family has lived in Liang Jia Ba hamlet, Zhuyuan town for over six generations. With their children leaving home to Tianzin city, Qi Ming (57), his wife Shi Jin Zhi (57) and their grandson Liang Wen (12) lived in their ancestral land, growing rice and corn to support their living.

On 12 May 2008, Qi Ming and his wife were in the field, witnessing houses collapsing in front of them when the earthquake struck. Their grandson studying in the local primary school was saved before the roof caved in and collapsed. However, they lost their home and land in the disaster. They had to live in a one-room temporary shelter made of wood and tin, with no windows and large gaps between the roof and the walls, for over a year. As they can no longer farm, the family cannot afford a house but live off their dwindling savings in the shelter.

Habitat for Humanity China provided Qi Ming and his son Liang Wei (26) a grant to join the disaster response plan so that they can move into newly-built earthquake-resistant apartments. When Qi Ming first saw the local and international Habitat volunteers building his new home at the construction site, he was moved to tears. He looked forward to his new apartment as his family can finally have a safe, warm house again that they can call it home.

梁啟明家庭已經在竹園鎮梁家壩村居住了超過六代了。孩子們已離家前往天津市,啟明與妻子施金枝帶著外孫梁文住在這片祖上傳下來的土地上,靠種植稻穀玉米為生。2008年5月12日,啟明和妻子還正在地裡勞作, 親眼目睹無數房屋在眼前被地震摧毀坍塌。幸而他們在當地小學上學的外孫在教室屋頂下陷之前被救出,然而這卻仍然未能阻止他們在災難中失去了自己的房屋和土地。之後一年多的時間裡,他們一家不得不蝸居在一小間由木頭和鐵皮搭制的臨時避難所中,不僅沒有通風的視窗,房頂和牆角更是縫隙甚大漏雨漏風。鑒於他們已再無力農耕,這個家庭無法支付購買新房的開支,只好憑藉日漸縮減的存款在避難所艱辛度日。

中華仁人家園為啟明和兒子梁偉提供機會參與應災計劃,因而他們得以搬進新建的抗震公寓中。當啟明初次看見海內外的仁人家園志願者在施工地為他建造新房的時候,他感動得熱淚盈眶。他對未來在新房的生活充滿 期待,因為他的家庭終於再次擁有了一個能稱為「家」的安樂居所。

Page 9: Habitat for Humanity China Annual Report FY11


What Did Our Builders Say?我們的義工分享

Disaster Mitigation In Chahe Village, Yunnan Province: Strengthening Homes And Hope雲南省岔河村減災項目:加固房屋夯實希望

Li Cun Hua (34), his wife Na Zhi Ying, their son Li Xue Hao (4), Cun Hua’s 81-year-old father and their niece are Hani, an ethnic minority. Following their tradition of living along the mountain slopes, they live in a mud brick house with no proper sanitation and ventilation system in Chahe village, 160km from Kunming, Yunnan’s capital city. As the house was perched along a steep mountainside, it was vulnerable to the earthquakes and landslides along the steep and slippery paths, endangering their safety.


Over two years ago, Cun Hua’s family had to move their home because the electric company planned to install a power line. Though the government provided the family with a subsidy of RMB 10,000 (US $1,544), a new house in Yunnan cost far more. His family could only build a temporary shelter made of concrete blocks and asbestos roofing, which was harmful to their health. They need to spend the night with Zhi Ying’s family in the village during storms as it provides more security.

兩年多前,電力公司的輸電線安裝計劃迫使李家搬離此地。儘管當地政府為家庭發放了人民幣一萬元 (合1,544美元)的住房補貼,這比起雲南一所新房的購置價格仍然相去甚遠。李家僅能利用混凝土磚和有害健康的石棉屋頂材料,建造起一間臨時避難所。暴風雨來臨時,李家為了安全起見,需要和同村的娘家人共度夜晚。

Habitat for Humanity China is providing Cun Hua with an affordable, no-profit loan and has mobilized volunteer teams to construct a new brick house with reinforced concrete roof and proper sanitation facilities. It will give them protection and a sense a dignity as they will no longer depend on others for shelter. For the Li family, the new home will be their brighter future.

