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M k Y Si W k H d M k Y Si W k H d Make Y our Site Work Harder Make Y our Site Work Harder Simple Tips to Get More From Your Google Analytics Account Jeff Sauer Three Deep Marketing 651-789-7701 @jeffsauer @threedeep #mimasummit
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  1. 1. Make Your Site W k H d M k Y Si Work Harder Simple Tips to Get More From Your Google Analytics Accountg y Jeff SauerThree Deep 651-789-7701@jeffsauer@threedeep #mimasummit
  2. 2. Why Google Analytics? | @jeffsauer | @threedeep
  3. 3. It s Its FREE
  4. 4. It s Its AWESOME
  5. 5. It s Its POWEFUL
  6. 6. It s Its on 50% of the worlds websites*world s *According to Google, Google Analytics is on 50% of the Alexa top 1 Million Websites
  7. 7. What can I do with Google Analytics? Track Social Media Track E il T k Emails Customize Your Dashboards Block Internal Traffic Set Up Goals and Goal Funnels Website and URL Structure Link Adwords with Analytics Improve Site Search Segment Traffic Track Events | @jeffsauer | @threedeep
  8. 8. Track Social Media
  9. 9. Is Social Media Working? Problem: W know we need to do Social P blWe kdt d S i l Media, so we have a presence on Facebook and T itt Fb k d Twitter but I have no b t h idea if this generates incremental visitors, leads l d or sales on my websitelb it | @jeffsauer | @threedeep
  10. 10. Social Media TrackingHow Do I Track the Social Media Traffic To My Website? | @jeffsauer | @threedeep
  11. 11. Step 1: Building a Tracking URLFacebook orTwitter orLinkedIn Google Analytics URL Builder:
  12. 12. Step 2: Use Your Tracking URL Add your Tracking URL to each message/?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=so cialmedia&utm_campaign=Twitterfeed &utm_content=Twitter
  13. 13. Step 3: Segment Social Media Traffic Create advanced segments to track social media visits | @jeffsauer | @threedeep
  14. 14. Social Media Tracking in ActionSocial Media had 15 conversionsthis month! | @jeffsauer | @threedeep
  15. 15. Benefits of Tracking Social MediaTracking Social Media in GA will: Help you understand how social mediavisitors behave on your website Allow you to fine tune your messages tomatch your goals EstablishE t bli h accountability f your social media t bilit for i l dicampaigns and allow them to be comparedto other traffic | @jeffsauer | @threedeep
  16. 16. Track Emails
  17. 17. Are emails generating revenue?Problem: I know all about the open andinteraction rates of the emails Im sending,but I dont know how much money theyregenerating. How can I track the ROI of individualemails, and my entire email program? | @jeffsauer | @threedeep
  18. 18. Improperly Coded Email Traffic Why does my email traffic show up as a referral or a direct visit? | @jeffsauer | @threedeep
  19. 19. Step 1: Add tracking to URLs Using the URL builder, generate a unique tracking string for all URLs in your email. Add these to your email as you would all URLs.*If you link to a domain other than one you own, and you do not have access to that sites analytics, you do not need to add tracking to those URLs (i.e. Facebook, YouTube).Google Analytics URL Builder:
  20. 20. Step 2: Filter site traffic by emailSelect Campaigns from Traffic Sources Filter by MediumLook for Email in the list Select the Ecommerce tab to see revenue, goals tab to see goals *Make sure ecommerce tracking is set up properly beforehand | @jeffsauer | @threedeep
  21. 21. Properly Attributed Email Reports I can see exactly which email campaign performed the best
  22. 22. Benefits of Email TrackingTracking Email Marketing will: Assist in measurement of the ROI of your email program in online retail Allow you to start determining the effectiveness of your email campaigns RIGHT NOW Will not replace the reports provided by your ESP (Email Service Provider), but it can enhance and inform your email program with respect to: A/B testing Geographic campaign traction and penetration Consumer interest and preference
