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Green Roof at Summit United Methodist Church - Service Learning Project

May 15, 2015




Green Roof at Summit United Methodist Church - Service Learning Project

  • 1.Our purpose in this research is to provideinformation on various green roof systems,the maintenance involved, and how tosecure funding for the implementation of aGreen Roof at The Summit UnitedMethodist Church.

2. 1. General Benefits of a Green Roof2. Benefits of comparable modular tray systemsa) Live Roofb) Green Roof Blockc) Carlisle/Green Grid Systems3. Maintenance Plan4. Rainwater collection feature5. Green Wall option6. Cost7. Alternatives to a green roof8. Funding9. References 3. Decreases heating and cooling load Increases thermal resistance value of roof and cooling roof by evaporation More than doubles life of roofing membrane Protects membrane from harmfulUV rays, punctures, and extremetemperature fluctuations 4. Reduces the amount Michigan State of storm water runoff University Study from a buildings roof Materials absorb rain water and releases it over time Plants filter pollutants creating cleaner runoffGreen roof water amount retained: 60-100% 5. Support local wildlife Increases amount oflocal plants Cuts down on lostvegetative space Encouragesbiodiversity 6. Implement an outreach program within thechurch Community volunteers giving back Create a sense of self-worth and pride Helps a nonresidential building blend in withthe neighborhood Improves aesthetics of neighborhood 7. Specs 2x2x4prevegetated aluminumtrays Accommodatesgrowth mediadepthsrangingfrom 4to11 65yrlifeexpectancy 1218lb/ft 8. BenefitsInstalleddirectlyontoroofMobileforroofmaintenanceotherpurposesChildrens Museum $25/ftincludingPittsburghinstallationandshipping 9. 1 x 2 pre-vegetated plastic trays 27-29 lb/ft fully saturated $18-$22/ft including installation Excludes water membrane Less than $1/ft Non Compartmentalized**FutureProjects:FranklinCountyCourthouse edges are never visibleSpring2010 10. Maintenance Annual soil testing and Fertilization Watering when less than 1 of rainfalls during a 2 to 4 week period when it is 75 degrees or hotter Biweekly weeding during Spring and Fall growing seasons $0.15 to $0.30 11. Carlisle Protection Fabric ( CCW-200V) Installed directly on exiting membrane roof Planted Modular Trays 24 x 48 24 x 24 New roofing membrane application would be needed before this system or other green roofs systems were installed to keep the existing roof warranty 12. Maintenance Plan Despite such claims, there is no such thing as a maintenance-free green roof. Do not let your maintenance plan go ignored 13. Maintenance Contracts 3-5 years Typically established withthe green roof installer, who Installers most likely coverthe warranty of your greenroof 14. How Frequent? During establishment period (18-24 months) 4-6 routine maintenance visits are required to insure survival of the vegetated cover Establishment period will be less with pre-vegetated modular trays (Live Roof). 15. Watering The plants selected for a project should be drought tolerant. Periodic hand watering during the establishment period and afterwards but only in sustained drought Drainage Visually and manually check drains for clogs every 4-6 months 16. Weeding Every 4-6 months after establishment periodrecommended Hand pruning should be used No digging or using pointed tools Fertilizer Soil tests should be conducted each spring inorder to assess plant nutritional requirements. The nutrient applications should be made inearly spring and fall. 17. Rainwater Data Tank Specs 1000 ft = 623 gallons $315 (on sale for $206) 1 inch rainfall 305 gallons 1700 ft = 1059 gallons Diameter: 46 inches (Approximate) Height: 49 inches Need: 4 tanks to hold Weight: 64 LBs optimum water storage 18. Each tank empty = 64 LBs 305 Gallons x 8.35LBs/gallon = 2546 LBs 2546 LBs + 64 LBs = 2610 LBs per tank Weights 1 tank: 2610 LBs 2 tanks: 5220 LBs 3 tanks: 7830 LBs 4 tanks: 10,440 LBs 19. Modular tray system attaches to wall Growing medium included Can use reclaimed water 20. Modular trellis system Can be wall hung or freestanding Plants typically grow from base of wall and vine up the trellis 21. Stage 1: Outlined in yellow, isapprox. 1160 ftImprove HVAC operation byreducing heat island effect onroof.Approximately 10% of section is occupied by equipment.Stage 2: Outlined in red, isapprox. 1600 ftProvide additional benefitsdescribed previously. 22. Modular Live Roof- $20/ ft Green Roof Blocks - $25/ ft Green Grid System (Carlisle) $12.50 to $ 13.00 per ft Conventional Tremco - $15-25/ ft Greenscapes - $8 - $10/ ft Green Wall - $9-$12/ ft G-Sky wall system $100 or more/ ft Leak detection - Electronic Vectormapping $0.75 / ft (4) x 305 gallon water cisterns - approx. $824 ($206 each) Reflective roof ranges from $0.75 to $3.00/ ft 23. Reflective coating applied to existing roof Helps keep roof cool by reflecting suns rays back into space Can reflect 80% of suns rays and reduce roof temperature by up to 80 degrees 24. Cost and Maintenance $0.75 to $3.00/ ft for materials and installation Extends life of existing roof up to 15 years Requires little maintenance (occasional cleaning or reapplication) 25. (links included in report)1. United Methodist Women A Brighter Future forChildren and Youth2. United Methodist Global Ministries Outreach toMeet Human Needs3. Tomorrows Leaders II Scholarship Program andRecruitment4. Ethnic Local Church Concerns (ELLC)5. EPA Environmental Education Grants6. EPA 7th Annual P3 Awards: A National StudentDesign Competition For Sustainability Focusing onPeople, Prosperity and the Planet 26.> LiveRoof Sales Representative for Franklin County: Dan Cartell Life Roof Sales Coros Perennials Cell: 216-408-9611 Email: of green roofs