中華仁人家園為存華提供了一筆可負擔的非牟利貸款,並動員了義工隊伍來建造一所具有鋼筋混凝土房頂和 配套衛生設施的新磚房。這在為李家提供庇護之餘,更是讓他們免於在特殊天氣求助他人尋求居所,李家人的 自尊心因而得以維護。對於這個家庭來說,這所新房便是他們光明未來的起點。

From Corporate 企業夥伴QBE MI Asia 昆士蘭按揭保險亞洲有限公司

At QBE MI Asia, we genuinely care about giving back to our community. We actively work to be a responsible corporate member of society. With that in mind, we have been a proud sponsor of Habitat for Humanity China since 2005. Over the past few years, we have partnered with Habitat for Humanity China to improve the living conditions of people in need. This year, we continue to support Habitat for Humanity China’s charity fund raising programs.

在昆士蘭按揭保險亞洲有限公司,我們真摯的希望能夠對社會有所回報。我們積極的承擔起應負的責任,力爭成為社會上合格的企業成員。基於這一思想,我們自2005年起就是中華仁人家園的一名自豪的贊助商。過去幾年來,我們和中華仁人家園緊密合作,致力於提升有需要家庭的生活條件。今年,我們將一如既往的支持 中華仁人家園的慈善籌資計劃。

From Individual 個人義工

Before I join this project, the memory of Tai O for me, I guess it’s same as everyone, an old fishing village and houses are on the water. But since I take part in this project, I can’t stop myself to attend this meaningful event! The first build I joined is on June 2010, it’s a very very hot summer. It was tough and tired! But after I finished the long day build, I saw the smiley face from the elderly, I can feel how they appreciate for the job I’ve done! I am not a good worker on building a stilt house but at least I have tried my best to provide a better living environment for those needy and elderly.

在我參與這項計劃之前,大澳在我腦海裡的印象-我猜這也是大多數人的印象,就僅僅是一個破舊的 老漁村,房屋都建造在水面上。但是當我成為這個項目的一份子之後,我就變得情不自禁想參與到這個富有 意義的實踐當中!我參與的第一項建造計劃是在2010年六月,那個夏天實在是非常非常的酷熱,工作很累很艱苦!但是當我完成一天的工作之後,我看到那些老人家臉上由衷的笑容,我可以感受到他們對我所做的一切是多麼的感激!儘管我算不上一個優秀的棚屋建造工,但起碼我已經盡力為那些有需要的老人家們提供了一個更好的居住環境。

 I have been joining this project about 5 or 6 times, but I am not going to stop, there’s so many people need our support. People who live in Tai O they all like a big family! If they know you are helping someone to repairing the stilt houses, they will give a warm smile and big thanks to you too, just like you are helping to repair their own houses. That’s kind of the motive force for me to keep up my mind to help those elderly!

這個項目我已經參加過5、6次了,但是我並沒有就此停止的打算,因為需要我們帮助和支持的人們實在是 太多了。住在大澳村的人們彼此和睦相處,就像一個大家庭一樣!如果他們得知你要為某家修繕棚屋,他們 會給你投以溫暖的微笑和由衷的感謝,就好像你是為他們自己整修屋舍一樣。這大概就是我下決心幫助 那些老年人的動力吧。

Cheers! Looking forward to seeing you in next build! 耶!我很期待在下個工程中見到你們!

 The last but not the least, I do need to give a huge thanks to my company, Wells Fargo Bank N.A. for their big support on this project! Thank you so much!


Sam Law

Page 10: Habitat for Humanity China Annual Report FY11

Building in 地點

Number of GV Volunteer / Number of GV Volunteer Teams地球村活動義工數量 / 地球村活動義工隊伍數量

Sichuan 四川 341 / 11Guangdong 廣東 613 / 27Yunnan 雲南 201 / 12Guangxi 廣西 32 / 2Total 總計 1187 / 52


We Build On Our Future LeadersGlobal Village Volunteering – Introduction and Numbers地球村義工活動–簡介與數據

Global Village is Habitat for Humanity’s principal overseas volunteer program. The program seeks and mobilizes volunteers for a life-transforming experience, for both the volunteers and the families whose homes they help build. In partnership with local villagers, teams of 10-20 volunteers travel to their chosen host country to build and learn about local housing needs and become part of an international movement to rebuild the community.

