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Guyot July 2013

Apr 03, 2018



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  • 7/28/2019 Guyot July 2013


    LUMBER & HARDWARVisit our website at

    for advice, ideas and product specials.

    800 West St. Joseph Perryville, MO 63775(537) 547-4524 (800) 490-4524

    Open Mon.-Fri. 7a.m.-5p.m.Sat. 7:30a.m.-12:30p.m.

    Sale Prices Good June 27th - July 20th, 2013


    69 97Brad Nailer orFinish Stapler18-gauge brad nailer with 110 nail capac-ity. Stapler accepts 18-gauge, 1/4 crown,1/2 to 1-1/2 finish staples. Operatingpressure: 80 to 90 P.S.I. Includes cou-plers. #395005, #394920.



    99 881 Gal.

    Air CompressorPortable hand carry, ultra quiet andlightweight. Direct drive motor. 1 gal. alu-minum tank. Lubeless pump. Includes:Regulator, pressure gauges, 1/4 univer-sal coupler, and air filter. #352225.





    99 8812AMP VariableSpeed Sawzall 0- 3000 strokes per minute, 1-1/8 stroke,gear protecting clutch, Quik-Lok bladeclamp, counter-weighted mechanism andredesigned front grip.# 320609.


    5 99Alkaline BatteriesPackage of 16 batteries.Choose from AA -#814694 orAAA - #814685.


    1 9 7


    Instant Change Utility KnifeDesigned for comfort, control, and bal-

    ance. Push-button quick blade change.Swing out blade change. Swing out bladestorage magazine. #393681.

    Fat Max Tape Rule1/4 x 30. 11 stand out. First 6 has

    Blade Armor for durability. Built- in Cush-ion-grip. Multi-functional hook. Heavy-duty Mylar coating. #395579.

    9 99Flag Kit

    3 x 5 poly/cotton

    flag, plastic eaglepole ornament, 3 pc.6 metal pole, heavyduty steel bracket,screws and clips.#8005717.

    2 97Tiki Torch60 tall bambootorch with spike-tipped pole, fiber-glass wick &refillable canister.#720939.

    24 88Reciprocating

    Blades3 - 6 wood, 2 - 6 metal,3 - 9 metal, 3 - 9 wood,1- 9 fire & rescue/demo-lition blade. Adjustableplastic blade case.#330477.


    2/5 00PremiumSpray Enamel12 oz. For indoor oroutdoor use. For wood, metal, and crafts.Durable gloss finish. Various colors tochoose from.


    134 8815 Ga. AngledFinish Nailer KitAccepts nails from1-1/4" - 2-1/2", 100 bradcapacity. Includes 2 hex keys, plasticcase and couplers. #359920.

    249 8820V Drill/Driver Combo SetIncludes 1/2" drill/driver, 1/4 impact driver,(2) 20V MAX lithium-ion 1.5 Ah batterypacks, fast charger, (2) belt hooks, bitholder, and kit box. #364916.

    9754 8812 Saw

    Blade 2 Pk.Includes one 32T & one80T blade. #306261.

    9 97Blade

    Dispenser100 blade pack.#335998.



    14 9720 Pc.Screwdriver SetNickel-plated bar & heat-treated,alloy steel blades. Popular sizes.#357624.



    S ALE6.97- 5.00



    S ALE24.97-10.00

  • 7/28/2019 Guyot July 2013


    Page 2

    Paint & More

    3 9910 Oz. ProfessionalCaulk GunRatchet style caulk gun madeof sturdy, powder-coated metal.Gun features a clean-outpunch, spout cutter, and wriststrap. #773751.

    5 99Muriatic AcidGallon. 18 o baume 28% concen-

    tration hydrochloric acid. Usesinclude balancing the PH levelin swimming pools, cleaningbrick and mortar, and etchingconcrete. #789169.

    5 90Septic TreatmentQuart. Anaerobic spore-bearing

    bacteria selected, conditionedand cultured to prevent over-ac-cumulation of organic waste.Guaranteed to prevent cloggingfor 1 full year. #436326.

    58 44Orion Complete ToiletIncludes tank, round bowl, plastic seat,wax ring, mounting and bolt caps.#431394.Uno ADA ElongatedComplete Toilet#431429. .....................

