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TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OUR MAY SAVINGS AND SAVE BIG! 3 99 Blue Coral Wash 64 oz. #577421. 9 99 Fiberglass Repair Kit 8 fl. oz. fiberglass resin in an amber color, 1/2 fl. oz. liquid hardener, fiberglass cloth (3 sq. ft.), plastic spreader, mix- ing stick, and mixing tray. #578299. Sale Prices Good May 12 - May 23, 2015 5 44 3’ x 5’ Flag Comes with brass grommets. Durable for all kinds of weather conditions. Economi- cal decor. #816078. LUMBER & HARDWARE Visit our website at for advice, ideas and product specials. 800 West St. Joseph • Perryville, MO 63775 (573) 547-4524 • (800) 490-4524 Open Mon.-Fri. 7a.m.-5p.m. Sat. 7:30a.m.-12:30p.m. Your Choice: 3 44 Tiki Torches 2 styles to choose from. 60” tall bamboo torch features spike tipped pole, fiberglass wick and removeable, refillable cannister. #720939, #700775. 9 97 Lopper & Pruner Set Includes: 15” bypass lopper with carbon steel cutting blade and 7” bypass pruner with heat treated, carbon steel blade. #703825. 19 97 Oscillating Pedestal Fan 3 speed. Adjustable vertical tilt for directing air flow. #544841. 7 97 24 Pc. Drill Bit Set Black Oxide high speed drill bits in assorted sizes w/case. #310826. 79 97 8 Gal. Stainless Steel Wet/Dry Vacuum Includes 2-pc. extension wands, floor nozzle with brush and squeegee, 2-in-1 nozzle, cartridge filter and dust bag, and foam sleeve. #352503. 8 99 Flag Kit Includes 3‘ x 5’ polyester/cotton flag, 6’ metal pole w/ plastic eagle topper, bracket, screws, clips and storage bag. #805718. 379 88 2 Basket Cajun Fryer 4 gal. Easy to clean and compact for simple storage. #FF24. 2 Basket 6 Gal. W/caddy. #FF2 ......................... ..$409.99 3 Basket 8.5 Gal. W/caddy. #FF3 ........................... $449.88 Each Each 149 99 M18 Drill/ Hackzall Kit Includes (2) M18 Red Lithium 1.5 Ah compact bat- tery packs, M18/M12 fast charger, Sawzall blade, and carrying case. #302305. 156 77 Garage Door Opener Rugged and reliable 1/2 HP chain drive system provides continual, steady perform- ance. Will lift a 7' 0" high garage door. Equipped with MyQ technology, #100318. 17 88 60” Metal Leaf Obelisk Supports large vines, climbing plants and flowers. Rust resistant coating. #754477. 79 97 16’ Aluminum Extension Ladder Type III. Exclusive ALFLO rung joint means TWIST- PROOF performance.1-3/4” Slip-resistant TRACTION- TRED D-rungs. #LAE163. 20’ Aluminum Extension Ladder #LAE203. .........$99.97 FREE Extra 2.0 Lithium-Ion Battery W/Purchase 199 97 18V Drill/Impact Kit Includes: Compact driver 1/4” hex impact driver, 18V lithium ion compact battery packs, 18V charger and carrying case. #315303.

Guyot May 2015

Sep 25, 2015




Guyot May 2015
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    399Blue Coral Wash64 oz. #577421.

    999Fiberglass Repair Kit8 fl. oz. fiberglass resin in an

    amber color, 1/2 fl. oz. liquidhardener, fiberglass cloth (3sq. ft.), plastic spreader, mix-ing stick, and mixing tray.#578299.

    Sale Prices Good May 12 - May 23, 2015

    5443 x 5 Flag Comes with brass grommets. Durable forall kinds of weather conditions. Economi-cal decor. #816078.


    Visit our website at www.guyotlumber.comfor advice, ideas and product specials.

    800 West St. Joseph Perryville, MO 63775 (573) 547-4524 (800) 490-4524

    Open Mon.-Fri. 7a.m.-5p.m.Sat. 7:30a.m.-12:30p.m.

