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Gaucho Fund Donor and Ticket Guide

Mar 24, 2016



Bill Mahoney

Gaucho Fund donor and ticket information.
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    THE GAUCHO FUNDDare to Make a Difference

    In the spring of 2009 we launched Dare to Be Great, our strategic

    plan to move UCSB Athletics forward. As par t of the Universitys

    Campaign for Santa Barbara, our aggressive plan for Athletics has very

    impor tant goals. We must suppor t student-athlete scholarships. We

    must invest in our facilities. We must be leaders on campus and in the

    community. And we must advance our womens athletic programs.

    As one of the top public universities in the nation, UCSB sits within

    the beauty of Santa Barbara. I am committed (and I know you are, too) to showcasing the

    greatness of UCSB and the community through Gaucho spor ts. The nation will know about

    this amazing place by watching the Gauchos play for conference and NCAA championships.

    We will be a national program.

    The Gaucho Fund is key to our success.

    One of the really creative and impor tant annual giving levels for our future is the Living

    Scholar level. Please ask one of our coaches or Athletics Development team members about

    this program. You will directly witness the development of a student-athlete as you watch

    them push themselves to win championships. You will also see them grow as people, become

    leaders on campus, and give back to the community. Living Scholars make the journey with


    I hope that you experience the great pleasure that comes from investing in our young men

    and women. Giving to the Gaucho Fund gives them an oppor tunity.

    A total investment, emotionally and financially, is needed. We must Dare to Be Great.

    Thank you for suppor ting the Gauchos. Thank you for making a difference.


    Mark Massari

    Director of Intercollegiate Athletics

    A Welcome from the Athletics Director

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    THE GAUCHO FUNDDare to Make a Difference

    The Gaucho Fund, or G-Fund for shor t, is the annual giving program and the core vision to

    move UCSB Athletics forward. The Gaucho Fund is in place to accomplish two major goals;

    one, to provide an educational oppor tunity (an athletic scholarship) and, two, to suppor t all

    450 student-athletes in the areas of academics, spor ts medicine, and other depar tment-wide


    By investing in the Gaucho Fund, you are directly providing suppor t to UCSB student-

    athletes and helping ensure their academic and athletic success. These donations are used to



    AcademicSuppor t,LeadershipandCareerDevelopment

    CoachesandAdministrativeSuppor t

    Donors always have the oppor tunity to designate a gift to a specific spor t for student-

    athlete scholarships and operational costs (Restricted gift) or to allow the Athletics Depar t-

    ment to fund academic success, career and leadership development, and general suppor t

    needs such as spor ts performance and spor ts medicine (Unrestricted gift).

    Regardless of your preference, your suppor t is greatly appreciated and paramount in our

    goal of becoming fiscally competitive, providing student-athletes with the best possible expe-

    rience at a top tier public university, and developing future leaders.

    The Gaucho Fund

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    THE GAUCHO FUNDDare to Make a Difference

    Benef its and Giving Levels

    Making a Difference in the Lives of Gaucho Student-Athletes

    Tax Deduction

    Gaucho E-News

    Special UCSB Athletics Gift

    Invitations to Gaucho Huddles

    Invitations to Thunderdome Hospitality Room for Mens and Womens Basketball

    Mens Soccer, Mens Basketball, Womens Basketball and Baseball Seat Priority

    Mens Soccer, Mens Basketball, Womens Basketball and Baseball Priority Parking

    Priority to Purchase 2010 College Cup Tickets

    Priority to Purchase Big West and NCAA Tournament Tickets

    Head Coaches Dinner* ($50 value)

    Hall of Fame Ceremony* ($50 value)

    The SB Awards Year-End Ceremony* ($50 value)

    Gaucho Living Scholar Recognition for Suppor ting a Student-Athlete

    *Twocomplimentarytickets.ValueslistedareFMVandareperperson.Priorityparkingandseatingarebasedonprioritypoints.Events which list an invitation may include an additional cost to attend. Additional team events will occur during the year and may includeacosttoattend.Benefitssubjecttochange.Formoreinformation,contacttheUCSBAthleticsDevelopmentOff iceat805.893.4960.

    Your gift can be directed to the program of your choice:

    Academic,Leadershipand Student-Athlete SupportBaseballBasketball-MensBasketball-WomensCrossCountry-MensCrossCountry-WomensGolf-MensSoccer-MensSoccer-WomensSoftballSwimming-MensSwimming-WomensTennis-MensTennis-WomensTrackandField-MensTrackandField-WomensVolleyball-MensVolleyball-WomensWaterPolo-MensWaterPolo-Womens


    g Sc





    00 -




    - $2




    l Loc



    e G


    o O


    $100Beginning 2009. Benefi ts and g iv ing levels

    may change on a year ly bas is .