地球村義工活動是仁人家園在海外最重要的志願者 項目。此項目利用尋找來的志願者們締造改變人生的經歷,這經歷不僅僅是對於義工們,更是對於義工活動的受惠家庭來說的。在與當地村民的合作下,10-20名義工組隊前往活動主辦國,學習瞭解當地的房屋需求並建造屋舍。這樣一來,他們便成為了一個全球性的社區重建項目的一份子了。

Habitat for Humanity China organizes “Mainland Builds” for individuals, business teams, and students from secondary schools and universities all over the world. Each volunteer team raises its own funds to cover the costs of the trip and a donation to support the purchase of construction materials, pre-construction arrangements and administrative support. Most build trips last for five to seven days.


Page 11: Habitat for Humanity China Annual Report FY11


Global VillageVolunteer Sharing地球村活動義工心得分享

From A Xiamen Student來自一位廈門學生

Building a home using a hoe and a sledge hammer for the homeless? Sending our love to the affected area thousand miles away from a charity concert? Never think of changing someone’s life in our high-school years before joining Habitat for Humanity China.

用鋤頭和鐵錘為無家可歸的人建起房屋?在上萬人前用慈善音樂會給千里之外的災區送去愛心?在加入仁人家園以前, 作為高中生的我們, 沒想過邁出了改變一生的一步。

If kindness is the power to change a world, the hard work affirmed the change from our participating partners as well as people surrounding. At Xiamen, we volunteered for organizing a concert for our travel expenses and raise fund, and it’s never been an easy task for us. We’ve been talking to the social media and the funding foundations, and had already become a communication channel in between public and organization. Peoples’ perceptions from us were to show-off, we understood that it was pretty far away from Sichuan to Xieman after all. With the supports and generosity from friends, I stood like a spokesperson on stage at the night of the concert. We succeeded!


We thoughts we wouldn’t have to build a house using our hands, however, it was more than I can imagine that my body was full of mud, carrying safely hat and shovel and working days and nights. Even though, our limited strength was not as powerful as men, it was much easier to move away the rocks using our bear hands rather than the heavy shovel, so that they can be removed easily by the men with their shovel. The most vivid scenario would be the youngest girls amongst us, so called “little crazy”, was working endlessly and didn't care about the dirt all over her body.


Carrying our fatigue bodies to the village we built, we should have built faster and quicker for the villagers. With our strong mission, we must work harder even though we used up a whole bottle of Yunnan medicine.

明明到最後全身連噴藥都用不了力氣了,但探訪時看見那些村民住著自己的房子,時不時的歎氣搖頭,頓覺得 我們還不夠努力,速度還是不夠快。那時身上充滿了使命感,就算把整瓶雲南紅藥噴完了,也一定要幹更多活!

A strong team spirit was ever touched me from the charity dinner at Xiamen to the build at Sichuan. The reward was more than you can imagine even though we encountered many obstacles. Regardless the time passes by; the reward and experience are preciousness.


Michael Kang康恩澤

Page 12: Habitat for Humanity China Annual Report FY11


“This is my fourth year working as part of the International School of Beijing’s Campus Chapter For HFH China. Working with Habitat for Humanity has been one of the most rewarding experiences for me. As of present, I have been on two building trips, both to the same location in Zhuyuan town of  Qingchuan County, Sichuan. I learned a great deal from having been on these building trips. I experienced first-hand the difficulty and hardship involved with construction work, which allows me to appreciate the effort of the construction workers I see almost everyday living in Beijing. Seeing the development of the same apartment building project and the speed at which the apartment building would soon be able to house the many families when I returned to the site, also gave me a positive outlook and motivated me to work even harder during my time at the construction site. Furthermore, visiting and interacting with the people in the nearby village made the whole experience even more worthwhile as it allowed me to see who would benefit from the work HFH is involved in. This, I felt was the highlight of the trip – not just working to build the houses, but building the houses for the people we live alongside, building a habitat for humanity. “

