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Green Recruiting

May 26, 2015



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2. Hiring candidates in an environment- friendly manner. Aiming to protect the globe. Maximum use of renewable energy. Environment sustainability. GREEN RECRUITING 3. Why should a company go green? 1 Increasing employee satisfaction, retention and productivity. 2 Improving operational efficiency and effectiveness. 3 Saving energy, water and raw materials. 4 Sheilding yourself from escalating energy and water prices. 4. 5 Branding the business and differentiating it from the competition. 6 Developing a positive, proactive relationship with local compliance inspectors 7 Reducing pollution, waste and greenhouse gas emissions. Source : Internet 5. FACTS.. The paper industry ranks fourth in contributing to green house gas emissions. Paper accounts for about 70% of a typical official waste. Recycling 1 ton of paper saves 17 trees ,enough oil to run the average car for 1260 miles, enough power for average home for 6 months and 60 pound pollution. Source : Internet 6. Green Recruiting Practices A multitude of computer programs provide ways to reduce the use of paper. Emailed offer letters, Electronic on boarding documents, Direct-deposit pay checks. 7. Instead of Wading through stacks of paper, Time consuming phone calls, Recruiters use Online Collaboration techniques like Instant messenger, email,social media and online meetings. 8. Online Collaboration Techniques Leveraging social media for new era Employment Branding Virtual Interviews 9. Leveraging social media for new era Social media makes the recruitment process easier and environment friendly. Recruiter can simply sit at their desks, reducing costs both monetarily and environmentally of airplane and car travel etc., Hiring a candidate becomes viral the moment the recruiter post an ad in these social networking sites. 10. Bull Horns Survey -almost all of them (98%) are using social recruiting. LinkedIn 97 % Facebook 51 % Twitter 49 % Google+ 19.1% 11. Virtual Interviews Live virtual interviews can cut candidate travel costs by up to 75%. Over 74% of the recruiters recruit through virtual Interviews via conference calls or tablet device. Another 67% believe video screening should replace phone interviews all together, because it works. 12. Virtual interviews can be done through Skype and is the leader in conducting live virtual interviews. A reduction in carbon footprint of an estimated 628 kg of CO2 per interview. With an average of 226 virtual interviews per month, the carbon footprint reduction is the equivalent of 456 cars being taken off the road. Source : Internet 13. In just a few short years, organizations and candidates will never again travel to meet each other without first conducting a face-to-face live virtual interview. 14. Employment Branding Companies leverage the stickiness of content marketing and reach of social media to circulate powerful corporate messaging. Employment Branding campaign can be used to find and filter talent in a way that will have only the most ideal candidates. 15. The earlier and more frequently a company engages in Employment Branding best practices, the sooner theyll find themselves saving money on recruiting, while increasing their talent pool in the process! 16. Best Practice Cost savings related to expatriate hiring including air travel, accommodation and time. Economy Low employee turnover rate-helps in cross cultural adjustment that improves employee's motivation, self esteem and productivity. Society In 3 recruitment campaigns , approx 112.5 metric tons of CO2 that equals to 10 people's carbon footprint for the whole year was stopped from being released. Less use of paper Environment 17. If consumption levels continue to go unchecked, by 2050 we will need 8.5 planets to absorb our carbon dioxide emissions, 6 planets for steel. 3.4 planets to sustain the cement supply. 3.5 planets to meet timber demand. Source: Emirates Environment Group published in the Gulf News April 01, 2010. 18. Conclusion In forth coming years there would be a situation where the organization those who do not implement green policies or change the way they are going to lose their employees to the companies that offer incentives for buying hybrid cars, onsite farming ,green fuel and solar power. 19. THANK YOU