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GEET Fuel Procesor

Nov 03, 2014



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Over ViewThe material published here to ensure dissemination and help spread the word to help Paul Pantone please consider this, always seek a personal license etc before using any of this. The GEET School will be starting some time in 2010, please contact Panacea for any interest.

The Panacea GEET Converted Lawn Mower

By our experiences, we know that a car can run with 5% of oil and 95% of water. -English translated URL GEET is an acronym for Global Environmental Energy Technology. GEET is a registered trademark of Global Environmental Energy Technologies. The GEET multi-Fuels Processor is patented technology (US005794601A1) by the inventor Paul Pantone. Research on this type of fuel reformer was started by Jean Chambrin and others around the world. Chambrin's is patented under patent numbers WO8204096 & WO8203249.

Source There is a vast dissemination of replications using GEET variants in the country of France. More than 100 successful replications of this technology have been reported. The French started making GEET variants based on the free GEET plans which first surfaced in 1998. A French Farmer started mixing concepts of water doping with the GEET concept (Giller Pantone method).Water doping allows for a better combustion, a decrease in fuel consumption and decrease in pollution and is not new. As far back as 1901, a French Engineer, Mr. Clerget discovered it, it was used in 1942 by army air force, then in Formula 1 during the 80s and still now in some competitions in Car Rally. These GEET variants have also made it into commercial kits called the SPAD/Retrokit/Nano by HYPNOW and recently to the Ecopra kit. More information below. French Newspaper articles

Link to French articles Above you can see many French examples of the GEET technology being used in tractors, generators, cars, lawnmowers, cranes and many others! The technology is even being used in a helicopter. More applications are possible.


Tractor converted by tr24jdeere2 GEET SPAD system is pictured in the center

The GEET converted Generator -By: oregonherbal

Jacques Diesel Renault

Ady Stones Very cool lawn mower

Quote- The French speaking people have engaged in a large battle to develop the use of the GEET of the Pantones, and with the help of J.L. Naudin, the website's managers of, Mr M. DAVIDs replication and tests plus along with Mr Martz engineerings study, there are now hundreds of vehicles that have been modified in France since 5 years, maybe thousands. Especially in the agricultural communities, these people are adapting their tractors and machines ever since one of them found a simplified version of the GEET concept, that offers enormous advantages, like reducing the fuel consumption by factor 2 to 5, and eliminating 95% of the exhaust fumes (when testing the exhaust end with a white textile it stayed white!), and without a major modification on the vehicle.-end quoteReference. You Tube French GEET news reports Lorries, Boats, Big Generators have also been successfully converted to save fuel and cut piollution.

Reference The GEET can also upgrade all existing geothermal house power systems, for example backup generators that are typically installed in solar systems, even solar self sustaining gen-sets as are shown here.

Solar self generating generator which still could be enhanced further by conversion to GEET technology

In France the following city council adopted the GEET technology and achieved a 36% improvement in fuel economy and reduced their pollution by 80%!.

The French city council.

The following is a document which details the success and construction details and has was translated for Panacea by Jules Tresor City council adaptation of the technology.

Unknown to all farmers and the mining industry is that there is related technology that was created exclusively from OPEN source collaboration on the GEET. This technology was inspired by the FREE GEET Plans. The first system is called the "SPAD" and is now upgraded to the "retro kit". Kits are available from a French company. All these systems are robust and work on existing engines, have easy settings and are a reversible installation.

Fuel savings, pollution reduction Global Fuel Economy Initiative-

Hypnow Retrokit Nano

View the Video here Below is a tractor fitted with the SPAD system for saving fuel and reducing emissions. With the right tuning, savings from 30% to 60% are possible by using this technology. Emissions can be reduced by almost as much.

SPAD system fitted - Video

Retro kit system

Panaceas Nano Kit

Panacea Experimented with using this on a Diesel engine and mixed it with Hydroxy booster technology.

Panaceas Nano/Hydroxy Install

More replication details have been included below. Another variant based on the GEET method has been done by a French company ECOPRA. This technology like the "retrokit" and "SPAD" has been given away as open source information. Kits are available.

The ECOPRA's fuel saving and pollution cutting kit. The ECOPRA kit is a system inspired by the "Giller Pantone" GEET version and uses what is called "water doping". This process is entirely mechanical, without water your engine

returns to a normal operation. This system improves combustion and reduces the unburned hydrocarbons. A reduction of 50% to 80% has been proven in gas analysis tests. The engine noise is reduced and the fuel economy is significantly improved.

Kit installed on a Mercedes 308 D -Video Gains of up to 50% have been field tested on tractors. These modifications are completely removable and reusable. If the water runs out, your engine simply returns to a normal operation. This technology can fit vehicles from 50 to 250HP. This technology can also be fitted to the following brands of machinery. # CASE #CATERPILLAR # CLASS # DEUTZ # FENDT # FIAT # FORD # IH # IMT # JOHN DEERE # KUBOTA # LAMBORGHINI # LANDINI # MASSEY FERGUSSON # MC CORMIK # NEW HOLLAND # RENAULT # SOMECA # VALMET # VALTRA

# ZETOR Here is a screen shot showing the Ecopra system being the first to achieve endorsement by an insurance company for installation.

The Ecopra kit is approved by an insurance company

Panacea has installed this Ecopra kit onto a 1997 Mitsubishi Delica turbo diesel.

Panacea Ecopra kit

Panaceas Ecopra kit fitted.

Further replication details have been included below. Governments must be presented with this technology in order to push for city council, businesses, cars, machinery etc to all meet the emission standards possible from the implementation of the GEET technology. Also this must be done TO SAVE THE TAX PAYER MONEY ON FUEL. Currently due to the GEET being unknown by insurance companies and manufactures, the fitting of these modifications MAY void the manufactures warranty. The GEET modifications will make the engine last longer and can reduce the emissions by up to 90%. This is why we need to create public pressure for governments to create

endorsements, subsidies and carbon credits for this technology to help the retrofitting and cut the carbon foot print. Despite the GEET being proven technology and available for many years, other western countries do not have this fuel reforming emission cutting technology in place and faculties are still unaware of its power management process. This is due to the inventor Paul Pantone and related GEET groups encountering interference and or suppression - Reference. In 2002, Pantone was found guilty of securities fraud for selling shares under false pretenses, cheating investors out of as much as $25K each. HOWEVER, there are many inconsistencies going on with his case to suggest there is something other than fair justice prevailing. Paul Pantone has been held against his will and it is reasoned that his human rights were being violated due to neglect of needed medical treatment. Reports given to the nonprofit organization state that Paul Pantone has been wrongfully imprisoned and tortured for three years in the Utah State Hospital. He is a victim of civil rights violations legal criminality and medical mal-practice and sabotage. He tells about his experience trying to gain his freedom from the Utah Justice System. Current Event: Inventor Wrongfully Imprisoned for over 3 Years Part 1 Current Event: Inventor Wrongfully Imprisoned for over 3 Years Part 2 Current Event: Inventor Wrongfully Imprisoned for over 3 Years Part 3 Paul Pantone Interview, late January 2009: No help for USH patients Wrongful Incarceration- Paul was incarcerated on dubious charges in January of 2006, and kept incarcerated far longer than he was supposed to be. Thanks to donations from supporters there is now enough money to hire an attorney for Paul, and as of MAY 2009 he has been finally let out. However that is only the first step. Paul is also need of financial assistance to get back on his feet. Hasn't he suffered enough? Paul still needs our help with his recovery. He needs some blood tests, x-rays, brac