    $ 99 97

    69 99Single Handle

    Kitchen Faucet With SprayClassic Series. Chrome finish, lever han-dles, 3-hole 8" center installation. 360swivel spout, matching chrome spray.#460129.


    79 991/2 HPDisposerGalvanized steelshredder ring andgrinding elements

    360 stainless steelswivel impellers, corrosionresistant grind chamber and sink flange,dishwasher drain connection, and 1-pc.plastic stopper. #413682.

    2 22TranslucentWood Glue80 oz. Specifically designed forwood, particleboard, hardboard,leather, cloth, and most otherporous materials. Virtually in-visible glue line. #300005.

    54 99Hand-Held Shower/ Showerhead Combo3-way diverter to select operation ofhand shower, showerhead, or bothat 1 time is easy-to-use. 72 longflexible hose. Chrome. #400388.


    99 99Single Handle ChromePull-Out Kitchen Faucet8" centers installation. Pull-out spout swivels

    120 deg.. 59" long hose. 1.8 GPM flow rate.1/2" I.P.S. connection. 1-1/2" maximum deckthickness. Optional 8" escutcheon included.ADA compliant. Lifetime faucet, parts andfinish warranty. #460165.

    on Best Look Interior Paintson Best Look Interior StainsSemi & Solid Colors

    on Red SealExterior Paints

    Instant Pain t Rebates$5$5$5

    4 993 Pk.Roller CoversPrecision-made roller cover for

    use on all interior or exteriorsemi-smooth to rough surfaces.#779399.

    99109 99Kitchen Sink Stainless steel construction for top mountinstallation. Safe and easy installation.Hardware included. ABS #452516.

  • 7/28/2019 Guyot July 2013


    $ 15 49Blacktop Driveway SealerImproves appearance and ex-tends surface life. Dries to a rich,black finish. 1 year warranty.5 gallon. #111929.

    $ 16 99Easy-to-Stir PremiumAsphalt DrivewayFiller & SealerFills and seals hairline cracks up to1/8 wide. 3 year warrant y. 5 gallon.#111937.

    $ 19 75Easy-to-Stir ProfessionalRubberized DrivewayFiller & SealerFills and seals hairline cracks upto 1/8 wide. 4 year warranty.5 gallon. #111945.

    $ 7 79Pourable DrivewayCrack SealerFills deep cracks 1/4 wide orsmaller in blacktop surfaces. Gal-lon. #111953.



    Page 3

    Great Selection

    2/5 00Silicone Sealant10.1 oz. 100% silicone rubbersealant. For waterproof/weatherproofseal that won't crack, crumble, or dryout. Resists temperature extremes.For interior and exterior use. Clear -#793485, White - #793476.

    129 99Value CoreStorm Door30 x 68. White. 1 thick woodcore with maintenance free alu-minum frame. Self-storing win-dow and screen. Saf-T-Glass.Weatherstripped. Model#288SSW30.

    199 99Coil Roofing NailerIndustrial quality. Durable magnesium, front fixed

    exhaust, quick-set adjustable depth control. Sin-gle action side load canister. Tool free adjustableshingle guide. No nail-trip lockout mechanism.Rubber ski-resistant pads. Full round driver, con-tact trip operation. 120 nail capacity. Accepts3/4" to 1-3/4" galvanized coil roofing nails.#347639.


    Aurora Storm DoorW/ Interior BlindsBlinds-Between-the-Glass give you privacy, areprotected from dust and damage, safer for kids &pets. Reduces UV rays and heat build-up, controlssunlight, ultimate in insulation. Model 400-14.

    5 75Blown-in Insulation30 sq. ft. per bag. Premium blown-ininsulation is used in residential and com-mercial construction as a thermal &acoustical insulation. For new & existingconstruction. #30CI.

    With a minimumpurchase of 20 bags, you get 1 day rental

    on machine for





    Each63 88Interior Colonist Door Unit3/0, 2/4, 2/6, or 2/8 units. Pre-hung doorunits. 3 hinge. P rimed wood, split jamband casing. Can be painted. Easy to in-stall.