這是我在北京順義國際學校仁人家園校園分會工作的第四年了,四年來在仁人家園的工作為我帶來了許多有益的 經歷。截至目前我已經參與過兩次的建設工程,都是前往四川省青川縣竹園鎮的,這兩次建設工程讓我受益 匪淺。我親身親手感受到了建築工作所包含的困難和艱辛,這也讓我更加由衷地對我在北京隨處可見的建築工人們產生感激和敬意。看到那些房屋建造的飛速進度,想到在不久的將來那些房屋將會為眾多家庭提供庇護,我不禁充滿希冀並暗下決心,在建設的過程中要加倍努力。此外,和附近村民們的往來和交流也讓我的這次 行程更有意義,因為他們讓我真真切切接觸到了仁人家園所參與的建造工程將會造福的群體。在我看來,這才是整次旅途的亮點——並不僅是建屋蓋房,更是在於為身邊的人們出一些力,以一顆仁人之心為他們重建家園。

Krystal Koh International School of Beijing 北京順義國際學校Student in grade 12 12年級學生

"HFH China has a wonderful volunteer program providing our students and teachers with many opportunities to get to know their host country and to help those in need. Participation in a Global Village trip is the ultimate goal of our Campus Chapter at ISB. The students work all year to raise awareness and funds for HFH China projects. The added experience of working in the communities alongside habitat home partners is deeply enriching and life changing. It is instantly gratifying to see the joy that sharing in the community brings when working on site. One can see just how easy it is to make a difference in another person’s life. "

中華仁人家園為我們學生和老師提供了一個非常棒的義工項目,我們得到了許多機會去瞭解主辦國、瞭解並 支援那些需要幫助的人們。我們在北京順義國際學校仁人家園校園分會的活動最終目標是參與地球村義工活動,學生們因此努力了一整年來為中華仁人家園的項目籌資造勢。在我們的一些合作夥伴附近的社區工作,更為我們帶來了充實、有意義的附加經歷。當我們在社區跟大家分享建設活動的心得體會的時候,我們看到了彼此臉上流露出來衷心的喜悅,瞬間便感染了所有的人。由此可見,其實為別人的生活帶來一些積極變化,有時並沒有那麼困難。

Janet Kinsella International School of Beijing 北京順義國際學校Teacher and Advisor for HFH Campus Chapter at ISB

"I never fully acknowledged the importance of a home until I visited Ganhaizi Village, Yunnan on a Global Village Trip. I met the family of four who invited me into their mud hut with no windows or doors. The air was humid and heavy and the light from the single light bulb dangling from the ceiling illuminated the dust particles that shared the hut with the family and their livestock. This was three years ago and it was the most profound experience in my short eighteen years of life, something that I will be eternally grateful to have in my memory. Today, as the President of the International School of Beijing HFH Chapter, I’m proud of the efforts presented by the volunteers, by my peers and by my teacher advisers. Even as I spend my final year here as a part of this chapter, I believe that the HFH spirit lives on in me."

在我參與地球村義工活動造訪雲南幹海子村之前,我從未真正理解過一個「家」的重要性。在那次行程中, 我在一個沒有門窗的小泥屋裡結識了一個四口之家,屋裡空氣濕滯,天花板上微晃著一盞昏暗的燈,燈光無力地照著這一家四口和他們的牲畜。這已經是三年前的事情了,但它卻是我短短18年生命中最寶貴的經歷, 這經歷我將會永遠留藏在心中。今天,作為北京順義國際學校仁人家園校園分會的主席,我為我們的志願者、同學、顧問老師們所付出的努力感到無比的驕傲。儘管這是我最後一年擔此重任,但我相信仁人家園的精神會常駐我心。

