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Greek trivia2

May 22, 2015




  • 1. Greek ProgrammingBoard Trivia!
    February 23, 2011

2. Rules
20 Questions with 5 Categories
Movies, Sports, TV, Music, and Clemson History
4 Questions per Category
The last question in each category will be worth 2 points. All other questions will be worth 1 point
There will be a Final Question in which you can wager up to 10 points
3. Rules
Grab some paper and a pen from the bar for your team and turn in your teams answer into the pitcher on the bar
Choose a team name. Right your team name on EACH answer you turn in.If theres no team name, you get no points.
I will read the question then play a song.You will have until the end of the song to get your answers into the pitcher.If your team doesnt have a response when I collect them, sorry, your team is too slow and you get no points.
If a question requires a name, you must provide a first AND last name.
Spelling does NOT count
NO cell phones, computers, iTouches, etc.
Round 1
5. Question 1
What is the name of the dog in The Sandlot?
6. Answer
7. Question 2
Which film has the highest world-wide box office of all-time?
8. Answer
9. Question 3
What is Bubbas full name in Forrest Gump?
10. Answer
Benjamin Buford Blue
11. Question 4 (2 points)
Who holds the record for most Oscar nominations?
12. Answer
Meryl Streep
Round 2
14. Question 5
Who took over the top spot of #1 golfer in the world after the title had been held by Tiger Woods for 281 weeks?
15. Answer
Less Westwood
16. Question 6
What major league soccer team does David Beckham currently play for?(city and team name)
17. Answer
Los Angeles Galaxy
18. Question 7
Who is the youngest winner of the Daytona 500 and how old was he when he won?
19. Answer
Trevor Bayne, 20 years old
20. Question 8 (2 points)
What minor league baseball team did Michael Jordan play for for one season in 1994?
21. Answer
Birmingham Barons
22. TV
Round 3
23. Question 9
What is the name of the bar that Peter and his friends go to on Family Guy?
24. Answer
The Drunken Clam
25. Question 10
What is the name of the featured glee club in Glee?
26. Answer
New Directions
27. Question 11
What is the longest running TV comedy of all time?
28. Answer
The Simpsons
29. Question 12 (2 points)
In what year did the show Lost premiere?
30. Answer
Round 4
32. Question 13
Flavor Flav was a member of what famous rap group?
33. Answer
Public Enemy
34. Question 14
Who holds the title of GuinnessWorld Records most successful female recording artist of all time?
35. Answer
36. Question 15
What was Aerosmiths first #1 hit?
37. Answer
I Dont Want to Miss a Thing
38. Question 16(2 points)
In 1995 which Michael Jackson song entered straight at #1 position on Billboard 100 Singles Chart?
39. Answer
You Are Not Alone
Round 5
41. Question 17
In what month and year did Clemson College formally open?
42. Answer
July 1893
43. Question 18
What is the name of the cemetery on Clemsons campus?
44. Answer
The Woodland Cemetery
45. Question 19
Who was Clemsons first African-American student?
46. Answer
Harvey Gantt
47. Question 20 (2 points)
What team did the Clemson Tigers defeat to win the 1981 NCAA Football Championship?
48. Answer
The Nebraska Huskers
49. FINAL QUESTION(wager up to 10)
Name the first NPHC fraternity AND and the first NPHC sorority on Clemsons campus.
50. Answer
Fraternity Omega Psi Phi
Sorority Alpha Kappa Alpha
51. Thank You For Playing!
Winners can come up to the bar and collect their prizes!