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Mar 19, 2016



What is IC Publications?

  • IC Publicationsyour gateway to Africa

  • 3:HIKOSA=WUXUUZ:[email protected]@[email protected]@a;M 04802 - 11 - F: 3,00 E - RD











    Trimestriel Novembre 2011 Janvier 2012 DITION INTERNATIONALE

    France 3,00 Zone euro : 3,50 CFA zone 1 : Cameroun, Gabon, Sngal : 1 500 F.CFA

    CFA zone 2 : Tous autres pays : 2 000 F.CFA Algrie : 250 DA Tunisie : 3 DT Maroc : 25 DH

    Suisse : 5 FS Canada : 5 $CAN USA : 4 $US

    Trimestriel Aot Octobre 2011 DITION INTERNATIONALE France 3,00 Zone euro : 3,50 CFA zone 1 : Cameroun, Gabon, Sngal : 1 500 F.CFA CFA zone 2 : Tous autres pays : 2 000 F.CFA Algrie : 250 DA Tunisie : 3 DT Maroc : 25 DH Suisse : 5 FS Canada : 5 $CAN USA : 4 $US


    nawf11_couv_impo.indd 1 03/11/11 13:24

    The African beauty on her reign and how the coveted crown is changing her view on life

    WHEN WOMEN RULEPower & Politics in Liberia





    Telltale signs that your man and

    your best friend are getting it on!

    UK 3.00 USA $4 Canada $4 Euro Zone 3.50 CFA Zone F.CFA 2000 Ethiopia R 50 Egypt E 20 Gambia Da 100 Ghana GH 5.00 Kenya KShs 300 Jamaica $300 Liberia US$ 3.00 Mauritius MR 150 Nigeria N 400 Norway NOK 50 Sierra Leone LE 15,000 South Africa R24.95 Sweden SKr 33 Switzerland SFr 5.00 Tanzania TShs 5,400 Uganda USh 8,700 Zambia K 16,000

    universe Leilas LIRaAfricas

    rising music bombshell


    On the business of fashion



    womANFebruary/March Issue 12

    V E R I T A B L E H O L L A N D A I S - S I N C E 1 8 4 6




    NAW_CoverSpreads0212.indd 10 26/01/2012 17:53

    9 7 7 0 1 4 1 3 9 2 0 4 3

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    BotswanaDiamond deal of the centuryRwandaMost business-friendly in E AfricaKenyaPrivate equity to the foreNigeriaSaving for a rainy dayGuinea-BissauNew beginnings

    Special Report India/Africa: Partnership made in heaven

    The BesTselling Pan-african Business Magazine

    an ic Publication n 46th Year n n 382 n January 2012

    n Euro Zone 4.50 n UK 3.00 n USA $4.95 n Algeria DA 300 n Angola 700 Kwanza (AOA) n Australia A$ 7.50 n Bahrain BD 2.00 n Canada $6.50 n CFA Zone CFA 2.500 n Cyprus 3.85 n Denmark DKr 35 n Egypt E 20 n Ethiopia R 50 n Gambia Da 100 n Ghana GH 5.00 n Indonesia R35,000 n Jamaica $350 n Jordan JD 3.500 n Kenya KShs 300 n Kuwait KD 1.500 n Lebanon LL 7500.00 n Malaysia RM 14.90 n Mauritius MR 150 n Morocco Dh 30 n Nigeria N 500 n Norway NOK 59 n Oman OR2.00 n Qatar QR 20 n Rwanda RWF 3000 n Saudi Arabia Rls 20 n Sierra Leone LE 15000 n Singapore $6,90 n South Africa R29.95 (inc. tax) n Other Southern African Countries R 26.30 (excl. tax) n Sweden SKr 33 n Switzerland SFr 8.70 n Tanzania TShs 5,400 n Tunisia TD 3500 n Turkey 7.50YTL n UAE Dh 20 n Uganda USh 8,700 n Zambia K 16000

    Will the African lion roar again in 2012?

    Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe is the worlds largest waterfall and a major tourist attraction

    Benin Burkina Faso Burundi Cameroon Cape Verde Central African Republic Chad Congo (Brazzaville) Congo (Democratic Republic) Cte dIvoire Gabon Gambia Ghana Guinea Guinea-Bissau Kenya Liberia Malawi Mali Niger Nigeria Rwanda Sao Tome and Principe Senegal Sierra Leone Tanzania Togo Uganda Zambia Zimbabwe

    International of ces: Dubai Johannesburg London Luanda Paris

    Ecobank is present in Zimbabwe and in more countries in Africa than any other bank in the world

    The Africa Experts

    0781_COR_ZBW_AfBus_270x210_EN_Print.indd 1 07/12/2011 12:50AB_CoverSpreads0112.indd 75 15/12/2011 16:00