    Your Choice:

    344Tiki Torches 2 styles to choosefrom. 60 tall bambootorch features spiketipped pole, fiberglasswick and removeable, refillable cannister.#720939, #700775.

    997Lopper &Pruner SetIncludes: 15 bypass lopperwith carbon steel cuttingblade and 7 bypass prunerwith heat treated, carbonsteel blade. #703825.

    1997Oscillating Pedestal Fan3 speed. Adjustable verticaltilt for directing air flow.#544841.

    79724 Pc. Drill Bit SetBlack Oxide high speed drill bits in assorted sizes w/case. #310826.

    79978 Gal. Stainless SteelWet/Dry VacuumIncludes 2-pc. extension wands,floor nozzle with brush andsqueegee, 2-in-1 nozzle, cartridgefilter and dust bag, and foam sleeve.#352503.

    899Flag KitIncludes 3 x 5 polyester/cotton flag, 6metal pole w/ plastic eagle topper, bracket,screws, clips and storage bag. #805718.

    379882 Basket Cajun Fryer4 gal. Easy to clean and compact for simple storage. #FF24.

    2 Basket 6 Gal. W/caddy. #FF2 ......................... ..$409.99

    3 Basket 8.5 Gal. W/caddy. #FF3 ...........................$449.88



    14999M18 Drill /Hackzall KitIncludes (2) M18 Red Lithium 1.5 Ah compact bat-tery packs, M18/M12 fast charger, Sawzall blade, andcarrying case. #302305.

    15677Garage Door OpenerRugged and reliable 1/2 HPchain drive system providescontinual, steady perform-ance. Will lift a 7' 0" highgarage door. Equipped withMyQ technology, #100318.

    178860 MetalLeaf Obelisk Supports large vines,climbing plants andflowers. Rust resistantcoating. #754477.

    799716 Aluminum Extension LadderType III. Exclusive ALFLOrung joint means TWIST-PROOF performance.1-3/4Slip-resistant TRACTION-TRED D-rungs. #LAE163.

    20 Aluminum Extension Ladder#LAE203. .........$99.97

    FREE Extra 2.0 Lithium-Ion

    Battery W/Purchase1999718V Drill/Impact KitIncludes: Compact driver 1/4 hex impact driver,18V lithium ion compact battery packs, 18V chargerand carrying case. #315303.

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    Outdoor Living

    139750 Medium-Duty Garden HoseSoft textured abrasion-resistant vinyl cover with polyesterdual-weave reinforcement for betterburst performance. Patented HoseArmour kink resister. #718977.

    Regular 35.99

    1997FavoriteSprayer Translucent poly tank w/large funnel top. Poly TOV thumb-operated control valve.12 curved brass wand. Locking pressurerelease valve. Adjustable brass cone noz-zle. D handle pump. #30193.

    897Hand Weeder/Hoe14 steel head. Taperedtines work like a claw ham-mer. Beveled straightedge for cutting roots,pointing stakes, or clean-ing brick. #757748.

    799Flex-A-SpoutDownspout extender with flexible design that easily bendsaround obstacles and holds its shape. Extends from 22 to 55. #105686.

    1044Weed & Feed 18 lb. bag. Phosphorus free fertilizerwith 15% slow-release nitrogen. 20-0-3. #768075.

    1497Bow Saw SetIncludes (1) 10 folding saw with tripleedge teeth and (1) 24" steel frame bowsaw with tension lever. #701051.

    1697Garden Sprayer Twin Pk.Translucent poly tank with funnel top. Standard lockingon/off switch control valve.12 Poly spray wand. Ad-justable Poly Cone Nozzle adjusts from fine mist to longdistance stream. Efficient Thandle pump. #60151TP.

    49724 Splash BlockGuards against foundation and landscape damage from waterrun off. Ultra violet stabilized. 100%high density polyethylene. #756783.

