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Gerry McCusker - online reputation management

Nov 22, 2014



  • 1.
  • 2. PR crises often start online Managing Web2.0 or digital media issues is critical if you want to avoid a heritage media disaster.
  • 3. Using social media to attack reputation
  • 4. And digital media influences old media Oriella PR Network Survey May/June 2010 - How Digital Media Has Changed News Gathering 770 journalists (2010) - 361 journalists (2009) 15 countries - US, West/East Europe, Russia, Brazil Trends - audiences; ad revenues; content are all moving online
  • 5. Journalists and the online trends Over 50% believe their (trad) channel will fold In Sweden, 1 in 6 has switched completely to online 44% agree number of print media will shrink dramatically 40% - new formats (blogs etc) creating new landscape 40% media now offer Twitter feeds (How many corporates do the same?)
  • 6. They need to produce digital content 46% forced to produce digital format content 30% are working longer hours 28% have less time to research stories 35.45% say new media has improved journalism
  • 7. What exactly do they want from us? Video content - down from 35% to 27.5% Audio podcasts - down from 19% to 15% Social Media Newsrooms - near doubled to 17.45% 52% find stills photography useful
  • 8. What this means for PR people Overall hunger for content increasing; media is exploding, fragmenting PRs/marketers have to work quicker Traditional PR output is still essential Provide ready-format materials to make journalists job easier PRs must create content in multi-format modes Go out of your way to help journalists AND Go around old media and deal direct with stakeholders (via social media)
  • 9. Social media influences old media 88% (US) journos spend 20hrs/week online - +28% 95%; search Google (and other search engines) 89% look for story ideas SocMed journos; 85% on Linkedin; 55% Facebook 77% rely on online newswires 75% read blogs - +3% (Arketi Group 2009)
  • 10. Managing issues, avoids crises Over 80% of all PR disasters could have been avoided Why werent they? Lack of quality intelligence. AND CORPORATE ALOOFNESS.
  • 11. Manage reputation vigilantly & carefully
  • 12. Scientology and reputation mgmt Each member is a PR fanatic - they zealously monitor and present the message Meticulous notekeepers - debriefs, dossiers and profiles of every media contact Media micro-management - they assign PRs to pesky critics/publishers Proof points - evidence, info, research, studies that over-inform the journalist Detachment - skilled at distancing themselves from accusations/allegations Discredit any material that besmirches, taints any criticism of the group Seige mentality - reputation is a war; no pacifists ever won a battle
  • 13. Online Reputation Tip 1 Get a policy
  • 14. Tip 2 Start to monitor effectively
  • 15. Tip 3 - Dont go public too early
  • 16. Tip 4 - Populate Google organic
  • 17. Understand the rules of engagement
  • 18. Further help or information
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