    Covers books for one student-athlete for one term

    $400 $1,500 $23,500Covers books and supplies for

    one student-athlete for one yearCovers tuition, fees and room

    and board for one in-state scholarship

    The Gaucho Fund

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    THE GAUCHO FUNDDare to Make a Difference

    The strength of the Gaucho Fund is the Living Scholar annual giving program. The 450 amaz-

    ing young men and women who represent all 20 of our NCAA Division I intercollegiate

    athletics programs need funds and resources. This allows them to succeed in the classroom,

    excel in athletic competition, and become engaged in the community. It also provides a

    priceless oppor tunity to connect with loyal donors.

    Living Scholars commit to suppor t a student-athlete(s) from the spor t(s) of their choice.

    Over the course of a student-athletes career, you will have the oppor tunity to see them

    grow as a student, as an athlete, and as a whole person. You will see the product of your

    investment. By becoming a Living Scholar, not only will you make a

    significant impact in the life of this par ticular

    student-athlete, but you will be making a

    meaningful difference for UCSB Athletics.

    Join us in our mission to build a strong

    future for UCSBs student-athletes. Become

    a Living Scholar by contacting one of our head

    coaches directly or by calling our Athletics


    You can also come see us in person at:

    UCSB Athletics Development Office

    Intercollegiate Athletics (ICA) Building



    More Living Scholar information can be

    found at

    Basketball player Jordan Franey was one

    of the first Gauchos to be supported by

    Living Scholars.

    Living Scholar s

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    THE GAUCHO FUNDDare to Make a Difference

    Priority seating will be available for G-Fund donors for mens soccer, mens basketball, womens basketball, and baseball. UCSB Athletics allots a per-seat donation system (as opposed to the seat tax method) to ensure donors receive the best available seating and parking options. The One Donation is Gold system means a donation to any spor t or athletic general use will apply to priority seating across the board.

    Requests for Improvement or New Tickets For donors wishing to upgrade their season ticket location, add new season tickets, or gain season tickets for the first time, the appropriate gift for the section and quantity desired must be pledged by deadlines provided by the UCSB Athletics Ticket Office. All requests for movement must be made at the time of season ticket purchase and will be ranked in priority point order. It will not be assumed you wish to improve your location despite an increased gift.

    Season tickets are assigned in the following order : 1. Current season ticket holders requesting no movement and who have made the necessary donation (or pledge) are automatically assigned their same seats. 2. Season ticket holders wishing to relocate to a donor section (Gold zone) are assigned the best available seats in priority point order. 3.Requestsforupgrades,movement,additionalseats,andnewordersarefulfilled according to each request in priority point order. 4. Donors who want priority donor seating (Gold zone) must have a ticket and season ticket prices are the same for donors or non-donors.

    Example Ol gives $1,200 annually to womens basketball and would like to pur-chasefourseasonticketsinthe$300per-seatGoldzonesection.Easy.Olwouldnow just purchase the season tickets. If Ol wanted to also buy two season tickets to watch mens basketball, he would only have to purchase the mens basketball season tickets. His $1,200 donation would already apply for donor seating (Gold zone) for mens basketball. Ol would also be eligible for complimentary season parking passes.

    UCSB Athletics coaches and staff realize donations are charitable gifts to the Gauchos and not necessarily about parking and better seat locations. But, donors to each spor t via the Gaucho Fund will have access to the best parking and seats to purchase from. Buying tickets, either season or single game, is great suppor t and appreciated and donors help make the difference in building a stronger program.

    A donation suppor ts UCSB student-athletes and is non-refundable. UCSB will make every attempt to fulfill each request for seating upgrades, movement, and parking.

    Also, check with the UCSB Athletics Ticket Office for information regarding Big West and NCAA tournament priority (which G-Fund donors will receive), handicapped accessible seating and park-ing, and lost, stolen, or destroyed ticket policies. Detailed information can be found on the ticket page at

    One Donation is Gold

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    THE GAUCHO FUNDDare to Make a Difference


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    THE GAUCHO FUNDDare to Make a Difference


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    THE GAUCHO FUNDDare to Make a Difference

    Parking is valuable at UCSB. Based on eligibility, G-Fund donors have access to parking when

    they purchase their season tickets for mens soccer, mens basketball, womens basketball, and


    The UCSB Athletics Ticket Office will provide complimentary season parking passes based

    on the number of season tickets ordered and Gaucho Fund giving levels. Parking is awarded

    based on priority points and availability.

    Example Olgives$3,500markedforacademic,leadership,andgeneral

    student-athlete suppor t and buys eight season tickets for mens soccer. Ol

    would receive two parking passes. If Ol requested a third parking pass, the

    UCSB Athletics Ticket Office would provide another pass based on Ols priority

    points and if available.