  23. 23. Customize Your Dashboards
  24. 24. Right Metrics, Right Time Problem: Wh I installed G P bl When i t ll d Googlel Analytics, they created a dashboard for me, b t th t d hb d dbut that dashboard doesnt show met h the information that matters for MY business and I d t h b id dont have titime t di ito dig in and find what I need | @jeffsauer | @threedeep
  25. 25. Typical Dashboard View This information is easy to read, but what does it mean? Is this good? Bad? Average? gg | @jeffsauer | @threedeep
  26. 26. Step 1: Add Reports to DashboardYou can add any report or views to your custom dashboard! | @jeffsauer | @threedeep
  27. 27. Step 2 (optional): Compare to Past Add the Compare to Past feature for your analytics to p provide g greater depth to y pyour reports pPro Tip: You can also apply advanced segments,report on goals and add e-commerce revenue to yourdashboard if they are applied to your report
  28. 28. Step 3: Email DashboardsOnce your dashboard is properly configured, you can sharewith members of your organizations by sending the dashboarddirectly to their inboxSend as PDF toIndividuals, OtherFormats for automation Send as often as needed | @jeffsauer | @threedeep
  29. 29. Customized Dashboard ViewCompare last months th analytics with current to determine growth andth d changeSee where sales areDiscover if coming fromrevenue is and h d how yourincreasing and sales when orders conversions are most likely areto be placed performingfi
  30. 30. Benefits of Custom DashboardsCustomizing your dashboard will: P id you a quick overview of th Provide i kif the performance of the metrics most important to you business your bus ess Can be emailed to you daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly Can provide comparisons to performance in previous days, weeks, months All Allows for flexibility as your b if fl ibilit business grows and changes | @jeffsauer | @threedeep
  31. 31. Block Internal Traffic
  32. 32. Visitors Arent Really Visitors Problem: E P bl Everybody i our companyb d in uses our corporate website as their homepage and I not sure if our t ffi h d Im ttraffic reports are accurate | @jeffsauer | @threedeep
  33. 33. Filter Internal Traffic Is this really an accurate visitor count? y | @jeffsauer | @threedeep
  34. 34. Step 1: Find your IP address Whatismyip.comWhatismyip com 75 30 909 | @jeffsauer | @threedeep
  35. 35. Step 2: Filter out IP Choose the profile you want this filter for
  36. 36. Properly Filtered Traffic | @jeffsauer | @threedeep
  37. 37. Benefits of Traffic Filtering Filtering Internal Traffic will: Allow you to see exactly who visited your site Make reporting more actionable by showing a true picture of what happened on your site Bring the best metrics to the forefront and keep reporting on track | @jeffsauer | @threedeep
  38. 38. Set Up Goals and Goal Funnels
  39. 39. What is the Value of my Website? Problem: I have had this website for years and Im not sure if it is generating new business for my company | @jeffsauer | @threedeep
  40. 40. What does it mean? All of this information and I dont know whatdon t it means!
  41. 41. Determine Your GoalsExamples of common website g pgoals include: Ecommerce Transactions Completion of a form (lead collection ornewsletter opt-ins) Visitors downloading a whitepaper or pgp pproductbrochure Visitor engagement ( g comment, adding org g(blog ,gediting a profile, time-on-site, pageviews) | @jeffsauer | @threedeep
  42. 42. Step 1: Decide What to Measure ProductLocatorUsage ToolUsageTimeSpentonSite PageViews SiteRegistrationSweepstakesEntry
  43. 43. Step 2: Map Conversion Process Determine your path to success; your goal funnelPaidSearchAd Weareoffering50%offonour site!Takealook! www ourcompany com Thankyou! Pro Tip: Make sure that each p URL in the funnel is unique
  44. 44. Step 3: Configure Goals and FunnelsRegistrationConversion
  45. 45. Step 4: See Results Visitors entering funnel step Visitors abandoning funnel step Where didthey go?Why did they leave?
