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Government a system of laws and leaders that helps keep people safe and protect their rights

Dec 24, 2015



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  • government a system of laws and leaders that helps keep people safe and protect their rights
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  • the common good people working together for the benefit of everybody
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  • individual rights things one person is entitled to have or to do
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  • public services things that a government does for people
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  • state government A government of one of the 50 states Ex: The state government of Michigan is in Lansing.
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  • republic a government where people hold the power of government and choose leaders to make laws and decisions for them
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  • representative government people elect representatives to make laws for them and be their leaders
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  • elect to choose someone by voting Ex: People vote for someone through elections.
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  • House of Representatives and Senate the two groups that make up the law- making branch of Michigan government
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  • senator a member of the Senate representative a member of the House of Representatives
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  • Local-the government of a community State-the government of a state National-the government of a country The Three Levels of Government
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  • constitution a plan written for the government
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  • limited government the government can do only what the people has given it the power to do
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  • capital the city where the government is located Ex: Lansing is Michigans capital.
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  • governor the leader of the state Ex: Michigans governor lives and works in Lansing, the capital.
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  • court the place where a trial is held the Supreme Court is the highest court in Michigan.
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  • The branch of government that makes laws Legislative The branch of government that enforces laws Executive The branch of government that decides what laws mean Judicial The Three Branches of Government
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  • legislature the name of Michigans legislative branch Ex: The Michigan legislature is made up of the House of Representatives and Senate.
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  • judge the person who is in charge of the court
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  • trial when a crime or conflict is handled in a court Ex: A person went to trial for stealing a car.
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  • jury a group of citizens who listen to the evidence at a trial and decide if the law has been broken
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  • freedom of speech the right to say what you want and to talk about your beliefs, ideas, and feelings
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  • freedom of religion the right to have any religious beliefs you want or no religious beliefs at all
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  • civic responsibilities things citizens are supposed to do Ex: voting and obeying laws
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  • voting the way leaders are chosen in our country