    17 972 Pack SawhorsesIntegrated V-grooves for pipes and 2X4s.Multi-purpose side hangers with strong trayconnection keeps sawhorse from collapsing.#352754.




    88129 88Knotty Pine 6 Panel DoorCabin grade. 4 9/16 flat jamb, no

    casing. Add character and beautyto your home.

    1 9 2C e n t r a l S t a t e s Me

    t a l36 w ide cov e r age - c u t t o le ng t h . 2 9 ga .pa in t e d me t a l r oo f ing in a v ar ie t y o f co lor s ( a llno t s how n he r e ). Built t o la s t w it h me t a lliccoa t ing f o r r e s is t a nce ag ains t r us t . Av e r age lif e is 2 -3 t ime s a s h ing le r oof . 40 y r . w a r r a n t y .Ma de in USA.

    Rus t ic

    T an

    Hunt e r

    C ha r coa l Gr ay

    C r ims o nOc e an


    Lin . F t .

    27.97- 10.00

  • 7/28/2019 Guyot July 2013


    NOTICE: Sale items are subject to stock on hand. Many items are one time special purchase and we reserve the right to limit quantities. Merchandise may vary from illustrations. Prices F.O.B. our yard. Not responsible forprinting errors. DELIVERY SERVICE costs you one way or another. We prefer to sell merchandise at the best possible price and charge for delivery on a per load/destination basis. PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE.Lumber and plywood market prices are particularly volatile; therefore our selling prices are subject to change up or down without notice.

    Sale Prices Good June 27th - July 20th, 2013

    15 9932 Gal. Black Trash CanLasts 2 X longer in drag tests. Rugged,heavy-wall construction, molded-in handles.Includes bag cinch and lid attachment area.#608017.

    19 97

    29 97Flexogen Hose5/8. 2 layers of polyester cord reinforce-ment. Black Flow Guard Plus collar pre-vents kinks near faucet. Octagon brasscoupling. 50 - #724513, 75 - #724522.

    17 97Posthole Diggers4 square-cut hardwood han-

    dles which are double boltedto yoke for added strength. Re-placeable carbon steel blades.#708712.

    5 976 476 97Adjustable Metal ScreenFingertip adjustment to fit all sash win-dows. Coated metal screen resists tear,weather, and keeps flying bugs out.#262548, #262575, #262557.


    1 99Basic Pleated Air Filters5 times more efficient than fiberglass fil-ters. #428019, 425923, 425079, 463612.16x20x1, 16x25x1, 20x20x1, 20x25x1.

    2 49Wasp & Hornet18 oz. Ki lls wasps, yel-low jackets, and hornetson contact. Jet sprayreaches nests up to 20away. #727877.

    1 99YardWaste Bag30 gallon capacity.2 ply biodegradablenatural dry/wetstrength kraft paperbag. Sel f standing.#706809.

    69716 Multi-PatternWatering Wand8 adjustable settings.Thumb trigger controlsthe water flow with a flipof the lever. Comfortgrip. #701175.

    3 97Pist ol No z zleFront trigger nozz le,with com fort-grip.Adjustable spray tip .Built-in flow control.#761189.





    11 9912 x 14Poly TarpLamination on both sides. Durable,weatherproof grommets every 3

    around the periphery. Treated towithstand ultraviolet rays. #700525.

    1 2 x 1 4

    29 97

    39 97SprayerPoly tank with anextra large 6 wide mouth,10 polymer pump, dischargevalve, and Viton seals, 18 brassrotating wand and adjustablenozzle. 48 PVC hose. 1 gal.-#724595, 2 gal.-#724602.



    LUMBER & HARDWARVisit our website at

    for advice, ideas and product specials.

    800 West St. Joseph Perryville, MO 63775(537) 547-4524 (800) 490-4524

    Open Mon.-Fri. 7a.m.-5p.m.Sat. 7:30a.m.-12:30p.m.

    18 x 21

    15 x 2 5


    1 Gal.

    2 Gal.


    15 x 21

    9 99GalvanizedMailboxStandard. Hot-dippedgalvanized steel with baked-onpolyester enamel and clearpolyester coating. #205780.

    10 88Redwood StainGallon. Covers up to 300 sq. ft. per gal.over smooth nonporous surfaces. Cleanup with soap and water. #782380.