    997Nozzle - 2 Pk. 2-piece metal hose nozzle set. Both piecesfeature a metal core. Set includes (1) 9 pat-tern spray nozzle and 1 adjustable triggernozzle. #703220.

    697Mechanical Water TimerContinuous water up to 120 minutes. #724470.



    Continuous Release Soil or

    Garden Top Soil For Trees & S


    2 cu. ft. bag. #735019, #734993



    Mail-In Rebate

    You PayEa.



    199Ladies Gloves100% cotton canvasin soft floral print withknit cuff. #726052.

    944Lawn Fertilizer16.667 lb. bag. For a lush, green lawn. With 30% slow-release nitrogen. 21-0-7.#768084.

    697Black Plastic Lawn Edging20 long. Smooth, flexible, durable,and easy-to-install. 1 connector Included. Stakes (not included)needed for proper installation.#703516.







    344Tomato Cages4 ring, 4 leg cages made of sturdy galvanized, welded wire. Holds plants upright.

    Your Choice:

    497Extendable Handle Trowel, Rake or HoeLightweight steel handle extends18 - 30. Carbon steel head withpowder coating. Comfortablegrip. #702058, #702041, #702034.

    Your Choice:

    1197Weed-B-GonMax Plus Crabgrass Control 40 oz. concentrate or 24 oz. RTU spray. Kills the root.#750318, #740227.

    1797Sonic Mole Spike2-pack covers 15,000 sq ft. Sonic spikepulses penetrate soil, driving rodentsaway. Use on moles, voles, gophers,and burrowing rodents. #739685.

    1044Potting Mix1 cu. ft. Feeds up to 6 monthswith Miracle-Gro continuous re-lease plant food with MicroMaxnutrients. #759860.


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    Lil Texas Pro Wood Pellet GrillFeatures: 567 sq. in. of grilling area, digital therm-ostat control, 2 meat probes, hopper cleanout, swivel casters, extra grillrack, cookbook, and assembly toolkit. #801077.

    1197Home Defense MAX InsectKiller With Wand1.1 gal. 1-touch continuous spray.#700157.

    2297Round Up Concentrate36.8 fl. oz. Concentrated formulationof 25% glyphosate. 6 to 12 tbsp.mixes into 1 gal. spray solution.#714496.

    1199Charcoal -2 pk.Two 12.9 lb. bags.#820644.

    997Charcoal Chimney StarterReady-to-usein 10 minutes.#800110.

    347Alabama Sunset Stone

    Semco SandstoneSteppers

    Weathered FieldstoneNaturalWall Stones


    347Iowa Rainbow Stone




    2993/4 Trap Stone


    347Hardwood Mulch


    Weathered SandstoneBoulders &Cobblestones

    Natural Stone Products

    63788Bubbler KitIncludes drilled boulder,hose, base and pump.Beautiful, natural lookingfountain makes a great ad-dition to your landscaping.Decorative rock sold sepa-rately.

    797Hummingbird Feeder8 oz. glass feeder. Bottle unscrews foreasy filling and cleaning. Features built-in ant moat, hanging hook and beeguard. #745830.

    3797Ev-N-Spred SpreaderRustproof hopper with 65 lb. capacityand high speed gearbox. 8 deep lugtires, folding handles with easy-to-usegauge and lever control. #730730.

    990022-1/2 One-Touch Silver Kettle GrillHeavy-gauge porcelain enameled lidand bowl. One-Touch cleaning systemof aluminized steel, rust-resistant alu-minum legs and ash catcher. #815403.

    6979969799Kamado Charcoal GrillHeavy-duty ceramic w/2 tiered stainless steel dual flip grates with handles, 2wooden drop down shelves, electricstarter, heavy vinyl cover and 14 round2-n-1 lava cooking stone. #800426.


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    $3OFFRed SealPaints

    $4OFF $6OFF



    Paint & More!

    1971/2 Contractor Roller CoverExcellent pickup and release for high pro-duction. Use with all paints: flat, eggshell,and satin. Green, double thick core resistswater, solvents, and cracking. #771018.