    46th Year January 2012 N513 The bestselling pan-African magazine

    African Nations Cup Who will conquer the summit?Libya: What NATO has failed to tell the world Kenya: Mama Ngina, a woman of grace

    Zimbabwe: To vote or not to vote Uganda: Can the Americans catch Kony?USA: The rise and fall of the Republicans great black hope

    New AfrIC



    The curse of oil

    Euro Zone 4.50 UK 3.00 USA $4.95 Algeria DA 300 Angola 700 Kwanza (AOA) Australia A$ 7.50 Bahrain BD 2.00 Canada $6.50 CFA Zone CFA 2.500 Cyprus 3.85 Denmark DKr 35 Egypt E 20 Ethiopia R 50 Gambia Da 100 Ghana GH 5.00 Indonesia R35,000 Jamaica $350 Jordan JD 3.500 Kenya KShs 300 Kuwait KD 1.500 Lebanon LL 7500.00 Malaysia RM 14.90 Mauritius MR 150 Morocco Dh 30 Nigeria N 500 Norway NOK 59 Oman OR2.00 n Qatar QR 20 Rwanda RWF 3000 Saudi Arabia Rls 20 Sierra Leone LE 15000 Singapore $6,90 South Africa R29.95 (inc. tax) Other Southern African Countries R 26.30 (excl. tax) Sweden SKr 33 Switzerland SFr 8.70 Tanzania TShs 5,400 Tunisia TD 3500 Turkey 7.50YTL UAE Dh 20 Uganda USh 8,700 Zambia K 16000

    How oil companies have left Niger delta in the lurch

    9 7 7 0 1 4 2 9 3 4 0 4 4

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    NA_Cover0112.indd 1 15/12/2011 16:15

  • about us

  • Since its formation in 1957, IC Publications has been at the forefront of debate and analysis from one of the worlds fastest growing regions. From modest beginnings, IC Publications has grown into a modern day international media group, encompassing publishing, communications and events.





    IC Publications is founded

    1978African Development is relaunched as New African and African Busness

    1966African Development is launched

    1974Launch of The Middle East and Medicine Digest

    Launch of Le Magazine de lAfrique and African Business in French

    Launch of IC Events and Communications Consultancy services

    Launch of African Banker in English and French

    Launch of Femme Africaine and New African Woman

    Publishing Eight specialist magazines in English

    and French covering current affairs, business, banking and lifestyle

    Exclusive interviews with key decision makers including heads of state, minis-ters and business leaders

    In-depth analysis of latest trends and is-sues affecting the continent

    Specialised custom publishing solutions

    IC Publications is one of the worlds leading sources of analysis and debate on African political and economic issues. Using a variety of platforms and services including magazines, newsletters, electronic media and international events, we deliver unparalleled coverage on the latest developments in the region.

    Our reputation for providing timely and relevant information makes us the automatic first choice for

    Communications Services include but are not limited to

    corporate communications, public relations and media relations

    Our clients include some of the worlds biggest international companies, government institutions, public sector organisations, NGOs and private individuals

    1.WHAT WE DO


    Events Leading specialists behind many of

    Africas premiere events including our annual showcase events African Business Awards and African Banker Awards

    Range of services covering all aspects of event management

    Events are held throughout the world and attract the worlds leading figures

    Tailor made services to meet customised demands

    Africas political and business leaders, but our scope goes much further: through our publications and events we reach over 2.6 million loyal customers in more than 100 countries, making IC Publications one of the worlds largest specialist media groups on the continent.

    Today, the Group can be broken down into 3 different activities: publishing, events and communications.

  • With 21 nationalities operating throughout the Group, speaking eight languages including African, European, Middle Eastern and Asian languages, we have the necessary human resources to meet any professional challenge.

    Our editorial team features knowledgeable experts who have been covering Africa for the best part of 50 years and our events arm is supported by a dynamic team of professionals specialising in logistics, event management and marketing. With both teams combined, we can provide the expertise and experience to meet even the most demanding requirements of our partners and clients.


    The Group will continue to invest in its best resource: its employees. Throughout the years we have attracted some of the best editorial, analytical and marketing minds and our continued success and strength of the brand is testament to their abilities.

    21different nationalities8different languages

  • our vision

    We believe in a confident, modern

    and prosperous African continent;

    a continent not daunted by the hindrances

    of history but forward-thinking and self-assured in its position as the worlds most

    diverse, most engaging and most resourceful region.

  • Our passion is Africa. We know the tremendous economic potential of the region is yet to be fully realised; and as such, we are focused on building bridges and encouraging debate in order to actualise the dreams of this continent.

    We believe the stories of Africa need to be told by Africans. This is why our editors are from the region (North, East, West and Southern Africa) and we are also investing heavily to encourage and develop high quality journalism in Africa. We strongly believe that the continent w