Joey Cheung ISB HFH Campus Chapter President

Page 13: Habitat for Humanity China Annual Report FY11


HFH China Financial Overview 2011中華仁人家園FY11年度財政概覽

Financial Overview財務概覽

Global Village 27﹪地球村

Local-Corporation 16.6﹪本地公司捐款

General Administration 6.7﹪行政經費Education & Public Awareness 23.5﹪


Program 69.8﹪項目經費

FY2011 Revenue StreamFY2011 經費來源

FY2011 Funding AllocationFY2011 經費分配

Total Revenue 總收入 HK$24,129,653

Funding Allocation 經費分配 HK$24,903,364

Local-Individual 9.5﹪本地一般捐款

International Raised Income 46.9﹪海外捐款



Locally Raised Income 本地捐款

Corporation 公司捐款 4,003,170 1,326,078 Individual 一般捐款 2,290,920 3,237,029 International Raised Income 海外捐款 11,316,175 16,676,138Global Village 地球村 6,519,388 5,657,449

Total Income 總數

24,129,653 26,896,694


Program 項目經費 17,389,152 17,802,683Education & Public Awareness 公共意識及教育經費 5,849,990 6,270,216General Administration 行政經費 1,664,222 4,823,243

Total Expenditure 總數

24,903,364 28,896,142

BALANCE SHEET AS AT 30 JUNE 2011 截至二0⼀一年六月三十曰止年度的資產負債表

2011 2010(HKD) (HKD)

Non- Current Assets 非流動資產 421,098 175,091Current Assets 流動資產

Accounts and other receivable 應收帳款 2,450,261 458,789Amount due from headquarter 應收仁人家園國際總部 45,557 596,054Cash and bank balance現金及銀行結餘 4,055,988 6,799,332

6,551,806 7,854,175

Current Liabilities 流動負債

Accounts and other payables 應付帳款 241,621 524,272241,621 524,272

Net Current Assets 淨流動資產 6,310,185 7,329,903

Net Assets 淨資產 6,731,283 7,504,994

Reserve 儲備

General Fund 基金餘額 6,731,283 7,504,994

The financial statements of HFH China Ltd for the year ended 30 June 2011 were audited by Fan, Chan & Co. CPA and approved by the Board of HFH China Ltd. The full financial statements can be made available upon request.中華仁人家園於二0一一年六月三十日止年度之財務報告,經範陳會計師事務所核數師審核及中華 仁人家園董事會認可。歡迎索閱有關報告全文。


Page 14: Habitat for Humanity China Annual Report FY11

Post Name

President / Chairperson 主席

Peter Charles Witton 魏德恩

Vice-President / Vice-Chairman 副主席

Lai Kam Cheung, Michael 賴錦璋

Hon. Treasurer榮譽司庫

Yam Tak Fai Ronald 任德煇

Other Members :其他成員 :

Yong Teck Meng 楊達明

To Yung Sing Herman 杜勇聲

Richard Kevin Hathaway

Dr. Anugerah Pekerti 白興良博士

Dr. Darwin Chen 陳達文博士

Peter Gape

Board of Advisers中華仁人家顧問委員會Chairman 主席

Dr. Darwin Chen 陳達文博士

Members :成員:

Jonathan Chung Ming Chan 陳忠銘

Janice Wing Kum Choi 蔡關穎琴

Michael Kai Hung Leung梁啟雄 Winnie Ng伍穎梅


Our Board And Management Team我們的董事會和管理團隊

Page 15: Habitat for Humanity China Annual Report FY11


Corporations/Associations/Individuals 企業/ 組織/ 個人AEG Business Management Consulting (Shanghai) Co Ltd 安舒茨企业管理咨询(上海)有限公司

Manulife (International) Limited 宏利人壽保險(國際)有限公司

Barclays Capital Asia Ltd 巴克萊亞洲有限公司 Mckinsey & Company麥肯錫大中華分公司

Bloomberg 彭博 Millward Brown

Cargill Investments (China) Ltd Oakwood Residence Beijing of Tenants

CB Richard Ellis Limited 世邦魏理仕有限公司 OVO

Celanese (China) Holding Co Ltd 塞拉尼斯(中国)投資有限公司 Pak Fai Engineering Ltd.

Century Land LtdQBE Mortgage Insurance (Asia) Limited 昆士蘭按揭保險(亞洲)有限公司

Cerebos 食益補(廣州)有限公司

Radio Flyer International Ltd.