    3/4 Contractor Roller Cover#771022........................................2.47

    3971-1/2 Blue Masking Tape60 yard. gentle hold acrylic adhe-sive is ideal for delicate surfacessuch as freshly painted walls andwallpaper. Has excellent UV resist-ance and can be left in place for upto 14 days without leaving a stickyresidue. #784556.

    477Paint BrushBristles are made of White and SilverCT polyester, chisel trim. Features verysoft formulation, feather stroke, rust-re-sistant, brushed steel ferrule, birchhardwood Lindbeck handle. #790883.

    197Dust MaskGeneral-purpose protection againstnontoxic nuisance dusts and mists. Pre-formed nose design and soft, nonwovenmaterial ensure a tight, comfortable fit.#324906.

    697Paint Roller SetIncludes 5-wire frame, plastic tray for 9 roller, 2 One Coatsemi-smooth roller covers, and anedger with wheels that keeps the paintoff of the trim and on the wall.#789909.

    5 Pack


    349B'lasterSilicone Spray11.4 oz. Super con-concentrated siliconelube. May use for even heaviest industrialapplications. #571447.

    897Pressure Washer CleanerGallon. No bleach or ammonia for-mula makes it safe for people, pets,and plants. #775797.

    799Every-Which-WayDeck ScrubIdeal product for scrubbing into placeswhere it would be impossible with normalfloor brush. Rugged plastic block.Durable washable bristles. #620270.

    997Gallon Waterproof Sealer Excellent quality clear water-basedsealer. 1 gallon will protect from 100 to 300 sq. ft. depending on type andporosity of material. #770779.

    5 Gallon Waterproof Sealer Covers 500 to 1500 sq ft per pail.#770701...................................39.97

    59976 Fiberglass

    Step Ladder

    Type I duty rating with

    250 lb. load capacity.

    Features slip-resistant 3 Trac

    tion-Tred steps,

    paint can hanger, Tool-Tra-Top

    , and pinch

    proof spreaders. #791598.

    8 Fiberglass Step Ladder




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    Remodeling Products#1 Treated Lumber

    SIZE 8 10 12 16

    2 x4 370 492 576 866

    2 x 6 540 711 832 1102

    5/4 x 6486 552 743 990Standard

    149725 Heavy-Duty Outdoor Extension Cord3 conductor SJTW heavy-duty, all-weather extension cord. Orange. #531623.

    50 Heavy-Duty Outdoor 6Extension Cord#524230........................$19.88

    Paper Towels#631276.

    Super Glue#386820.

    Steel Wool#612233.

    10 TubeBird Feeder#702391.


    Glue/Patch Repair Kit#843458.

    Poly Nozzle#761134.

    Oxy Cleaner#623766.

    Electrical Tape#500773.

    10 Qt. PolyBucket#607118.




    1097Road Rescue50 lb. bag. Natural limestone rock as-phalt. Designed specifically for patchingand repairing potholes in roads, drive-ways, and parking lots. No matter if it ishot or cold, wet or dry, Road Rescuecan handle the task and is immediatelyready for traffic. #RRAP.

    444Plastic Roofing CementQuart. Useful for emergency repairsduring inclement weather. Use for re-pairing leaks. #118090.

    1299 1699SmartSide Engineered Wood Lap SidingMade of treated strand substrate. Unique beveled edgefor water shedding. 30 Year Diamondkote Paint Warranty.50 Year Substrate Warranty. Matching trim available.Standard colors available. 16 length results in faster in-stallation. Cedar wood grain finish.

    6x16 8x16



    1579Premium DrivewayFiller and Sealer5 gallon. Designed forapplication over all blacktop surfaces insound condition. #111937.

    788Pourable DrivewayCrack SealerGallon. Ideal for filling cracks 1/4 wideor smaller in blacktopsurfaces. #111953.

    Central States Metal36 wide coverage - cut to length. 29 ga. paintedmetal roofing in a variety of colors (all not shownhere). Built to last with metallic coating for resist-ance against rust. Average life is 2-3 times a shin-gle roof. 40 yr. warranty. Made in USA.