  46. 46. Lets Make it a Success There is more than one path to success for your website! | @jeffsauer | @threedeep
  47. 47. Benefits of Goal Tracking Defining and Tracking Goals will: Assist you in setting up funnels to determine where visitors drop off on your site H l you establish value f actions t k on Help t bli h l for ti taken your website Allow you to report on the performance of each individual traffic driver to your site Enable you to report on engagement metricsypg g like time on site and total page views Let you report on up to 20 specific | @jeffsauer | @threedeep
  48. 48. Website and URL Structure
  49. 49. Page URLs Not User Friendly Problem: Dynamic URLs dont make any sense when they show up in my Analytics reports and it makes it really hard to do | @jeffsauer | @threedeep
  50. 50. Step 1: Identify the ProblemThese all look the same, I have no idea which pageis which? | @jeffsauer | @threedeep
  51. 51. Step 2: Establish Page URL Structure Your Site should have a URL structure that reflects the pages, not query string ID's =46116ccf-816b-4c09-a7e0-1b3oc1aech /Total- Stage/Preschooler/Education-Materials.aspx Which is easier to read? Which URL would be easier to identify in Google Analytics? y g | @jeffsauer | @threedeep
  52. 52. Step 3: Fix Your URLsThere are many ways to fix your URLs Ch Change URL structure i your CMSt t in Custom Page Names (using pageTracker._trackPageview(fixed rl") pageTracker trackPage ie (fi ed url"); ) Friendly URL rewrites (.htaccess for Linux servers, servers IIS for Windows servers) | @jeffsauer | @threedeep
  53. 53. Easy to Read URLs I know exactly which page I am analyzing now | @jeffsauer | @threedeep
  54. 54. Benefits of Easy to Read URLs Making your URLs easy to read will: Make page level analysis much easier andeffective Help with Organic SEO (search enginesdon tdont like to read dynamic URLs either!) Minimize opportunity for errors in analysis Allow for better grouping of pages in customreporting | @jeffsauer | @threedeep
  55. 55. Link Adwords with Analytics
  56. 56. What is my paid search ROI? Problem: I think that my Google AdW dP blthi k th tGl AdWordsis successful because I get leads from mywebsite, b t I hb it but have no id what idea h tkeywords are the most valuable and ROIis t ii not in my vocabularyb l | @jeffsauer | @threedeep
  57. 57. Enhance Your Search Marketing Without Linking AdWords, my keyword reports can b b i be boring | @jeffsauer | @threedeep
  58. 58. Step 1: Link Your AdWords to Analytics | @jeffsauer | @threedeep
  59. 59. AdWords Reports in Google AnalyticsAdWordsreportingprovidesstandardanalyticsmetricsatacampaign,adgroup,andkeywordlevelcampaign ad group and keyword level(TrafficSources> AdWords>Campaigns) | @jeffsauer | @threedeep
  60. 60. Day Parting AdWords in GA DayPartreportsshowsAdWordsperformancebasedonthetimeofday. (TrafficSources>AdWords>DayParts) | @jeffsauer | @threedeep
  61. 61. Position Analysis in Google Analytics KeywordPosition reportgivesinsightintohowkeywordsperformat differentadpositionsonthesearchengineresultspages(TrafficSources>AdWords>KeywordPositions)(Traffic Sources > AdWords > Keyword Positions) | @jeffsauer | @threedeep
  62. 62. Benefits of Linking AdWords with GALinking AdWords to Analytics will: Integrate standard AdWords metrics into the Google Analytics interface, including: Clicks, Impressions, Costs and ROI p, Hold your AdWords keywords to a greater level of accountability All Allow you t ito increase conversion rates and li t d lower expenses Enable you to tightly control your ad budget by only bidding on keywords that produce positive ROI | @jeffsauer | @threedeep
  63. 63. Improve Site Search
  64. 64. What are they hoping to find?Problem: I have a search box on mywebsite, yet I have no idea if people useit, why they use it, and how they use it | @jeffsauer | @threedeep
  65. 65. What do they want? Are they finding it? What do people search for on my website? | @jeffsauer | @threedeep