Chun Wo Development Holdings Ltd俊和發展集團

Sara Yang Bosco

Citibank, N.A. 花旗銀行Shanghai Marriott Hotel Hongqiao 上海紫泰酒店管理有限公司萬豪虹橋大酒店

Citi-SFS Operations 花旗集團慈善公益隊

Shek Ming Fai

Citrix Systems Hong Kong Ltd 思傑系統

Shui On Construction and Materials Limited瑞安建業有限公司

CL3 Architects Limited Shui On Seagull Club 瑞安海鷗社

CLP Power 中華電力有限公司 Shung King Development Co Ltd

Community Builders Ltd. 社建師集有限公司

Sino Estates Management Limited

Credit Suisse (Hong Kong) Limited 瑞士信貸(香港)有限公司

Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Ltd渣打銀行(香港)有限公司

Databox Records Management (Shanghai) LtdSun Hung Kai Properties Limited新鴻基地產發展有限公司

Delta Air Lines  達美航空

The Agricultural Bank of China, Conghua


Deutsche Bank AG The Home Depot (家得寶)

DOW Chemical 陶氏化學(中國)有限公司 The Royal Bank of Scotland 香港蘇格蘭皇家銀行

Emerson Climate Technologies艾默生環境優化技術

Ting Fung Sanitaryware And Building Materials Ltd.

Emerson Electric Asia-Pacific EMR (Asia) Ltd. 美國艾默生電氣公司亞太區總部

UBS AG 瑞士銀行

EOG ResourcesWells Fargo Bank - Hong Kong Branch 富國銀行香港分行

Fluor 福陸(中國)工程建設有限公司 Wing On Travel 永安旅遊

Full Cup Cafe UL-CCIC Company Limited (UL美華認證有限公司)

Fun Feet Reflexology Centre 樂足足底保健專門店 United Way Worldwide

Goldman Sachs (Asia) L.L.C. 高盛(亞洲)有限責任公司特聘 Waggener Edstrom Worldwide Communications Limited

Ms. Gemay Shek Walmart Global Sourcing 沃爾瑪

HSBC NF Investment Advisers Ltd 陸寧璐

L. J. Arnett Architecture + Design

Schools/Tertiary Institution 學校/專業教育學院American International School of Guangzhou 广州美国人国际学校

BST, City University of Hong Kong香港城市大学建築科技学部

Canadian International School of Hong Kong 加拿大國際學校

Christian Zheng Sheng College基督教正生書院

City University of Hong Kong 香港城市大學

Concordia International School Shanghai 上海協和国际学校

Council on International Educational Exchange Study Centre

Delia School of Canada 地利亞書院

Hangzhou International School 杭州国际学校

HKU Space Community College 香港大學專業進修學院

HKUST Connect 科大侍學行

Hong Kong Baptist University 香港浸会大学

Hong Kong International School香港国际学校

Hong Kong Korean International School 香港韓国人国际学校

International Christian School 基督教國際學校

International School of Beijing 北京順义国际学校

Island School 港島中学

Lycée Français de Shanghai 上海法国学校

Seoul International School 首尔国际学校

Shanghai American School Pudong 上海美国学校-浦东

Shanghai American School Puxi 上海美国学校-浦西

Shanghai Community International School 上海长宁国际学校

Sharjah Women's College

Shatin College 沙田學院

St. Stephen's College香港圣士提反書院

The Independent Schools Foundation Academy 弘立書院

The University of Hong Kong香港大學

Wuxi No. 1 Middle School 無錫市第一中学

Media Support 傳媒支持Alivenotdead

CR2 商業電台

Happy Men Magazine快樂人月刊

Hollywood Plaza荷里活廣場

Laibin Daily 來賓日報

Landmark North 上水廣場

Mega Box

Metro Radio 新城電台

New Town Plaza 新城市中心

Olympian City 奧海城

Celebrities 名人Adason Lo 羅力威

Crystal Kwok 郭錦恩

Danny Choi 蔡梓銘

Dr. Patrick Ho Chi Ping 何志平

Erica Yuen 袁彌明

German Ku 古卓文

Jade Kwan關心妍

Karen Mok 莫文蔚

Kay Tse 謝安琪

Louis Cheung 張繼聰

Scarlett Pong 龐愛蘭

Sheila Chan 陳淑蘭

Terence Yin 尹子維


Government/Public Organizations 政府和公營機構Beigeng Township Government 北更鄉政府

Carrie LAM CHENG Yuet-ngor, GBS, JP 林鄭月娥 - Secretary for Development, The Government of HKSAR