    Rustic Hunter








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    547LED BulbProvides a bro

    ad beam of light

    in track and recessed fixtures.

    Equivalent to 65 watt incande


    cent. #500500.


    447A19 LED Light


    Dimmable. Higher color temp


    erature makes it ideal for kitch


    and work areas. Compatible w


    photo eye controls. #500449.







    1397Ceiling Fixtures Flush mount ceiling fixture withfrosted swirl glass.Oil RubbedBronze finish with frostedglass. Uses 75 watt Type Abulb (not included). #515008.

    1197Motion Light Twin Pack50 range with dusk to dawn operation byswitch or or manual. Bulbs not included.Bronze-#523711.

    599752 Sherwood Ceiling Fan3 speeds on forward and reverse. Cover cap included. Dual mount option. Includes light fixture with (3) 60 watt candelabra base bulbs. #500086.


    998752 Newcastle Series Ceiling FansYour choice of New Bronze or Brushed Nickel fin-ish. 5 Stained Oak / Roasted Walnut ReversibleComposite blades. WhisperWind motor deliversultra-powerful air movement with whisper-quietperformance so you get the cooling power youwant without the noise you dont. (3) 60W Cande-labra Incandescent bulbs included. 3 speeds.#52099, #52100.


    297Gray Weatherproof Electrical Outlet CoverMade of corrosion-resistant alu-minum, finished with a protectivecolor coating. Screws included.#514090.

    397Gray Weatherproof Electrical BoxSingle gang box with lugs. 2 deep with 3 outlets, 1/2 NPT.Made of corrosion-resistant alu-minum, finished with a protectivecolor coating. #507614.

    Shiloh & Aspect

    FREE Sink base with qualifying purchase

    Several door designs to choose from

    Many stain, paint and glazing options available

    All Wood Made in USA Made in Missouri


    Granite Quartz Laminate

    Cultured Marble Ceramic Tile




    9997Barn LightFeatures maintenance free LEDs with35,000 hours of life. Patent pending precision over-optics and reflector providemaximum output. 200 watt equivalent incandescent wattage. #500884.

    2 Pack


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    2888 3788WaterPEX Tubing100 roll. Cross-linked polyethylenetubing for potable water applications.#406910, #408425, #408123, #408476.

    6499Stainless Steel Double Bowl Sink33 x 22 x 7. Features a durablesatin finish. Undercoat system forsound deadening. #464465.

    6999Single Handle Kitchen Faucet With SprayClassic Series. Chrome finish,lever handles, 3-hole 8 centerinstallation. 360 swivel spout,matching chrome spray.#460129.

    1997Chrome Bath Setincludes: Double robe hook, towel ring, toilet paper holder,and 18" towel bar. Concealedmounting screws. Mounting hard-ware included. Easy installation.#409793.

    19972 Acrylic Handle Lavatory Faucet W/ Popup Drip-free washerless cartridge. 4 installation. Low lead compliantwaterways. Lifetime limited war-ranty. Polished chrome finish.#455395.

    6499Orion Complete ToiletIncludes tank, round bowl, plastic seat,wax ring, mounting and bolt caps. #431394.

    Uno Elongated Complete Toilet7431429................................59.97

    1698836x21 White Vanity2 doors and 2 drawers. Thermofoilconstruction with overlay on doors.Satin nickel hardware. (Top andfaucet not included). #260277.

    3499Single Acrylic HandleTub/Shower FaucetSolid brass construction.Chrome finish. Washer-less cartridge. Includesshower arm, flange, tubspout, and showerhead.#400703.

    999Sponge Roller Mop8.5" grooved CollecTex sponge picks up 50% more dirt than ordinary plainsponge mops. 25% more absorbentfoam that absorbs even the finest dirtparticles. Full size scrubber. Easy pullhandle for comfortable wringing.#616701.

