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God’s Ongoing Revelation God’s Ongoing Revelation

Jan 02, 2016



  • The Bethlehem Explosion is a poem about how a common classroom science experiment can be a metaphor for the incarnation of Christ. Madeleine LEngle was a prolific 20th century American writer known for her childrens books, notably A Wrinkle in Time. She saw writing as a vocation from God.

  • Where Love Is, God Is is a story about how God has a special love for the poor, the lowly, and the oppressed. Many consider 19th century Russian Leo Tolstoy to be the greatest novelist of all time. A Christian man, Tolstoy embraced a life of simple peasant-like poverty after achieving wealth and privilege.

  • The Address to the Pontifical Science is a discourse on the relationship between science and Divine Revelation on the occasion of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences examination of the Galileo case.A deeply wise and learned man, Pope John Paul II reigned almost twenty-seven years. Pope John Paul II also had a keen interest in science among many other academic, social, and spiritual issues.

  • Crucifixion Salvador Dali

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