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GLIF Infrastructure Kees Neggers SURFnet SC2004 Pittsburgh, PA 12 November 2004

Jan 03, 2016



  • GLIF InfrastructureKees NeggersSURFnet

    SC2004Pittsburgh, PA 12 November 2004

  • GigaPort Next Generation NetworkResearch networking as innovation engine between research and market introduction of new services GigaPort NG Network (2004-2008) Consortium of 50 Dutch research organizations Government grant 40 M Project started January 1st, 2004 Builds on GigaPort project ended in 2003 Partnership with industry

  • History of the SURFnet infrastructure10 kbit/s100 kbit/s1 Mbit/s10 Mbit/s100 Mbit/s1 Gbit/s10 Gbit/s100 Gbit/sSURFnet19,6 kbit/sSURFnet264 kbit/sSURFnet32 Mbit/sSURFnet434 Mbit/sSURFnet4155 Mbit/sSURFnet520 Gbit/s198719891992199519972001

  • Paradigm shiftNext generation is not a simple extrapolation of current networks

    Hybrid network architecture seems to be the only valuable NREN option for the future: Packet switched internet for regular many-to-many usage Light Paths for new high speed few-to-few usage

  • Lambdasform an excellent basis for IP networkingenable layer 1/2 end-to-end Light Pathsprovide excellent quality on point-to-point connections at very high speed (1-10G)not constrained by traditional framing, routing, and transport protocolsare becoming integral part of scientific instrumentsenable creation of Optical Private Networks (OPN)

  • SURFnet6 overviewA hybrid optical and packet switching infrastructureBased on customer-owned managed dark fiberNative IPv4, IPv6 and Light Path Provisioning over a single transmission infrastructureManaged via a single control planeNetwork nodes reduced from 20 routed locations to 2 routed locations

    Paving the way to a ubiquitous and scalable Services Grid

  • SURFnet6 on dark fiberSURFnet6 will be entirely based on SURFnet owned managed dark fiber via the customer premises

    Over 5300 km fiber pairs available today; average price paid for 15 year IRUs:< 6 /meter per pair

    Managed dark fiber infrastructure will be extended with new routes, to be ready for SURFnet6

  • SURFnet6: IP network implementation AviciSSRExternalIP connectivitySURFnet6Core RoutersSURFnet6 Border RoutersSURFnet6Common Photonic Layer10 GigabitEthernet CustomerAviciSSRAviciSSRAviciSSRNon-SURFnetSURFnet infrastructureNortelPassport860010 GE10 GENortelOM 500010 GECPENortelOME65001 GigabitEthernet CustomerCPE1 GE1 GENortelOME6500NortelOM 5000NortelOM 5000NortelOME6500NortelOME6500NortelOME6500

  • SURFnet6: Light Path Provisioning implementationGLIFSURFnet6Common Photonic LayerCustomerequipmentNon-SURFnetSURFnet infrastructureOpticalSwitch10 GE1 GE10 GECustomerequipmentEnd-to-End Light Path10 GE LANAmsterdamInternationalLight Paths10 GENortelOME6500NortelOME6500NortelOME6500NortelOME650016x16MEMS16x16MEMSNortelHDXc

  • Common Photonic Layer (CPL) in SURFnet6

  • Subnetwork 1: GreenHilversum1Leiden1DenHaag1Delft1Utrecht1

  • NetherLight: Open Optical ExchangeExperiments with Light Path provisioning in a multi-domain environmentOpen Optical Exchange in Amsterdam Operational since January 2002Built and operated by SURFnetNortel Networks HDXc at the centreFull duplex 640G non-blocking cross-connect capabilityGE grooming, GE switch for access to clusters

  • NetherLight 2004DWDM SURFnet 10 Gbit/sSURFnet10 Gbit/sSURFnet10 Gbit/sDwingelooASTRON/JIVEPragueCzechLight2.5 Gbit/sNSF10 Gbit/sLondonUKLightStockholmNorthernLight10 Gbit/s 10 Gbit/sGenevaCERNIEEAF10 Gbit/sSURFnet10 Gbit/s

  • Lambdas as part of research instrumentswww.lofar.orgMany data collection pointsProcessing in GroningenLarge data sets distributed to many destinations in The Netherlands and abroad

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    OME 6500 - Optical Multiservice Edge 6500 delivers Layer 0, 1, and 2 servicesOM 5200 - OPTera Metro 5200 offers Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) data transmissionAvici SSR - Stackable Switch Router

    HDXc - High Density Optical Cross Connect offers non-blocking optical switching capability and delivers grooming, aggregation, and restoration of SONET/SDH, transparent wavelengths and Ethernet services.MEMS - Micro Electrical Mechanical Switch for optical switching

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