    UCSB Athletics coaches and staff realize donations are charitable gifts to the Gauchos and

    not necessarily about parking and better seat locations. But, donors to each spor t via the

    Gaucho Fund will have access to the best parking and seats to purchase from. Buying tickets,

    either season or single game, is great suppor t and appreciated and donors help make the

    difference in building a stronger program.

    A donation suppor ts UCSB and its student-athletes and is non-refundable. UCSB will make

    every attempt to fulfill each request for seating upgrades, movement, and parking.

    Parking Information

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    THE GAUCHO FUNDDare to Make a Difference

    UCSB Athletics uses a priority points system to highlight the One Donation is Gold system.

    A donation to the Gaucho Fund, regardless of the team it suppor ts, helps UCSB Athletics

    fund scholarships, academic suppor t, leadership programs, and operational costs to each

    program. In the past, Gaucho donors would have been asked to suppor t (write separate

    checks to) each program for their donation. Now, a donation will still help the program of

    your choice with the oppor tunity to take advantage of priority seating, parking, and other

    benefits for all spor ts. To ensure equity, donors are assigned priority points based on giving

    and season ticket history. Its simple. Every dollar given (regardless of the spor t it benefits)

    earns you one point. Every season ticket purchased is wor th one point. Donors can renew,

    upgrade, or buy new season tickets during deadlines set by the UCSB Athletics Ticket Office

    prior to each season.

    Priority points include only gifts donated to UCSB Athletics programs. Pledges are not in-

    cluded in priority point calculations.




    Example Ol is a former letterwinner in track and field and has given $2,000

    lifetime to UCSB Athletics. He has had two season tickets to mens basketball

    for six consecutive years. The approximate total for those two season tickets is

    $400 per year multiplied by six years for total of $2,400. Ols priority points are


    Letterwinner/TheGauchoOrder 500

    SeasonTicketPurchases 2,400

    LifetimeGiving 2,000

    Oles Total Priority Points 4,900

    Pr ior ity Points

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    THE GAUCHO FUNDDare to Make a Difference

    Events and Booster GroupsFounders (Gold) Room Hospitality Invitations

    For each mens and womens basketball game, the Founders Room at the Thunderdome will

    be a pre-game and halftime hospitality suite for G-Funddonorsatthe$300levelandhigher.

    Donors may be invited to cer tain events The SB Awards, Head Coaches Dinner, Gaucho

    Huddles, A Night With the Gauchos, team banquets, and other events organized by each

    team throughout the year. Depending on your Gaucho Fund level, invitations may be com-

    plimentary but some events may include a cost, which may or may not be credited towards

    Gaucho Fund giving. Check with the UCSB Athletics Development Office or coaching staff

    for event-by-event info.

    Booster Groups

    Booster groups (i.e. Fastbreakers and Hoop Club) offer vital suppor t to our program.

    Booster groups interact with coaches and student-athletes and encourage the community to

    get behind the Gauchos by buying tickets and attending games while also helping each team

    achieve its fund-raising goals.

    Although giving to help with scholarship, administrative, and

    program-wide suppor t is par t of the Gaucho Fund, booster

    groups have helped UCSB spor ts survive and compete in the

    past and are strong indicators of how much the community

    suppor ts the Gauchos.

    Booster groups work directly with coaches and

    UCSB Athletics Development staff.

    Water polo standout Milos Golic ad-

    dresses the crowd at the SB Awards.

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    THE GAUCHO FUNDDare to Make a Difference

    Facility Projects

    Although the Gaucho Fund is extremely critical to maintain a competitive edge, we are also

    actively engaged in a comprehensive facilities campaign which includes:









    locker room, field, and press box improvements, a new scoreboard, and a new en-

    trance plaza fitting for a national championship soccer program is paramount.

    As they become available, details including renderings and donations secured for each proj-

    ect will be posted at

    Formoreinformation,contactMarkMassari,AthleticsDirector,at805.893.8320or or a UCSB Athletics Development team member at


    HER Time!

    A major component of the Dare to Be Great plan is to raise funds for womens athletics

    programs at UCSB.

    HER Time! is our focus to improve facilities and increase scholarship oppor tunities for Gau-

    cho female student-athletes.

    Along with funding, we also want to connect the strong leaders in the community with our

    approximately 225 female student-athletes to provide mentoring, leadership, and personal

    growth. These experiences will pay dividends in the form of stronger, healthier, and more

    confident women.

    For more info on events surrounding HER Time! and this impor tant initiative, contact Execu-

    tive Associate Athletics Director Diane OBrien at

    Other Campaigns

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    THE GAUCHO FUNDDare to Make a Difference

    UCSB Athletics cour tesy vehicle program, Wheels to Win, is a great way for car dealers to

    provide cour tesy vehicles to the Athletics Depar tment for a range of benefits through the

    Gaucho Fund.

