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Geography Bingo

Geography Bingo Geography Bingo. Draw a bingo card that is 4X4. 4 boxes down and 4 boxes across.

Jan 01, 2016



Meredith Porter
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Geography Bingo

Geography BingoDraw a bingo card that is 4X4. 4 boxes down and 4 boxes across

Round 1: Write the following terms on a 4X4 Bingo board latitude, longitude, South America, Anchorage, New Orleans, Los Angeles, Winnipeg, Alaska, Brazil, Mongolia, South Africa, Tokyo, Sydney, 1:32 AM Monday, 1:32 PM Sunday, FREE

HWLines that run east and west but are measured in north and southHWContinent in SW quadrantPage 1What citys latitude is the farthest north?Page 1What city is about 30N and 90W?Page 1Which city is closest to 120W?Page 1City closest to 50NPage 2State at 68N and 150WPage 2Country at 15S and 45WPage 2Country at 45N and 105EPage 2Country at 30S and 30EPage 3If its 12:32 PM on Sunday in Chicago it is 3:32AM Monday in __________Page 3If its 15:32 PM Sunday in Buenos Aires it is 4:32 AM Monday in __________Page 3If its 8:32 PM Sunday in Cape Town it is __________ in JakartaPage 3If its 7:32 PM Sunday in Paris its __________ in New YorkRound 2:Latitude, Longitude, Turkey, 40N, 45N / 70W, Washington DC, 42N/90W, 30N/15E,45N/0, 23N/75E, 0/75W, Dubai, Moscow, 8:00 PM Sunday, Noon SundayHWLines that run from 0 to 180HWCountry in NE QuadrantPage 1New York and Washington DC are closest to what latitude?Page 1What is the approx. lat/long of Montreal?Page 1What is the latitude of the nations capital?Page 1What is the lat/long of Chicago?Page 2What is the approx. lat/long of Libya?Page 2What is the approx. lat/long of France?Page 2What is the approx lat/long of India?Page 2The border of Ecuador and Columbia is located at what lat/long?Page 3If it is 5AM Monday in Shanghai it is 1AM Monday in _________.Page 3If it is noon on Sunday in San Paulo it is 6:00PM on Sunday in ________Page 3If it is 9Am Sunday in Anchorage it is _______ in HellinskiPage 3If it is 10AM Monday in Aukland it is _______ in Honolulu