  66. 66. Step 1: Configure Site SearchProTip:AllyouneedtoconfigureisenterthesearchqueryparameterfromyoursearchresultspageURL.Thisistypicallysomethinglike?q=keywordor h l hi ii llhi lik ? k d&search=keyword | @jeffsauer | @threedeep
  67. 67. Dig Into Site Search Data | @jeffsauer | @threedeep
  68. 68. Benefits of Site Search Reports Configuring Site Search will: Allow you to improve navigation of yoursite Get your visitors deeper into the content ofyour site Help you measure how the searchfunctionality effects the users experienceuser s Identify low hanging fruit on your websitedesign and information | @jeffsauer | @threedeep
  69. 69. Segment Traffic
  70. 70. Lets Get SpecificProblem: When I look at the reports for my website, the numbers rarely change and I wouldnt know what to do with it if wouldn t they didDont Puke Data Focus your analytical and reporting efforts on What's Changed. -Avinash k hik t/ ih | @jeffsauer | @threedeep
  71. 71. Step 1: Create an Advanced Segment | @jeffsauer | @threedeep
  72. 72. Step 2: Enter Segment Criteria | @jeffsauer | @threedeep
  73. 73. Example: Organic Search Twin Cities | @jeffsauer | @threedeep
  74. 74. Example: Paid Facebook Ads Set up Multiple Profiles Use Analytics Intelligence Create Advanced SC t Add Segments t Track E-Commerce Conversions Make Tracking SEO Friendly | @jeffsauer | @threedeep
  75. 75. Apply Advanced Segments to ReportsEven though its a small percentage of visits, Twin CitiesOrganic Traffic Performs Very Well! | @jeffsauer | @threedeep
  76. 76. Benefits of Advanced Segments Using Advanced Segments will: Enable you to provide true insights insteadof presenting data Increase your chances of findinginformation th t will genuinely ii f ti that ill i l impact your tbusiness Allow you to drill down and go three | @jeffsauer | @threedeep
  77. 77. Track Events
  78. 78. Cant Track Clicks to Non-Pages Problem: Measuring page views is greatgreat,but we also want to track interactions withour flash elements video interactionselements,interactions,outbound clicks and more | @jeffsauer | @threedeep
  79. 79. Event TrackingWho interacted with this flash movie? | @jeffsauer | @threedeep
  80. 80. Step 1: Plan Event Tracking Strategy 1.1 Define the events you want to track2. Enable Event Tracking in your reporting profile3. For each set of events, create an event instance i t4. Call _trackEvent() in the web page source code | @jeffsauer | @threedeep
  81. 81. Step 2: Configure Event Tracking For each event youd like to track, add thefollowing code:Check us out on Facebook | @jeffsauer | @threedeep
  82. 82. Event Tracking Results Event Tracking is used to track events thatcannot be tracked by the standard pageview method of tracking Examples of Event Tracking use casesinclude: Items within a Flash element AJAX or JavaScript functionality PDF or other file downloads | @jeffsauer | @threedeep
  83. 83. Benefits of Event TrackingConfiguring event tracking will: Allow you to track events that happen on yoursite that dont generate pageviews, like inFlashFl h moviesi Give insight into who left your site to externalwebsites Allow you to report on downloads of contentfrom your site like PDF files site, Enable tracking of video views, plays, pausesand | @jeffsauer | @threedeep
  84. 84. What can I do with Google Analytics? Track Social Media Track E il T k Emails Customize Your Dashboards Block Internal Traffic Set Up Goals and Goal Funnels Website and URL Structure Link Adwords with Analytics Improve Site Search Segment Traffic Track Events | @jeffsauer | @threedeep
  85. 85. What Else Can I Do? Set up Multiple Profiles Using Filters Use Analytics Intelligence Track E-Commerce Conversions Make Tracking SEO Friendly using # incampaigns Benchmark Your Site vs. Industry A/B and Multivariate Tests with Google WebsiteOptimizer | @jeffsauer | @threedeep
  86. 86. Questions? | @jeffsauer | @threedeep