    UCSB Athletics thanks the loyal individuals and dealerships for suppor ting the Gauchos. If

    your dealership is interested in becoming par t of the Wheels to Win program, please con-



    Wheels to Win

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    THE GAUCHO FUNDDare to Make a Difference

    Accepting and Declining Benefits

    Donations to UCSB Athletics are tax-deductible. Because there are tangible benefits associ-

    ated with donations, each donor must choose to accept or decline benefits when donating.

    By declining benefits, your donation is 100% tax-deductible.

    If you accept benefits, your donation is deductible after subtracting the fair market value of

    your benefits. The Gaucho Fund benefit char t shows the fair market value of benefits at each

    donor level.

    Giving through Charitable Organizations and Funds

    Gifts made through charitable organizations or funds (such as private foundations, donor-

    advised funds, charitable trusts, IRA rollovers, etc.) may require UCSB to confirm that no

    benefits are provided in exchange for their donations. Therefore, gifts made through these

    funds may not be used to secure donor seating, complimentary parking, or other benefits.

    Donors should contact their foundation or fund to clarify all applicable tax rules.

    End of Tax Year Deadlines

    Year-end donations made by credit card that are mailed must be received on or before De-

    cember 15 of each year to ensure issuance of a gift receipt for that tax year.

    Credit card donations made online at are credited the date the online

    transaction is completed.

    Year-end donations made by check must be dated and postmarked no later than December

    15 in order to ensure a tax year credit.

    Tax Deductibil ity

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    THE GAUCHO FUNDDare to Make a Difference

    Under NCAA rules, a representative of the institutions athletics interests (athletics repre-


    Madeanytypeofcontributiontotheuniversityorathleticsdepar tment;

    Joinedaboostercluboranyspor t-specificsuppor tgroup;


    their families;


    Par ticipatedasavarsityathleteatUCSB;



    Once an individual is identified as a representative of the institutions athletics interests, the

    person retains that identity forever. NCAA rules hold the institution responsible for all ac-

    tions of its athletics representatives. Boosters involved in NCAA violations may lose benefits

    and privileges associated with the athletics program (e.g., ticket privileges or priority seating).

    Just Ask

    As a member of the NCAA, UCSB is responsible for the actions of its coaches, student-

    athletes, faculty and staff, alumni, donors, boosters, and friends. As such, if you are unfamiliar

    with the impor tant items concerning NCAA rules, always remember to Just Ask a UCSB

    Athletics Development or Compliance staff member.

    Quick Notes on NCAA Compliance

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    THE GAUCHO FUNDDare to Make a Difference

    Check or Credit Card



    com. Checks should be made payable to UC Regents and mailed to:

    The Gaucho Fund


    Intercollegiate Athletics Depar tment

    ICA Building


    You can also give online under the Gaucho Fund links at

    Planned Gifts

    UCSB has an experienced planned gift team and can assist donors with annuities, bequests,

    trusts, and other deferred giving methods. Irrevocable planned gifts are included in priority

    point calculations. Donors interested in discussing planned gifts should contact Associate


    Stock Gifts

    The UCSB Foundation handles all stock gifts. Donors interested in giving stock should con-


    will put donors in contact with the UCSB Foundation to receive the correct instructions for

    the donors broker. Notifying Athletics Development first ensures the donation is credited to

    the correct UCSB spor t and account, the donor receives the correct benefits and acknowl-

    edgement due, and the donation is deposited in the donors desired fund.

    Matching Gifts

    Matching gifts are a great way to maximize your annual gift and can be applied to the

    donors G-Fund giving level for benefit purposes. The percentage of the matching gift varies

    depending on the companys matching gift policy, and is not always a full 100% match. Any

    credit will be applied to donors record on the date that UCSB Athletics Development re-

    ceives a matching gift form. It is the donors responsibility to ensure the appropriate level for

    specific benefits has been reached before any applicable deadline.

    Gifts in Kind

    UCSB Athletics accepts gift in kind cases when the gift offsets operational or budgetary

    needs. The Athletics Depar tment must approve all gifts in kind prior to being made.

    Ways to Give

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    THE GAUCHO FUNDDare to Make a Difference

    Steve OBrienAssociate Athletics Director,

    Contact Information

    Christina BaglasThe Gaucho Fund Marketing and Events

    Alison KeckTicket

    Bethany NicklessAssistant Ticket

    Tom HastingsExecutive Associate Athletics DirectorThe Gaucho Order

    Free parking is always available for ticket sales and donors in designated spots between the


    Ocean Drive. See for campus and parking maps.

    Diane OBrienExecutive Associate Athletics DirectorHER Time!