    1/2 Roll

    Your ChoiceBlue or Red

    3/4 Roll



    Sq. FT.389Duraceramic Tile16 x 16 tiles. Limestone composite base and addedstrength of a polymeric resin,provides toughness and flexi-bility to resist objects frombreaking when dropped.

    2249224919591449 1449Congoleum Sheet VinylWearlayer technology provides reinforced surface durability against stains and scratches.

    Sq. Yd.

    Sq. Yd.

    Sq. Yd.

    Sq. Yd. Sq. Yd.

    Sq. Ft.


    UltimaAirstep Plus







    $100IN STOCK CarpetsSeveral colors to choose from.

    39Peel & Stick Floor Tile12 x 12. 45 sq. ft. per car-ton. #278858, #279022,#277630, #279005.

    87Indio Slate Tile12 x 12. 30 sq. ft. per car-ton. Self adhesive. 2.0mmthick. #278915.

    Sq. Ft.Sq. Ft.






    Grigio Cerdoma

    Mottled QuarryTravertineVerde

    Paver Antico

    Sq. Ft.

    Free Fit Luxury VinylFlooring18 x 18. 27 sq. ft. carton. Waterresistant finish. Floating installation.Two patterns to choose from.

    1097In Stock

    Mosaic Tiles

    "More to See inShowroom!


  • NOTICE: Sale items are subject to stock on hand. Many items are one time special purchase and we reserve the right to limit quantities. Merchandise may vary from illustrations. Prices F.O.B. our yard. Not responsible forprinting errors. DELIVERY SERVICE costs you one way or another. We prefer to sell merchandise at the best possible price and charge for delivery on a per load/destination basis. PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE.Lumber and plywood market prices are particularly volatile; therefore our selling prices are subject to change up or down without notice.

    Sale Prices Good May 12 - May 23, 2015




    Visit our website at www.guyotlumber.comfor advice, ideas and product specials.

    800 West St. Joseph Perryville, MO 63775 (573) 547-4524 (800) 490-4524

    Open Mon.-Fri. 7a.m.-5p.m.Sat. 7:30a.m.-12:30p.m.

    139971/2 HP GarageDoor OpenerIndustrial strength chain driveand quick install rail system. In-cludes 2 single button remotecontrols and multifunction con-trol panel. #121347.

    644Indoor Insect Fogger3-pack. Kills ants, cockroaches, fleas, spiders,houseflies, and other house-hold pests. Each can maytreat up to 6000 cu. ft.#727914.

    2195 Pk. YardWaste Bags2 ply wet strengthbags. #706809.

    997Diablo Blade7-1/4, 24 tooth blade.#320655.

    1344Cafe Globe Patio Light StringClear, globe bulbs have a 6 lead cord,12 spacing between bulbs, 6 tail cord,19 lighted length, and brown wire.#801403.

    977Rough & RuggedRound Trash Can32 gallon. Blow molded,durable polypropyleneconstruction. #613290.


    497Solar Stake Yard LightsAcrylic and metal.Runs up to 8 hrs. on a full charge. Assorted designs.#700205.


    8442 Gal. Gas CanMade of durable HDPE(high-density polyethylene)with barrier materials to virtu-ally eliminate hydrocarbonemissions. #574392.

    224Wood Chips2.25 lb. bag. Choice of Cherry, Hickory,Apple, or Mesquite. #804892,#805165, #804843, or #804851.


    139730 Pack AA or AAARayovac BatteriesAlkaline batteries in reclosablePro Pack. #800561, #800563.

    Your Choice


    5997Sump Pump1/4 HP portable utility pump with non-corrosivehousing. Pumps up to 27 GPM ca-pacity. Fully submersible, and com-pletely portable. Overload protectedmotor. 1-1/4 N.P.T. discharge withgarden hose adapter included.#473685.

    24997Smokin Cajun Jr.W/Wheels11 x 18 cooking surface.Heavy gauge steel construc-tion. 2 solid rubber wheels and2 swivel castors. #CSGJW.


    899Simple GreenGallon. Multi-use cleaner.Effective, non-toxic, non-flammable, biodegradableand non-abrasive.#602280.