Civil Engineering and Development Department, HKSAR Government 土木工程拓展署

Drainage Services Department, HKSAR Government 渠務署

Environmental Protection Department, HKSAR Government 環境保護署

Florence Hui, 許曉暉Under Secretary for Home Affairs, Home Affairs Bureau, The Government of HKSAR

Guangxi Foreign Capital Poverty Reduction Project Management Center 廣西外資扶貧項目管理中心

Home Affairs Department, HKSAR Government 民政事務總署

Liangkou Township Government, Conghua 從化市良口鎮政府

The Civil Affairs of Yunnan

The Communist Youth League, Qujiang 韶關市曲江區共青團

Wushi Township Government, Qujiang 曲江區烏石鎮政府

Xincheng Bureau of Civil Affairs 忻城民政局

Zhangshi Township Government, Qujiang 曲江區樟市鎮政府

We Build Partnership - Donor List我們建立伙伴關係

Page 16: Habitat for Humanity China Annual Report FY11

Community Groups & Associations 社會團體組織Beigeng Township in Xincheng 忻城北更鄉

Chahe Village 岔河村

Changliu village committee 長流村民委員會

Community Church Hong Kong

Ganhaizi Village

H.K.Y.W.C.A. Tai O Community Work Office 香港基督教女青年會大澳社區工作辦事處

H.K.Y.W.C.A. Tai O Cultural and Ecological Integrated Resource Centre 香港基督教女青年會大澳文化生態綜合資源中心

Hong Kong Christian Council 香港基督教協進會

Joy in Action 家工作營

Liangxin village committee 良新村民委員會

MMM International HK國際流動建設(香港)協會有限公司

Nanyue village committee 南約村民委員會

Order of St. John of Jerusalem, Russian Grand Priory Hong Kong

PASM Workshop

Red Cross of Guangxi 廣西紅十字會

Red Cross of Ning'er county 寧洱紅十字會

Rotary Club of Wanchai 灣仔扶輪社

San Luis Valley Habitat for Humanity

Scout Association of Hong Kong 香港童軍總會

Shanghai Community Fellowship

Shijiao village committee 石角村民委員會

Tai O Jame’s Church 中華基督教會雅各堂

Tai O Rural Committee 大澳鄉事委員會

Teda Binhai Grace Church

Professional Bodies 專業機構The Rural Credit Cooperatives, Fengshun 豐順縣農村信用合作聯社

The Rural Credit Cooperatives, Qujiang 曲江區農村信用合作聯社

Foundations 慈善基金組織Guangdong Harmony Foundation 廣東省千禾社區公益基金會

Li & Fung (1906) Foundation Ltd利豐 (1906) 慈善基金有限公司


Where to Find us - Office addresses


Habitat for Humanity China


17th Floor Sun House, 181 Des Voeux Road Central, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

電話 Tel: (852) 2520 4000

傳真 Fax: (852) 2520 4020

網站 Web site:



Room 2212, Ming Yue Ge, No. 20 Ming Yue 1 Lu, Yue Xiu District, Guangzhou, PRC Zip code: 510600

電話 Tel: (86) 20 8735 8926



Room B10, 25 Floor, Block B, Times Digital Building, No.1, Section 4, South Renmin Road, Chengdu

Sichuan, China, PRC Zip code: 610041

電話 Tel: (86) 028 8631 7192/ (86)028 8631 7193



Room 1604, Jiang Nan Xiang Ge Li La Jin Wan, No. 34 Xing Guang Da Dao, Nanning,

Guangxi, China, PRC Zip code: 530031

電話 Tel: (86) 771 4804214



Room 1003, No.107 Si Nan Road

Shanghai, China, PRC Zip code: 200025

電話 Tel: (86) 021 6136 9196



Room 1006, Block 2, Fei Cui Wan, No. 96 Chang Qing Road, Kunming,

Yunnan, China, PRC Zip code: 650051

電話 Tel: (86) 0871-5632881