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Greek trivia

Jan 14, 2015





  • 1. Greek Trivia!
    November 3, 2010

2. Rules
20 Questions with 5 Categories
General Knowledge, Current Events, Music, Sports, and Clemson History
4 Questions per Category
The Last Question in Each Category will be worth 2 points. All other questions will be worth 1 point
There will be a Final Question in which you can wager up to 10 points
3. Rules
Grab some paper and a pen from the bar for your team and turn in your teams answer into the pitcher on the bar
Choose a team name. Right your team name on EACH answer you turn in.If theres no team name, you get no points.
I will read the question then play a song.You will have until the end of the song to get your answers into the pitcher.If your team doesnt have a response when I collect them, sorry, your team is too slow and you get no points.
If a question requires a name, you must provide first AND last names.
Spelling does NOT count
NO cell phones, computers, iTouches, etc.
Round 1
5. Question 1
How many nations make up the European Union?
6. Answer
7. Question 2
Caeser salad was first prepared in what country?
8. Answer
9. Question 3
What are the five colors of the Olympic rings?
10. Answer
Red, yellow, green, blue and black
11. Question 4 (2 points)
What is the birthstone of November?
12. Answer
Round 2
14. Question 5
In what country did a sinkhole, having a width of 130 feet, recently open, forcing 25 people to evacuate their houses?
15. Answer
16. Question 6
Last week, authorities intercepted two explosive-laden packages leaving what country heading to what U.S. city?
17. Answer
Yemen and Chicago
18. Question 7
The money laundering trial of what former House majority leader begins this week?
19. Answer
Tom DeLay
20. Question 8 (2 points)
What former U.S. Presidents daughter recently got married and where?
21. Answer
Bill Clintons daughter, Chelsea, in Rhinebeck, New York
Round 3
23. Question 9
Pop star Madonna now goes by what religious name?
24. Answer
25. Question 10
Name one of the two albums that has gone platinum over 29 times.
26. Answer
Michel Jacksons Thriller
The Eagles Greatest Hits
27. Question 11
Who won the 2010 Grammy for Album of the Year and what was the album title?
28. Answer
Taylor Swift, Fearless
29. Question 12 (2 points)
Name the members of the Beatles (first and last names) and note which two were left-handed.
30. Answer
Paul McCartney (left)
Ringo Starr (left)
John Lennon
George Harrison
Round 4
32. Question 13
What city did the Braves play in right before the team was moved to Atlanta?
33. Answer
34. Question 14
Who was the number one NBA draft pick for 2010 and what team did he go to?
35. Answer
John Wall to the Washington Wizards
36. Question 15
What team won the 2010 World Series and when was their last championship before this one?
37. Answer
San Francisco Giants, 1954
38. Question 16(2 points)
Name all of the teams and mascots in the ACC.
39. Answer
North Carolina Tar Heels
Boston College Eagles
Clemson Tigers
NC State Wolfpack
Wake Forrest Demon Deacon
Miami Hurricanes
Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets
Virginia Tech Hokies
Duke Blue Devils
Virginia Cavaliers
Maryland Terrapins
Florida State Seminoles
Round 5
41. Question 17
Who was the first president of Clemson that was a Clemson alumni?
42. Answer
Robert Franklin Poole
43. Question 18
What was the first Clemson varsity sport played on Bowman field?
44. Answer
45. Question 19
Thomas Green Clemson was born in what city?
46. Answer
47. Question 20 (2 points)
What were the original school colors and mascot of Clemson?
48. Answer
Red and Blue, and the tiger
49. FINAL QUESTION(wager up to 10)
Name 6 IFC organizations, 5 Pan-Hellenic organizations, and 4 NPHC organizations that are currently recognized on Clemsons campus.
50. Answer -- IFC
Alpha Gamma Rho
Alpha Kappa Lambda
Alpha Sigma Phi
Alpha Tau Omega
Beta Theta Pi
Chi Psi
Delta Chi
Delta Tau Delta
Kappa Alpha Order
Lambda Chi Alpha
Pi Kappa Alpha
Phi Delta Theta
Phi Kappa Tau
Phi Sigma Kappa
Sigma Alpha Epsilon
Sigma Chi
Sigma Nu
Sigma Pi
Sigma Phi Epsilon
Tau Kappa Epsilon
51. Answer Pan-Hellenic
Alpha Chi Omega
Alpha Delta Pi
Chi Omega
Delta Delta Delta
Delta Zeta
Gamma Phi Beta
Kappa Alpha Theta
Kappa Delta
Kappa Kappa Gamma
Sigma Kappa
Zeta Tau Alpha
52. Answer -- NPHC
Alpha Phi Alpha
Alpha Kappa Alpha
Kappa Alpha Psi
Omega Psi Phi
Delta Sigma Theta
Phi Beta Sigma
Zeta Phi Beta
Sigma Gamma Rho
53. Thank You For Playing!
Winners can come up to the bar and collect their prizes!
The Next Greek Programming Board Trivia will be on Wednesday, December 1st at 10 PM!