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Most Frequently Cited Construction Standards Federal OSHA – CY 2008 January 2009 January 2009
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Page 1: FY08 Construction MFC

Most Frequently Cited ConstructionStandards

Federal OSHA – CY 2008

January 2009January 2009

Page 2: FY08 Construction MFC

Top 10 Construction Violations

#1 1926.501(b)(13) – Fall protection – Residential construction 6’ or more

#2 1926.501(b)(1) – Fall protection – Unprotected sides & edges

#3 1926.453(b)(2)(v) – Aerial lifts – Fall protection

#4 1926.100(a) – Head protection

#5 1926.503(a)(1) – Fall hazards training program

#6 1926.451(g)(1) – Scaffolds – Fall protection

#7 1926.1053(b)(1) – Portable ladders 3’ above landing surface

#8 1926.451(e)(1) – Scaffolds - Access

#9 1926.451(b)(1) – Scaffolds – Platform construction

#10 1926.454(a) – Training for employees using scaffolds

Page 3: FY08 Construction MFC

#1 1926.501 (b)(13)

• Most the falls are those with no slide guards

• Workers can slip on shingle or felt to start slipping

No slide protection used

Page 4: FY08 Construction MFC

Shingling Abatement

• Slide guards used when:– Roof Slope 8/12 or less– Eaves to lower level is 25

feet or less– Otherwise Convention Fall

protection must be used– Must be through each

truss with a 16p nail– A 2x4 nailed flat is not

acceptable Example of slide guard.

Page 5: FY08 Construction MFC

Roof Sheathing

• Conventional Fall Protection or Alternative Fall Protection requiring:– Monitor– CAZ– Slideguard– Training

No slide guards used

Page 6: FY08 Construction MFC

Sheathing Abatement

Conventional Fall Protection used

Slideguards used on the roofs.

Page 7: FY08 Construction MFC

Top Plate

• The worker has to get on the top plate to give leverage and assist the center man with the large truss.

• The interim protection rules, NAHB, RCEC, and carpenters all state that it is a violation, however, many contractors still think it is ok.

Page 8: FY08 Construction MFC

Floor Openings

• Many falls through openings were stair openings

Violation: Floor opening with no guardrails.

Page 9: FY08 Construction MFC

Floor Opening Abatement

Violation: 4' x 8' sheets of plywood covering a stairway opening to the basement of a house. Only four nails hold the two covers. The cover is not marked.

No Violation: Guardrails used

Page 10: FY08 Construction MFC

#2 1926.501(b)(1)

• No midrails on the commercial building.

• Found quite a bit at elevator shafts and stairwells.

Page 11: FY08 Construction MFC

#3 1926.453(b)(2)(v)

• No Fall Protection in aerial lifts.

• Worker in photo is wearing a full body harness for fall arrest.

Page 12: FY08 Construction MFC

#4 1926.100(a)

• No Hard Hats • When working around

the bucket of a back hoe, hard hats should be worn.

Page 13: FY08 Construction MFC

#5 1926.503 (a)(1)

• No fall protection training

Page 14: FY08 Construction MFC

#6 1926.451 (g)(1)

• No guard rails on scaffolds.

• Often ends are not protected.

• The cross bracing may serve as ONE of the rails only if it meets certain height criteria.

Page 15: FY08 Construction MFC

#7 1926.1053(b)(1)

• Ladder not extending over the edge 3 feet

Page 16: FY08 Construction MFC

#8 1926.451 (e)(1)

• Unsafe access to scaffold.

• No using the cross bracing to climb.

• Have a maximum spacing between rungs of 16 3/4 inches

Page 17: FY08 Construction MFC

#9 1926.451(b)(1)

• Scaffolds not fully planked.

Page 18: FY08 Construction MFC

#10 1926.454(a)

• Scaffold Training

Page 19: FY08 Construction MFC

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• 1926.21(b)(2) – Training• 1926.652(a)(1) – Cave-in protection• 1926.102(a)(1) – Eye protection• 1926.20(b)(1) – Safety programs• 1926.20(b)(2) – Competent person

Page 20: FY08 Construction MFC


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